Friends Ch. 02

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After their exciting New Year party, when Jill had give John a blow job, and enjoyed a fuck with Rod’s large, unusual penis, whilst Alan had fucked both Paula and Diana, life returned to normal for Jill and Alan. The experiences would fuel their love-making by exchanging detailed memories of that evening, as they aroused each other. Some days later, relaxing in bed after enjoying sex together, having re-lived the more lurid moments of the party, Jill was a bit circumspect.

‘Are you okay, darling?’ Alan asked, stroking her breasts.

‘Yes, thanks. But I was just wondering what exciting sexual adventure we can have next. A bit of something to spice it up a bit. What do you fancy Alan? Have you ever tied dogging?’

‘Well, no. Never! Have you?’

‘No. But I’ve often wondered what it’s like?’ Jill was snuggled in Alan’s arms, feeling his hand casually caress her breasts. ‘Having anonymous cocks fucking you, one after the other.’

‘Sounds fun,’ Alan laughed. ‘Let’s take a look at some video clips on Xhamster.’ Alan slipped out of bed for his I-pad. He soon found the dogging videos. They found them horny and arousing. As they watched the action, each played with the other’s genitals. After half an hour of viewing, they got into a 69 position and had oral sex. Jill always enjoyed cock sucking, whilst Alan was licking Jill’s wet vulva, slipping his tongue deep into the delicious vagina. Orgasms were not quite together, but close. Alan ejaculated first, triggering a jerking climax from Jill.

They lay side by side, recovering from their exertions. Alan asked, ‘Would you like to try it? We can soon find a dogging spot, I’m sure.’

‘Is it safe?’

‘Of course. The regulars keep a tight control. Condoms essential. If the lady says no, there’s no forcing.’

‘How do you know all this?’

‘I checked it out on the internet. Out of curiosity!’

‘Oh yes? So you have been thinking about it! I’m not sure I have the nerve though.’

‘Well, you don’t have to have full sex. Just enjoy watching, or letting guys feel your tits. Handle their cocks. Masturbate them. That sort of thing.’

Jill took Alan’s cock in her hand. ‘Mm. That sounds fun. Sucking anonymous cocks. Shall we try it?

‘Okay. When?’

‘I’ll think about it. When the weather’s a bit warmer, though.’

The subject of dogging wasn’t brought up again for a few weeks. But in early March there was an unusual warm spell of weather. Jill had never forgotten the idea. In fact, she often fantasized about it. At an appropriate time, after satisfying sex, she mentioned it again to Alan.

‘I think I’m ready for a bit of dogging, Alan.’

‘Good! Well, the weather’s unusually warm for the time of year, and still fairly dark in the evenings, so let’s give it a try.’


‘Well, Fridays are good nights. I’ve been doing some research on the internet and found what I think is a good place for it.’


It was suggested by Alan that he take his Panasonic video recorder to capture Jill’s activities, for later play back. Jill would be too busy to see what was really happening, so they could play it back when they got home. Jill was struck by the possibility of re-living the experience on the screen.

For their first time, Jill didn’t want to offer herself for full sex. She was too nervous for that. Just feeling and groping, to see if she could handle it. Perhaps some cock-sucking. Alan would be nearby, recording the action, if she found it too much. She was very nervous all day, which was unusual for a such a street-wise lady. But a new sexual experience was something that excited her.

Jill found herself thinking of her first experience with playing with a cock herself. One of the older members offered to give her a lift in his car to rehearsals. One thing led to another, and she ended up playing with his erect penis, rubbing it up and down until it spurted in her hand. She had been nervous at first, since this was the very first cock she had felt, and her first experience of sperm, which she found very erotic. Although he was rather ugly, he had a nice cock, so she began to enjoy playing with it, tossing it off. For some reason, he had never tried to feel her, or even kiss her.

This happened twice a week and Sunday afternoons. So Jill soon got to know every wrinkle of this guy’s cock. About five inches, fairly thick, but heavily veined. The time came when, studying the cock at close quarters, she felt her head being pushed to the head. For some reason, Jill found herself opening her mouth to take it in. That was an sublime moment, changing her sex life forever! The feel of a cock in her mouth was an great thrill. She explored the shaft with her tongue and lips. Enchanting! And when he came, filling her mouth with several spurts of warm sperm, it was a most sexy sensation. Jill thought the taste of sperm exciting and amazing! Thereafter, she became a slave of the cock! New boyfriends enjoyed having their cocks sucked by this beautiful lady. She was rather surprised at eighteen, that she had waited so long to sample one.

There casino şirketleri had been many cocks since those days, and Jill discovered that no two cocks were quite the same. Ever since her first fuck in the back of a car with her first leading man, each encounter with a cock was a new thrilling discovery for Jill. There had been many. But meeting Alan had put a stop to her freedom. Well, mostly, if not quite. She recalled Alan’s first feel of her vulva in his car on the moors. She had played sucked his cock until it exploded, whilst she herself had a very intense orgasm.

She was on a high all day at work, feeling anxious with anticipation of what might happen. The good news was that it was a dry and a fairly warm day as forecast. After dinner, they went to change for the evening. Jill just dressed in lace panties, no bra, and a top coat was all she needed. She was in a state of perpetual nervous excitement at the prospect of sucking strange cocks. Alan had suggest she wore a face mask to cover the upper part of her face. It would have two purpose, he told her. First, so that she could not be recognized in the unlikely event that there was someone there who might know them, but secondly, to help her to believe herself to be someone else doing these things. Masks often helped to hide a person from themselves. They still had several masks from Christmas in the cupboard. She chose a cat’s face.

It was past eight-thirty when they eventually drove out of their driveway. They used Alan’s Kia Sedona with Jill sitting in the rear seats, with ample room for her to stretch. The site he’d chosen from the internet was the secluded car park at the back of a metro supermarket on the edge of town, about two miles from home. It was closed after eight in the evening, and was fairly accessible from the road. The space was surrounded by trees. It was carefully guarded. When they approached the place, Alan slowed down, indicating turning into the area. There was a car at the narrow approach, with two men who gestured for him to stop. After a quick look inside, they motioned for him to drive on. The large car park was fairly well lit.

As they drove to the far end of the park, Jill saw several cars already parked up, most with interior lights on. It was the first warm evening for weeks, which attracted the doggers. Already, there was action going on in two of them. One of the cars had it’s passenger door open, with a lady bending over, leaning against it. Her dress was pulled up to her waist, with a guy fucking her from behind. Three others were standing round watching, cocks in hand, waiting for their turn for a fuck. Other cars seemed to have people waiting to see what developed. Perhaps just voyeurs. There were quite a lot of men taking advantage of the warm evening, in search of free sex. Alan parked beside a Land Rover discovery, which had driven in ahead of them, with a couple in it.

Alan turned to Jill. ‘Okay?’ he asked. Feeling very tense, she nodded, unbuttoning her coat, to expose her breasts and bare torso. She smiled nervously at Alan as he opened his door to step out with his camera. Jill then wound the windows down, turning on the interior lights, as if beckoning someone to approach. The occupants of the Land Rover had, meantime, opened the car doors, where the lady got out to open the boot, arranging herself, sitting on the tail-gate. Her blouse was open, displaying large, heavy breasts with enormous areolae and nipples. The other occupant, a middle aged man of sturdy build, was walking round the front of Alan’s car, towards Jill’s open window.

Jill saw the man approach the open window, gazing down at her naked groin and belly. She felt vulnerable! Her mouth was dry with expectation. Jill’s muscles tensed and her throat dried as she watched his arm reach tentatively though the window, finger tips touching her belly. Jill gave an involuntary shiver at the touch. She gasped.

‘May I?’ she heard him ask. After a brief hesitation, her heart thudding against her ribs, Jill nodded. Feeling every nerve in her groin tense, she closed here eyes, concentrating on the sensation of foreign fingers on her vulva. It was already awash with her private nectar, in expectation of being penetrated. The fingers were soft and sensitive, gently exploring her groin, sneaking through her pubic hair. As they reached her clitoral hood, there was a lurch inside her belly. Oh God! She whispered to herself. She swallowed. This is it! The fingers found her labia, carefully searching the vestibule, rubbing the cluster of fleshy petals round her vagina. Oh God! This was so fucking exciting! She almost had an orgasm on the spot, her nerves were so aroused.

Opening her eyes, Jill turned her head to the open window. The guy had unzipped, displaying his hard cock sticking out from the flies. Whilst fingers of one hand explored her vulva, discovering the opening of her vagina, his other hand was holding his sturdy cock, pointing it at her face, slowly masturbating. Taking a deep breath, Jill plucked up courage to reach across to touch it, stroking it tentatively with the pads of her fingers. It felt casino firmaları heavenly! Smooth! Although she had played with many cocks before, this was somehow different. She didn’t know this one. It was a total stranger. Growing in confidence, Jill curled her hand round the shaft, dragging back the foreskin, wanting to examine the slit. She felt the fingers between her thighs start to penetrate her, slowly pushing in and out of her pussy. With a thrilling trembling in her thighs, Jill pushed her head across to the cock, taking it gradually into her mouth. The feeling was indescribably wonderful. A stranger’s cock! In her mouth! Not too long, but thick. Her tongue explored every bit of it, lingering on the head, feeling it responding to her stimulating touch.

It was then that she realized that a second hand had joined in from the opposite window, caressing her inner thigh, wanting a feel of the more private part with the first guy. At the same time another erect cock appeared on her left, whilst a hand moved through the window to find the nipple of her left breast. Taking her hand from the first cock, whilst still running her mouth around it, she took hold of the second cock. Nice and firm with a loose foreskin. Her thumb and index finger jerked it up and down. Her eyes devoured the sight of her hand playing with it. Jill guessed it was a good six inches, though not particularly thick. It had a slight bend in it she noticed, as she studied the pronounced swelling down the underside. Slowly, she slid her mouth over the cock until her lips reached the public hair. Jill enjoyed giving deep throat, relaxing her throat, feeling the head deep inside. She started to nod her head up and down on it, feeling the head rub against the roof of her mouth. Suddenly, the cock erupted, filling her cheeks with warm thick sperm. Oh my God, she said to herself! An incredible taste! Jill exulted in the wonderful flavor of a stranger’s cum.

It was an incredible experience for her, even though she had often enjoyed having sperm in her mouth. Somehow, this was different. After a few moments of gently sucking the spent shaft, as it began to deflate, Jill swallowed the offering. She turned her face to the other cock in her hand, guiding it into her mouth. She was over the moon with taking between her lips the second cock of the evening. Meanwhile, two fingers were still pushing deep inside her vagina, creating a phenomenal sensation in her groin. But this second cock didn’t have the staying power of the first. Within a very few minutes, after vigorous sucking, it, too, was emptying its load inside her cheeks. The taste was a subtle difference from the first. More salty and not as plentiful. The cock soon subsided. the sperm slid down her welcoming throat. Jill wanted more!

On a sudden impulse, Jill unlocked the doors, then opened hers wide, before swinging one leg out of it, keeping the other resting on back of the driver’s seat, with her thighs wide open, available to any searching hand. She was feeling insatiable, desperate for more cock! The guy feeling her pussy, had opened the door and was now sitting beside her. She could feel him masturbating, pressing his cock against her inner thigh. Two more guys approached her, erections sticking out of their open trousers, being held in their hands. Side by side, they stood in the open door, reaching their hands in to grope at Jill’s boobs and inner thighs. One of the cocks already had its foreskin retracted, the polished purple head looming large in front of her eyes. It was a swarthy color, lightly veined along the shaft. She took the base in her hand, then opened her lips to suck the head, running her tongue round the ridge. Down, underneath the shaft. Jill gasped in surprise at the scent of pussy juice round the hairy base of the cock. This guy had just recently finished fucking some other woman. Oh my God!! Her vaginal juices had collected like a collar round the bottom of his cock. He was coming to Jill for seconds! The thought gave her a spurt of lust, tasting the vagina of some anonymous woman whilst sucking the guy. At the same time, she took the other cock in her right hand, jerking it up an down, feeling the softness of the skin, taking in the heavy testicles.

As she was busily enjoying her cock sucking, Jill realized that the opposite door had been opened, with the guy who had been groping her pussy through the window. He was now kneeling on the floor, bending over her with his head between her thighs, inhaling her scent and licking her private juices. It was an astonishing sensation, having a stranger licking your pussy and rubbing your clit whilst sucking another’s cock. Jill was getting so aroused that she was finding it hard to hold back her orgasm. But why the hell should she? Yes! Let go! The cock she was jerking came with a violent thrust, the sperm splattering on her face and chin. Her belly fluttered wildly, her loins were shaking with sheer lust as her own orgasm started deep in her groin. Coming! Coming! Coming! Oooohh fuck! And the ecstacy shattered in her whole body, just as the third guy’s cock exploded in her mouth. A double cum! She güvenilir casino swilled the delicious sperm round and round in her cheeks, wallowing in the glorious orgasm, licking her sperm covered lips.

As she subsided from her climax, the cock slipped from her mouth, but a fourth cock quickly replaced it. A big one! It stretched her lips as it forced its way inside. When Jill opened her eyes, she saw it was black! Admiring the wonderful monster, she slowly jerked it with her hand, whilst licking and tonguing the head. Slipping her mouth over it, she felt a cock penetrate her vagina. Oh fuck! Not what she had intended, but what the hell! It felt out of this world. It suddenly withdrew, splashing warm sperm on her inner thigh, as the guy who had been finger-fucking her ejaculated over it. Gosh! All this sperm to enjoy! Jill was now totally immersed in sheer eroticism. There were hands all over her by this time. Boobs, pubic hair and vulva. She had no idea how many blokes were enjoying her body. The big black cock was now really fucking her mouth. She was treated like the slut she felt she was. Glorious sex!

The black cock discharged violently in her mouth and withdrew in time for her to gulp in some air, but not for long. Another cock filled her mouth before she had even swallowed the last lot of sperm. Inside her vagina, fingers were fucking her deep and hard. Overflowing with lust, Jill was close to another orgasm. How long she had been sucking cock she had no idea. Time was meaningless. She was floating in clouds of ecstacy. Jill felt a cock trying to penetrate her bottom. The guy at her side was kneeling on the floor, trying to get his cock inside her. She desperately wanted to feel it inside her. Reaching down between her legs, she took hold of the stiff rod, guiding it towards her vagina as she bobbed up and down on the cock inside her mouth. He mind was in utter turmoil. Another orgasm was welling up inside her responding to the stimulation of her clit and pussy. Trying to get inside her vagina, the cock erupted before it could get there, splattering cum over Jill’s clitoris and pubic hair. It seemed to spurt for ever. Then the cock in her mouth blew its load as well, adding to the load of sperm already in her cheeks from the black cock, as yet more sperm splattered over her breasts. There seemed to be ejaculating cocks everywhere! Three ejaculations at the same time! The experience was astonishing! Yes! Yes! Oooh yes! The orgasm hit her! Her whole body felt the electric shock-like waves jolting her limbs. Her whole body was shaking and jerking. As she slowly subsided, Jill felt her face and breasts smeared in the sticky cum. Her fingers covering her vulva spread the sperm over her vulva.

Then, quite as suddenly as it started, the guys all sidled away, tucking shrinking cocks back inside their trousers, leaving Jill exhausted, slumped in the back seat, rubbing sperm into her body. She heard the door close, looking up to see a smiling Alan, camera in hand. He sat beside her, his stiff cock protruding from his trousers. Jill suddenly felt a deep affection and love for this guy who had helped her to fulfil her widest sex fantasy. She bent down to fill her mouth with the cock.

‘Gosh, Jill. That was so fucking exciting. Eight guys. And now me. I’m coming already.’ And Alan exploded deep into Jill’s throat.

After swallowing Alan’s sperm, Jill wrapped her coat round her. ‘Come on, let’s get home. I want to see the video.’

The park was still full of action. Alan noticed that the large breasted woman in the Land Rover was being fucked, watched by several other guys. Some of them, no doubt, had already ejaculated on Jill, and were now waiting for another willing pussy.


Back home, they wasted no time getting to the bedroom, pausing only to fill glasses with red wine. Having tucked themselves under the duvet, Alan started to play back the action on their recorder, whilst toying with Jill’s pussy, aware of its earlier activities with strangers’ fingers and cocks. God!, he thought, she’s a beautiful, sex-crazy woman. He could still smell the dried semen on her body. Kissing her mouth, he could taste it!

Jill was amazed by the images of herself sucking the several cocks, now able to see the two guys who had tried to fuck her. Although rather exhausted by the evenings exertions, Jill couldn’t avoid getting aroused by the images, but sighed at the sight of the guy ejaculating over her clit and pubic hair. ‘That was so disappointing,’ she told Alan. ‘By that time, I was absolutely desperate for a cock inside. I wanted shagging hard. A deep fuck. But the poor guy couldn’t hold back.’

‘I’m not surprised,’ Alan laughed.

‘Oh God! I wanted shagging so badly,’ Jill repeated, throwing the duvet back to reveal a naked Alan, thick cock hard and arrogant rising from his patch of thick hair. She heaved herself over Alan’s thighs, sitting astride him, to take his cock in her fingers. She guided it straight into her wet vagina with a growl, and began bouncing up and down on it. Her breasts flopped up and down before Alan’s eyes. Jill went beserk. Her vagina was stretched and filled with hungry cock! ‘I need a good hard fuck,’ she cried, eyes squeezed together. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck! That’s wonderful. I need to feel cock deep inside my most precious place. Deeper and deeper.’

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