Michael’s Dream Ch. 04

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After some hours Sarah stirs awake. Michael and her have been asleep since the early morning when they’d had an amazing lovemaking session. Sarah encouraged her father to fuck her ass and had confessed to him that she loves rough sex.

Michael awoke now too and Sarah rolled from her spoon position in his arms to face him. Their eyes meet and they smile to each other.

‘You fucked my ass. You dirty old pervert,’ Sarah sleepily pretends to admonish her dad.

‘You begged me to do it you dirty little tramp,’ Michael rebukes her with a huge grin on his face.

They laugh together then Sarah gives him a quick peck on the lips and says, ‘Let’s get dressed and go out for lunch. I’m going to have a shower.’

‘OK. I’ll shower too.’

‘Yes, but you’d better wait for me to finish. If we go in together you’ll just end up fucking me again.’

‘And would that be a problem?’ Michael asks, still grinning.

‘No. But it could be a little awkward explaining to people back home why I don’t have a tan. “Oh, you see I never got outside because Dad was constantly horny and fucking me every five minutes.” People might talk, Dad!’ With that Sarah kisses him again. Her kiss turns passionate and she finishes by gently biting his lower lip, ‘You can fuck me again tonight,’ she breathes into his face then turning she bounces off the bed and skips to the shower.

Michael watches her lovely form disappear from view and he feels his cock twitch to life. He gives it a gentle stroke and thinks about masturbating but then thinks better of it and gets up and prepares to follow his daughter into the shower once she finishes. He loves the way she gives herself so freely to him. Their unexpected relationship was allowing him to blow-off years of frustration as well as giving him some new experiences.

Half and hour later they are strolling along the beach. Sarah is dressed in a light cotton summer dress and straw hat. She walks bare foot on the sand carrying her sandals. They walk hand in hand, confident that no one would know they are father and daughter. Michael feels proud of the looks he gets from men similar in age to himself. He knows they are thinking how could he have such a beautiful, young girlfriend. He smiles to himself knowing the truth would shock them even more.

‘What are you looking so pleased about, Daddy dear?’ Sarah enquires on seeing his expression.

‘Just thinking that the guys here who are my age would love to have sex with you…’

‘And you do. Is that it?’ Sarah chips in. ‘You just want to show-off with me. Like I’m your trophy.’

‘Do you disapprove?’

‘Not really. It’s very flattering. You mean like those four guys over there,’ Sarah indicates four men sat at a bar table on the edge of the beach.

‘Yes, just like them.’

‘They’re looking at us now. You should kiss me.’ With that Sarah swings around and up onto her tiptoes to kiss her father on the lips. After a few seconds she asks, ‘Are they still watching?’ Michael looks passed her and whispers that they are.

‘Then put your hand on my ass.’ Michael loves his daughter’s naughtiness and obligingly smoothes his hand down her back and onto the firm swell of her ass. He immediately notices that she was not wearing underwear and comments on that fact to her. ‘Makes it easier for you to get at me should you want to do anything,’ Sarah breathes seductively into his ear. ‘Pull my dress up a little and give them a tiny flash of my bum.’ Michael again obeys and Sarah giggles when she feels the cool air on her bum cheeks.

The couple finish kissing and Michael pulls Sarah away along the beach. ‘We’d better move on before we get arrested or give one of those guys a heart attack,’ Michael urges her along.

His sexy daughter can’t resist one last glance back to see if the men are still watching. They are and so she waves and blows them a kiss. Then laughing runs to catch-up with her father who has now left her behind.

They find an idyllic place for lunch; a small taverna right on the beach. They choose a quite corner farthest from the building and they sit side by side at 90 degrees to each other. They order and eat and make normal conversation for the fist time in days.

After a while, however, Michael leans forward to whisper, ‘Can I ask you something, honey?’

‘Sure. But this has got to be about sex, right?’

‘How did you know?’

‘Let’s just say it’s a wild guess,’ then quickly adds, ‘Christ you’re not hard again are you?’ At that her hand steals under the table and into her father’s lap to squeeze his cock. Confirming he is not aroused she says giggling ‘Thank goodness. Maybe I can get to finish one meal before you want to ravish me again?’

‘Of course you can. I just want to ask you a question.’

‘Ask away, Daddy dearest, what is it? A new fantasy you want us to try out?

‘No,’ smiling broadly at her incorrigible naughtiness, ‘just something you said earlier. You know, when you were making all those confessions.’

Leaning küçükyalı escort close she looks her father directly in the eyes and says, ‘You mean when you had me face down on the bed with your beautiful cock up my ass?’

Looking around nervously and smiling slightly, Michael replies, ‘Yes, exactly then. You said some things about your sex life and what you like, I was wondering if it was all true.’

Slightly seriously Sarah asks, ‘Why would it disappoint you if it was?’

‘No. On the contrary, I think it’s very exciting that you are so confident with your sexuality. It makes you even sexier to me.’

The waiter arrives to ask if they would like something else and they pause to consider and then order coffees and liqueurs.

When he leaves Sarah prompts ‘So you had a question, father?’

Looking around to check that no one is within earshot Michael asks, ‘You said you had sex with various people. You know as a teen then as a student. I just wondered about that.’

‘Go on.’

‘Did you have sex with your teenage boyfriend, Steve was his name, right?’

‘No. He was lovely but too slow. I wanted it but he just didn’t seem to know how to get there,’ eyeing her father for a moment as if to gauge his reaction she continues, ‘So I let his older brother fuck me at Steve’s 18th birthday party.’


‘Yeah,’ giggling, ‘We slipped away and did it in the alley behind the bar. We didn’t have a condom, but I did it anyway. I wanted sex and I didn’t care whom it was with. In the end he was sensible enough to pull out and cum on my thigh. I liked that. It was sexy and seemed to make it more real somehow.’ Then more quickly adds, ‘Are you shocked?’

Just then the waiter returns with their order and they pause until he moves away again. Then Michael responds, ‘No I’m not shocked. I guess knowing what I know now, I’m not even very surprised. You’re a very naughty girl, Sarah.’

‘I know but that’s lucky for you, right? You love that I’m so dirty. You want me to suck your cock and let you fuck me. I even let you fuck my ass and you did it and you loved it. Admit it, you love having a slut daughter.’

Quietly, ‘I do. It’s true. And was that true when you said you want to be forced to suck-off a group of men?’

Leaning in a little Sarah plays her father along a bit saying, ‘Yeah, I really do. And I think you’d like to watch me do it, wouldn’t you?’ Her hand finds his cock again which is now becoming erect. ‘Yes, I knew it, you’re getting hard thinking about it.’

‘I admit it’s an exciting thought.’

‘Is that what you want? Just tell me and I’ll do it, Daddy. If you want to see me behaving like a little whore with a bunch of guys, being humiliated and covered in their spunk, just tell me to do it and I will. I’d do that for you.’

‘But you said something else that intrigued me. You said you had sex with your PhD tutor. Is that right?’

‘Yes,’ Sarah responds smiling, ‘I know what you’re going to ask.’ Sarah is leaning close and kissing his face and Michael notices the glances from other people near by and decides it may be prudent to leave.

Soon they are walking back hand in hand. Sarah leans into her father as they walk. And encourages him by asking, ‘So what do you want to know about my PhD tutor and me?’

‘Well maybe I’m wrong but I thought your tutor was a woman.’

Giggling naughtily Sarah confirms that she is indeed a woman.

‘But earlier you said that…’

‘We’d had sex. That’s right. We did,’ looking up into her dad’s face Sarah confirms the truth of her statement saying ‘I let her kiss me and finger me and then lick me to orgasm. Then I knelt down between her legs and licked her pussy until she came. Does the thought of that excite you, Daddy my love?’

‘Well yes, of course it does, but I mean how did it happen?’

‘Quite innocently really, at least on my part, that is,’ Sarah began to relate her one and only bisexual experience as they walked back along the beach, ‘Maybe she planned it all along but she never said if she did. It was one evening. We’d had a meeting that afternoon to discuss my progress and we didn’t cover everything. She had to leave for a meeting, but she suggested I come round to her flat that evening.’

‘I did and, well, we finished our discussions and she offered me a glass of wine. We were hungry so she phoned out for some Chinese food, and when it was delivered we had a lovely meal.’

‘We get along very well and so it was a fun and relaxing time. I ate far too much and as I flopped back on the sofa I undid the top button of my jeans. Clarissa sat next to me on the sofa. Thinking back on it, she was sat very close to me but she is physically very attractive and I really admire her so I was enjoying her attention. She is very touchy, even in normal conversation, always touching your arm or hand, so I thought nothing of it when she would rest her hand on my arm or leg as we talked.’

Michael was listening kurtköy escort intently to his daughter’s story. His heart was pounding. Seeing two women having sex had been a fantasy of his for so long as he could recall. Hearing now that his daughter had willingly had sex with another woman was making his cock achingly hard.

Sarah continued, ‘I can’t remember now how it happened but I ended up lying into the corner of the sofa with my legs over Clarissa’s lap. It honestly felt like girly closeness and not seduction, but maybe it was, I don’t know. Anyway the zip of my jeans had worked down and I was exposing my panties. Clarissa suddenly remarked on the childish knickers saying, “Good God dear, what are you wearing?”

When I asked “what?” she lifted the waistband of my knickers and said “These, sweetheart, these sweet little things.”

I laughed and made excuses for my silly, girly knickers and Clarissa continued to mock them. As she did this she had her fingertips under the elastic tops. It’s probably really stupid of me but I honestly didn’t realise how sexy things were getting. Or else I did and didn’t care. I’m really not sure.’

‘I tried to justify myself by saying that these were my everyday, comfortable knickers, but if I was out on the pull I’d be wearing one of my many sexy, skimpy pairs. Clarissa said she was glad to hear it, as the pair I had on would be an effective barrier to any intimate contact. I remember that she added that a lover might lose their way once inside these capacious things. And as if to prove her point she slid a hand down the front of my knickers.

As she did this she gave a little mocking commentary, “Now let’s see, go due south until, yes here it is, a little undergrowth, not too dense though, should be able to work through it, and finally a little pussy nestling alone in the darkness. Ah but is there room to manoeuvre to, you know to deliver some gentle foreplay. Why yes…”

‘Clarissa was now openly playing with my pussy and it was turning me on. I didn’t want her to stop and so when she did I grabbed her wrist to keep her hand in place. She asked if I was sure and when I said yes she put her hand back and started fingering me then she leaned down and kissed me.’

‘I remember her kisses were hot and passionate and her fingers quickly got me writhing under her. So when she broke the kiss and told me she wanted to eat my pussy I immediately showed my willingness by stripping out of my clothes and spreading my legs for her.’

‘And that’s just about the whole story,’ Sarah pretended to conclude just to tease her dad.

‘No it isn’t. Tell me what she did and how it felt and what you did to her,’ Michael hastily tried to encourage her to continue the tale.

‘Oh you don’t want to hear the rest,’ Sarah teased, ‘It’s just a plain, boring old story of two horny women getting hot and wild and getting each other off,’ Sarah giggled at her dad, then continued, ‘Of course I would tell you the rest if I thought it was having some effect on you. You know, if it was getting you hard or something.’ At this she put her hand on the front of her dad’s shorts and gripped his thick, iron-like cock through the material. ‘Oh my goodness, you’re sooo hard. I never would have imagined that hearing about your daughter being licked by another woman would affect you like that,’ Sarah mocked, ‘Would you like me to continue?’

She didn’t let Michael say a word before she went on, ‘Anyway Clarissa kissed me again then kissed and licked her way down my body to my wide open legs then she licked my pussy all along its length. That made me squeal with pleasure. She was amazing, no guy, no matter how hot, had ever made me feel like that. Now you do it for me, Dad, but that’s for different reasons. You’re my Dad, so the thought of you between my legs, licking my pussy causes me to melt down but that’s a crazy combination of how hot you are, how good you are, and the fucked-up fact that you’re my Dad and you’ve got your face buried in my fanny.’

Michael could only smile at this.

‘Anyway. Clarissa was a fantastic pussy licker. She licked and probed with her tongue and sucked my clit and fingered my pussy and ass until I just kept having orgasms one after the other. It was incredible. When she eventually surfaced I could hardly see her from the tears in my eyes. We cuddled and kissed for ages then I told her to undress so I could return the favour. She said I didn’t have to, but I really wanted to. I wanted to get my face into her cunt and really get nasty with her. She’d got me into some kind of erotic pitch and I swear I would have agreed to anything at that point.’

‘I can imagine that somehow,’ Michael chipped in almost in a whisper as if not wanting to break her narrative.

‘There she was naked and sprawled on the sofa, which now had a big wet patch from my pussy juices. We kissed then I sucked on her nipples, which was very erotic. I then moved down and discovered her naked pussy. I think maltepe escort that helped because hairs in my teeth might have broken the mood. I didn’t really know what to do so I just copied her and did what she’d done to me. I licked her and sucked her clit and fingered her. I even fingered her ass. She guided and encouraged me and I made her cum big style. That was a real thrill to have her squirming and humping beneath me. I wouldn’t let her go, even when she was squealing that she’d had enough, and she had to push me back. I rolled onto my back and she came down on top of me and we kissed and humped like two teenagers until we’d both cum again. It was amazing.’

‘We calmed down a bit and climbed up onto the sofa again. We then sat face to face with our legs entwined kissing and drinking wine. After a while we had our hands in each other’s pussies again and then we sort of squished our pussies together and rubbed them. It was incredibly sexy, and very effective as we both came hard and sweaty.’

‘I stayed with her that night and woke up the next morning to find her between my legs licking me again. I fell asleep after I came and woke to find she’d left me a note: “Thank you, Lovely Girl. Call me soon,” it said. That was about a month ago.’

‘Have you called her?’ Michael asked, hoping the answer was yes.

‘No. Honestly don’t know what I’ll do. You’re the first person I’ve even told this to. I guess I know you’re not going to blab about me to others, are you? How could you? “When I was fucking my daughter’s ass on holiday she confessed that she’d had sex with her female PhD tutor” I don’t know when you could drop that into the conversation, do you?’

‘No, you’re right. But that’s a great story, babe.’

‘Yeah. It’s got you ready for action hasn’t it?’ she feels for his cock again. ‘Jesus, Dad, it feels bigger than ever.’ Just as Sarah says this they arrive at their apartment door. ‘Let’s go and find those guys again and let them fuck me. Is that what you want?’

‘No. I want you to myself. Besides they don’t deserve you,’ Michael responds.

Sarah has got him very aroused and she relentlessly teases her father. ‘You’re so fucking hard, Daddy, I know you want me. You want me to be bad for you. To suck-off those guys, or maybe you want me to lick a woman’s pussy for you. Would you like that, Daddy? To see me kneeling down with my face buried in a nice juicy pussy?’

Somehow they manage to open the door and fall into the apartment. Sarah immediately kisses her father passionately. ‘Do you want to fuck me now, Daddy? Or would you like me to suck you? Cum in my mouth and on my face.’

Michael’s cock is painfully hard and decides he needs relief. This time he will give her what she wants. He will treat her like the slut she claims to be. He decides to make her pay for her promiscuity. Sarah has been kissing his face as these thoughts have been bouncing around his head. Without warning he grabs a handful of her hair and pulls her head back so that she has to look down her nose to see him.

‘Jesus, you are a real little slut. How did any daughter of mine ever get to be such easy meat? Men, women, your own father, you just don’t care where you get it. You’re just fucking depraved.’ With that he jerks her back so that she stumbles and falls onto her bottom.

Sarah looks up at her father with a slightly shocked expression. Her hair is tossed and falls seductively across her face. She looks good enough to eat and for a moment Michael thinks he can’t play-out the role of heartless abuser, then he sees a tiny expression of the defiance that he remembers from her teen years and he swells into his character.

‘You little slut. You lied to me about where you where and what you were doing as a teenager. Now I know you were out getting fucked by any and all. So I’m going to make you pay.’ Michael grabs her hair again and pulls her to her feet and into the main room of the apartment then shoves her towards the beds. Sarah falls face down on the bed, her dress flicking up to reveal her naked bottom. ‘Going out with no panties. You’re just begging for it. Well now you’re going to get it.’

Michael slaps his daughter’s bum hard. Sarah gasps in pain but knows that she will soon derive pleasure from the stinging blows. She has managed to persuade one or two lovers to smack her but they have always been afraid of going too far. She is confident her father will know just how far to go. Michael beats her ass and in between blows he loosens his shorts and pulls off his shirt. Naked now he pulls his daughter’s face around to confront the majestic erection that he is sporting. He cannot recall it being so engorged. Without ceremony he jerks her head to his cock and the large head hit’s her face.

‘Suck it,’ he spits at her. Sarah’s lips open and Michael forces his swollen cock into her mouth. He proceeds to masturbate himself by pumping her head back and forth on his member. He goes so deep into her mouth she gags and he continues without pause or concern about her choking. ‘You like this, don’t you, bitch? You like to be humiliated like this.

Of course Sarah can’t reply so Michael decides to up the ante. He pulls his cock from her mouth and slaps her face, not too hard, but hard enough to surprise her, and says, ‘Fucking answer me you whore, you like this don’t you?’

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