Hero’s Welcome

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I’d spent ten years in the army, and now was finally coming home to the country to meet up with my family for a get together welcoming me home. I was thirty five and single and spent most of my time in college and then in the military, never really finding the time to build a social or romantic life.

I didn’t regret signing up for the army. I was great at what I did, and I got to travel the world. That afternoon my mom and dad picked me up at the airport, and we went back home to re-think how I was going to continue my life now that I was out of the service for long while. They’d offered to put me up in their guest house, and it was a great way to bond with them, even if I didn’t love the idea of living with my parents at age thirty five.

That evening they’d prepared the hero’s welcome with a large dinner and very small gathering which included my twenty two year old sister from college. Upon her arrival, I never expected she’d be so beautiful. And most of all I never expected she’d bring a friend of hers. While in college she’d made friends with many new people, one of which was Tina. My family was very liberal and often very welcoming of new people, so it never really made them all too surprised that Tina was actually a gay young Cuban man who’d been very comfortable in his skin.

Though he was very feminine and went by the name Tina, he was a slim and somewhat slender young man with shoulder length dark hair and a slight touch of make up on. Clearly Tina wasn’t expecting the gathering and it’d looked like my sister made a good friend as they were obviously very close upon their entrance in to the house.

When he first caught sight of me with my short hair, large arms and soft stubble, he wasn’t shy about introducing himself to me. He shook my hand with a flirtatious smile and engaged in conversation with me for a moment showing his bahis firmaları light accent off. My sister and parents knew he found me very good looking and they mostly found it comical, if only because they figured I wasn’t the kind of guy often attracted to Tina.

They never knew what I did during the ten years in the service. Often times I would be stationed in parts of Europe where I would begin seeking out forms of recreation, one of which often included sex. The third year serving, me and a friend ended up at a brothel in Paris for the night, and sought out women to sleep with and have fun with while we waited out the boredom.

As the night wore on, I eventually met a very handsome young man who happened to be a male escort at the brothel, and before I knew it we were in a room having passionate sex. It wasn’t scary so much as exciting for me. Especially since he opened me up to more options. From there on in, half of my visits to bordellos and brothels in Europe would end up with me and another man having intense sex for the night. Once I was even accompanied by two male escorts that spent the night competing for me as a customer. It ended with me sandwiched in between the pair in a night I never forgot. I still remember lying along my back as one of the escorts rode my hard and fast while I sucked on the other escorts thick cock skillfully as he knelt down over me moaning and rubbing my bare chest anxiously.

Over the course of the evening, Tina made a lot of passes at me, flashing his plump behind in his tight jeans, and tried to show off his pecks through his leopard skin shirt. My sister would often rib me jokingly about how Tina had me in her sights and we’d laugh it off. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little turned on. Tina had me pegged for a guy he could tease, and I was more than willing to play along.

The tension eased kaçak iddaa over the night through drinks and food and Tina sat next to me at the dinner table, asking me questions and would often clutch my knee whenever he wanted to start a conversation with me. I allowed it, because surely enough Tina was pretty sexy, and I didn’t hate the attention after a year without any partners to relax with. Eventually the night led to nothing, and I said my goodbyes making my way off to the guest house to wind down and unpack.

A few hours in to the night, I heard a knock at my door and there was Tina, standing at the door with a smile preparing to find a reason to talk to me once more. “I wanted to say it was nice meeting you,” he smiled, “If you ever need anyone to show you around, I’m always available.” I found it amusing he’d be so bold, especially after being friends with my sister, but surely enough I gave her a warm hug. Much to my surprise he pecked me on the lips goodbye, and I repaid his guts with a longer kiss on the lips that we shared. Within seconds I had my arms wrapped around his waist with both hands on his butt as we made out for what seemed like an hour. We rubbed tongues moaning softly as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, submitting to the kissing.

I discreetly closed the door behind us and led her to my room where we stripped off one another’s clothing and made out passionately. His body was slim and toned with no hair, which I really enjoyed as I squeezed his bare bottom under his white panties. We’d make out passionately for minutes on end, and he’d kiss my neck and chest, almost shocked I reciprocated his advances. I sat down along the edge of my bed stripping off my shorts as he slid his panties off and dropped to his knees consuming my long erect cock.

I leaned back spreading as he swallowed my cock, sucking it long and kaçak bahis fast, and groaning as I enjoyed what he was clearly planning all night. He was very skilled at sucking cock, and it was an amazing treat. He stood up to somewhat show off his curvy body and I sucked him off for a while as he moaned softly and guided me head up and down along his shaft. I stood up lying him along his side on the bed as he gazed up at me in utter arousal and I slid in to his plump butt. He gasped moaning aloud in response, pressing his hand against my muscular chest and moaned with a wide mouth as he pumped again and began pounding him from behind.

I picked up the rhythm pounding his round ass rapidly and turned lying along my back as he slid over and mounted me. He pressed his ass down on my erect cock and moaned aloud in pleasure as I guided his hips, clutching his ass tightly. The slow pumps turned to heavy riding as eventually the passion became heated between us. He rode me fast and hard and would lean over to kiss me. He really seemed anxious to keep the momentum going, and we spent the night, rolling along the bed kissing. He’d always submit, lying back as pounded him hard like a jackhammer and enjoying as he whiled away the hours fucking like dogs.

The noisy night ended with both of us lying side by side fast asleep and spent. I had so much more endurance than he realized, and we didn’t mind making a ruckus. Much to my surprise my family in the next house didn’t hear us engaged in our passion, which was good for me. Tina knew I had a lot of tension to relieve, and we spent much of the morning in the shower. Hours in to the afternoon he snuck out of the guest house undetected by my family, and would often visit during the week where we’d indulge in passionate love making and horseplay.

I never told them what happened between us the night I came home, and what would happen between me and Tina for at least a year before he eventually left to travel after college. My family had their welcome for me, and surely enough Tina gave me his own welcome, one neither of us would forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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