Grace Ch. 05

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The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of group sex and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Chapter 5-The Urge

It had been snowing for many hours. A thick white blanket covered the university grounds. The Christmas holidays were almost here. During the final days of this semester Grace did some last work in the science lab and finished her paperwork. The University was about to close down for the Christmas break. It was late Friday afternoon. She went to her dorm room and packed her weekend bag. The snow was piling up against the window. She would be at her parent’s place for the holidays and was looking forward to spending some time with mum. She made her way to the station and boarded the train. The winter landscape flashed past her window. Grace was in thoughts.

It was six months since her French adventure (part 4) took place. In the beginning the vivid memories of it were with her 24 hours a day. She furiously masturbated at night and couldn’t sit down without squeezing her legs by day. Once a month Alex would call. She was important to her. She could talk to her about it all. After a while she slowly managed to get back into her old Uni life but she still had her difficult moments.

Her station came up. She grabbed her bag and got off the train. At home a warm welcome waited. The house was decked out in Christmas decorations. The smell of burning wood from the fireplace and hot Christmas food hung in the air. They spent the evening eating and talking in front of the roaring fire.

The next day Grace and her parents went to the city to do some Christmas shopping. Grace was dressed in tight jeans, a sweater and jacket. They stopped at an inner city cafe and found a table. Grace ordered lunch-for-three at the counter. The waitress, a girl with short black hair called Claudine, took her order. They had a short, animated conversation. She fancied Grace and showed it.

While enjoying lunch, a leaflet about the opening night of a new casino hotel caught Grace’s eye. She took a copy, put it in her pocket and returned to the table. Finishing lunch, her dad got the bill. On her way out, Claudine quickly handed Grace a little card.

That night she felt the urge again. Not since her French adventure had she felt like this. Her parents were sound asleep. In the room across the hallway their daughter was frantically masturbating, fantasizing about fucking Claudine in front of an audience. Carnal images of wild mating overwhelmed her. She had kept them at bay since her French adventure but now they were back with a vengeance. bahis firmaları

The next day Grace called Claudine. They decided to go together by train to the casino opening. Grace packed a cocktail dress in her overnight bag. She told her parents she would be visiting a girlfriend and would be back the next day. Grace and Claudine met at the station in the afternoon. They arrived early in the evening, changed clothes in the station’s toilets and stored their bags in an overnight locker. They deliberately did not book hotel accommodation.

Two girls in short cocktail dresses walked through the casino’s foyer and onto the gaming floor. It was very busy. All the machines and tables were occupied. The crowd was dressed immaculately. Grace and Claudine mingled, sipping complementary champagne. They slowly walked from Blackjack to Poker table, watching the action, enjoying the atmosphere.

Nobody realized the two girls had a secret. They were looking for a wild fuck night and were ready to have sex with anyone who had a room in the casino hotel tower.

Bars and lounges were part of the casino’s setup. The girls split up but kept in touch with each other through eye contact across the room. Claudine scanned the lounge and spotted an attractive couple. She sat herself next to them and got into a conversation with the woman. Claudine’s hand softly touched the woman’s arm. After a while she got the message. Claudine whispered to her and placed her hand on her knee. She slightly opened her legs and the woman’s hand moved up her thigh under her short dress. She felt fingers in between her legs.

Grace watched it all from the other side of the lounge. She came over, introduced herself as Claudine’s friend and sat next to the husband. Claudine whispered in the woman’s ear. She looked shocked at first but then this aroused feeling came over her. The four slowly got up and walked towards the elevator. When the doors closed Claudine kissed the woman square on the mouth, pushing her tongue inside. Grace loved this situation. Finally she could be the promiscuous girl again that she so wanted to be. Grace quickly took off her panties and lifted her dress, opening her legs, exposing herself to the man. He stretched out his hand and grabbed her in her crotch. She leaned back with her shoulders against the elevator wall and fucked his hand with her pelvis.

The elevator stopped. They entered the couple’s room. Claudine groped the woman, deep-kissing her. Grace turned to the man and slowly unzipped her dress. She went on the bed on here back, spread her legs and started to finger herself. The man was rock kaçak iddaa hard, stripped off and jumped her, his cock ramming into her pussy. He furiously fucked between Grace’s wide spread legs. Claudine and the woman were naked. While being fucked, Grace stared at the woman, licking her lips. She bended over to Grace and kissed her, pushing her tongue deep inside. Grace’s open mouth met hers, her tongue fighting back. The man rolled off Grace and Claudine immediately mounted his cock. The woman got on top of Grace and started rubbing their clits together while deep-kissing Claudine.

The next hour the four of them fingered and licked each other in all holes. The sound of moans filled the room with the smell of sweat and sperm. Halfway through Grace crawled from the bed and watched the other three bodies delving into each other. She slightly squatted next to the bed, watching and vigorously fingering her wet slit. She was horny as hell and couldn’t get enough of this.

Just imagine her parents seeing her like this, naked, masturbating, watching group sex, behaving like a whore.

It was around ten. Four people, arms and legs intertwined, were resting on the bed. Grace and Claudine suggested they’d shower, clean up the room and go downstairs to find more people to fuck with.

Fifteen minutes later four very horny, well-dressed people left the elevator and entered the bars and lounges.

In one of the lounges they hooked up with another couple that had a large room on the same floor. Claudine chatted up another girl while Grace found herself three guys and a girl who were willing to come upstairs later on and watch the action. She gave them two room numbers and told them the doors would be unlocked.

Around eleven two couples and three girls came out of the elevator on the third floor of the hotel. They went to one of the hotel rooms. Grace and Claudine took it upon themselves to get the party going. They put on some music, turned on the TV on the hotel’s house channel that was showing porno films, and slowly started to strip. The couples and the new girl watched how Grace spread her legs wide and started masturbating. She licked her tongue over her lips, inviting all to come and get it.

Later on, when the girl and three guys entered the room they saw a mass of bodies, arms and legs on the bed. Moans, mixed with the sounds of the porno film on TV, filled the room. The place was a mess with fucking going on in every corner. It smelled like sweat and sperm. Grace, who was offering her slit to Claudine, noticed the spectators and extracted herself from the orgy.

Naked she walked kaçak bahis past the people who were watching, through the door out into the corridor. The three guys and the girl followed her. She went into the other bedroom down the hallway and positioned herself on the bed, arching her back, spreading her legs wide. The four were staring at her pussy, right into her throbbing hole. “Get naked guys, come and get it, let’s fuck” she said.

The four slowly stripped. The girl mounted her face, pushing her slit onto Grace’s mouth. Simultaneously Grace felt fingers and tongues working themselves into her holes. She felt one of the guys’ big cocks sliding into her wet hole. A short time later hot sperm sprayed her insides. Grace was totally worked up and close to coming. A loud moan, she buckled. Then the release. Her juices ran rampant. She was dripping out of her holes. The other girl came simultaneously, spraying her hot liquid all over Grace.

She turned around on all fours. Another cock was penetrating her into her anus pressing down her tight canal. Someone force fed a cock into her mouth. She vigorously worked it over and felt the hot cum running through its shaft, filling her mouth. A few minutes later the cock in her ass exploded splashing sperm into her abdomen. She stood up on the bed and leaned against the wall. Underneath her, three guys fucked the other girl. Grace spread her legs, squatted deeply and wildly fingered herself, liquid running out of her holes. The moisture dripped on the moving bodies underneath her. She came again. Trembling on her feet with wobbly legs, she stiffened up.

In the other room Claudine crawled from under the sweaty bodies and left the room. Naked she walked down the corridor. She was a mess, covered in sperm and sweat. She slowly opened the door to the other room, just in time to see Grace, squatting naked over the raging orgy underneath her, spray her liquid from her burning hole all over the other bodies.

She stepped off the bed right next to Claudine. Both girls kissed, opened their legs and started fingering each other while watching the action. They looked at each other mischievously and horny, slowly mounting the bed from opposite sides. Both girls were quickly in the middle of the action again, being fingered, eaten and penetrated. Later in the night, fuckers from the other room came over to watch and join in, enjoying Grace and Claudine’s hot bodies.

Around four in the morning the girls left the action, showered, found their clothes and said goodbye. They staggered towards the station, almost too sore to walk. After a change of clothes in the station’s toilets they were again in jeans, sweaters and jackets. They caught the first morning train.

Upon arrival Grace kissed Claudine goodbye and arrived home around ten. She crashed onto her bed totally exhausted.

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