A Story For A Friend Ch. 02

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Several months had passed since our vacation. The holidays were setting upon us, and things were quite hectic. My thoughts have been consumed with my sister Karen ever since I last saw her. Sex with my Mary, my wife has never been hotter, but I’m ashamed to admit that I believe it’s because of what happened between Karen and I. I worry that what happened between us would be found out by my wife or Karen’s husband Tom, destroying my home life, and my sister’s as well. I don’t believe my sister would ever say anything, and I know I never would, but the thought still haunts me. Some days I feel that what happened between us should never have happened, and I’m wrought with guilt because of it. Other days however, it’s all I can think about, and I ache for when we can be alone together again.

It was just about two weeks or so before the holidays when my sister Karen had called my wife and told her that they would be coming for the holidays. I wasn’t sure how I felt when my wife told me the news, but I knew it was all I would be thinking about until they got here.

I wondered if Karen and Tom’s decision to spend the holidays with our family had anything to do with what happened. After all, we’ve never spent the holidays together, and I was sure that Karen was behind this decision, which made me even more anxious.

Finally the day came when my sister Karen, her husband Tom, and their two children, Michael and Lynne were expected to arrive. My wife had been getting the house ready for the entire week, right up until the very moment they arrived. It was my last day of work before my vacation, so I was able to leave early and give her a hand. It also allowed me to be there to greet my sister and her family when they finally did arrive. I must have jerked off five times in the last few days thinking about my sister.

They showed up just passed four, and it seemed like total anarchy from the moment they got there. The kids were running and playing, and Tom and I were trying to unload all of the gifts from his car without them seeing us. By the time they had settled in, I was exhausted. On the bright side however, I had been so pre-occupied, that I barely had time to think about Karen and I. Her and Mary spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen, and yelling at the kids when they acted up.

Later that night, after we all had dinner and put the kids to bed, the four of us settled into the living room with some cocktails. I may have just been imagining it, but it seemed as though barely even made eye contact all evening. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it seemed as though we barely even said more than a few words to each other. My mind raced as I tried to imagine what she was thinking while trying to stay focused on the conversation.

After sometime, I realized that I had a few too many drinks in me and was feeling no pain. My wife announced that she was going to bed, and I said that I would straighten up and join her shortly, in hopes that Karen would take the hint and we could spend some time to talk alone. Instead, Karen and Tom both went to bed, leaving me to straighten up by myself.

I laid awake in bed, as my wife slept soundly next to me, trying to figure out what was going through Karen’s mind. I got up to use the bathroom, and heard noises coming from the kitchen, so I went downstairs to investigate. I was pleasantly surprised to find Karen nursing a glass of water at the table. It was almost as if she was expecting me when I walked in.

“Hey bro. Come have a seat.”


I sat down across from her and took a second to absorb her beauty.

“So” I said, trying to act cool, “What’s new?”

She smiled. “Nothing, what’s new with you?”

“Nothing really. So this is a nice change, us spending the holidays together. What made you guys decide to join us this year.”

She giggled, and her eyes seemed to sparkle as she squinted at me.

“Well, it seems as though Tom’s family had a change of plans this year, so he suggested that we spend the holidays with you and Mary.”

“I see. So it was Tom’s idea?”

She chuckled again. “Yes it was. Naturally I thought it was a good idea, so I called your wife as soon as we decided.”

“Hmm. Well I’m really glad you guys could come. It should be a lot of fun. I can’t remember the last time we celebrated Christmas together.”

“Yea, it has been a long time.”

Karen casually sipped her water, not taking her eyes off of me, while I pretended to be completely casual, looking around the room. We sat in silence for a few seconds, both avoiding pointing out “the pink elephant in the middle of the room”.

Finally I decided that I had enough and decided to just put the cards out on the table.

“I guess it’s just a bit strange.”

“Oh yea? And what’s that?”

“Well I just thought it was a bit odd that in all these years we’ve never spent the holidays together, and well this year Tom’s family just happened to change their plans. And it was Tom’s idea you say?”

“What lotusbet güvenilirmi are you getting at little brother?”

“C’mon Karen! You know what I’m saying here. Are you sure this little change of plans had nothing to do with me?”

“Why ever would you think that?”

I just looked at her while she smiled and pretended to know nothing about what I was talking about.

“Alright, have it your way. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m gonna get some sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I got up from the table, and Karen followed. I proceeded to turn to leave when I felt her hand on my shoulder from behind me. She pressed herself against me and stood on her toes to whisper in my ear.

“Be patient little brother, it’s not Christmas yet.”

I smiled. “I hope you’re not planning on making me wait that long.”

She reached around and grabbed my cock through my pajamas, giving it a loving squeeze before I left the room. I couldn’t imagine what she had planned, but I couldn’t wait.

The next few days passed with no insinuation from her at all as to what she had planned. We were all pretty busy. The girls spent most of their time doing some last minute Christmas shopping with the kids in toe, while Tom helped me around the house, fixing some of the things that I have neglected over the past few months. One great thing about Tom is that he was always a handy guy to have around. He could fix just about anything, while I was more likely just to call someone who could.

Finally, Karen had asked me to accompany her to the store on Christmas eve, to help her pick out Tom’s gift. Needless to say, I didn’t hesitate. Tom was on babysitting duty while Mary prepared dinner for us, and her parents who would be joining us for dinner as well.

Karen and I headed straight for the mall, and I nearly burst at the excitement of us finally getting the chance to be alone together.

We got into the car and I began to drive towards the mall.

“So where do you want to go?”

“It doesn’t matter to me, I got Tom’s gift months ago. I just figured that since I wouldn’t be able to give you your gift tomorrow, that I would have to do it now.”

“Ah-ha. So where do you want to go?”

“Make a right at the next light.”

My stomach jumped as soon as I realized where she was leading me. Without another word, I pulled into the parking lot of the only motel within miles of my house, and parked the car. She smiled as we got out of the car and headed inside. She paid for the room, insisting that it was her gift to me, and we made our way upstairs. We were barely through the door when we were all over each other. She threw me down on the bed, and slowly stripped down to the most sexy lingerie I had ever seen anyone wear. It was a bright red lace two piece, and left just enough to the imagination.

“Well are you just gonna sit there, or are you gonna open your present?”

I wasted no time in peeling off my sister’s bra and panties, kissing every inch of her delicate skin as I did so. Again, she threw me onto the bed and pulled my clothes off, and in seconds we were both naked, and her lips were expertly sucking my cock.

“Oh God, you taste so good. Your cock is all I have been able to think about.”

“Karen, I‘ve been waiting for this for months. I can’t stop thinking about you either.”

She began to devour my cock until I couldn’t take anymore. In minutes I was shooting my load deep into her waiting throat. Before she could make the next move, I rolled her on her back, and dove my face between her legs. She was already so wet, and she tasted sweeter than any woman I had tasted. I ran my tongue up and down her sweet pussy to her asshole, savoring every second of my beautiful sister. Her body lurched forward every time the tip of my tongue dipped into her puckered ass. When she was ready, I slowly pushed my finger in while my tongue played with her clit. In seconds, her muscles tightened, and she came so hard that her juices actually shot out of her, soaking my face and the sheets.

My cock was still hard, and before I knew what was happening, she was riding me with all she was worth. Her pussy was heaven around my cock, and she must have cum five times before I came deep inside her.

We spent the next half-hour touching and caressing each other softly before we decided that we should head back. We made each other cum one last time before getting dressed.

On the way back we admitted to each other what we had both been feeling since our last encounter, and agreed that we couldn’t let so much time pass without being together.

“All I’ve been able to think about since the last time is you. Even after Tom and I are together, I’m still horny, and I wind up fucking myself silly after he’s asleep thinking about you.”

“I know. Things with Mary are great, but I can’t get you out of my mind. I wish we didn’t live so far away.”

“We have to do something. I’ve never wanted anyone as much as you. I’ve never lotusbet yeni giriş cum so much and so hard in my life.”

“Karen, do you think this is good? I mean things could get out of control, and I know neither one of us want to lose what we have.”

She sat back in her seat and put her hand over her eyes.

“I know. I think about it all the time, but what are we going to do? I don’t want this to stop.”

“Me either. There has to be someway we can make this work. I would go crazy if we couldn’t be together anymore.”

“Well, I guess we’ll have to think of something. In the meantime, we’ll just have to try and enjoy each other while we still can.”

With that, she leaned over and undid my zipper, taking my cock in her mouth once again. She sucked my cock until I was fully hard and ready to cum. She was fingering herself while she blew me, and I had to drive around the block twice so we could get off before we got home.

We arrived back to a full house, and nobody seemed to be on to our little secret, despite our disheveled appearance. My wife’s parents had arrived, and dinner was almost ready.

Dinner was going well, as we all were laughing and having a good time. I was finding it difficult to think about anything else but my sister, but somehow I managed to stay in the conversation. We were just about to have desert when the phone rang with what I thought was bad news. Tom’s work had called, and was in the midst of a crisis that required his immediate attention, and it looked as though the holiday visit was going to be cut short. I waited anxiously for Tom to finish his conversation. He hung up the phone and announced his apology, explaining that he would have to leave immediately. My sister glanced apologetically at me, but before we had time to feel bad, Tom turned the whole thing around.

“Listen, I don’t want to ruin everyone’s Christmas. I’ll just head back and take care of this thing, and I’ll come back in a few days and pick you and the kids up.”

My sister stood up. “I can’t let you do that honey. We’ll go back with you. I don’t want you to be alone.”

“Really Karen, it’s alright. I’ll be spending most of my time at work anyway, and I’d hate to cut our trip short. You never get to see Mary and your brother, and I’m sure the kids don’t want to leave. It’s okay, you stay, and as soon as I can, I’ll come back and join you.”

“Are you sure? Because it’s really no…”

“I’m positive! Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine, as long as it’s okay with you guys.”

Mary and I answered in unison that it was just fine, and that we were terribly sorry that he had to go.

I thanked Tom for all his help with everything this week, and told him I was sorry he had to go again as I walked him to the door. He and Karen kissed each other goodbye, and he left.

I did feel bad for Tom, but I also knew that it might be that much easier for Karen and I to spend some time together if he was gone, so I wasn’t to upset by it. Just as we sat back down, fate took another wonderful turn in the form of my in-laws, who presented my daughter Sara, and Lynne and Michael an early Christmas gift. Three identical boxes were placed in front of them, each containing a stuffed Mickey Mouse doll, and a note telling the three kids that my in-laws were taking them to Disney world the day after Christmas. As the kids were jumping up and down and yelling, my wife and my sister were trying to convince my in-laws that they shouldn’t have done such a thing. My sister was especially insistent that her children not go, but my in laws wouldn’t hear of it.

My father-in-law stood up.

“Nonsense! We are taking the kids, and I don’t want to hear another word about it. It’s our money, and we’ll spend it how we see fit!”

“Bill, Madeline” My sister interrupted, “I really appreciate the gesture, but I can’t ask you to watch over our kids for a week. They are too much of a handful. This is way too much.”

My mother-in-law stood up next to her husband. “Karen dear, it’s nothing that we can’t handle. The children are absolute angels. We raised five children, none of which were as sweet as these three here. It’s not going to be any trouble at all. Besides, now the four of you can spend a nice adult new year together without having to worry, so just think of it as our gift to all of you. Bill and I adore these children, and it will be your gift to us to allow us to spend the time with them. You just worry about getting your husband back here in time for new years.”

My sister, stood up and hugged them both, and Mary and I did the same.

“Mom, dad, how can I ever thank you, this is so wonderful, but it’s really too much.”

“Oh hush Mary! We’re taking the kids, and that’s the end of it! Your father and I have been looking forward to this for months, so I don’t want to hear another word!”

I thanked and hugged my in-laws, and found myself sitting alone seconds later, as everyone went upstairs to pack up the kids and get them lotusbet giriş ready for their trip. I sipped my wine and smiled in disbelief of my good, no, unbelievable fortune. My mind started to race, thinking of ways to keep Mary pre-occupied so I could spend time with Karen. I always knew my in-laws weren’t all that bad!

Christmas came and went, and before I knew it I was dropping my in-laws and all the kids off at the airport bright and early. When I got back, there was a note on the fridge, letting me know that my wife and sister would be spending the day together shopping etc. I was a little disappointed, but I knew that there was plenty of time, so I didn’t worry.

Over the next few days, I started to think that I had made a deal with the devil and didn’t know it. Not only had I not been able to spend time with Karen, but I barely even saw my own wife, as they were out together almost every day. I started to think that this really wasn’t going to turn out good at all, as I sat at the table on the third morning and drank my coffee. I was cursing under my breath when the phone rang. It was Karen. She sounded very rushed, and told me to get out of the house for a while and to come back no later then four. She told me to leave the back door open, and to be quiet when I came in the house before abruptly hanging up. My stomach jumped. I had no idea what she had planned, but it was obvious she had figured out a way to get Mary out of the house for a while, and was planning something incredible. I couldn’t wait. I wasted no time in getting ready, and out of the house, double checking to make sure the back door was unlocked.

I spent a few hours down at the local bar, having a few drinks and killing time. I finally had a god buzz and headed back to the house. When I got there, I was very careful to be as quiet as possible. I let myself in through the back door, and quietly searched around for my sister. I knew she was there because my wife’s car was in the driveway. I was practically shaking with anticipation as I quietly searched the house, wondering what she had in store. I made my way upstairs, and immediately noticed a flickering candle through the partially open door of my bedroom.

I walked over to the door and began to push it open slowly, and was suddenly stopped by what I saw. I had to blink my eyes several times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. My whole body became numb instantly, and my head started to spin.

Karen was on her knees, facing me completely naked, and spread out in front of her, also completely naked was my wife Mary. Karen had one hand between her own legs, while the other held my wife’s foot to her mouth. She saw me almost instantly, and extended her finger over her lips to assure me to remain quiet, smiled, and then continued to kiss and lick my wife’s foot, her eyes searing me the whole time.

My attention was drawn to my wife as she began to moan loudly, obviously enjoying her moment. Her eyes were closed, and one hand was caressing her soft, beautiful globes while the other was busy between her legs. I was in complete shock, seeing as though I’ve never seen my wife masturbate. I don’t mean to make her sound like a prude because she is definitely anything but. It’s just that mutual masturbation has always been something that eluded her. She claimed that it didn’t really do anything for her, and it was just something that she wasn’t into. The other thing that floored me was her stance on lesbianism, the other thing that, despite my enthusiasm on the subject, she was definitely against. It’s not that I ever seriously tried to get her with another woman, but she definitely knows that seeing two women together is a huge turn-on for me. She, on the other hand, although tolerant of my fantasy, never played into it. She had always refused to even watch a dirty movie featuring two women together, stating that for her, there was nothing exciting about it. It was becoming very apparent that she had changed her opinion.

I took several seconds to adsorb what I was watching. My cock was leaking furiously, and it felt as though it was just going to tear out of my pants. Karen’s stare never left me, until she closed her eyes as she came. Her mouth opened slightly, she leaned her head back and her body bucked against her busy fingers. My wife was not far behind her. Mary moaned loudly as her hips lifted off the bed to meet her own probing fingers. Her head rolling back and forth as she came, and the whole thing was just too much for me to take.

Karen’s eyes returned to mine briefly. She took Mary by the hands and pulled her up. They shared a passionate kiss, and their hands roamed wildly over one another’s body. Mary pulled away and smiled at Karen. She whispered something, and Karen replied, but I couldn’t hear. Karen then pulled my wife further in, urging her on her hands and knees, giving me a perfect view of her creamy ass and her dripping pink pussy. Karen slid herself underneath my wife, and I watched as her tongue danced over my wife’s snatch.

I couldn’t take it anymore, and I quickly released my throbbing cock from my pants. In just seconds, I shot the biggest load of my life, as I watched my wife grind against my sister’s face in another glorious orgasm. If I too hadn’t been fucking my sister, I’d probably be filled with jealousy.

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