Making Love to My Goddess

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I call her my Goddess, not because we she is my superior but because, although what I give is necessary, only she can give birth to new life. She is an earthy Goddess, not one who lives on a pedestal. She is my Goddess with deep, some would say dark desires, and we make love.

As I lie next to and slightly above her, I look down on her lovely body. I am drawn first to her face – her eyes. And through them, I see in the sensual depths of her being, laughter, love, and anticipation.

I lower my face to hers as she closes her eyes. My lips kiss first one eyelid then the other, gently. As her eyes open again, my kisses move very slowly, to her cheekbones, lingering, kissing again, then to her forehead, to her nose, and finally to her lips. We kiss — softly at first, then harder as our passions rise.

As our kiss breaks, I turn her head to one side and kiss her ear. I run my tongue behind the ear and then suck on the soft lobe. My lips move to her neck, kissing, sucking gently at times. My tongue licks her smooth skin as I work my way to her other ear, to pleasure it.

As I raise my head to look into her eyes again, one hand moves to her left breast, cupping it, feeling the rise of her chest into my palm. Two fingers tweak her nipple playfully and I hear a slight, sensual grunt as I watch her whole body twitch and her chest push up suddenly.

I watch her eyes as my hand caresses her breast, then moves to the right one, caressing, playing with her hardening nipple. Each gentle twist of my fingers sends a jolt through her body – I can tell in her eyes and with her body now beginning to undulate.

My lips move again to her neck, kissing, then make their way down to one breast. My tongue makes circles around her nipple, taking care to tease only until I feel her hand on the back of my head, guiding my mouth. I hear a sigh of pleasure as my lips hold and suck her sensitive, erect nipple – suck as my tongue flicks back and forth across it.

My Goddess’s moans increase as I suck one nipple and my hand plays with the other, then switch, pleasuring both nipples equally.

I begin to kiss and lick my way down her stomach until I reach her love hair. I rub my nose in its silky coarseness as I inhale deeply her love aroma.

Her legs are spread and I lie between them as my tongue licks the soft, magical valley that separates her legs from her love opening. I lick first one side, slowly, my tongue flat, then the other, moving back and forth. Sometimes moving up her inner thighs then back down to the valley.

I am finally ready to enter the temple of my Goddess and my tongue licks her love lips, etlik escort the guardians of the entrance. My lips suck in first one, stretching it, then the other as my tongue licks both sides of each. As I pleasure them, I hear her almost silent sigh – the permission of the guardians to enter.

I look up into her eyes as my lips kiss her love opening, the entrance to her temple and I feel and taste her welcoming moisture – the sweet nectar of the gods. Slowly, my tongue extends through my lips and licks, tasting more, then pushes inside, covering itself with love honey.

Now my Goddess’s hands are on the back of my head, holding me to her as she pushes her hips, engulfing my tongue with her wet opening. My own hands are on her breasts, kneading, fingers playing with her nipples. Our eyes hold as my tongue begins to move, making love – no, not just that – fucking her love opening, her pussy, tongue-fucking my goddess.

I hear her long, low moans; “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmm.”

Through her eyes, I see her storms of love/lust swirling in her depths. I feel her hands moving my head, moving my face over her opening, covering it with her wetness, marking me as hers.

Her hands leave my head as she lifts her legs and grasps them behind her knees. I know what she wants and she knows I wish to pleasure her in that way.

My head moves but our eyes continue to meet, our gaze holds, and I hear her gasp as the tip of my tongue touches her tight, forbidden opening – not forbidden to me, but by society’s rules. I lick up and down over her rosebud, feeling its pucker. My tongue flattens, licking, then becomes pointed again, flicking up and down, back and forth.

My tongue stops as I place the tip on her opening and begin to push in. As she relaxes her sphincter muscles and my tongue enters, I hear her cries, now of lustful pleasure.

“Oh God! Oh God! Fuck! Shit! Bury your tongue in my asshole! Fuck my asshole with your tongue.”

(My Goddess becomes more excited when she uses graphic, raw language during our love making, as do I.)

My hands continue to play with her breasts and my face mashes against her cheeks as my tongue pushes in and out. As she requested, I tongue-fuck her asshole. As I flick in and out rapidly, my nose touches her wet temple entrance and I inhale again, deeply, filling myself with her sweet scent.

Our gaze holds during this most intimate act, and our souls meet, touch each other.

My tongue moves again, licking its way up to her wet opening, sliding inside, fucking, then back to her forbidden opening, fucking again. I move back and forth, etlik escort bayan pleasuring my Goddess until I am aware of her words:

“I need to come, lover. Make me cum! Make me cum!”

My lips move, kissing her small, hard clitoris, then circle it, sucking gently as the tip of my tongue plays softly. I feel her hips move – no, her entire body move – as I suck and then lick from the tip up, then back down. My tongue flattens and begins to move quickly side to side, the underside of my tongue flicking her clit with each pass.

As I lick and suck my Goddess’s clit, my hands continue to play with the soft hills on her chest – the soft hills and the wonderfully hard peaks.

My Goddess continues to hold her legs up, her hands on the backs of knees, pulling, inviting, and my lips and tongue move as she wishes: from her clit to her pussy, licking inside, then to her asshole, stabbing in and returning to her pussy and clit again.

Back and forth as she moans and screams. “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!”

Finally, she lets her legs go, bending them at the knee, putting her feet on the bed and spreading wider. I know she is ready for her first climax.

My attention focuses on her hard, now protruding clit and I lick and suck.

I feel her movements quickening, becoming harder as he hips thrash up and down until my Goddess begins to cum. I hold her clit in my lips and our eyes meet through her climax, as we usually do with her first. It is a hard climax, but we both know it is not as hard as those to come. She keep her legs spread as she cums.

When my Goddess finishes, I lay my cheek on her inner thigh, my lips almost touching her sweet temple. I savor her taste in my mouth, her aroma in my nostrils as her hands play with the back of my head and she says softly: “Thank you.”

We both know that we are not through for the night, for she has a voracious appetite.

As we lay there, her hands rubbing the back of my head, my lips purse, blowing, then kissing her opening. Her body twitches with the first touch for she is still sensitive from the climax. And I wait for a time before kissing again. But as my lips touch again and again, and my tongue begins to lick softly, my Goddess’s hips began to move again and I hear soft moans.

My tongue enters her to its full length again, stabbing in and out. Her love temple is still full of sweet nectar and I lick and suck, swallowing. The more I swallow, the more there is, and I grunt my pleasure again and again.

She lifts and holds her legs again and I pleasure her as she likes, licking down to her tight opening, escort etlik back to her sweet love tunnel, my tongue stabbing inside both openings as it moves back and forth. With each round, I also lick and suck her clit.

She is talking, moaning, and I feel her body tense as I suck on her clit and know it is time.

As I suck hard, my fingers rolling both nipples, her legs suddenly wrap around my head, squeezing hard as her entire body stiffens.


Then her voice is muffles as her inner thighs squeeze my head hard. Her eyes close and her body turns as she takes me with her.

I feel her body jerk again and again, seemingly forever, until that last, final hard movement, and then she goes limp. Her pussy and clit now very sensitive, she pushes my head from between her legs.

As she lays gasping for breath, I move over her, putting the tip of my shaft on her opening. She is so wet that it easily buries itself inside her.

We move slowly at first as I feel myself going in and out, my thrusts met fully by hers. Our eyes meet and she pulls me down to her with one hand, licking my lips, tasting herself. She licks again and we kiss – passionately, as our rhythm becomes more rapid, until we are slamming into each other.

I know she wants me to cum inside her, as do I, and it doesn’t take long until I do. I am always so excited by my Goddess that my cum spurts hard, and she tells me she can feel it inside her. This time is no different. With a hard thrust, I begin, then push in again with each renewed spurt, until I finished.

I am still on top of her, and I raise my head. Her eyes dance with pleasure.

“Do you want to?” She asks.

“Would you like me to?” I respond.

We both know what we are talking about, and she replies: “You know I get turned on by it.”

I nod, smiling, then withdraw from her opening and move down her body until my mouth is over her love temple.

As my gaze meets that of my Goddess, I kiss her opening, touching the white stickiness I left there with my lips. She looks at me, almost unbelieving, as she always does, finding it hard to realize that I would do that for her.

My tongue moves out and slides inside her, through the slickness of my cum and her nectar, and I taste us both together.

“Clean me, lover.” I hear her sigh deeply, and I do, licking her inside and outside, taking our love honey into my mouth and swallowing.

Her body begins to move again as she looks down into my eyes, and I know we are not finished yet. Sometimes she pleasures me with her mouth, and sometimes she holds her legs up and inviting me to enter her tight opening. Sometimes we do other things – things some would not dream of.

My Goddess has a voracious appetite, one that may take all day to satisfy. But then, we have all day – – and there is nowhere I would rather be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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