Vacation Wake-Up Call

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Big Tits

Good morning, sunshine. I can’t tell you how beautiful it is to see your face next to mine as I wake up. The breeze is calm and light, playing with the hair over your forehead, and gives me subtle suggestions about what my hands should be doing to you, even as you sleep. The sheets are a tangle around our legs, testament to the night we had last night and the hours of sleep afterward, and rather than try to untangle, I simply move them down, exposing your tanned torso to the playful zephyr. Softly, I caress your shoulders, taking in the warmth of them, running the tips of my fingers over the scratches I must have put there last night. Wanting to replace my fingers with my lips, I hesitate, not ready to wake you just yet. I love just watching you slumber.

I slide the side of my hand along your back, and circle my thumbs around to your nipples, enjoying the fact that even while you sleep your body reacts to mine. I could taste every inch of you over and over again, and it would still not be enough to satisfy this hunger I have for you. Finally unable to resist, I take your nipple softly into my mouth, not nibbling, but flicking it with my tongue, making it hard to the touch. I languidly trail to your other nipple and repeat the process.

You move slightly, and I help you to complete your body’s rotation from lying on your side to resting on your back. Thankfully you were exhausted last night, and will be difficult to wake up. I am avoiding your face, holding off the inevitable for a while longer.

Thoughts of last night, of the past nine months, and of what I want to do to you this moment are like rivulets of a stream, tracing lazily through my body and causing my pussy to moisten ever so subtly. I don’t want to rush anything here, I simply want to enjoy this moment as though there were no others.

Your cock seems to be the first thing to wake up, and I can see the first drop of precum glistening from the tip, asking to be lapped up and tasted. I am in no position to deny this request, and softly I use the tip of my tongue to steal it from you.

Not satisfied by this small gesture, I take your entire cock in my mouth, simply to be filled by it. I want to leave behind enough saliva to lubricate you, as I have other plans in mind…I have been savoring your bahis firmaları body for almost a half hour, and my pussy is aching to be filled as my mouth is.

I keep my hands busy by gently touching your hips, as I slide my legs to rest on either side of you. Making sure that you are still asleep (I hope you’re not pretending), I lower myself onto your penis, slowly enveloping you. I continue this descent until I have taken you completely into my body, and hold. Milking you, I drive myself to a quiet orgasm before I continue waking you up.

I lean forward, becoming slightly more aggressive as I kiss your neck and your face, lingering at the points where your ears meet your cheeks. These are my second favorite areas of your body.

I move to your mouth, and take your bottom lip between my teeth and my lip, tugging ever so slightly and moaning as your cock continues to deliver pleasure to my cunt.

Rising up, I reach behind me to massage your testicles, knowing that your prick will twitch slightly inside me, hitting my g-spot again in a syncopated rhythm. As I buck a little more insistently, you start to open your eyes, becoming more involved.

Your hands rise up to my hips, to guide me over your cock and bring me down harder than I was doing on my own. This simple involvement is enough to drive me to orgasm again on you.

I slow down a little, savoring the fullness of your dick inside me. We don’t speak…there are no need for words this morning…everything I need to say to you I am saying with my body.

I lift off of you when I am satisfied that you’ve woken up, and move to the side, enabling you to disentangle yourself from those sheets. You do this quickly, and move behind me.

Placing your hands once more on my hips, you trace your right thumb over my tattoo…almost as though you’re marking the spot. With no warning, you let your hand fly and there is a very audible slap heard in the room as my ass begins to tingle and redden from the beginning of a spanking. My cunt was dripping before, but now it was so wet that some escaped and began to run down the inside of my legs. When you are satisfied with the color of my cheeks, you push me forward so that my face is buried in the soft sheets and bend over to lick up the excess juices being kaçak iddaa expressed from my vagina. As if testing the waters, you insert two fingers into it, slickly losing them in my velvety folds, and remove them only to wiggle them around my sphincter.

I jump slightly at this touch, as I always do. It is still something that I try to get used to, and my experience is very limited.

You first insert your index finger, coated in my cum, into my ass hole. Relaxing around you, I can feel as you wiggle it around…making sure that it will widen enough to take you into itself. In short time, your middle finger joins it, and you stretch my asshole wide…you want to take it roughly, but the mood this morning is lazy and stretched out, so you take your time. This process torments me, and I continue to warm up as I anticipate the pending pleasure.

Reaching for the nightstand, you pull my plain dildo out of the drawer and coat it with my almond flavored lubricant, making sure it coats your fingers as well.

I stay in this position, feeling you insert the dildo into my pussy, working it and causing me to get wetter and wetter with each stroke. Pulling it out, you give it to me to clean.

As I lick the dildo, you put your fingers back into my asshole, and crook them just a little as you wet your cock in my slit, lubing it up so that it will slide easily into my ass. When you’re satisfied, that is exactly what you do. The heat from the spanking feels wonderful as you drive your shaft into my narrow passage, but you know that I need to be filled in many ways, so you reach for the dildo and replant it in my sopping wet pussy, holding it there for a minute until you can’t stay still any longer.

You thrust into me with controlled movements for several agonizing minutes, holding my hips steady to prevent me from bucking against you.

I begin to play with my clit, and the sensations of having all of my holes filled and my familiar fingers on my button begin to take their toll on me.

Finally, I overpower the strength of your hands, and buck against you, causing you to drive into me powerfully and wildly. Your hands have minds of their own as they scratch at my back and shoulders, looking for a place to land.

Wrapping your fingers up in my long auburn kaçak bahis hair, you jerk my head back, causing my entire torso to raise up as I push back with all my strength, and we continue this way. Your right hand tangled in my hair, and your left gripping my left shoulder, we are perpendicular to one another as you focus on your cock and nothing else…you know I am doing the same. After several agonizing minutes, you violently shove your pecker into my ass one time, holding it there. Oh my god, I can feel every movement of you inside me, I can feel your hot spunk as it fills me and coats me on the inside. I love the way your balls are slapping against my pussy, causing the lips to hit the base of the dildo and driving it deeper inside me. As you thrust this last time, the dildo is shoved further into me, and I am forced to buck myself backward against you, wracked with my own orgasm. I scream out for something, anything…you…I need you…Christ; I need to feel this thing you give me.

As my ass quivers around your cock, and the remaining cum trickles out of your body, you release my hair to move both your hands back to my apple sized breasts, cupping each lovingly as you reassert yourself in my ass.

I don’t feel fucked in this position, just adored. You press kisses to my shoulders, ignoring the sheen of sweat that has formed there.

As your cock begins to lose momentum, you trail those kisses from my shoulders down my spine, ending at my tailbone. Your hands push me back into the initial position, and your tongue slides down to lap up the combination of our cum, my ass, and the almond lubricant. It tastes natural and sweet, and smells the same. I can feel you cleaning my ass much in the way that I clean your cock after I blow it, and it feels wonderful. When all of the cum has been cleaned up, you nudge me over until I am laying on my back, sated, with my legs slightly bent and spread apart.

You nestle yourself between them, and kiss me, still tasting like cum and my ass, but it doesn’t taste bad at all. I kiss you back, running my tongue over yours and feeling all of the soft folds inside your mouth. My pussy is satiated, but it still reacts to the proximity of your cock, until you move down and take it into your mouth, muttering something about wanting to be thorough…

As you lap up what remains of my girlcum, I am reminded why I fell for you in the first place.

So…shall we go for a walk on the beach and find some abandoned sand dunes?


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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