You Wanna Play?

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Text: Meet me in the kitchen now; if you don’t wanna play don’t cum x

Fuck, I can’t believe she’s horny at a frigging house party but hell I so wanna play.

Now all I have to do is sneak away from the wife…

Walking into the pitch dark kitchen looking around trying to see the outline of the curvaceous woman who I have been playing with for the last year but my damn eyes won’t adjust to the darkness.

‘You ready to play, Mikey?’ Her voice was a seductive purr that made my cock awaken.

‘You know I am.’ I whispered into the darkness.

Opening the fridge door she took out an ice cold banana.

I licked my lips as she laid on the dining table, inching her dress up and pushing her panties to the side she peeled the banana tossing the skin onto a nearby counter. Leaving the fridge door open so I could see what she was doing.

‘You need to come and eat.’ She purred again as she plunged it deep inside herself.

Fuck just watching her do that makes me wanna cum.

Lindsay beşevler escort never does anything like this let alone actually let me fuck her.

Taking a seat in front of her locking my eyes with her amber ones, I slowly lowered my mouth taking the banana and slowly sucking. My eyes never leaving hers, I can see the passion in them building.

‘God you look so hot sucking.’ She whispered her voice full of sincerity.

Arching her back slowly thrusting it in and out of my mouth.

Fuck this is erotic, fucking my mouth with a banana.

Once it had started to go soft I slowly teasingly pulled it out of her with my teeth before slowly licking up to her clit, swirling my tongue around, her lustful moans filling the kitchen.

I can’t take much more of this I have to feel her; I have to fuck her so hard otherwise I’ll have a lot of explaining to do to the wife with cum filled boxers.

‘Cady I want to fuck you now.’ I ground out trying to calm my beypazarı escort pulsating cock.

‘I’m so glad you wanna play some more. What are you waiting for?’ She all but moaned as I unzipped my jeans letting them fall to my ankles along with my boxers.

I wanna make her cum so hard she’ll be screaming my name.

‘Bend over the table.’ I commanded gently.

As soon as she was in position right in front of me I placed the satiny tip at her opening and thrust as deeply as I could, hitting her cervix. Pumping in and out of her harder and harder with each thrust as she moaned and her body quivered.

Holding back with every ounce of energy that I have until she tightened around me, waiting for her to scream my name as I thrust harder and harder into her.

‘Oh my god, MIKEY!’ Cady screamed as her whole body shook from her intense orgasm and I quickly followed, thrusting slowly in and out until we were both spent. ‘Mikey are you watching?’ She asked ankara escort her breathing still ragged.

‘Yeah, I love the way you look over a table.’ I smirked.

‘Then you love this.’ She smiled over her shoulder looking straight into my eyes and without notice my seed came shooting out of her and fuck did that turn me on, I swear I could fuck her all over again if Lindsay wasn’t here most likely looking for me.

‘Fuck Cady that’s hot.’

‘I know right, I saved that just for you.’ She giggled as we made ourselves presentable. ‘Hope you’re not gonna be in trouble with the missus.’ She winked

‘Hope you’re not gonna be in trouble with Bob.’ I countered.

‘Don’t be silly you know he don’t give a shit about me.’ Cady said truthfully as she walked out of the kitchen as if nothing has happened.

I hate to actually say this but she’s right Bob couldn’t care less even if he tried. I mean sure he’s my friend but hell so is Cady and it was only last month when I step in between them just as his fist was about to connect with her jaw. Yeah fucker knocked me out cold but better me than her.

Even after all the shit Lindsay and I have been through I would never hit her, that’s just fucked up!

Text: Same time tomorrow? By the way the wife is on her way in the kitchen x

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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