Anthony’s Beginning

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Anthony was a tough guy among his friends, brown hair, hazel eyes, 6’2″, typical, they always thought he had experienced everything, well, what he had told them that he’d experienced. The truth of the matter was that he was a man that had experienced the very basics of things. He’d get drunk and tell them that he’d given his last girlfriend Kelly “anal treatment”, the next morning just knowing he had told another lie, but who cared? Anthony was an average guy, it was simply his lifestyle, a hypocritical lifestyle, he worked for a political Party, he focused on being successful, not a ladies man.

In truth, Anthony was lucky to meet Kelly, but after they split he attempted, briefly, to move on; it didn’t work… he split with her, but he contemplated night and day the possibility that they would rekindle their romance.

“Pint tonight? It’s the World Cup Final.” Mike said.

Mike was a close friend that Anthony had known since childhood and Anthony wasn’t one to pass up going out to pass the time, get over Kelly…

“Sure, you call the time and the place, I couldn’t care less.”

“Okay, The White Stallion at 20:00, we’ll just have a few, the Germans will have it over in forty-five minutes anyway.”

Anthony, bahis firmaları ever the most presentable person headed there in his fourth most expensive suit, sticking out from the crowd in a pub of modern day left-wing middle-class white British. Just an average quiet Sunday night on Merseyside.

Mike wasn’t much of a drinker, he didn’t have many prospects either, but his dad owned a company that had managed to take off and Mike once he came of age had a job within the company just to tide himself over.

At the White Stallion though, Anthony’s old school friend Alan worked. Alan was the perfect friend, loyal, responsible, intelligent. Anthony only recently had a disagreement on political views with him, but it wasn’t a major distraction.

Anthony had had his eyes on one of the barmaids for a while, she was cute, brown hair in a pony tail, she danced to every song that came on behind the bar; even while she was pouring a drink. Ant wanted this girl, he thought of her, not as a replacement, but as a wildcat.

The night wore on, Anthony spoke to the barmaid for hours, the conversation seemed to spring back to his political job each and every time; a boring topic, Ant knew it, he wanted to establish something based kaçak iddaa on music or anything, history, anything but his work…

“Listen, I get off at eleven, you’re boring me to my skull, if you don’t want to leave with me you’re an idiot.”

Ant suddenly heard from beside him.

This was Jess, she was what he thought ‘out of his league’, he hadn’t given her an ounce of thought.

“I’m finished.”

She said half an hour later.

“Mine or yours?” She said.

“Uh, mine?”

Anthony held out, he wanted to have some fun, he was secretly in awe in Jess’ confidence, so he wanted to go along for the ride…

Once back at his, Ant lead her upstairs, but he was only able rise his usual protocol of stripping himself down before he looked across the room and noticed that Jess was completed naked. Jess was black haired and blue eyed, a typical girl with Irish heritage, a firm body, she was smooth shaven and with full pert breasts.

Jess grinned, “I’m taking what’s mine, aren’t I?”

“Uh?” Anthony heard, but was simply stunned.

“This’ll be fun, lie down, just do what I say.”

Ant complied, lied on his back and waited.

Jess mounted Ant’s chest and moved up towards his face.

“You kaçak bahis know what I want.” she said.


“Just…” *sigh* “Stick your tongue out and I’ll do the rest.”

Ant stuck his tongue out and Jess mounted his face. While Ant’s heart was beating 100 miles per hour Jess started to grind, Jess gripped his hair, she placed her pussy over his mouth, she made sure his tongue was inside her and that her clit was attend to by his nose and went to work.

“You’re really good at this.” she only said in reassurance.

Anthony could only mumble with his priorities complete focused on eating pussy.

“Just keep going, I’m almost there, you’ll learn.”

Anthony tried to pull away and ask a question… this only invited a slap across the face from Jess.

“Never stop a woman from orgasm, you’re going to have a punishment after that…” she said as she stuffed his nose into her clitoris.



Jess was tightly clenching her thighs around Ant’s head now, sending him almost to sleep.


Jess surprised Ant with an explosion of ejaculate, his face complete wet, his ideology tested, she screamed out,


She removed her grip while Anthony got comfortable, and Jess threw her leg over him to make sure that he knew… he was on call.

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