Making the Bed

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It was Saturday at ten in the morning and I had just finished my laundry. I am George Harris, 33, tall a little chubby, single. I am a staff photographer for a university. The home I was living in was inherited from my Grandparents. My neighborhood was originally developed after WWII and the house is what is known as a teardown because the area is being redeveloped.

I have a strange quirk that I fold my clothes and make my bed naked. I had finished hanging my pants and shirts and was starting on my bed. That is when I heard my back door open.

“Hey George its Becky are you in here? You shouldn’t leave your door unlocked.”

I heard her move toward my bedroom and there was no time to even slip on a bathrobe. Becky is about my age and lives next door in what is termed a McMansion one of the new large houses being built in the area. She is a sales executive and her husband is an attorney.

“Are you back here?” said Becky.

She appeared in the door to my bedroom and I braced for the reaction to my being buck-naked.

“What the fuck,” said Becky.

“I really wasn’t expecting visitors,” I replied

“I need to tell Gloria, she will want to see you,”

“No, it is just a quirk I fold my clothes in the nude. I don’t need the whole neighborhood thinking I am a pervert,” I said

“You know you are not bad looking; and I see that I don’t exactly turn you off,” said Becky noticing my cock begin to get interested.

Becky was tall and thin with legs that went from her feet to her head. There was a stop where her breasts were located. The lumpy sweatshirt and pants did not help her. I was getting over my embarrassment even as my manhood was perking up.

“Let me help you make the bed. Then we can unmake it,” said Becky,

Becky walked over to the edge of my bed and grabbed the bottom sheet and tossed me a part of it. I got it laid out and slipped on the mattress. I then tossed the top sheet toward her and we laid it out and tucked the bottom. I then slipped the pillowcase over the pillow and placed it at the head of the bed.

“What are you doing here Becky?”

“Helping you make the bed fool,” she said.

Becky walked toward me and I got nervous. She planted a kiss on my lips and her hand started to massage my cock.

“Relax, no one knows I am here that is why I used your back door. I didn’t think that you would be primed and ready,” said Becky

“Wait you came here to have sex!!?”

“I have noticed that you have been peering through the fence at our pool hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the girls topless. You are busted,” said Becky.

Becky’s hand was working on my erection. The crown of my cock was full and coated in pre-cum. She leaned in and kissed me again.

“Relax George it’s OK I kind of like displaying my goodies to you. Now your cock needs to be sucked and I know the person that can do that,” said Becky

The woman went to her knees and continued to work on my manhood. She extended her tongue and painted the crown. My knees almost buckled at her touch. She slowly took my pole into her mouth a little bit at a time. I could feel my cock glide down her throat. This was a maneuver that she had mastered. I was amazed that I did not cum. Her hand was working over my balls and the scratching of her fingers on the skin surrounding them was fabulous.

Becky Stood, “I am a little disappointed. Most men shoot uncontrollably when I suck on their cocks. You showed a lot of control or your still embarrassed at me finding you naked.”

Becky grasped the sides of her top and pulled it over her head. She was not wearing a bra and her tits were on full display. They were fleshy mounds with small rosebuds and tall nipples. I momentarily lost my mind and fondled one and brought it to my mouth. I really did not know what reaction Becky was going to have.

“Yea I thought you might like my beauties,” said Becky,

Becky removed herself from me and got up on the bed and struck a pose straight out of a men’s magazine. “What are men going to do when Playboy quits printing stuff like this? There will be a lot of teenage boys that will not be able to masturbate. I know that you are dying to see the rest of me, Pull my pants down.”

She kicked off her shoes and allowed me to grip the waistband of her bottoms and I pulled. She had a shaved pussy keçiören escort with almost no hair. The outer lips were fully engorged. She maneuvered to let me see her pink bunghole.

“Is Chrissie on the pill or do you use condoms?” asked Becky.

Chrissie was my girlfriend that I took out on Sundays. We’ve had sex but not all the time. I continued to be mesmerized by Becky.

“George do you have any condoms?” asked Becky again.

I walked over to the nightstand and pulled a packet out of the top drawer.

“Good, so you do have a sex life. Come here and let me apply some protection.”

I handed the packet to Becky and waited for her to install the rubber on my cock. It was fully erect and the rubber slipped on easily.

“I am a little different so I want you on the bed on your back.”

I complied with out a question and waited. Becky moved on top of me and using her hand directed my cock in her pussy. She gently slid down its length and rested on me. I took my hands and started to pinch her nipples. Her breasts began to enlarge causing the areoles to cover more of the breast. Her nipples became hard and I took one in my mouth. My other hand stroked her flank, which was taut and muscular.

“Time to go to work George.”

As best I could I moved my cock in and out of her pussy.

“George I’ve seen Chrissie and I know that you can do a good job on that woman. So you can do one on me.”

“Chrissie, only does missionary,” I responded.

“I need to talk to that woman,” said Becky.

Becky relented and I was able to gain the top position and began to pound on her pussy. I lay my head between her boobs while I continued to move my cock in and out of her lovely pussy. Becky’s cunt started to contract around my cock. I moved it in and out faster. I felt my cock let go with the condom catching all of my cum. I waited until my cock became flaccid and I pulled out of her cunt. I felt her hand pull the latex off my dick. I saw her tie a knot in the top.

“Got my proof,” said Becky.

“Wait is this some kind of elaborate scavenger hunt?”

“Last night at dinner me and the other hens drew names of the unattached cocks in the neighborhood and our job was to seduce the men and then bring back a filled condom, this afternoon. You just made it easier on me.”

“Where is Dick?” I asked.

“I would say between your legs, but Dick and some members of his firm are on a boat fishing, and banging some of the secretaries. They are due back in a few days. By the way you’re welcome.”

Becky pulled her top and bottom on and picked up the used condom. She turned around. “If you are not doing anything this afternoon bring your camera and join us at my pool.”

She walked over to where I was and kissed my cock. She turned and walked out the way she came in.

Later in the afternoon

I was dosing in my lounge chair with the TV on tuned into a bad football game. My phone rang and I jumped at the noise. I was able to hit the talk button and Becky’s voice came through the phone. “I won the prize, I was the only one that was successful,” said Becky.

“I am happy for you, I think,” I responded.

“George, there are four women sitting around my pool and I promised them that I could get you to take their picture. Come through the back yard and I will open the gate.”

I hung the phone up and got out of the lounge. I grabbed my personal camera and checked to see if I had a memory card installed. I also checked the state of the battery. I went through the menus setting the ISO and white balance. Things might get exciting and I did not want to forget anything. I was sort of salivating at the thought of photographing four hot women.

I walked out the back door this time locking it, and walked toward the wooden privacy fence around Dick and Becky’s back yard. A gate swung open and Becky held it for me. As soon as I was in the yard she pulled it shut. Charlie was behind the bar mixing a pitcher of what looked like Margaritas. My eyes snapped to her, as she was completely naked Becky was standing beside me, and was quickly dropping her swimsuit. Donna was on a lounge naked and Beverly was topless sitting with her legs in the pool.

“Next Saturday leave your door unlocked I might come over,” said Charlie as she handed me a glass keçiören escort bayan of the green liquid.

I found a table and put my camera and drink down. “I got to get something from the house,” I said as I walked toward the gate.

“We have plenty of condoms George,” said Becky.

I soon returned with a round pouch about a foot in diameter. I unzipped it and my reflector expanded to full size. I handed it to Becky and positioned her so that the reflector acted as a fill for Donna who was still on the lounge. I quickly snapped several images of the woman. She turned over exposing her breasts and I repositioned Becky again to allow the reflector to serve as a fill.

The woman was gorgeous, her breasts looked like she spent hours in the gym building up her pects. Unlike the other women she had a full muff where her legs came together. Donna was the only one of the group that I didn’t think worked. The story I heard was that her family trust paid the bills. She also was the only one that did not live in the neighborhood, opting for a high-rise condo in the downtown area.

When you are through being a pervert I need to see that tool Becky spoke so much about,” said Donna. She spoke with an accent but I could not place it. I put the camera down and dropped my pants and underwear. Donna sat up lifted her sunglasses to inspect my cock. She started to massage my dick to a full erection. She lay back and opened her legs.

“Condoms are so cliché,” said Donna as I penetrated her pussy. The other women took notice and gathered around us as we made love. Becky leaned down and kissed Donna. I lunged forward and felt my cock shoot a load of cum in her pussy.

“Don’t you stop I am not finished,” said Donna.

I continued moving my cock, waiting for Donna to climax. Donna suddenly stiffened and moaned and I felt her flood my cock with her juices. I withdrew and Beverly replaced me giving Donna head.

I grabbed my camera and shot several pictures of the two women making love. I felt a set of arms circle my chest and I felt a set of boobs press against my back. Charlie’s hand moved down to my cock. Charlie worked in a bank; she was some kind of vice president.

“Mister you will need to save some of that for me,” said Charlie.

I got out of her embrace and turned around. She was a true blond and I needed to shoot a picture of her. I asked her to sit on the lounge with her legs hung over the side. Her legs were open displaying her perfectly trimmed blond pussy and the ruby lips of her vagina. Charlie’s breasts were as taut as any of the women in the group. Becky acted as my assistant again and I shot several frames of Charlie.

Becky was again working on my cock, and Charlie lay back on the lounge.

“Bring him to me, Becky I need a cock to suck,” said Charlie.

I walked over to her side and she turned and took my cock in her mouth. The sensation was mind blowing and I fought to stay on my feet.

“Becky says that you couldn’t cum in her mouth,” Charlie said between licks.

I suddenly spurted and hit her face I figured that I was going to be punished, but she calmly found a towel and wipe up my cum. I put my camera down and jumped into the pool. Four splashes followed and I saw all four women swimming toward me. I was near a wall and pulled myself up before they got to me.

I walked over to where my clothes were and started to dress.

“Where are you going George?” asked Becky as she was getting out of the pool.

“Becky I don’t want to be used, for what ever game you all are playing,” I responded.

“There is no game, we asked Becky to invite you for a little fun,” said Beverly.

“George, relax I know that we came on a little strong, but we only want to have a little fun,” said Becky.

Donna approached and kissed me. “Look we are all well off broads and are use to snapping our fingers and getting what we want. We just assumed that we could have our way with you. Relax don’t go, we all still want you to shoot photos of us.”

Becky was completely naked. I moved her against a brick wall and had her lift her left leg. Donna grabbed the reflector and moved with my directions, added a fill to the scene. I shot several photos including a shot up from her pussy.

I dropped my camera and planted a kiss on Becky’s escort keçiören cunt, and followed that with a kiss on both breasts. Beverly was the only one of the ladies that I had not shot. Beverly seemed to like jewelry. On both hands were large rings dripping in diamonds. She sat on one of the chairs and held a cocktail glass. I shot one picture with her looking at the glass. One shot with her sipping from the glass. She pulled her legs up and brought her arms around. I shot the photo of her hands with all the jewelry.

“I will want to us that for my store,” said Beverly. She owned the major Jewelry store in the town. It was the kind that you called for an appointment.

Beverly opened her legs and invited me to give her head. I moved in and breathed in her female pheromones. My tongue and her pussy met and I probed the inner reaches of her cunt. I felt one of the women probing my ass and felt something inserted in my backside.

“Relax it’s a glass cock,” said Donna.

It was ribbed and gave an interesting feeling when it was moved. Donna pulled it out and I continued to work on Beverly’s pussy. Soon she climaxed and I stood and looked around. Two of the women were in a sixty-nine licking each other’s cunts. I quickly grabbed my camera and documented the scene.

Becky’s ass was in a position that allowed me to mount her from behind. I heard her take a deep breath when I inserted my cock in her pussy. She momentarily looked back at me and then went back to eating Donna.

I pulled out and worked my cock until I shot cum over her backside. I bent down and kissed her pink bunghole.

Charlie and Beverly were lying together kissing each other. I saw that the women were working each over each other. I picked up my camera and documented the ladies making love. When I finished, I picked up my reflector and gathered my camera pulled on my pants and left the back yard.

Two hours later

I was in the room serving as my office uploading the photos from the afternoon. I heard my backdoor open again. “George where are you?” said Becky.

She walked into the office “Well at least your clothed,” she said.

“I usually am, accept when I am folding laundry. I had a good time this afternoon,”

“You left too soon, we had martinis flowing like water and I liberated some Cubans from my husband’s cigar stash. What are you doing?” asked Beverly.

“I am cataloging the photos that I shot this afternoon. What do you and the girls want to do with them? If they got out it would cause a lot of trouble.” I asked.

“It was a spur of the moment idea, I realize that you have a lot of power over us and I hope that you will be discreet,” said Becky.

Becky drew up a chair beside me and she wanted to see the photos. I arranged the photos in a slide show and we paged through the forty pictures that I shot. She stopped on the photo of Beverly’s hands showing all rings.

“You captured Beverly in that photo, she loves her Jewelry,” said Becky.

Becky’s hand explored my crotch and it responded to her, “Lets look at mine,” said Becky.

I brought her photos up on the screen and she commented on the photos. “They are good, George,” said Becky.

“I had good subjects,” replied.

I stood and directed Becky to the couch standing in front of her; I started to open my pants when she batted my hands away and started working on my belt and suddenly my pants were on the floor. My cock was jumping out of my briefs and she quickly had those on the floor also.

“I think that you are more aroused now then this morning,” she said as she took my cock in her mouth.

After about five minutes she was rewarded with a load of my cum. “You taste better than my husband,” said Becky as she lay back on the couch and pulled the strings that held her bikini bottoms on exposing her cunt. I could not fuck her but I could give her a tongue-lashing. I buried my face in her cunt and began to suck on her pussy lips. She pulled her legs together and held my head in position. I felt that that she was having an erotic crises and she flooded my face with her dew.

“One more then I need to go,” said Becky.

I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed until I was buried in her cunt. I kissed her and began to fuck her pussy. I shot a load and withdrew. Beverly put her suit bottom on but it soon displayed a stain from my cum dripping out of her. I walked her to the back door and watched as she opened the gate. I heard a splash of someone diving into the pool. I closed and locked the door and went back to my office. I wondered if I should unlock the back door on Saturday mornings.

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