Geoff’s Fantasy Fulfilled

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Geoff had never had a threesome experience but it was probably his biggest fantasy and he often masturbated imagining what it would be like to be with two women at the same time. Although happily married for over ten years Geoff’s wife Elaine was not very adventurous sexually and when he tentatively brought up the possibility of including a woman friend in their lovemaking she literally when ‘ballistic’ and wouldn’t speak to him for days!

Anyway, this is Geoff’s story about how he finally got to have sex with two women together and maybe it shows if you wait long enough anything can happen…

Geoff worked in Central London, putting up with the daily commuter grind from his home in Hampshire. Friday night after work was a regular and welcome opportunity for him to get together with a few workmates for a drink or two before catching the late train back home. Elaine was going out with her friends that night so Geoff was in no rush to get back. This Friday was a little different from normal, mainly because Geoff and his male colleagues were being joined at the pub near their office by two female workmates Zoe and Susan. Now its fair to say that Geoff had the ‘hots’ for Zoe; she was a 25 year old brunette with clear but usually tanned skin and a slim size 10 with curves in all the right places. She also had the habit of wearing skin tight pants to work which emphasised her sexy butt and of course when she wore a thong under them the outline was clearly visible. Susan was a little younger about 22, blond not as attractive as Zoe but had a good figure with smallish breasts, she also had a fun personality and often came up some suggestive comments at work.

The evening started quite slowly with the guys cracking a few jokes and the girls sharing some chat and much laughter. Geoff noticed that his best mate Dave was putting the booze too quickly – ‘hey slow down mate you and going to be legless otherwise’ . Dave laughed off the comment and carried on drinking, he was getting a bit boisterous with the girls , one arm around Zoe’s shoulder casino şirketleri the other around Sue’s waist. They were ok with this, playing along, as they knew he was drunk. Zoe winked at Geoff and motioned for him to join them. She suggested they find a table and the four of them sit down. The pub was crowded, it was Friday night after all but Geoff found a table and some chairs and they sat down together. Talk flowed freely (the drink helped of course) and soon the subject moved from office gossip to sex. Susan instigated it by asking the men (Dave was married too) what the sex was like in marriage. Naturally neither would admit that they wanted more variety and by now Geoff was thinking of the threesome situation again. Both men confessed to having urges for other women. Zoe latched onto this straight away ‘so have you ever fancied anyone from the office guys?’ she asked. Dave said ‘of course hun ‘ (he was slurring badly by now) , Geoff said ‘yes, but the question is have you girls?’.

At this point the two girls looked at each other and blushed almost simultaneously, ‘well that would be telling’ said Susan and they both giggled. Dave suddenly announced that he was going to visit the toilet (a round of applause from the girls) and staggered off in the direction of the gents. ‘I think he’s going to throw up’said Zoe, ‘heh heh he won’t be fit for any shagging tonight’ said Susan.

Geoff, now alone with the two girls had realised that they were both flirting with him quite a bit, Susan was wearing a tight skirt that had ridden up well above her knees and she had parted her legs. From where he was sat Geoff could almost see her crotch, just about getting a faint glimpse of some light blue panties! Zoe had on her trademark tight pants and Geoff was pretty certain she had a thong (or even nothing else) underneath.

The girls were obviously getting a bit randy, they wanted to talk about sexual positions and fantasies. Zoe said she had always wanted to be fucked by 2 guys at the same time, Susan also said she’d like that casino firmaları but also had been with a guy and two girls . When they asked Geoff what he desired he came straight out and admitted that it was sex with two girls! The girls looked at each other and grinned. Zoe said ‘hadn’t you better check on Dave, he’s been gone a while now’. Geoff took this as a brush off and swallowing his disappointment wandered off to check on Dave.

Dave was certainly the worse for wear and Geoff found him washing his face in cold water, he had clearly been ill. ‘Bad beer mate’ was the drunken greeting, no ‘too much old son’ was Geoff’s reply. Dave agreed it was time he left for home and Geoff walked him outside and put him in a cab, he lived in London and it was not far to get home from the pub.

Geoff returned to the bar and told the girls Dave had left (by now all the others had too). So we’ve been thinking ‘what would you like to do no Geoff?’ said Susan. He was a little taken aback but her smile told him that they were offering something – ‘well can we go back to your place Sue’ he said, he knew she lived a few blocks away. ‘Yes lets said Zoe’ and she took him by the arm, Susan took the other and they walked quickly out of the pub. Geoff could feel the sexual tension in each girl on either of his arms, they told him that they had been talking about what they wanted to do while he was seeing to Dave. Zoe said she wanted to be fucked doggy style and wanted her pussy licked, Susan wanted to be fingered and licked then fucked. God Geoff’s cock was uncomfortably hard in his pants now and both girls remarked on it. ‘Mmmmm easy tiger’ said Susan ‘ no cumming in your pants hun’.

Soon they were in Sue’s apartment. Zoe undressed first showing off her lovely firm tits and stepping out of her pants she was indeed wearing no underwear, God ‘I want to see your cock Geoff’ she said. Susan pulled her skirt up over her head and revealed a matching light blue lingerie set, she looked sexier without clother Geoff thought. He undressed in front of güvenilir casino both girls, Geoff was quite fit with a lean well toned body , his cock stood up proudly, the cut blood engorged head twitching expectantly. ‘My that’s nice’ said Zoe and she visibly trembled as she felt his hands touch her erect nipples. Susan bent down and felt his balls, a tight sack rolled in her hand, she then started licking up his shaft and then closed her mouth on the head sucking greedily. Geoff was so excited and he knew he was close to cumming already, but he wanted to fuck one of them first. He gently moved Sue’s head away and laid her out on the bed, started to lick her inner thighs while probing her now dripping shaved pussy with his fingers, Zoe sat astride her and Sue’s tongue darted into her pussy like a snake dipping in and out. Both girls were so wet and Geoff wanted them all to cum together.

Susan had obviously licked pussy before and she was doing a great job on Zoe so Geoff asked her to turn around but keep licking , she murmured ‘oh god yes fuck me doggy style please’. Geoff enteed her glistening wet hole feeling her lovley hot buttocks squirming between his thighs. A lot of thrusting later and he felt the pressure building , the orgasm seemed to start at his toes right up through his legs and an incredible release was coming. ‘Spunk on my bum baby please shouted Sue’. Slightly startled Geoff did what he was told and unloaded several spurts of hot semen onto Sue’s butt cheeks. He massaged the hot cum into her lovely skin. Zoe was cumming at the same time over Sue’s tongue and lips. Sue wanted Geoff to get her off with his fingers, mmmm lovely baby she gasped as he finished her off, rolling her clit until she squirted cum all over his hand.

They interchanged positions for another hour or so afterwards. Zoe was granted her second wish to be fucked to orgasm doggy style and Geoff obliged, unloading this time in her slick hole. She also licked her first pussy and Sue came all over her. Finally, Geoff was sucked off by both girls, Sue gave the best blow job but she liked him to cum on her face not in the mouth.

Well Geoff returned home on the last train out of Waterloo Station a happy man.

Oh by the way, Friday has become a lot more interesting for him these days.

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