Annette and the Professor

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Group Sex


I was sitting at my desk trying to decide the right wording to use for an assignment for one of my classes when I looked up to see Annette come in to my room, her smile wide, with full lips framing her teeth. Her short blonde hair looked uncombed, but that added to her overall beauty.

“You’re having a good day, I see.” I stood up as she approached me.

“It’s always a good day when I see you, Mr. Dexter.”

She came up to me and gave me a strong hug. She always hugged me whenever she greeted me. I had always hoped there would be more than just a hug, however.

Her brother Art and I have been having a regular sexual relationship for several weeks, and I was hoping I would have the same opportunity with her, but something always prevented that from happening.

“Do you have my recommendation ready? I’ll need to get it in the mail tomorrow with my graduate school application.”

As I reached into my briefcase to get her recommendation, I noticed she was taking a sheaf of papers out of her book bag.

“What’re those?” I asked.

“The applications require some essay assignments on my goals; it’s about as bad as the undergraduate application essays I had to write when I was in high school. I have no idea how to start, so I’m hoping you can help.”

“Like giving you ideas?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Or like writing it for you?”

I chuckled at my own lame humor so she wouldn’t misunderstand me.

“Oh, god, if you could, I’d kiss you.”

On that last thought she blushed, but my thoughts were not on the lips under her nose but the lips below her navel.

She snapped me out of my perverted reverie when she said, “I’m sorry. I spoke on impulse.”

“No need to apologize. I speak on impulse often, and you can probably remember every time in class and out of class I did it.”

“Yeah, but you’re funny when you speak on impulse,” she replied.

“Yours was charming, the kind that someone could easily fall in love with,” I responded.

She blushed again, and then began to lay her papers in neat stacks on a couple of student desks.

I was standing in front of her, and as she leaned over, I could see down into her blouse. I took the opportunity to fill my eyes with the beauty of her well-formed young breasts not quite filling out her oversized bra cups. The freckles on her upper chest added to their exquisite beauty.

I also noticed that her small nipples were hard.

All too soon she stood up straight, and we got down to business discussing the relative merits of the various topics. We talked about which essay topic would work best, and I told her to come by tomorrow afternoon so we could polish it up.

After she got her papers together and started out of the door, she turned and gave me a hug.

Then she kissed me on the lips. Even though it was closed-mouth kiss, it was still a kiss on the lips from a beautiful young woman.

My fantasies went into overtime. I knew I would be lovingly masturbating my cock several times this evening. I was already hard.


It had been a long day. I was tired, and all I could think about was a nap. I put my feet up on my desk and leaned back in my chair. I loved that high back on my chair–just right for that mid-afternoon nap

“Mr. Dexter?”


“It’s me . . . Annette. You asked me to bring my essay to you this afternoon.”

I was suddenly aware that I had been sleeping. And not only that, I had a piss hard-on. I could see the obvious tent in my trousers, and I’m sure she could also.

I removed my feet from my desk and tried to sit up with as much propriety as I could. But with someone as beautiful as Annette, it would be difficult to do. I had this overwhelming urge to pull my pecker out and beat it into a frenzy and pump my jism all over her face.

But propriety prevailed.

We went over her essay together, correcting problems, getting meanings correct, and setting the proper layout—with a tumescent penis in my trousers trying to escape. We were almost finished.

“Annette, I have to use the restroom. I’ll be right back.”

“I might as well go, too.” Fortunately for me, she left the room before I got out of my chair, which solved the problem of the protuberance güvenilir bahis sticking out of my trousers.

In the restroom, I had to drop my trousers and my briefs all the way down. I wouldn’t be able to piss by merely opening my zipper and pulling my cock out.

My erection was stiffer than usual. I wanted to beat off and then pee, but I figured I had better get back.

I was finally able to let fly my build-up of urine. It was an incredible relief. My ardor abated, and I returned to my classroom.

I had no sooner sat down at my desk when Annette returned. She seemed as relieved as I was, and she sat down next to me.

“Mr. Dexter, may I ask you a question? It’s kinda personal, but you’re the only person I know who would give me a straight answer. I don’t dare ask my parents, especially my dad.”

I looked at her blankly.

“Okay. I’m listening.”

“Last weekend I gave my boyfriend a blow job. And I swallowed.”

I tried as best I could to maintain my composure, although if I had held my pen any tighter, it would’ve snapped in two.

“And? . . .” I was looking at her eyes, which she had turned down, away from me; then she looked back at me.

“I asked him to do the same thing to me, but he refused. He said girls stink down there. You would know about these things because you’re older. Personally, I like the smell of me from down there.”

“First of all he’s a jerk. You don’t need a boyfriend like that. Second of all, you should have refused to do him until he had done you. When a boy is horny, he’ll do anything sexual; he’ll even eat your asshole. If he’s horny enough, he’ll even drink your pee. However, once a boy comes, his ardor decreases–in short, he’s no longer horny.”

“But do we stink down there to boys?”

“Good grief, no. I’ll even prove it to you.”

“Prove it? How?” She gave me a blank look with those questions.

“When did you shower last? Now be honest.”

“Yesterday morning.”

“But you wore clean panties today, right?”

“Yeah . . .”

“You’ve peed several times today?”

“Yeah . . .”

“Did anything sexually arouse you to the point where you felt yourself get wet down there?”

“In my philosophy class I was day-dreaming about sucking my boyfriend off. I did enjoy the experience of doing him.”

“Now I’m going to ask you to do something for me, and bear with me on this.”

“I know what you’re going to ask,” she said with an impish grin.

“You do, huh?”

She reached into her handbag and pulled out her panties.

“You want to smell the gusset on my panties, don’t you?”

She brought it up to her nose and smelled the gusset, and then she gave it to me.

I took a deep breath, and the odor was an intoxicating aphrodisiac! Sweat, stale pee, and female odors filled my nostrils and my imagination: I got erect instantly, and my pants tented out.

Annette put both of her hands on the tented protuberance of my trousers.

“Eat me,” she whispered, and she put one of her hands on the back of my head and pulled me toward her face. Her other hand massaged my erection, still trapped in my trousers.

She kissed me with a frenzy, her mouth wide open; her tongue did an obscene dance with my tongue. She squeezed my erection with an unusual strength.

We broke our kiss. She was standing up now, while I was still seated.

I reached up to her blouse and slowly began unbuttoning it.

“I hope you don’t mind, but my boobs are small, and my upper chest is full of freckles.”

“I know.”

“Huh? How do you know?”

“When you bend over every time you wear those loose blouses, you don’t think for a minute that I didn’t look, did you?”

“I was always hoping you did. It always excited me thinking that you were admiring my body.”

“By the way, your freckles make your boobs look cute, just like the freckles across your nose.”

She assisted me in removing her blouse. I pulled the bra straps from her shoulders and slowly and gently pulled her bra down.

“You could’ve unhooked it, you know.”

“I know, but I enjoy wanting to savor this moment. I love the sight of small breasts.”

I pulled her unhooked bra further down her body. As soon as her nipples appeared, güvenilir bahis siteleri I glued my mouth to one and fondled the other with my hand.

She wrapped her arms around my head and mashed my face into her breasts. The warmth of her body added to my excitement. If I were younger, I would’ve come in my pants—twice if I were a teen-ager.

“Oh, god, that feels so damn good! Now eat my pussy before I go crazy!”

I let go of her breasts and rubbed my hands along her flat, tight belly. Then I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down, with her panties, to her ankles. Her pubic hair was matted flat, but it was plentiful.

The outer lips of her cunt were tightly closed; no inner lips tried to peek out. From the top of her pubic mound to her thighs, it was a straight line, a cleft that bisected the treasure to be discovered.

The mons veneris–the mountain of Venus–I thought to myself when I brought my face into her bush and took a deep breath. I pulled her outer lips apart to savor the sight of her small, damp, pink inner lips opening like a flower. I brought my face in to smell the mixture of sweat, stale pee, and natural female odors.

I pulled away and said, “Annette, get on your knees facing the wall, and put your hands on the wall for support. You may have raise yourself up a bit to accommodate me. I’m going to put my head under you and between your legs, and I’m going to eat your pussy and asshole and clit until you can’t stand it.”

With a bit of adjustment, I managed to get her cunt and my mouth aligned. But she stopped bracing herself on the wall so she could lean back and watch me. She rested her buttocks gently on my upper chest.

With her fingers she pulled her pussy lips apart. The inner lips again unfolded like the blossoming of a fragrant flower. The fragrance was heady, and the flesh of her inner folds was wet.

“I love to play with my clit while I watch with a mirror. Sometimes I’ll even pee on my fingers. I love to watch myself pee.”

I still had my clothes on, and my hard-on was aching for relief. I think she could tell I was having a problem because of my squirming.

She reached back and rubbed the bulge in my pants. “I’ll free your penis and drink your cum after you’ve satisfied me down there with your tongue.”

I glued my mouth to her entire vulva, and my tongue was everywhere. Annette was in the spirit of things, because she was moaning out of control.

“Are you horny enough that you would let me pee in your mouth?”

I released my mouth from her cunt and gasped, “God, yes!” and resumed my oral attack.

“It’s coming!”

Her pee came in torrents into my mouth, but I managed to drink it all down. It was hot and salty.

When she finished, I brought my tongue to her asshole and thoroughly rimmed her.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she squealed.

At that moment I brought my tongue to her clit and sucked hard.

She gasped loudly and rolled off me.

“Oh, my god, I’ve never felt anything like that! Even when I do myself with my fingers, it doesn’t feel that good.”

When she regained her composure, she helped me get up, and then she undressed me.

As soon as my cock sprang free, she sucked on the head, applying strong pressure with her tongue and lips.

“Get on your back and close your eyes.”

I did as she told me to. She was silent for a moment; then I realized what she was up to when I felt my cock slide into the hottest, tightest, wettest cunt I have ever felt.

“You can open your eyes now.”

“Hell, I’m going to cum. I can’t stop . . .”

The words were hardly out of my mouth when she pushed herself hard onto my now-erupting cock.

As my last spurt ebbed, I said, “I came inside you. I thought you were going to suck me off.”

“I never said I would suck you off. All I said was I was going to drink your cum. And I’m going to do just that right now.”

She lifted herself off my now-deflated cock and brought her body over my abdomen. I watched as my cum oozed out of her well-fucked cunt.

As soon as she was satisfied most of it had run out, she got off me and kneeled down at my side and leaned over and lapped up all of my spilled cum.

“See? I drank your cum, as I said iddaa siteleri I would.”

Annette was full of surprises. She leaned over again and put my soft cock in her mouth and sucked my cock lovingly.

“I realize that I won’t be able to get you hard again today, but I want to do you another day, and you can do me. So I’m going to get going. Neither of us can linger here too long like this.”

“Well, put your pussy on my mouth so I can clean it off before you go.”

“Good idea,” she said, as she lowered her cunt onto my mouth.


“Hey! I got my college yearbook pictures back today! D’ya want one? I even have an extra special picture of me for you.”

I had been entering grades into my computer, and I needed the distraction. I swiveled my chair around, but she had gone back to the door, locking it shut.

“No one’s around, and the front office is closed. The custodians are out back on a break,” she said as she approached me while she unbuttoned her blouse.

“Yeah, they tend to take fairly long breaks. Well, let me see your pictures.”

“Here’s my yearbook picture. I even wrote something nice to you on the back.”

I stared at the picture. The photographer captured her beauty well, and there was a hint of sexuality to her pose, with her tight garment protecting her beautiful breasts, which seemed as if they were trying to escape.

“Do you like it?”

“I love it; it’s beautiful. Thank you so much.”

I turned the picture over to read her inscription.

Dearest Alphonso, You are my first real love. Your loving kindness and gentleness will be the greatest memories I will have of you. I love you so very much. Annette.

I looked up at her and smiled.

“I love you, too. So very much, in fact.”

She unhooked her bra and leaned closer to me. Her right nipple was at my mouth, so I ran my tongue over it.

She pulled my head into her breast and moaned softly. “Eat me, and drink my pee.”

I pulled away from her.

“What about the other picture?”

“Eat me first.”

She pulled her jeans off rapidly. She stood in front of me in her panties. She reached inside of her panties, made some movements, and then pulled her hand out to my nose.

“Is this the fragrance you want?”


“Then lie down. I’m going to sit on your face and pee in your mouth.

She sat on my face so that her rosebud anus was at my nose and her mouth was on my cock. I opened my mouth wide, and true to her word, her pee gushed into my mouth. I had to swallow rapidly, but there wasn’t as much of it as I thought.

She removed her mouth from my cock.

“I was in my philosophy class, trying to hold my pee for you, but I couldn’t hold it. I left the class to pee.”

In response, all I did was mumble; I had a young pussy on my mouth. I wasn’t going to waste it on inane conversation.

I must have been on the mark because she let out a low moan and trembled. Her fluids coated my tongue, and the musky smell of her vagina filled my nostrils.

I could feel her sucking the head of my penis and manipulating my foreskin at the same time. I knew I wouldn’t last long. Maybe if I silently recite all of the characters’ names in Virgil’s Aeneid it would keep my mind off my cock and slow down my desire to cum.

But to no avail: I could feel my scrotum drawing my balls in tightly. In a matter of a few seconds I shot my semen into Annette’s mouth.

She kept my cock in her mouth until I was completely soft.

She turned around and lay on top of me, kissing me soulfully.

“Ready for another round?”

“Annette, I’m almost forty; I need time to get my energy back.”

“A half an hour?”

“How about two hours, at my house. You and Art both know where I live. Now, what’s this other picture?”

She got up and reached into her book bag and removed a manila file folder from which she pulled out a large picture of her completely nude, with her pussy lips in the “split beaver” mode—I could see her inner lips.

“Art took it with his digital camera and printed it off on our inkjet printer.”

“Very nice. I will frame it and hang it in—let’s see, my living room? Perhaps my kitchen?

She scowled at me and said, “In your bedroom, facing your bed so it’s the last thing you see before you go to sleep.”

“I’d rather it be the real thing I see before I go to sleep.”

“I’d love that too, but right now let’s get dressed and get the hell out of here.”

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