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We got out an hour early at four today from physics field session, a relief, because electronics was such a pain. It was an exercise in ones ability to raise your hand to ask questions about the very vaguely written lab write-ups. If the TA’s weren’t so lack luster I swear they intentionally wrote the directions so we had to ask them because they got lonely when we didn’t keep them busy.

Bree joined the festivities by 4:15. She was coming from her summer classes and pretending to be physics for the afternoon. We got burgers, watermelon, and chips and sat in the grass in the shade and ate. We watched the people parasailing while we ate and then someone got out a Frisbee. We played ultimate for over an hour but then we headed out.

My roommate drove us back in his van and started to pack as soon as we got home. He was leaving for the weekend to go home; his mom was all alone because his dad and brother were off on some backpacking trip. Bree and me waved bye to him and we put on a movie. Rolling her left shoulder Bree complained.

“Uhh, I think I might have thrown out my shoulder playing Frisbee. Would you give me a rub?”

She sat down in front of me on the floor. She was wearing a pink Capri shirt and her dirty blonde hair was straight as if pressed, she rolled it to the side exposing her neck to let me rub it. Bree was a bombshell but we had never been anything but acquaintances. My roommate was really the one who knew her and it was only chance we found ourselves alone together on a Friday night.

Reaching down I started to rub her shoulders. Fumbling in her bag she handed me some oil to put on her. She was apparently used to getting or practiced in giving people rubs. Pouring some of it in my hands I started to rub her back, I pushed the straps of her bra and shirt aside giving me more access to her back and kneaded her muscles. She moaned and flowed with the rub, clearly enjoying it.

Pulling her back against the couch I moved my hands around to the front of her shoulders. Her eyes were closed and I was able to look down her shirt at her rather large tits. I rubbed her shoulders sweeping slightly lower with each pass. Nearing an invisible line on her chest I shifted her back forward and retuned to her neck and shoulders on her back. I worked the muscles and could feel her neck warm as the blood rushed to her head.

Working my way back around I started to massage the fronts of her arms and then over on to her clavicles. My hands were beginning to dry out and eryaman escort as I reached for the oil she laid her head back right in front my cock, which by now was straining to be free.

“Pour it on me.”

I took the oil and did as she asked pouring the oil over her upper chest, possibly a bit overzealously but her moan indicated she liked it. Quickly bringing my hands to her chest I tried to rub in the oil but it started to run and sweeping my hands down to catch the beads of oil I brushed the tops of her tits. She giggled and leaned forward and I placed it on her back. Rubbing it in I again ran out of room, on impulse I unclipped her bra and massaged in the oil down her back again. Bree must not have noticed or minded because she made no reaction.

Taking this as a go ahead I again started to work my way around moving slowly. Again her eyes were closed and I stared without reservation down her tits, she must be smiling on the inside knowing where I was looking and continued to be my placid form as I swept lower and lower. My massage was making her feel good and she must have wanted to give me a prize because even as I started to bring my hands under her shirt and push her bra out of the way she made no objection.

Reaching my hands down I cupped the underside of her tits, almost unable to cup the entire underside of them, even with my large hands. Just feeling them and lifting slightly I enjoyed the feeling. Then lifting harder I pulled her up onto the couch. I had her sit so her ass, tight in her little summer shorts pressed up against my still straining cock. Massaging her tits I pulled her body to mine. She sighed and then inhaled pressing out against my hands.

Again moving slowly I rolled her shirt and bra down and exposed her entire chest and then cupped her again in my hands. Kissing her neck I found my way to her nipples, hard already, and pinched them lightly between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned and arched her back, turning her head she started to say something but I kissed her instead and she moaned into the kiss. Groping her body I kissed her and pushed my tongue into her mouth, I found hers and they danced as I played with her chest.

Sliding my hand down her torso I slid it right under her shorts to discover she wasn’t wearing panties. She gasped and her body was still but she soon was kissing me harder than before. Rubbing her outer lips with my hand I felt Bree start to breath faster. I increased the pressure on her escort eryaman pussy and could really feel her ass on my cock. Sliding two fingers into her pussy Bree broke the kiss and cried out. She moaned with each pull as I brought my fingers up inside her and she tried, rather unsuccessfully to kiss me between her moans and cries of pleasure.

By now we were both getting very hot and pulling her shirt and bra up over her head I sucked her nipple into my mouth before reaching back into her pussy. She was rolling her hips now trying to meet my fingers. Standing she turned and sat back down on me, my cock pressing against her pussy. She came in and kissed me, and while she continued grinding against me I gripped her ass; it too was full and round, soft to my massaging. Throwing her head back she moaned as I put my face into her chest.

Embraced by her warm mounds I cupped them and inhaled. Still grinding her pussy on my cock she tore my shirt off and threw it aside. We kissed again her tits squeezed out to the side as I pulled her body against mine.

Standing I carried her into my room and threw her down on the bed. Her tits rippled from the impact and I pulled her little shorts off. Not wasting time I bent down and kissed her naked and shaven pussy, and she cried out. Gripping my hair she pulled me down into her and panted. Unable to hold on for very long she moved her hands about gripping her tits and the sides of the bed. Bringing my fingers around I sucked her clit and pushed my fingers inside. Pumping my hand in and out Bree started to arc her back head craned back and she rose higher and higher until she screamed out and brought her legs up, body twitching as she came.

I dove on her and we kissed harder than ever. Wrapping her legs around me she pulled her pussy on to me and began humping me. Standing again I took off my pants as she clung to me. Stumbling we fell against the wall my pants still hanging around my ankles. She took my cock in her hand and stroked the length of it the tip just touching the very top of her crotch while her tits swayed. Unable to hold back I came all over her stomach and legs.

She smiled but seemed to be rather disappointed and when she bent over to grab her shorts I yanked her back over so she faced my closet with the sliding glass mirror doors.

“Don’t think I’m done with you yet. That was just the teaser.”

My cock still hard I bent her over and guided my cock up and down her slit. She shivered and eryaman escort bayan I pushed in to her. Her pussy was very tight but soaked from before and my cock slid in with very little resistance.

Pulling back out slowly and pushing back in I started to increase my tempo. Bree moaned and squeezed my cock with her inner muscles. Grabbing her hips I started to pound her harder and faster. She cried out with each thrust, quite the loud lover as I was finding out. Which I had no problems with but I grabbed her neck and pulled her to me still fucking her.

“You like it.”


“You like getting fucked from behind.”

I slapped her ass she cried out again. Her tits were bouncing rhythmically in the mirror as I fucked her. Grabbing them I pinched her nipples.

“Oh my god yes, play with my tits make them sore. I need to be punished I’m such a bad girl.”

Gripping her nipples harder I spanked her again and then again. I slapped her while I kept fucking her until her ass was raw red. She was being very loud and I grabbed her and threw her back down on the bed. Pulling her pussy to the edge I pushed back inside and pounded even harder than before. Her legs came up and I leaned my shoulders on her pressing them back and fucked her.

“Choke me, I want your hands on me.”

I reached up and grabbed her neck with my left hand and pressed down. Her face started to turn red and I slapped her tit with my right hand.

“You like it rough don’t you. You dirty little slut. You want me to fuck you. No I am going to fuck as long and as hard as I want. You are my little cum slut and your big titties are my little fun bags. You like when I talk dirty you little whore.”

Even choking her as I was, she still cried out and moaned loudly and her hips bucked she came and I continued to fuck her.

“You little bitch when did I say you could cum. I slapped her tit again harder this time. Huh, when did I say?” she was unable to respond so I slapped her again this time on the face, “no answer my little slut good thing your pussy is so tight I might forgive you.”

Bree’s face was red and eyes were rolled back in her head. Her tits were flopping every which way and her pussy was on fire. I was nearing the edge and when she came again I pulled out and moved so I was over her tits. Placing my cock between them I started to fuck her tits. She looked up and opened her mouth waiting for my cum. She soon got her wish and I erupted, spouting all of five loads on her waiting face. Licking it up and sucking the rest off her fingers she ate up all of my cum and moaned in pleasure as she did so.

Kissing the tip of my very sensitive post orgasm cock she said, “Well thanks for the rub, tell me next time you guys have a picnic I’ll make sure to be there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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