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It was another blistering hot day, but I like it hot, for one reason, my next door neighbors twin daughters were home from college for the summer and loved to soak up the rays in their skimpy bikinis. I had a perfect view of the pool, and I think they knew it too, I swear that sometimes they would put on a show for me.

The twins, Dawn and Darryl, were 19 years old with sexy little bodies, it was easy to tell them apart because Dawn wore glasses, but other than that, identical.

Blonde, 5’4″, with small boobs, and tight little asses. When they were young kids they were always cute, but now they had grown up into a couple of sex kittens.

My wife had to leave on a family matter, but I had to stay and work and take care of the pets. I had the house all to myself for two weeks.

I was overjoyed that the sun was out, so I could spy on the twins.

I had today off, and even though I had alot to do around the house, it was really too hot, and so were the twins.

I was upstairs in my room when I heard the giggling sound of the twins out by the pool. I looked out through an opening in the curtains, I didn’t want them to see me gawking at them and scream pervert.

They had matching polka dot bikinis, and all I could think of was playing connect the dots with my tongue.

They dove in the pool and started splashing around.

After a while they climbed out of the pool, water dripping off their hot bodies, I watched as they dried off.

They laid down and started rubbing lotion güvenilir bahis on, oh god how their skin glowed.

I felt my cock stirring in my shorts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife dearly, but sex has slowed alot over the years, as it tends to once you get married.

I wanted to be the one rubbing lotion on them, how I longed to touch their young, tight bodies.

I knew the twins were home alone, their parents had gone on a cruise and had asked me to keep an eye on them, no wild parties ,that sort of stuff.

I had told them no problem, I would be glad to, I wanted to keep more then an eye on them though.

As I watched, I got a pleasant surprise, they both decided to go topless, they probably figured since their parents were away, it would be alright.

My jaw dropped when I saw Dawn reach over and start rubbing lotion on her Sisters cute little boobs, my hand shot straight down into my shots.

Darryl’s nipples stood up, nice and erect, just like my cock.

It was Dawn’s turn now to have her boobs rubbed with lotion.

I wished I could rub the lotion that was spurting out of my cock on both of them right now.

That night a thunder storm rolled in and it was wild, the sky just lit up over and over, while thunder cracked.

Suddenly I was in darkness, the power had gone out.

I grabbed a flashlight, and started lighting some candles when I heard a knock on my door.

I opened the door and in ran two wet and scared little girls.

It’s alright türkçe bahis girls, just a storm.

We know, we just don’t want to be alone in the dark, we figured you could keep us company until the lights come back on.

I knew they had only run from next door to my house, but they were soaked to the skin and both had T-shirts on that now clung to their boobs, showing off their perky little nipples, no bras.

Dawn caught me staring and giggled, I always knew you were a dirty old man she said, and giggled some more.

I’m not that old, I just turned 33 last week.

We didn’t get you anything, we’ll have to fix that, and she pulled her shirt up over her head, followed closely by her twin.

I just looked back and forth, like a mirror image. I had 4 perky boobs just waiting to be played with.

I don’t know how many times the twins had done this sort of thing to guys before, but they really knew how to handle a guy.

Each took one of my hands and led me to the couch.

Dawn started kissing me, while Darryl undid my shorts, before I knew it I had two mouths in my crotch sucking and licking my hard cock.

Dawn was licking up and down my hard shaft, while her Sister was licking my balls, it was obvious that these girls had done this before.

I reached down and started pinching their erect nipples.

Dawn let go of my cock and let her sister work it, she stripped off her shorts, pushed me down and lowered her bald pussy onto my waiting lips.

She tasted so sweet, I güvenilir bahis siteleri ran my tongue up and down, not wanting to touch her clit just yet.

Darryl stood up, stripped naked as well and climbed onto my hard cock.

I felt her tight pussy gripping my cock, milking it.

I reached up and pinched Dawns nipples, giving them a gentle twist, she loved it and let out a low moan.

The twins were facing each other and I was surprised to see them sucking each others nipples as they rode me.

I was licking and fucking the twins, my fantasy was finally reality.

I licked Dawn’s clit with the tip of my tongue sending a shiver through her, oh fuck yes, right there, lick my clit, oh fuck yes, yes, ohhhh, I just kept on licking.

Darryl was about to reach an earth shattering orgasm herself, mmmmmmmmm, yes oh fuck, deeper, cum inside me now, I want your cum, fuck me, faster, oh yes faster, ohhhhh, yes I’m cummmming.

I couldn’t hold off any longer and shot my load deep inside her as she wanted me to.

Dawn was next, her juices started flowing, as I lapped up the sweet fluid.

Just then the lights came back on, and I really got to see my two sexy little twins.

They both got up, got dressed and each gave me a kiss and thanked me for keeping them company in the dark stormy night.

They also promised that they would return again, if I didn’t object of course.

I reached over and turned off the lights and said “hey the power is still off”.

I can’t wait for the next time, I’ll have to fuck Dawn the next time, and eat her Sisters cute little twat.

My mind is spinning, thinking of things to try with the twins, after all, I only have two weeks and then everything will go back to normal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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