Twelve Hours Pt. 10

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2:30 – 3:30

As they both were recovering for a few minutes – flushed cheeks and goosebumps everyone, I took a few minutes just watching their bodies. Actually, I crawled up to them as they were on their backs and inspected their pussies from up close. Both gorgeous, hot and shaven, and yet so different.

Lily’s pussy, quite pink, with relatively small labia, almost unassuming, just slightly brownish, almost tanned-looking on the edges. Now all gorgeously wet, of course and still sticky of my semen. Spreading these revealed the grand entrance – a gaping small “black hole” where the pleasure would lie.

Alyssa’s one was so different. Clean-shaven, too, of course, but the whole area was considerably more pinkish. Her labia – or folds as I like calling them – were larger and spreading further to the sides making them look like two tiny wings. Spreading and pushing her skin apart here revealed an entrance equally as dark but looking like an even more gaping hole.

As I was playing with these and inspecting them there, they were beginning to come back to, stirring. I sat back some distance away from them. As one can imagine, I already felt rather satisfied. Haven’t quite come yet myself, and I praised myself for holding on for so long, given the ferocity of what we had already done that night. In one way, it was quite difficult to imagine what else this night could bring. On the other, there was no question that these two had more in them and it was not exactly like we’ve depleted in just few hours all the fantasies we had.

In fact, another one of the deepest desires I had was about to occur. I’ll skip to the part when this started taking place. Let’s just go straight to more sex. You might have noticed this is not really much of a “plot” kind of a story, I imagine!

* * *

The next room we visited, just five minutes later, really, was just next door to the pool through the hall. With high marble ceilings, red patterned carpets and some medieval-style paintings on the walls, it only really had four things in it. There was a huge bed here – a four poster one. You couldn’t call it queen-sized or king-sized; this one was much much bigger. It would probably fit 8 people on it, still with some space left. Clearly, made to size and bespoke.

On the bed, though, there was a silvery, crinkly-looking large sheet of foil. Right next to it was a glassy-looking transparent bowl with some kind of liquid in it.

“Is that oil?” I asked.

Alyssa shrugged. “Kinda. Special type of gel.” She stopped, watching my reaction, as if to test it. “Just for you,” she added once establishing I was open to the idea. She was correct – I was. This was one of my fantasies.

The night was short and time was not to be wasted. Seconds later, I was lying face down and Lily was dripping the gel – whatever that was – onto my naked body, rubbing it in. It was a touch cold at first, but I got used to that first. It had no particular smell – was just nice and slippery under her hands.

It was really, though, when Lily started smearing and spreading it over Alyssa’s tits (I looked up from my foil sheet) that it struck me how hot this would be (again). This looked really sexy and very hot – making her body look smooth, shiny, suckable. Like she just stepped out of a bath or shower, but no danger of drying up – always sexy and smooth.

Alyssa straddled my ass first for a hot massage – just using the upper part of her body. Fucking hell – just that smooth touch of her oiled-up tits against my back was enough to get that cock going again. She moved up and down several times – slowly, tantalisingly – lusty like a vixen. Lily moved in next for a similar massage, having just put on some gel on her own tits – now also collecting from my back whatever got left after Alyssa. I felt on my back not only the flesh of her tits, but the grazing of her erect nipples. The familiar stirring in my balls was returning.

Ensuring that my back and the back of my legs were properly well-gelled (somehow paying particular attention to my ass), they turned me over. Lily, grinning like mad, starting now massaging my chest, quickly spreading some new gel from the bowl all over. Then, teasingly she moved quickly up and down my body, her pussy sliding past my re-growing cock.

Alyssa was not planning to wait much longer and dived straight down towards my hardening undershaft. “Oh God,” I moaned as she was beginning to suck me, quickly ensuring it returned to its full throbbing girth from 10 minutes before. She wrapped both of her hands around it, both sucking and doing a handjob on it. The gel from her hands was transferring quickly onto my skin and soon enough I was oiled up – lubed up – and my goodness, it felt fucking good!

Watching this, Lily was already playing with her clit. Alyssa kept looking at me now, sucking me off, speeding up as I stroked her hair. She went for a quick daring deep throat and when she came back up, a trickle of my cum dripped off her tongue. My dick – glistening, shiny, covered in gel with its pink shiny head – looked so hot that it almost aroused me myself. She slipped bahis firmaları it back in almost instantly – strings of cum dancing off her chin.

Lily took over from her seconds later and what she did sent shivers up my spine: she wrapped two hands around my cock moving horizontally in opposite directions against its slippery skin. The already felt like hot streams of air teasing me, sending surges of excitement straight to my head. Above those two hands the sensitive head of my cock was sticking out and her tongue was licking it ferociously already, picking those cum strings that Alyssa hadn’t managed to get like they were spaghetti or something. And then, all of a sudden, she just removed her hands from around the cock, making space for an instant deep throat. “Oh FUCK!” It didn’t much for them to get me there again. The lube seemed to make the sensations more intense – the wet slurping noises just added to it.

Three times in a row she slid the cock all the way in and kept it there, not even gagging, just playing with it against the back of her throat somehow when I was squirming, almost thrashing. Then she would take it out of her moist mouth, gargle the cum out straight back on that rigid dick, take three seconds or so and go back in. As blowjobs are concerned, this is the kind of thing all men dream of (some try to not admit it, but it’s true – we all know it).

When she took a break from it, I used the opportunity to rise up into a sitting position, suddenly becoming aware of the constant rustling of the foil under my ass, which I hadn’t registered before. Wrapping one hand around my own cock, I stretched the other towards Lily’s pussy. She was so fucking wet already, of course. I sucked one of her tits, and she simply moaned out, “Fuck me now.” I was already jerking myself off in anticipation.

I lied down again and Lily quickly straddled me. Her crack touched the tip of my dick as I held it in place, pointing upwards for her. She looked incredibly arousing, all shiny like that. Smoothly, she slid down onto me, my cock stretching her with ease. She moaned loudly. “Oh yeah—” she gasped, I thought almost theatrically. For a split second, we froze before the motor started as if somebody turned the key in the ignition and she started moving against me, impaled and I did my best to meet her ass’s movements. Her pussy’s blazing heat was squashing against my throbbing member.

This was hotter than usual, though. Wherever our bodies touched – the two groins, the abdomens and tits to chest – the thick gooey gel touched two. And there was plenty of it. With our every move, it would stick together in long multiple strings, a bit like cheese does when being fried, melting. Okay, so maybe that’s a bad comparison, but this view blended with the sensations of fucking her were – well, pretty sensational!

Alyssa wasn’t just sitting there. She brought some more oil – in generous quantities – and poured some more on Lily’s ass; spread it around and let it drip down my cock. Lily now rose up to a sitting position. I couldn’t believe it but the added oil seemed to have doubled the pleasure. The surges almost overwhelmed me, particularly as the movements of her ass changed – towards more intense, more circular and more intentional. I glided my hands around her ass – it was unbelievably smooth and slippery – the feeling was just beyond my wildest dreams. Her now constant moaning and the rustling sounds of the foil under us only added to the pleasure. She was now riding me, using me for her pleasure. Her gorgeous shiny nipples were engorged and suckable. She arched her back – pushing her tits to the front – in the ultimate expression of succumbing entirely to pleasure and being cock-filled. I held her ass as tightly as I could, although with difficulty given how slick it was.

Then she suddenly stopped for just a few seconds. She looked down at me in that romantic fashion of hers. I could never figure out if this romantic streak was just a way for her to get to fuck or she wanted to fuck despite being romantic. No matter – she was back to riding me already and this time hard. Her hand on her ass as if to intensify the sensations, moaning, groaning and swearing. In small jump-up movements, she would come back down to meet my oiled-up cock again and again accompanied by the sounds of the greasy skin slapping together. I didn’t really need to do much, she was doing all the work, landing on my cock, using it for her pleasure, and letting out contented growls. Alyssa was behind her adding the oil now and again. I grabbed her tits, hard and, when she slowed down and ground herself in excruciatingly slow oval motion over my cock, I held her animalistically in place as much as I could by them. Most other girls I know would probably start saying something about toxic masculinity and consent; this luscious bitch didn’t even flinch.

Instead, she jumped off me and proceeded immediately to deep throat me with zero warning. “Oh gawwwwd!!” I groaned. She rose up towards Alyssa and kissed her, giving me a few seconds to recover.

But just a few. Clearly, it was Alyssa’s turn now and if her licking kaçak iddaa of her lips while looking at me was anything to go by, she wasn’t planning to waste any more time. She was watching as her friend added some more gel to my chest, spreading it around with those long, slender hot fingers.

She started in a way similar to Lily – lowering herself down on my throbbing cock, riding me. Felt somewhat less tight than her friend, but then it felt I was buried in deeper. Lily instantly went to suck on her tits. With “it feels so good”, Alyssa started bucking against me. Fuck she was dripping wet, wasn’t she! Moaning, she moved forward towards me, supporting herself on the foil on stretched out arms. Immediately, in a frenzy, she put her ass in downwards-upwards motion towards my defenceless cock. Lily didn’t miss a beat and was already slapping it with loud “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” shouts to accompany them. I grabbed Alyssa’s tight titillating ass pumping down towards me as Lily managed to spit down that ass towards my cock.

It was when she added some more gel onto Alyssa’s ass and my cock that the heat, once again, seemed to double. Now I just sensed it made my cock slip inside her as easy as if she was made of butter. Deep, moist and still that fabulous feeling of stretching her from the inside. And of course that gel stickiness all the time. Divine!

Lily was, no question about it, clearly on fire. She was spurring Alyssa on my squeezing and massaging her butt and regularly slapping it. The room was now just filled to the brim with aches, moans, groans and panting. Alyssa’s tits were hanging next to my face but far enough for me not to be able touch them, just be tantalised by them. Smiling wickedly at me, she just moved her ass against me, impaling herself methodically on me. I would only now get the taste of her tits and their nipples when Lily would pull the cock out of her hole from time to time and suck on it before putting it back in. These would be fierce, deep-throat blowjobs – quick and decisive, always to the back of her throat. There would be no time to recover from this as my dick would be in Alyssa’s tunnel a second later and the fucking would begin immediately. Her ass would be slapped and landing hard against my cock would resume. Some people seem to have a problem with being objectified. I don’t have a problem with that – the focus was entirely on the pussy, the ass and using my cock for herself. I was luvin’ it.

Alyssa supported herself against the foil in stretched out arms like Lily did previously; I grabbed her tits. She was picking up the pace quickly, slamming against me with a lion’s ferocity. If you’ve never seen or experienced a woman using you as a tool to her pleasure, you’ve not lived yet. Shouting, screaming, yelling and landing the weight of her ass against me, she was aiming her release, being slapped loudly by her wanton whore of a friend. The final bit involved her shouting out “Oh FUCK YEAH!!”, skipping on my cock, throwing her hips down on me until finally cumming, the walls of her Niagara Falls wet pussy clenching against me.

* * *

Two minutes later. Who would possibly want to just what we did when there are so many other possibilities? First of all, with that pussy just having been stretched by my dick, I wanted to taste it again, let those juices flow down my face. And so she was already straddling my face, grinding herself into my lips. The raw texture of her pussy lips was there for me to enjoy already. That salty, moist taste that I loved so much.

Alyssa leaned back, supporting herself on her arms on the floor – ensuring that up from her pussy I had the view of her entire luscious body spread for me. Darting my tongue into her, I was watching as her moans are muffled by Lily French-kissing her. Lily’s kiss didn’t look passionate. She was consumed by so much fire that it was a kiss demanding obedience, like a mistress treating her slave. It was a “kiss me and shut up” kind of kiss. I attached myself firmly to Alyssa’s clit and pussy now and shook my head sideways putting her body into vibrations. She was moaning loudly again now that Lily stopped kissing her and proceeded to rub her tits with her hands. She pushed her towards me to a more upright position so she could get that cock into her mouth again. I wrapped my hands around Alyssa’s hips now, holding her in place and mounting a relentless tongue attack on her. She was looking down towards me while I was pushing my tongue as deep as I could, tasting those juices dripping directly into my mouth. Alyssa’s voice was now shaky – out of context, one could be fooled to think these were crying sobs, not sobs of passion.

She was cumming soon and this time directly into my mouth while being locked into obedience, getting that pussy eaten. Just as well I was so busy with her; Lily was going down hard on me on the other end – repeatedly, collecting strings of cum, slurping, spitting, gargling, holding my balls and feasting on my dick. When her friend was cumming, turning her head to watch her with a hazed expression, Lily was sucking my greased-up balls into her hot demanding mouth.

She kaçak bahis didn’t give Alyssa much time and pushed her off my mouth soon enough. “Fuck. Me. NOW.” She said the words slowly, clearly and loudly, lying down on the foil, spreading her legs and raising one up for my easy access. This was a woman who knew what she wanted. I knelt next to her. This time, I would be able to do some more ramming, it seemed. Her pussy was flowing with juices so much that it was slurping against my cock. She found her clit with her hand – the position allowed her easy access. From my view, her pussy was seductively shiny; this time, it felt I was able to get in deeper than before. I started with rhythmical methodical movements into the heat.

Amazingly, Alyssa wanted her pussy eaten more. Facing me, she lowered her cunt onto Lily’s face. That alone would’ve been hot to view but when her hands started moulding and squeezing Lily’s oiled up tits, I moaned in appreciation of the sight. What a superb set-up! Me fucking Lily. Lily’s hand rubbing her clit. Her being face-sat by Alysa. Alyssa’s hands kneading her tits. Me leaning towards Alyssa and kissing her. Wow!

I was picking up fucking speed quickly, spurred at every second with how my thrusts moved and pushed Lily’s body around. Despite being face-sat, Lily still managed to utter loud moans against Alyssa’s pussy. I was feeling her pussy now clenching harder against my throbbing dick ramming senselessly into her. I broke the kiss with Alyssa and focused on that entirely. Looking down on my dick fucking a girl has always been my second favourite thing to watch. This is second only to fucking a girl from behind; there is just something about that cock disappear between a girl’s butt cheeks.

With my thrusts becoming more and more forceful and her cunt more responsive to these, Lily was able to focus on licking and sucking her friend’s pussy less and less and was only able to rub her clit harder. It was now Alyssa who was rubbing her pussy onto her while I was holding Lily’s leg higher to get even deeper in. She came soon after, yelling “FUCK YEAH!!” into Alyssa’s pussy. I pinned her down to the floor with my hands.

Alyssa and I sort of left her there to recover. As I pulled out my shaft out of Lily, Alyssa leaned over, her pussy still grinding into Lily’s face, to suck my cock. Accompanied by Lily’s afterglow purring, she slipped my cock in; went shallow but swirled her tongue around its top, pressing against the inside of her cheeks. “Oh baby—” I moaned loudly, surprised by the forcefulness of the sensations.

Remember when I made that comment about my favourite thing to watch being my cock fucking a girl’s ass. Well, I did this for a reason – that’s what came next. Alyssa giving me head was just a quick prelude to just that. The second Lily started recovering, she went on her fours in front of me, setting herself up. There is nothing quite like it: a vixen’s body spread just in front of you, her tits dangling, rubbing the sheets, her long back stretching all the way to her ass and that ass itself, of course, with a butthole and pussy just waiting for you. But most of all that moment when you enter her from the rear and she looks at your from over her shoulder, you being the master and her crawling there in front of you. It’s the feeling of control and her submissiveness that makes it so drugging.

Placing my hands on her ass, I pushed the cock in. The view from above, as expected, did not disappoint – my thick veiny throbbing dick disappearing between the two buttocks, welcomed by the sea of wet and hot. The angle is perfect – it feels like this is the deepest you can get. Lily now back to action was already licking Alyssa’s earlobe, slowly but surely placing a kiss trail down her body, shook by my thrusts, via her back towards her ass. Soon enough, with Alyssa now moaning repeatedly, she was lashing her tongue around her asshole watching my long dick ramming inside the pussy again and again. I just couldn’t not feed her that cock since she was there, giving Alyssa a bit of a break to catch her breath. I didn’t let Lily just suck me off – I grabbed her face and face fucked her until she gagged; then, left her to cough my cum out, immediately returning my cock to Alyssa’s pussy.

We repeated this sequence a couple of times, each time, the face-fucking and the fucking of Alyssa from behind becoming harsher, more punitive and brutal. (They didn’t mind.) Before they treated my cock as an object. Now, I did the same with Lily’s face and Alyssa’s cunt. Ravishing her, I was landing violent thrusts, my balls slapping hard against her. I grabbed her hair and pulled her towards me, rewarded with a squeals of enjoyment and pleasure. My shoves were precise and disciplined, subjugating her to my will. With a wide grin on her face, Lily was stretching her ass-cheeks for me. I so fucking wanted to just come inside her or onto her ass here and then, but knew I still needed to wait for the remained of the night. But – the sex-obsessed whore was now crawling in front of me audibly begging for more. She came soon, her pussy feeling like it was exploding around me into smallest of pieces, grovelling, pleading to “give her more!” eventually just mouthing inarticulate sounds, dragging her tits on the sweaty and greasy foil on the ground, her body convulsing in animalistic throes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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