What Did You Do…Ch. 1

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What Did You Do Friday Night?
I Got Laid
Based on the movie GO
Part I: Ronna I’m a top-seated amateur.” I replied back. I walked in some good looking guy in about his mid forty’s had answered the door.

“Rhonda..” He greeted me.

“It’s Ronna.” I said in a nervous laugh.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Ronna ha.” he said, “so Adam and Zach tells me you have 20/20 is that correct?” he asked me.

I paused for a moment and I remember him being a cop.

“May I use the bathroom?” I asked.

“Sure go ahead.” The forty-year-old man said.

“I’ll show you where it is.” Zach said.

“No that’s OK, your father or whatever gave me good directions to where the bathroom is.” I said.

I then got in the bathroom and locked the door esat escort and turned on the water. I emptied out the pills and flushed them down the toilet.

They had spilled on me.

“SHIT!” I yelled.

“Is everything alright?” The forty-year-old man asked.

“Fine, peachy keen.” I replied.

I then heard him trying to open the door so I picked up the pills that spilled on the floor and flushed them. He had opened the door right when I finished flushing them.

“Bathroom’s all yours.” I said with a smile and started walking towards the door.

“So Ronna honey do we have a deal or what?” The cop said.

“No, I couldn’t get it. That is what I came to tell you.”

“I don’t believe that, a resourceful etimesgut escort girl like you, come on.” The cop said while he was touching my face and trying to touch my breasts.

“No really. I couldn’t make it, sorry.”

“Well Ronna I want to have sex so can we make a deal on that?”

“No, who the fuck are you? Monty Hall? Did you know I am only eighteen? I shouldn’t be even dealing since I am so UNDERAGE and ILLEGAL?!” I said.

Adam, Zach, and the police officer just looked at me weird and I started to open the door when Adam opened the door for me.

After I got out of that tight situation, Manny and I went back and exchanged pills which were allergy medicine for ecstasy for Claire and we went to a rave. ankara escort Manny and I smoked a joint and then we did it on the car. He kept thrusting real hard into me.

It felt really good. After the good fuck, I went into the rave to make some money with left over allergy medicine I had. I made over $400. So I was dancing with Claire and Manny and all of a sudden Manny saw Todd coming this way and so I ran with Manny and Claire just was dancing the night away. Manny then started puking and so I stored him with a bunch of trash cans while I went to get the car.

“Hi Ronna.” Todd said.

“Todd…” I said

“How are sales?” Todd said.

“Todd I can explain…”

“You don’t need to explain nothing and just for that you are going to have to be my sex slave god damn it or die!”


“Don’t lie Ronna, you fucked me! Now it is time for you to get fucked back.”

I ran as fast as I could and all of a sudden, a yellow car hit me.

To Be Continued…

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