Fulfilling my Fantasy

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I know that most stories told here are fictional, including a number of my own, and they are a reflection of our wildest fantasies. This one however is mostly based on a personal experience and a lot of it actually happened with one of the best friends with benefits anyone could ask for. Her name was Heidi. We had several amazing experiences together which were beyond this world, and as a tribute to our time together, I am sharing two of them with you here.

Chapter One: Meeting

This was back in June of 2009, in San Jose, California. Smart phones had just come out and there were only a handful of dating apps. One of them was called whoshere. A simple app to just chat with someone anonymously. There were not a lot of people on it, but just enough to make it interesting to login and check out the people from time to time.

I was driving home one night from San Francisco and I opened Skout on my phone. I messaged a few girls and one of them replied. It was Heidi. After some innocent greetings and getting to know each other, the conversation soon took a turn toward the naughty. We talked about our likes and dislikes, and our fantasies.

“What is your fantasy?” she asked me.

“Well, I have a few, but my biggest one is sex with a toal stranger” I replied.

“Yeah? How exactly would you do it? Maybe meet someone at a bar and take her home?”

“Not quite. I want something with a total stranger. Someone I never met or talked to before. Someone I just met and immediately got naked, if not already naked.”

“Interesting. Tell me more”

“Hmmmm, okay. Well, let’s say you and I decide to do it, and let’s say you agree to host. On the day that we decide to do it, you leave the door unlocked, stay in your room and on your bed fully naked. You keep the home mostly dark, but you light a few candles to show me the path from entrance to your room, and you have some music on in your room to guide me. I arrive at some point, come in and close the door behind myself. Get naked, and follow the candles and find your room. you are naked on bed waiting for me with your eyes closed.. I lay down next to you and the very first touch we have is a kiss. After we kiss for a while, then I tell you to open your eyes and you open your eyes and see me for the very first time in person.”

“Sounds very exciting,” she replied in chat.

“Yeah? You think you would be up to making it happen?”

“Sure, I think I am. What about you?

“Of course, it is my fantasy, even though now that you agreed to do it, I am a bit nervous”

“Haha, I am too, but I am open to do it if you are.”

That was pretty much our first chat. It was very exciting to meet someone on the internet who was adventurous enough to even consider my crazy fantasy. but I did not expect that it would actually happen. Some time passed and we talked about random things, including the fantasy, until we both decided digitalbahis yeni giriş to make it happen. On the day that we agreed to meet, her roommate was not home, and she was all alone. I told her to stay in bed and wait for me sometime between 7pm and 7:30pm, she obliged.

I left home around 6:45. It was a 20-minute drive to get to her house. I did not want to be on time, and I did not want to be too late either. So, I got there around 7:07 and the sun was just setting. When I left home, I was still somewhat calm, but by the time I got to her house and parked, my heart started beating faster and faster. I realized what a crazy and even risky plan it was. What if she was in reality a guy? What if there were a few people waiting for me to kill me? I started to feel very nervous, and at the same time very excited. I decided to keep going and got out of the car after a few minutes and locked it.

I quietly walked to the door and found it unlocked. I slowly opened the door and closed it behind myself.I found myself in the living room which was mostly dark. There was a staircase in front of me to the second floor and there were a few candles on the step guiding me to go upstairs. I started to get naked while trying not to make too much noise, although it was impossible to be fully quiet. I started to walk up the stairs one by one. It was such a unique feeling to be naked in a house that I had never been to, knowing what hopefully awaited me.

I got to the end of the stairs. There was a room on my right side and another on my left. I heard the music from the left room and started to walk that way. I got to the door and looked around. There were a few candles in the room, so the room was not as dark as the living room. There was a bed and on it, there was a fully naked girl on her stomach waiting for me. She was neither skinny, nor chubby, but somewhere in between, a gorgeous body, blonde hair, silky smooth skin, and bright blue pedicure.

I inched myself closer and laid down on my stomach and next to her on her left side. I started to rub her back a little. I was sure she knew of my presence much sooner, maybe by the time I entered the house. As planned, I planted my lips on hers and we started to kiss. Her lips were just perfect and her kissing style matched mine very nicely. After a minute or two I told her to open her eyes and for the first time we looked into each other’s eyes.

“Hi, nice to meet you” I said with a huge smile.

“Hey, nice to meet you too” she said back, “Are you happy to have fulfilled your fantasy?”

“Oh absolutely, it was everything I dreamt about and more, it was very exciting”

“It really was, I was so nervous that you could be a rapist or ugly, but I see you are exactly like your pictures”

“Me too, I was very nervous too, and you are much sexier than I imagined”

So, we started to make out and enjoy each other. The sex was digitalbahis giriş just amazing. She had amazing boobs, a round ass, and sexy feet. I just did not know at the time how much I would get to explore all of those later on. I spent about two hours there and then left. That was the only time I got to see her house.

Chapter 2: Molly

Our first encounter was quite a unique story on its own. We had very good sexual chemistry, and we met several more times for sex. We also added weed to the fun and got high before having sex everyt time. That opened the conversation to other things we wanted to explore and I mentioned that I was always curious about trying Ecstasy. She already had some experience with it and suggested to get some and do it together if I wanted and I agreed.

She was able to find some Ecstasy pills and came over to my house one night. I did not know what to expect and I fully relied on her expertise. She simply suggested that we take them and just go with the flow and we did. What came next was perhaps one of the best sexual experiences of my life, and I got to experience things I had never experienced before.

The pills took about an hour to kick in. We were in bed just making out and cuddling when the effects started and I noticed a warm feeling of pure joy and bliss. Heidi was feeling it too and we started to make out more and more. The kisses became wetter and sloppier and our bodies were becoming more and more sensitive to the touch. Anything and everything just felt out of this world. My dick however remained completely soft, but it was okay. My tongue and mouth were quite active and it was a pure pleasure for me to lick her amazing body from top to bottom, from head to toes.

I started with her hard nipples, then to her belly and her shaved and smooth pussy. The smell and the taste of her pussy was just intoxicating and driving me crazier and crazier. I was moaning louder than her as I was trying to stick my tongue completely inside her pussy. But that was not just it.

I always had an interest in girls’ feet. It was mostly a visual interest, although I had played with one other girls’ feet before, mostly just a kiss or so. I had even mentioned it to Heidi before that she had nice feet and I might want to play with them a little. That night she had a red pedicure. After licking her pussy, I went further down to her legs, and finally to her feet. I think she was also curious to see what my foot fetish would be like. I grabbed one of her feet and kissed it, and then started to lick her big toe gently. It only took me a few seconds to feel a huge rush of excitement and pleasure up and down in my body. My heart started pounding so hard that I had to stop and catch my breath. I expected to like worshipping her feet, but the reality was many times better than my expectations.

“Oh wow, I LOVE your feet so much, I love licking your digitalbahis güvenilirmi toes and soles. Holy cow, this is so amazing”, I just shouted and went back for more. She seemed to have found it quite exciting too and let me worship her beautiful feet as much as I wanted.

The night became a combination of making out, kissing and sucking on each others’ tongues, 69ing (even though I was not hard), and foot play. We even took a bunch of pictures of our magical experience. I could not tell whether she had more fun being admired and worshipped by me and my tongue; or me licking every inch of her body and smelling her aroma and tasting her sweat. But it did not matter, we both were experiencing the most intimate sexual encounter imaginnable. Unlike me, this was not her first time and she had taken Ectasy before, but she later admitted that our sexual chemistry on Molly was unlike anything she too had experienced. She also admitted that she had never met any man loving her feet as much as I did and it had become such a source of pleasure for her as well. She never let another guy play with her feet after me too.

It was not a continuous naughty session though. We also took some breaks and drank some orange juice, inhaled some vicks vapor, smoked a cigarette, stretched, walked around, and listened to music. I had used my tongue and my mouth so much that my jaw started to hurt a little, but I was not done, not even close.

After one of the breaks, I asked her to lay down on her stomach. I wanted to lick her body again, but I needed new places to explore. I again started with her feet and then slowly moved upward until I got to her ass. I had rimmed another girl before and it was not a new experience for me, but rimming on Molly was a whole new experience. I had to spread her ass cheeks with my hands first. Her tight ass hole was pink and ready for me. I started gently from a lower spot closer to her pussy and after a few licks, moved upper to her ass hole. I could not think of any activity on Molly to feel bad or weird and rimming was no exception. Indeed the actual pleasure I was experiencing went beyond my wildest dreams. I absolutely loved to lick her tight ass hole. I even tried to push my tongue inside her tight butt hole and fuck her ass with my tongue, back and forth, back and forth. I could sense her reaction and noticed that she was enjoying the tickling sensation down there and it only encouraged me to lick it more and harder and longer. That night I became a huge fan of foot and ass worship, something that has stayed with me to this day.

It was a long night, even though the time was moving fast. We played for 8 hours straight and then crashed out of exhaustion. That night absolutely changed my sexual style and opened my eyes to many new possibilities.

Chapter 3: Friendship

We remained friends and had several more nights of passion, including a few nights of Molly again and each time was as magical as the first. However life moved us in different directions and our friendship faded over time. She moved to another state. We still chat briefly once a year or so, but she had an immense influence in my kinky life and for that I am eternally grateful.

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