Lynn’s Journeys Ch. 10

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“Please raise your tray tables and make sure your seat belt is buckled,” the voice said from the speaker above our heads, “Temperature at landing is a balmy, thirty-four degrees, with light snow falling.”

We definitely weren’t in Hawaii any longer, Toto.

Nat and I had a wonderful time that last week in the Islands; we ‘hopped’ to the big Island, to the Kona coast for a day, and spent a day on Molokai as well.

We attended the pig roast in the hills with Pete, Maggie, and friends; getting seriously fucked up on wonderful Maui home-grown.

I played golf three more times, each with improving scores, and had another delicious fuck-session with Anita before this year’s trip was over.

Nat and I played with each other that last night, sort of like a ‘farewell to the Islands’ sex-fest, not unpleasant for either of us, not that it ever has been.

And the ‘mystery’ of the ‘unseen voyeur’ was solved; well, sort of.

One night, just before our departure, Nat and I arrived home from dinner to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers at our door, with the following note; and I quote:

“We are leaving the islands tomorrow but felt compelled to thank you for providing some wonderful memories for our visit this year. I hope our dog didn’t bother you or your friends as you frolicked with each other on the beach, in the water.

We didn’t mean to watch, but once was enough to keep us hoping for repeat performances. We could see you, you just couldn’t see us, though a couple of times I could have sworn you were looking right at me as you stared at our telescope.

Perhaps, on a future trip, we might actually meet. Again, thank you for the memories.


Sandra and Rebecca”

Huh! Like a said, we sorta’ solved it.

But it was back to the ‘real world’ for the both of us; her to academia, and I, to the world of business. Those two weeks of wonderfulness did not come without a price; catch-up, after two weeks away from your life, can be a bitch.

Betts had kept the boys and girls of my tech staff moving in the right direction, as she always does in my absence, but there were still ‘things’ that only I could handle, and I had a pile on them on my desk on the morning of my return.

“See you tomorrow, Lynn” Betts said from my doorway, “and don’t stay here all night, you need your rest.”

“Yes, Mom” I replied, inwardly glad that Betts was part of my company, part of my life.

I hung it up around eight that evening, not bothering to stop off at O’Malley’s; I was tired and just wanted to get home and into my bed, alone. I had returned phone messages from business, as well as my home number, all day it seemed.

Brie wanted to say welcome back but would be leaving for a three week business trip to Europe.

Dee was off to a yearly meeting with her company and would be gone a week or so.

Jean and Ann were off to Bermuda for a two week jaunt of their own.

Nat called to say thanks, again, for letting her ‘tag along’ with me, on my yearly trek to the Islands. She loved every minute of it she said, and would call me when she returned from a Dean’s conference in D.C., later in the week.

That was peachy keen as far as I was concerned; my nether regions had not been deprived during our vacation, that’s for sure, I thought as I crawled under my covers, falling asleep in a New York minute.


Throughout the week, it was all about work for me. In my private moments, however, I questioned a few things that had occurred while in the Islands.

Was it the thrill of the moment that first time with Anita, that led me to a session, tinged with S&M?

Was it the freedom of being on vacation that turned loose the predator of pussy that seemed to reside within myself?

Would I try anything further regarding anal sex?

I didn’t think so; while that night with Anita was all about ‘new things’, after the fact, I still didn’t much care for anal sex, I finally decided.

The fucking with the strap-on, however, posed some further questions for me.

Never with a real cock, had I ever gotten off; but, with the dildo strap-on, I did, a lot, and it caused me to wonder about whether or not I wanted to try cock again.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t at all unhappy in the girl-world I willingly joined several months ago. Oh no, I wasn’t unhappy with that, at all.

Dee always said that from her perspective, that her dalliances with couples allowed her to have both, though she clearly preferred girl/girl sexual romps. She had some wonderful threesomes with couples, especially with ‘first-timer’ wives, she had said.

Well, I just wasn’t sure about wanting to mess around with men again; with women, I reasoned, it just seemed a lot simpler. Of course, I had yet to be ‘involved’ with another woman beyond sex, and honestly, that was fine for now. In the future? Who knows?


Friday arrived so fast that it made me wonder where the rest of the week had gone. It had been a week casino şirketleri of serious catch-up for me but by four o’clock on Friday afternoon, my desk was clear and saying goodnight to Betts, I left early and headed straight to O’Malley’s for one of Cherie’s soothing tonics and it didn’t matter what.

“Just get back?” Cherie asked when she saw me walk in.

“Nah, got back this past Sunday night and have been up to my eyeballs in returning messages ever since,” plopping my butt onto a stool.

“Nice tan,” she commented as she handed me a tall Scotch and water.

“Thanks, and it was hard to leave all that sun and sand, believe me,” taking a long pull at my drink, followed by a breath and then another long pull.

So what’s up for you tonight, princess?

Don’t know; probably a stay-at-home night for me with all of the girls out of town.

S’matter? Afraid to go out on your own?


Then why don’t you?

I don’t know, maybe I don’t feel like it.

I think you’re afraid to go trolling on your own.

I’m not; at least, I don’t think I am.

But, it was a question, wasn’t it?

I drained my drink, threw some money on the bar and waved goodnight to Cherie. Finding a ‘roach’ in my ashtray, I lit and finished it in the dark of the parking garage, cranked the engine, found some sounds and settled in for the drive home.

I didn’t feel like staying in, I really didn’t. There was a need to be out and about, with people and laughter, that I was feeling, I surmised.

By the time I reached the mail drop at the complex, I had decided to take a long, hot shower, relax with a doob, and then make a decision about heading out for a while.

The shower was so therapeutic for me; the knots in my neck and shoulders seem to ‘pop’ as they relaxed under the pounding stream of hotness. I certainly felt revived I discovered afterwards.

I decided to check my email as I smoked the doob I had rolled when I got home, and throwing a wrap on, I did just that.

Some traffic from friends, both new and old friends, a couple from my younger sister, Becky and a ton of religious crap from Jan, the bitch of all sisters.

Just before I was about to shut down, an I.M. popped up from Dee.

We chatted a bit, back and forth, she being bored to tears with the meetings and all. I told her I was ambivalent about going out alone tonight and she scolded me for even thinking that.

So, encouraged by her haranguing, and by the stone that had overtaken me, I decided to head over to Milly’s for a drink and, well, to see what was happening.

It was after nine in the evening, so the straight crowd would be gone, for the most part, I had decided and that’s where I would go.


I chose an outfit that flattered my figure, stuffed an extra joint in my purse, and headed to the bar to see what kind of trouble I could get myself into tonight. Talking with Dee over the ‘net had started me thinking about girl-games and I was feeling a bit frisky after the doob at the house; good weed gets me horny and that’s just one of the things I like about ganja.

Choosing a seat at the long mahogany bar that gave me a view of the tables and booths, I ordered a Scotch rocks as I hung my coat on the back of my stool.

“You’re Nat’s friend, aren’t you?” the bartender asked when she delivered my drink.

Looking at her nametag, I told Nan that I was, indeed, a friend of Nat’s. She smiled at me, and welcomed me to the pub. I toasted her with my glass, and taking a sip, began looking around the place.

Some same-sex couples at tables and booths, both male and female, a few singles of both sexes mingling about but by and large, a quiet crowd that evening.

Turning back to face the mirror behind the bar, I slowly sipped my drink and just thought about ‘things’, ya know? Nothing earth-shaking; just running different thoughts around my head about business, about family, about pussy.

I was draining my first drink and signaled for another when my eyes caught an attractive red-head in the mirror in front of me. Watching her look around as if searching for somebody, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. When I saw her spy some empty stools near mine, I actually felt a bit of skip in my heartbeat as she walked towards my spot at the bar.

Taking off and draping her coat on the back of a stool next to my seat, my eyes ogled her full breasts pushing against the fabric of her sweater. As she sat down, our eyes met in the bar-back mirror and she smiled at me, undoubtedly aware of my leering stare.

Nan brought me my drink and looking at the redhead, she asked me what my friend was having. That caught both of us by surprise and caused us to laugh at the same time, the red-head and myself.

“Whatever she wants,” I said to Nan, “and put it on my tab.”

“Oh no, you don’t have to do that,” she protested, and I just shrugged in response as Nancy took her order for a Sloe-Gin Fizz.

“I’m not with anyone and, honestly, casino firmaları I’m glad to have someone for company,” introducing myself, afterwards, reminding me of my meeting with Brie, that first time.

“Well, thank you just the same and you will let me repay the drink before I leave,” she said.

“I will,” smiling at her.

Janice was new to our city, having moved from Texas just before the first snow. She was a mid-level manager with a company that just happened to be a client of my own company and we bounced some names around of people that we might know. It turned out that we did, indeed, know a few of the same people. She was supposed to be meeting a co-worker here but she didn’t see her anywhere around the place.

“Stood up, I guess,” she jokingly said but with just a hint of sadness in her voice.

We made small talk, the conversation coming easily to the both of us and it wasn’t very long before I had forgotten about being alone on this Friday night and she, seemingly, was no longer bummed out about being ‘stood up’ as she had put it.

She admitted that her co-worker had suggested that she and her friends ‘might’ be here tonight, but nothing definite was set in stone.

“I suppose I was just hoping, more than anything else,” she commented before asking me if what she had heard about Milly’s was true.

“I guess it depends on what you’ve heard,” I responded.

Taking a breath, she continued, “Well, what I’ve heard from my co-worker was that this was a safe, friendly place for alternative lifestyle participants to mingle.”

“It is, though this is my first time here alone. My other visits have been with a friend, or friends, but I’ve not noticed any homo-phobic behavior from the patrons.”

“Definitely not Texas,” she joked, “so may I assume that you are a lesbian?”

Well, that was the question now, wasn’t it?

Not even thinking very long about my answer, I said, “Yes, you may assume that,” smiling at her.

She clinked her glass against mine and signaled Nan for another round.

“Me too, at least, I think I am,” laughing nervously at the ambiguity of her words.

Seeing the confusion on my face, she expounded; “I’ve only just begun to explore relationships with other women and I think that I’ve found some comfort with it.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much my story as well,” the two of us facing each other on our stools, now.

“No date, tonight?”

“Nope, all of my gal-pals are on trips, for various reasons, so it’s just me tonight.”

“Well, then, I’m glad I chose to come here,” she said, smiling at me with both her mouth and her eyes.

Sensing something, but not quite sure what, I agreed with her, our eyes locked with each other.

“Have a steady or significant other?” she asked.

“Nope, just ‘friends with incredible benefits,” I jokingly responded and with which, she laughed along with me.

“Always good to have friends,” she added, “and I’m looking forward to making some new ones after that fiasco in Dallas.”

That fiasco was meeting with, and falling for, a gorgeous woman who said she was single but turned out to be married; married and cheating on her husband with women.

“I didn’t find out for quite a while and, one night, her husband stormed into this nice little bar we used to meet at and made a hell of a scene which resulted with him being arrested and screaming for a divorce as the cops led him out in cuffs. I asked her why she hadn’t told me that she was married and she just shrugged it off, like it was no big deal,” she sighed, “but it was a big deal, to me anyway.”

I sympathized with her bad luck with her friend and agreed that I, too, had a thing about ‘cheaters’ that I can’t seem to ignore. She just smiled in agreement, crossing her legs, which left her foot against the calf of my own leg.

We continued to make small talk, getting to know each other, and all the while, her foot would brush my leg periodically, clearly sending a signal straight to my crotch.

What the hell, I thought, nothing ventured, nothing gained and with that thought in mind, I leaned closer to her, placing my hands on the knee of her crossed leg.

“I was thinking about leaving,” I said as her hands fell on top of mine, as her eyes locked with mine, “and I was wondering if you’d like to come home with me and you know, hang out for a while.”

She seemed to think it over for a second, but certainly not much longer, before she asked, “You’re not married, are you?” nervously laughing as she said it.

“Oh, Hell no,” I said, “No fucking way, please forgive my French.”

“That’s okay, I like French,” she said softly.

“Yeah, I do too,” my hands moving on her knee, stroking her through her pantyhose , my fingers just barely under her skirt, on her lower thigh.

“Should I follow you?” she asked, her eyes not leaving mine.

“If you’d feel more comfortable with that, sure, but I would also be glad to bring you back to your car later, your choice, güvenilir casino your decision.”

Running her hand over mine, stroking softly, she replied, “I think I’m safe with you, Lynn, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, Janice, you are.”

“Just to be clear,” she continued, “you are trying to get into my pants, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, Janice, I am.”

“Okay then, why don’t we go to your place.”

Well, that was easy wasn’t it?

Yeah, I guess it was.

You’ve just picked up a stranger at a lesbian bar, you little slut.

Yeah, I guess I have.

Think that’s a smart thing to do?

I think that it’s something I want to do.

Well, okay then, have a go at her.

Thanks, I will.

Don’t mention it.


I let her into the passenger side and walked around to my side, getting in; before I could buckle my seatbelt, she leaned over and kissed me, her hand gently pulling my head towards her lips.

Hell no, I didn’t fight it; I welcomed it, and opened my mouth to her tongue pressing against my lips.

She was a very good kisser, I quickly decided as her tongue set a fire blazing between my legs. I moved my hand inside of her unbuttoned winter coat, feeling her breast through her sweater, her breathing becoming labored as we kissed and I felt her up.

She broke off our kiss but held my hand over her breast with her own. “I don’t do this Lynn, I don’t usually let myself be picked up like this but, but…” her voice trailing off.

“But, you’re lonely, and you’re horny, and you don’t want to spend another night alone,” I finished for her.

“Yes, that’s it exactly,” her hand on my leg, under my skirt, just above my knee, rubbing and stroking slowly.

“Would you like to share a doobie with me on the drive, to help you to relax?”

Beaming from ear to ear, she nodded her head vigorously, her hand further up my leg now, around mid-thigh. Removing my hand from her breast, reluctantly I might add, I fished out the doobie as I started the car and lit it, passing it to her as I backed out of my slot.

I pulled my skirt up, bunching it around my waist; and taking her hand in mine, I spread my legs just enough for her hand to fit over my sex and placed it there, cupping her hand to my crotch as I drove us out of the parking lot.

She moved next to me, holding the joint for me with her free hand so that I could toke along with her as she caressed my sex with her hand and fingers over my thong.

Signaling her with a head-shake that I didn’t want any more of the doob, she put it out and laid it in the ashtray. She put her free arm around me and continued to sit right next to me, playing with me as I drove us to my condo, slower than usual I might add.

“Wow, that’s some really good shit,” she said in a stoned, slow manner.

“Yeah, it really is, isn’t it?” agreeing with her.

I drove with my left hand, and moved my right hand under her skirt, between her legs, between her thighs, rubbing the edge of my hand against her pussy which felt warm to my skin. Pulling into my garage, as the door went down behind us, we kissed again, our hands now stroking each other’s pussies with wanton abandon.

Breaking the kiss, she leaned in to the side of my face, nibbled on my ear and whispered, “Lynn, this feels so good; I don’t know about you but it’s been a long time for me,” her breathing heavy with desire. Her hand moved to my breasts as we kissed again, both of us now very hot, very horny.

“I want you,” she breathed against my face, “I want you so very badly.”

“Then let’s go inside and take care of our problem, okay?”

“Oh yeah, let’s do go inside,” she said, tweaking my hard nipple of one breast through my blouse.


Our coats flew off as soon as I closed and locked the door to the garage and before I could ask her if she’d like something to drink, she pinned me against the door, her mouth over mine, her hands clawing at my breasts.

I lifted her skirt with my hands and cupping her ass, I pulled her against me, grinding against each other as our tongues danced the dance of lust.

Janice is five-eight to my five-seven; one-thirty to my one-twenty, and surely a D-cup to my pair of C’s. Her ass was firm in my hands which had now crept beneath her pantyhose and panties, her pussy hot as she pressed it to my body.

She had one of her hands under my blouse and camio, squeezing and caressing my breast, her other hand was wrapped in my hair, holding our mouths together in the most lustful kiss I’ve ever had.

“Take me to your bed, sweetie, please, please,” she breathed in my face, her breathing very labored.

Taking her by the hand, I led her up the stairs while loosening my clothes with the other, she trying to do the same.

Our hands and fingers flew to the other’s clothes, damned near ripping them off of us when we entered my bedroom.

Pulling me with her as I kicked off my thong, she pulled me on top of her as she flopped onto my bed, on her back.

I quickly moved my kisses down to her breasts as I slipped two fingers into her very wet lovebox; one at a time, I sucked her nipples teasingly, biting, licking them as I slowly fingered her while my thumb massaged her clitoris.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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