Memoirs from a Bordello Day 05

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My sincere apologies for the long delay in continuing this work. A busy summer and a case of writer’s block stalled me but with the help of others I have been able to start back up again. The next two parts that will close this cycle will be published with little delay. Thanks for your patience.

Recap: The other parts can be found under my account page and I strongly urge the reader to revisit them as it has been so long and this chapter does revisit some key happenings from previous chapters. Nevertheless, the narrator Kristy has joined a bordello that caters to wealthy female clients in Los Angeles. Her experimentation with women has been guided by the madam who demands she take on various demeanors in her seductive training sessions. She has had erotic encounters with other members of the bordello, including Kelly who she has become firm friends with, Nina a bedroom-eyed goddess who is the focus of everyone’s lust, and Leah an inexperienced boarder who has mixed feelings about her lesbian desires and is also the target of her friend, the fiery and aloof Jaime.


Leah wasn’t there when I woke up in the morning which sent me into a mild panic. She had been a little drunk and I hoped that the memory of last night hadn’t messed with her head too much. I pushed it out of my mind and went through my morning routine of a quick session on the treadmill and a shower. The place was deathly quiet but once I had had a snack the house was beginning to stir.

Kelly emerged from her room to cut me off as I was making my way back from the kitchen.

“We’re going to log in some poolside time today, I’ve been hearing some pretty filthy rumors about you missy and need to get the juicy details.” She was pointing a finger at me in a mock chastisement.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I tried to be stone faced but a smile crept over me and she laughed.

“Yeah right, try that one again with a straight face. C’mon, get ready and let’s head down.”

I threw on a bikini and grabbed a towel before going with Kelly to the pool. We took a couple of lounge chairs and caught up on what she had done the last couple of days.

“Everybody wants a piece of this ass Kristy, what can I say, I’m in high demand. I’m thinking about taking the night off though, there’s only so much flirting I can do. We should hang out; play a board game or something.”

“A board game?” I laughed.

“Hey screw you! I happen to like board games, you know like Monopoly or even Yahtzee.”

“Alright alright, we can play board games.” Nina passed us on her way to a chair.

“Good morning Kelly…Kristy,” she afforded me a smile as she peered at me over her sunglasses before moving on. Kelly noticed.

“You didn’t! Did you?” Kelly hissed at me under her breath.

“Uh…” She cut me off before I could make up a reply.

“Ugh you bitch! I’ve been trying to get with her for weeks.” She was mad but in a friendly jealous sort of way.

“When and where?” I gave in and told her what happened the previous day with Zara and Nina as Kelly listened with open mouthed amazement.

“Holy shit Kristy! You are such a hornball.” She shrieked in laughter and applauded, almost falling off her chair.

“Shut up! I’m just trying to…fit in?” I found myself laughing at myself too. “Oh boy, I just don’t know Kelly, I was never like this before, it’s just all so exotic, beautiful women…it seems like every day there’s something new and sexy that I find out about this place.” Almost on cue Valerie, the Russian that I had spied on the previous night, walked past with her angular Slavic features. It prompted a question I had for Kelly.

“Have you ever had a client called Tela?”

“Uh huh, yeah she comes with her girlfriend Maya quite a bit…they’re…a lot of fun.” She was clearly remembering an enjoyable experience. “So who’s next on your hit list? I hope you’re saving a little bit of energy for me?” She cocked an eyebrow suggestively.

“Maybe…maybe not, I thought you were more concerned with board games.”

“Ok I get it, I’m a nerd.” We continued to chat idly about stuff and I did a few laps in the pool to escape the intensifying heat. My phone buzzed with a text from Zara to once again meet her in her office. I was sad to leave Kelly as we were having fun and I could honestly be myself around her. The prospect of going to see Zara again however still gave me butterflies and I had to excuse myself to get into character for what I had planned.

I went upstairs to shower off the chlorophyll and put on a rather short pleated tartan skirt and a white collared button down shirt. I was really pushing the Catholic school girl look but I looked sexy which was what mattered. Once I was ready I gathered myself for a few minutes to rehearse what I had planned. There were no props necessary this time; everything would be available in Zara’s office.

Once I got to the door, I took one last breath and then knocked.

No response. I waited a few more seconds before knocking again.

I heard nothing from within bahis firmaları so I checked Zara’s text again and it was clear I hadn’t mistaken the time. After a minute of hanging around the hallway I decided to let myself in. The office was empty. Confusingly, there was no sign of Zara at all even as I moved towards her desk. I was about to take a seat to wait when I heard the door slam behind me.

“You’re a real fucking bitch Kristy!” I span round to see Jamie bearing down on me with a look of spite on her face.

“Jamie? What the fuck? What are you doing here?”

“I’ve come to call you out on being such a whore! Where do you get off putting your slutty little paws on Leah?” In an instant she had come to stand face to face with me and was prodding my chest with an accusatory finger.

“That’s none of your fucking business Jamie, you don’t own her and you certainly don’t fucking own me so get out of my face.” I pushed her hand away from my chest but it sprung back.

“No I’m not going to get out your face. You marched in here five days ago strutting around like queen shit, fucking everybody you can get your hands on without thinking about anybody’s feelings.” That stung.

“Would you please just fuck off and leave me alone!” I pushed her back but it was only enough to get her to take a half step back, she had a couple of inches on me and she was toned. I was suddenly concerned that I was going to get into a real fight, something I had no experience in. My heart began to race as adrenalin flowed to my brain. Jaime stepped into me and this time grabbed my wrists tightly so I couldn’t use them.

“No! I will not leave you alone until you admit to behaving like a spoiled little slut!” She had moved me back to where the desk was pushing against my thighs. I struggled to free myself but she was stronger, she had me cornered.

“Leave me alone!” I shouted at her. Her green eyes were crazed with hate, and somewhere in the moment a weird thought about how pretty her red hair was flashed through the panic in my head. She moved her head in to me and to my disgust tried to kiss me. I jerked my head back out of her range.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?!”

“That’s what you want, you dirty little slut!” she rasped. It was at that point my blood froze and my heart dropped to my feet. I stared at her shocked. A flood of sensation and memory poured into my body: the blindfold, the bindings, licking my panties and begging a nameless woman to straddle my mouth so I could make her cum. I had recognized the voice, it had been Jamie.

She must have seen the realization in my face as she chuckled wickedly. Moving closer to my face again, my hands pinned to the desk.

“That’s what you like to be called right? A dirty little slut?” She tried to kiss me again but this time I only half denied her, too floored by the epiphany that I had already slept with her. I kept my mouth closed instead of jerking away. There was something strange happening to my body. The combination of adrenalin and the memory of my erotic encounter with her had ignited my body and mind; making my senses amplified. I suddenly became aware of her body near to mine, her breasts and her smell. I opened my mouth to let her persistent tongue in, thrusting into me with aggression. I returned the kiss, letting my tongue battle with hers. I felt her release one of my wrists so her hand could grab the back of my head but for some reason I kept mine where it was, not using it to struggle.

“I want to lick your hot tits again.” Jamie ripped open my blouse and buttons flew to the floor and then she pushed my bra straps over my shoulders so she could pull down the cups, popping my boobs out without taking my bra off. She put her mouth over one of my nipples and sucked hard, making me gasp at her savagery. The intensity of the suction radiated through my body, shooting to between my legs where I felt moisture begin to rapidly ooze out of me. Whatever reluctance I had seconds earlier had evaporated and was now replaced by pure animal sexuality. I let a long desperate groan out.

“Tell me what I want to hear,” her face had come back to mine, her hands now tweaking my nipples with rough pinches.

“I’m a dirty little slut.” It came out in a hoarse whisper, I was having trouble breathing. Jaime reached down to put her hand under my skirt, pulling aside my panties to wipe two fingers between my wet labia. I whimpered as a knuckle grazed my clit, her hand coming up to stick her fingers in my eager mouth. My tongue licked any residue of my taste on them as I deep throated them, saliva running out of my mouth. I reached to paw at Jaime’s breast through her top and Jamie batted my hand away shaking her head like I had done something wrong.

She grabbed my hips and twisted them around, pushing my back so I bent over the desk. I felt her hike my skirt up over my waist and in my desperation I reached back to yank my panties down to bare everything for her. They had barely reached my knees when I felt her fingers push into me. I gasped at the pressure but my body kaçak iddaa responded with more lubrication and on the second thrust Jaime could reach deep inside me.

She wasted no time in picking up a quick rhythm, pumping her fingers into me with long strokes, my hips swaying onto them as I gripped the desk for balance. My body was pleased that I finally had something inside me but it wasn’t going to be enough to quench my sexual energy. With one hand I reached over the edge of the desk to open a drawer to find the strap on Zara kept there. I grabbed it and flung it at Jaime.

“Fuck me,” I growled at her through clenched teeth. She didn’t break a stride, removing her fingers from inside me and stepping into the harness without even removing her jeans.

“Is this what you want?” I didn’t respond, I only reached back to pull the dildo towards my pussy once she had fastened it around her waist. I saw her spit on her hand and wet the shaft, I was happy she didn’t waste time on using a lubricant. I felt the tip push against my vagina, my inner lips spreading over its contour to let it fill me. I cried out at the pressure as Jaime continued to push, my insides resisting its girth.

She pulled it out of me, and I felt my vagina run, trying to moisten even more to take all the phallus. I held my breath for what was coming as Jamie pushed back inside me, this time with greater ease. I felt the head move over the sensitive ridge and penetrate deep within me. Jamie began to pump, in short strokes at first but as I got wetter she was able to take longer strokes each time pushing deeper, making me swear.

“You like getting fucked don’t you?”

“Uh-huh…harder…” It was all I could manage between pants. My body was on fire and I wanted to cum quickly; I was almost afraid that the exquisite rush would die before I could climax. Jamie complied with my request, grabbing my hips to make them bounce on the dildo. I could hear myself urge her on between cries; my dangling breasts swayed from the movement. I felt like an animal.

Jamie was breathing hard as her strokes quickened and I began to feel sweat break my brow as I plunged towards my orgasm. Jamie could sense it and she grabbed my hair, pulling my head back in a mixture of pain in pleasure.

“Are you going to cum for me?” I could only respond with more intense moans as the dildo pumped inside of me. Jamie let go of my hair and I felt her hand run down my back and pressure being applied to my anus. It immediately sent me over the edge.

“Oh Christ!” I slammed my hand on the desk and let out a shriek as the orgasm powered through me, rippling outward from my crotch to my extremities, turning my body into jelly. Jaime didn’t seem to care and continued to torture my sensitivity with long strokes, making me twitch and squirm on the desk. Eventually I couldn’t take it any longer and I straightened to let the dildo pop out and immediately got down on my knees to go down on the strap on to taste myself.

Jaime was looking down at me licking her lips, still panting from the exercise. I was still turned on and wanted to replicate the passionate angry sex on her. I stood up to pull her face into mine for a hard deep kiss, gasping into each other’s mouths for air. I unbuckled the harness to let it fall and pushed her against a closet door, peeling off her top to expose a bare torso. I grabbed a B cup breast to suckle on it, her pink nipple hardening, allowing me to pinch it with my teeth.

“Oh fuck!” Jaime cried out and then feverishly fumbled with the fly on her jeans. I scrunched them down to her knees which was enough for Jaime to push my head down to between her legs. She held me there tight against her crotch, only allowing me to reach my tongue out to rake against her moist clitoris, my nose pressed against a soft mound of auburn hair. Her taste jogged my memory to when she had ridden my mouth as I was bound and blindfolded.

She was practically suffocating me such was the vice like grip she had on my head but I didn’t care, it just made me lick harder and quicker. I reached my hand up to glide a finger into her sopping entrance, making her moan, but not as intense as I wanted. I removed it and replaced it with two, pushing them deep into her, up to my knuckle, feeling the soft ridge within her cavity.

“Yes fuck me like that!” I started pumping my fingers into her, her nails digging into my scalp with every insertion, my tongue still working on her swollen clit. My hand was damp as her vagina flowed juices down my fingers, the intensity of her groans increasing. I looked up to see her beautiful red hair in her face, her head thrown back in a fit of ecstasy.

“Oh my fucking God!” Jaime screamed at the top of her voice. Her body buckled and I felt her pussy contract and release on my fingers as her body trembled through her orgasm, her brow creased like she was about to cry. I removed my fingers and she released her grip on my head, sinking down to the floor, our foreheads resting against each other as we caught our breath.

I slumped to sit beside her in awkward silence, kaçak bahis just the sound of our breathing filling the room. We were a sweaty mess, Jamie’s jeans still bunched around her knees, my breasts still bulging over my bra under a ripped blouse.

“What did Leah say?” It was all I could think of to break the silence.

“She didn’t…Zara did.” I was light headed and confused.


“You’ll have to ask her that.” She was being cool, but the initial anger she had confronted me with had gone.

“Listen Jaime, please don’t tell Leah you know, I don’t think she’s ready for that yet.” We looked at each other and for the first time Jaime gave me a human look: a wan smile.

“Yeah sure…look you seem like a sweet girl and you’re a great lay, but as a word of warning, try not to get too emotionally involved here. We’re all just hookers at the end of the day. I know you’re new to the whole girl-girl thing, it’s not the same you know…we’re a little harder to read…this is from experience.” I suddenly felt very bad. I had been so caught up in a whirlwind of new sexual longings that I had forgone consideration for other people’s feelings. Jaime was clearly not a bad person, she was just guarded and she was victim of the simplest of things: a crush.

“I…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be…just be careful.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and then stood up to put her clothes back on; flashing a small smile at me as she walked out of the room. I felt physically and emotionally drained, the entire encounter had been extremely intense, barely lasting 10 minutes in total.

I heard footsteps approaching the door and before I saw her I knew it was Zara. She walked over to me; I didn’t want to look at her and kept my eyes on my hands. She surprised me though, and slumped to the ground beside me, placing a hand on my arm.

“How are you feeling?” I forced myself to look at her, wanting to hate her for that cold look of calculation but it wasn’t there. There was a tender almost motherly look of concern.

“I dunno…sad, lonely…exhausted, angry…why did you tell Jaime?” She let out a long sigh.

“I want you to be prepared for the whole spectrum of emotions in this job Kristy. There are clients that you will like, that you will deeply enjoy your time with, maybe even some that you will love.” She looked away sadly as if a distant memory passed before her eyes. “But there are others that you may not like for whatever reason, clients that may expect sex in a different manner or at a different intensity, I wanted to see if you could respond to that, did I go too far?”

“I don’t know…I’m confused, you said you wanted me to be in control.”

“I wanted you to think you were in control which makes the submission all the more intense. Did your body not respond to the aggression?” It had, once Jaime had flicked that switch in me, the urgency had been overpowering.

“Yeah, it was pretty hot I have to admit.” I half laughed in defeat. “I guess I just feel a bit empty now, like after a one night stand or something.” Zara patted my shoulder.

“They’re all one night stands Kristy. Spend some time with Kelly tonight, you two seem to get along, she’s the most genuine person here. I have something special planned for you tomorrow night, so get some rest.”

“Oh god, that sounds foreboding. I’m not sure if I can take many more surprises.” Zara laughed, it was the first time that I could remember and I was instantly struck once again by her beauty, her perfect teeth gleaming and her green eyes sparkling.

“No, I promise, this time I’ll give you a little more heads up. C’mon.” She pushed herself to a stand and grabbed my hands to help me up. She glanced at my ripped open blouse, “I can get someone to fix that if you want.” I reached to pick up my bundled up panties.

“Nah, it’s fine really.” I was feeling a little sheepish and wanted to get away from her office.

“Tomorrow then,” with that, I left.


I was tired when I got back to my room and I let myself take a nap, waking up in that sluggish state that afternoon sleep gives you. I washed the cobwebs away with a shower and threw on some jogging pants before preparing myself a light snack in the kitchen. I saw some of the girls in the hallway getting ready but no sign of Leah or Jaime. Nina blew past me in a towel giving me a knowing grin. I started to wonder whether I was the focus of all gossip, my sexual encounters being relayed behind every whisper.

It was a lonely feeling and I was glad when Kelly showed up my door, her arms full of her planned entertainment smiling broadly.

“I got some chips, I got some dip, I got Yahtzee, I got Connect 4 but most importantly I got this.” She held out a bag of weed and a pipe. I laughed, I hadn’t smoked pot in a while but I wasn’t going to say no.

We settled down on the bed and took a few hits on the pipe. Kelly pulled out my laptop and then showed me some funny videos which made us laugh a lot more than they should have courtesy of the marijuana. I was relaxed and enjoying myself. We started talking about things that had nothing to do with Avalon. Kelly talked about what she wanted to do after she had saved up enough money. She wanted to take a year off and travel around Australia and New Zealand.

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