Doctoral Discipline Pt. 04

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Co-Authors: subbie1982 and tom6432

This is a fantasy written by subbie1982 and myself for fun. All errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar are my responsibility. It contains spanking, humiliation and fetish; if this bothers you please seek other authors. All characters are 25 year old or older.


Chapter 10:

My University Professor is training me, so I will learn self-control. I am a 28 year old Doctoral student having trouble with my grades so I am living with my Professor. I thought that I did not need the training and decided to leave, but he stopped me and gave me the option to leave on my own or be completely under his control. I told him I wanted to be trained properly, so my grades will improve.

After what seemed like forever I heard him speak to me, as I remained in position with my head down, my back arched, and backside high. He had told me to stay in SUBMIT position until he released me.

“I have told you that when you act like a child you will be treated as a child. Now Missy you have only been here one day and already you are acting like a 6 year old not a 28 year old doctorate student,” he scolded. I was embarrassed to be scolded like a child.

At that moment the doorbell rang and I started to rise, when he slapped my ruffled panty covered backside and told me not to move and to spread my legs further apart. You could see my vulva and anal plug through my tight thin pink ruffled panties, as I knelt bent over my forehead touching the floor. I was dressed as a school girl in a very short skirt, white blouse, knee high white socks, Mary Jane shoes and a pink ruffled panty. Before he answered the door he covered my head with my short skirt and pulled my panties up even tighter exposing my under cheeks.

The Professor looked at his watch as he opened the door. It was exactly 1:00. Standing in the door way was Annabelle Carson, my roommate, who was under the guidance of the Professor. Annabelle was a 27 year old Veterinarian student in her final year. Annabelle came under the Professor’s guidance three months ago and has transformed herself into a straight ‘A’ student. She credits the Professor’s methods for her success.

I heard her say in a loud clear voice: “Sir I am here as ordered to show you my homework assignment Sir.”

I head a snap of fingers and Annabelle falling to her knees. Annabelle was built like a swimmer. She was lean with long slightly muscled tanned legs. Her hair was long blond, which was in a ponytail. A typical tomboy: Annabelle was pretty and athletic. She dropped to her knees, just inside the door, which was now shut, her head lowered, her legs spread wide, her hands were outstretched holding the homework assignment and her mouth was open. All of her orifices were open for inspection.

The Professor again snapped his fingers and walked in the living room followed by Annabelle at his heel. She had transferred the homework paper to her mouth. He pointed to a spot along side of me, and she immediately transferred herself into submit position. He removed the homework assignment from her mouth and briefly looked at it. He placed it on the couch

“Is there a reason you are wearing tight jeans, Missy?” He asked?

I saw her gulp and begin to stutter: “Sir, permission to speak freely Sir?” I noticed she began and ended each sentence with a sign of respect.

“Yes subbie!” He said quietly.

I watched as she composed herself as she was in obvious trouble. “Sir I was working at the Universities’ farm doing research for my final paper. I wear jeans when I go there, but the time passed quickly and I did not have time to dress as required Sir.”

“Unacceptable Missy I will deal with you shortly. You need a taste of the strap,” I heard the Professor pronounce his sentence. He picked up the homework assignment saying. “I will review your homework later it had best be perfect or I will rip it up and you will start over.”

“Sir yes Sir,” she answered politely. She knew the Professor graded strictly with no room for errors. He expected all papers to have the correct grammar, punctuation, content and to be well researched with footnotes. On a few occasions he had spanked her for a lack of effort and ripped up the assignment in front of her.

“Stand up both of you,” he ordered.

I stood and my short skirt fell back into place partially covering my ruffled panties. Annabelle rose to her feet frightened by the strapping she was to receive.

“Young Lady PRESENT,’ I heard the Professor order looking at Annabelle.

She quickly unsnapped her jeans lowering the zipper. She held the waistband and began to lower the blue denim jeans over her hips. They were tight and caused her to wiggle back and forth embarrassing her further. Finally they were inside out at her knees exposing her translucent white thong. The gusset was wet either from sweat, arousal, pee or maybe all three.

Annabelle stood like a soldier at attention her hands at her side and her eyes bahis şirketleri lowered. I watched as the Professor circled her inspecting her clothes and position carefully. He pulled the thin waistband of her thong, in the back, away from her body to view her backside. He took his hand and reached inside her panty making her squirm. I could see him bend her at the waist and spread her legs. His hand felt for her anal plug. I could see him manipulate the anal plug out and in of her bum hole making Annabelle moan and groan.

When he was finished I heard him say: “your bottom hole should soon be gapped wide enough for my cock.” He then allowed the thong undie to snap back into place.

Coming around the front he touched her black collar making her slave bells jingle. I could see him inspect her wet gusset with his finger. He placed it under Annabelle’s nose and said: “Why are you wet Missy?”

“Sir I leaked some pee into my panties I was in such a hurry Sir,” she answered quickly.

“Open and suck,” he ordered and she began to suckle his damp finger in and out of her mouth. She tasted her own pee, drifting in and out of sub space. I heard her moan. I could tell she was aroused by his domination.

“Do you have to pee again,” he said as he slowly removed his finger and wiped it on her hair to dry it off.

“Sir yes Sir badly,” she answered.

He placed her under his arm and spanked her 3 quick spanks with his large hand on her sit spot making her jump and cry out.

“Follow me girls,” He ordered as I felt him attach my leash to my collar and Annabelle’s leash to her collar and walk upstairs.

He had shortened both leashes so we had to walk next to him in order to keep up. I walked on his left side wondering what else he could do to me. The short skirt, blouse, high socks and Mary Jane shoes were embarrassing enough. Annabelle’s jeans were still at her knees, so she had to almost waddle to get up the stairs. Up the stairs we went and turned into my bedroom.

We reached the bedroom and I heard him say: “Into the potty room girls this little girl will use it in front of us.” The Professor slapped each of us on our backsides as we turned to walk into the potty room. Next to the toilet was the child’s potty chair. I picked it up and placed it in the center of the room where the Professor indicated.

“Annabelle DISPLAY,” she lowered her panties down to her jeans at her knees and stood at attention. He looked at me and told me to remove her sneakers, socks, jeans, and panties everything below her waist.

I folded each piece of clothing neatly. He motioned for me to hand him the thong, which I did. I could see him stretch the white translucent piece and place it over Annabelle’s head with the damp gusset covering her nose. She could smell her own pee, arousal and sweat. Her face was like a red neon light all flushed, as she stood naked from the waist down with her thong over her head.

I have only seen Annabelle in panties never naked. Her buttocks were smaller than my rounded cheeks, but her legs were slightly longer and she was tan to above her thigh crease. Her pubic area was smooth and bare like mine. My vulva lips began to get wet. I never thought a woman could arouse me. I began to wonder if she would be sleeping in my room, as there were only two bedrooms.

“Sit on the potty Young Lady,” he ordered Annabelle. She complied quickly squatting on the small child’s potty. It was covered with Disney characters in pink. The chair itself was only six inches off of the ground causing Annabelle to squat awkwardly on the potty. Her knees were up to her chest and her legs were spread wide showing her bare vulva. The panty thong covering her upper face must have made her feel mortified.

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out and don’t pee until I allow you to do so,” the Professor ordered.

I watched as she followed his command. He lowered his zipper releasing his long hard thick cock. I watched in awe at the thickness and length it would easily fill her mouth. He took his thick rock like cock and slapped her panty covered face with his prick once on one cheek and then on the other. It was like a rod hitting her face making a slapping noise.

“Make sure there are no teeth marks,” she started to sob from the humiliation of the cock slaps. He rested his cock on her tongue and said: “you may pee after I cum in your mouth. Do not swallow without permission.”

He grasped her ponytail as she remained squatting over the child’s potty chair. I watched him as he began to fuck her face with slow even strokes making her gag, as his cock entered her throat. Out and in he went as he held her face steady with his hold on her ponytail. I could see his stamina, as he slowly and easily stroked his prick in and out of her mouth. She was now drooling with saliva dripping on her chin and his prick. After several long strokes he exploded into her throat his cum filling her mouth with wet salty sperm. He was very much in control and bahis firmaları could have stroked many more times but had decided to allow her to pee.

“Pee now slut, but don’t swallow my sperm,” he ordered.

I heard the groan of relief, as she let go a loud stream of pent up pee just bursting from her bladder. It came and came like a waterfall into the child’s potty bowl.

He looked at me and snapped his fingers pointing to a spot in front of him. I knelt quickly as he turned towards me holding onto my two pigtails. “Clean me I want to hear you slurping and sucking.”

I quickly opened my mouth forming a tight zero covering my teeth with my lips. His cock was still hard as he inserted it into my face hole. I sealed my lips around his huge prick hoping I could do a good job. I could taste the mixture of cum and Annabelle’s saliva in my mouth, as I began to suck and slurp with loud sucking noises. He directed my mouth down the shaft, as I gathered the spit and cum with my tongue swallowing deeply. His thick blue vein on the underside of his shaft pulsated as I licked cleaning him until there was no more cum or juice. My face was covered in the wetness of his essence. He dried his cock on my hair, when I was finished cleaning him.

“Okay Annabelle you may swallow”, he said. I could see her swallowing the mouthful of cum and drool. Her face was a mess of drool, cum and sweat covering her panty covered face. He instructed me to get some tissue and dry her pee in between her legs. I felt excited touching her slit and I could tell she was aroused as well.

“Now kneel behind her Madison. Annabelle bend over and spread your cheeks. I want this slut to remove your anal plug with her teeth,” he directed. I hesitated but two swats on my backside urged me on so I knelt.

“No hands Missy.”

I placed my hands behind my back and leaned against her smooth backside cheeks. My mouth was opened and still had the taste of cum. I pushed my nose against the anal plug and slowly used my mouth to get a grip on her anal plug handle. I slowly pulled my head back and I heard the plug release from her sphincter muscle. The anal plug was a stainless steel medium size with a bulb of about 1.25 inches. I noticed her bum hole stayed gapped even after the plug was released.

Next it was my turn, so I stood with the plug handle in my mouth and bent over. Annabelle knelt behind me but first had to lower my ruffled panties with her teeth, which she accomplished leaving them tucked below my cheeks. Her head disappeared under my short skirt and I felt the small anal plug release from my rectum hole.

The Professor took each of the stainless steel plugs and placed them on the sink. “Clean these thoroughly. Before I put them back into your bum holes, you will be sucking them,” he instructed.

“Is that understood subbies?” He asked.

We both answered in unison: “Sir yes Sir.”

“Okay sluts I want Madison cleaning the anal plugs. Annabelle you will clean your potty bowl and then both of you will take a shower together and come back to the bedroom for your spankings. You may remove your panties from your face Missy.”

As soon as the Professor left the room Annabelle became more dominate. I knew she liked to be in charge when we were roommates, but she never demonstrated it.

“Undress slut,” she commanded in a firm voice looking at me.

“No way you are not in charge,” I answered furious that she should order me about.

She stepped forward and bent me under her arm and landed several swats to my bare buttocks making me scream: “You slut how dare you.” I started to jump holding my fanny from the sting.

I saw the Professor enter with fire in his eyes. He must have heard the loud slaps on my backside cheeks and my yelling at Annabelle. He ordered both of us to our knees and said in a firm commanding voice. “Madison you will obey Annabelle. I don’t care if you are older you need direction. Annabelle I will deal with your spanking her without my permission. Now both of you get back to what you were doing.”

Both our heads dropped as we said: “Sir Yes Sir”

As the Professor left I saw the smirk on Annabelle’s face as she said: “Strip Young Lady.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I answered quietly and politely.

I disrobed taking off my shoes, long socks, skirt, blouse and panties and folded them neatly until I was naked. I watched as she striped off of her the blouse and bra leaving her bare. She went about her business of empting and cleaning the potty chair and placing it back where it belongs. I did the same with the anal plugs remembering we were going to be sucking on them to insure they were clean.

“Okay shower time Missy, but first come over to me and kneel showing me your respect,” she said firmly.

“Yes Ma’am,” I answered.

I knelt submissively in front of her. My legs were spread wide with my head lowered my hands clasped behind my back. My face as well as hers was covered in drool and cum.

“Kiss my feet,” kaçak bahis siteleri again she pushed her authority.

“Yes Ma’am,” I answered. I bowed my head and bent to her feet and began to kiss her bare toes. She stood looking at me as I licked and groveled at her feet. I was totally mortified to be in this position, yet strangely I was wet between my legs to be so vulnerable and not able to do anything about it.

“Heel puppy,” I heard her say and followed her into the shower.

The shower was big enough for 4 people. It was shaped in an octagon with coral colored bath tiles. It had acrylic see through windows facing the bathroom and four long benches one in each corner. She sat on one of the benches and turned the warm water on. The four shower heads faced each of the benches, when the water started it covered each bench. I was kneeling in front of her and felt the warm water on my back.

“Sit on my lap Missy, Mommy is going to wash you thoroughly.” Remembering the Professor’s orders I climbed up immediately. Annabelle tilted my head back and began to French kiss me with her tongue probing me deep inside my mouth. Between the water and her probing me with her tongue I was totally aroused and felt very submissive.

She released her tongue from my mouth and said: “Mommy will wash you while you suckle on Mommies nipples.”

Her nipples were perky and standing on edge, as I placed my mouth over one of them and began to slurp. It felt warm and comforting as I could feel the arousal between my legs. Her nipples began to grow as I sucked on each one. I felt you take the soap to clean my body starting with my back and shoulders. You slap my bum to make me change positions. I am now flat on my back as you wash my belly, clitty, and vulva inside and out. I turn over your knee and you spread my cheeks to insure I am clean inside and out poking two fingers inside my bottom hole.

I am now kneeling in front of her and my head is pushed deep between her legs to lick on her clit and vulva. It is my first experience but I love the musty odor and smoothness of her vulva. I can feel her clit get hard and hear her groan. I feel her loosen my pigtail so that my long hair drops down covering my face. She rubs my scalp and neck with the shampoo, massaging the shampoo into my hair before rinsing it clean.

I am finished and I watch as she stands and begins the process of washing her tall lean body as I kneel beside her. She washes her hair taking out her pony tail and cleans each area of her body with the soap and shampoo until she is totally clean.

“Make sure I am clean lick my pussy,” I was hoping she would say that and I drop my head and begin the adoration of her wet vulva sticking my tongue inside of her and licking her.

After a few minutes, she pulls me to a standing position and whispers in my ear: “More later Missy.”

We towel off to dry ourselves and proceed to the bedroom.

Chapter 11:

We were holding hands as we entered the bedroom the towels covering our naked bodies. We each have our anal plug in our hands. We both gasped as we saw the hairbrush and strap lying on the straight backed chair in the center of the room.

We walk over to our Master and curtsy in unison lifting the bottom of the long fluffy towels over our hips exposing our naked front and backside.

“Hand me your plugs and curtsy again only dip lower, as I taught you both.”

“Sir yes Sir,” we say and hand him out plugs which he sets on the nearest table. We slowly lift our towels higher almost to our breast and curtsy nice and deep one leg behind the other.

“Curtsy again back straight remember your posture. Mouth open wide. Lift the towel so you are totally exposed and curtsy lower showing your respect,” we hear him say, and follow his instructions perfectly.

“Good sluts,” he is satisfied.

“Come here girls I want to see if you are clean. Hands at your sides and stand at attention, “he commanded in a low firm voice.

He began with our hair making sure it was sparkling clean running his hands through it. “Both of you will wear your hair in two braids, when we go shopping,” we heard him order.

“Sir yes Sir.”

His hands were firm moving over our face checking each feature carefully. He closed our eyes with his hand and inspected our eyelashes and eyebrows. “Cut your eyebrows so they are equal,” he said to me and lifted my towel to spank my naked cheeks.

I have never been inspected so closely and was beginning to fall into subspace. I could see Annabelle doing the same. Our legs were wobbly from excitement and I could smell my arousal. His hands were firm and insistent and they traveled around the back of our necks and firmly bowed our heads.

“Mouths open,” he commanded.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as Master took his thumbs and stretched Annabelle’ mouth wide. He probed inside her mouth as if she were a prize pet. He stuck one finger inside her mouth then two fingers and finally three fingers checking her gag reflex. She did not gag just swallowed naturally. I could see Master’s face was pleased and he let her know.

“Good cocksucker your practice is paying off.”

“Sir thank you Sir,” she replied gratefully.

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