Three’s Perfect Company

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My name is Ambjorn and I am from Halmstad, Sweden. I am a masseur at a very expensive spa in the United States. My hands are magic and I have many clients who come to me regularly for relaxation, deep muscle and leisure massages.

I excel at deep muscle massages and relaxation massages. I also do special requests. My customers are well to do and take care of me good. I am fortunate to have hands of magic. My fees run from $150 to $1,500 for a massage depending own what my client wishes and the length of the massage.

I meet a lot of “beautiful people” and I get to enjoy the best of the good life thanks to my clientele. I met one of my lovers through a very rich man. He had a younger partner that was very unhappy and he suggested that he come to me for a relaxing massage.

His name was Jorge. He paid me well for my services and I thought of him as just another rich customer. He was also Scandinavian and we shared a lot of the same things. We began our friendship just playing tennis, racket ball and having someone to talk with over dinner.

Soon, the friendship became a little closer than just friends. I did not know that I could ever love another man; but Jorge was so gentle and giving it is difficult not to love him.

One day, while I was massaging his naked body, his pud stiffened and drops of jizz glistened just at the hole. The sight of it made my own dork hard and I became very nervous.

I found myself leaning over him and my tongue touched the shining fluid. The salty taste of it made me blow my wad all over my shorts.

Jorge opened his eyes and he smiled. He reached up to me and pulled me to him. His mouth covered mine and I was consumed with a lust that was foreign to me in all ways.

I was kissing another man. I knew people in my homeland that participated in that type of love; but I myself had always been attracted to the female body. I never found my own choad the least bit erotic.

But for some reason, I wanted to suck that glistening dick and taste his thick cum. Before I had a chance to vocalize these feelings, Jorge sat up and climbed off my table. I was sure he was about to leave.

However, he did not leave. He knelt before me and pulled my shorts off me. He licked his lips and his hot mouth sucked in my half-limp dick. The feeling was unnerving. I wanted to buck my hips back and forth in his mouth as he gently squeezed my scrotum.

Jorge was gentle and strong at the same time. He used his fingers and mouth to give me both pleasure and pain that was as erotic as any coupling I had with a beautiful woman.

It was more exciting than being with a woman because it was so forbidden in this country. At first I was real nervous every time Jorge would come to my table. I wanted it to happen again and then again I didn’t.

One afternoon, after a game of racquetball he invited me to dinner at his favorite club. I agreed to join him and before I knew it I was in a cluster fuck with three other men.

One guy fucked me from behind while another sucked my dick and still another sucked my balls. I became so weak with passion that I fell on top of them. I had never enjoyed sex more than that before.

I thought to myself, ‘You just as well accept it; you will never be happy with a woman, again.’

Before Jorge, I loved massage my female clients. I loved the softness of their breast and with my special female clients I had the additional pleasure of gently brushing over they’re erect clitorises as the spread their legs to allow me access to their inner thighs.

This aroused me immensely. Oftentimes, I would have to cover the wet spot left by my dribbling with a towel on my waistband so they wouldn’t know how they affected me.

I still had female clients, and they still enjoyed my massages. But none of them turned me on after Jorge came into my life. No matter how beautiful and sensual they were; they couldn’t arouse me as he did.

Then Laura came to my table. She was a tall, dark haired beauty. Thin, yet her body was full of shapes and curves any woman would drool over. Her full lips made her smile brilliant and; ankara escort her red hair was accented by her aquamarine eyes.

I loved Jorge, but I wanted the feel of a soft woman again. I longed to touch her skin and feel it close to mine. I longed for the scent of the gentle fragrance of her expensive perfume, which she dotted under her earlobes and between her legs.

Each time she came to my table my body responded to her the way it did to Jorge. I loved them both. I wanted them both.

Jorge did not want a woman in my life. He used me and controlled me only fulfill his own pleasures. Sometimes he came to my table when he didn’t have an appointment just to assure himself that I wasn’t giving my cock to anyone but him.

One day he dropped by when Laura was there. She was naked on my table, only a towel covered her breasts and muff. I was massaging her inner thighs when he walked in without even knocking.

Shocked, she raised her head to see who had interrupted her sensual massage.

“Jorge, I have a customer here now; can you come back another time?” I asked as calmly as I possibly could. I didn’t wish to make a scene.

“No, I can’t. I need to see you!” He looked at Laura and then said, “Privately!”

“Can’t it wait until I finish with this customer?” I asked through clenched teeth. “No, I’m afraid it can’t; it’s really important!” he snapped back.

I turned to Laura and excused myself. She smiled and nodded her head.

I grabbed Jorge by his arm and pulled him into my office. “You have no right to push me around like I’m you ‘boy’ I whispered loudly.

“What are you doing with that slut on your table?” He asked me.

“She’s a good paying customer and I highly doubt she’s a slut!” I argued in her favor.

“Well, she’s a bitch and you don’t need to be around her. I want you to come with me right now. I need your mouth. I’m horny as can be and I need to shoot!”

I kneeled in front of him and pulled his zipper down slowly. I released his belt and the button that held his pants on. They fell softly to the floor with a whoosh.

My cock instantly got hard as I knelt before him and covered his prick with my mouth. My tongue circled around the large head and I tasted his salty precum. The pain grew in m scrotum and I wanted to spill my seed too.

Jorge insisted that I not spill my seed until he had had his pleasures so I held my prick tight in my hand as my mouth sucked his long pipe.

His hand guided my head; first fully covering his length then only tantalizing the acorn shaped head; being sure to flick my tongue in and out of the oozing hole.

As he came close to filling my mouth, his hips slapped my face faster and faster until his cumwad splashed down my throat and overflowed down my chin. Then he fell to the thick carpet that covered the floor and lay there; seed still pumping from his prick.

“Lick it up sweet boy, you know your daddy loves you. Clean me up or I’ll tell that bitch out there that you like man cock; not sweet pussy!” he threatened.

I knew he would do it; because he had told others about my love of his dick. I didn’t want to lose Laura as a customer let alone the chance to make her my female lover. I did as I was commanded.

I licked his choad from tip to base and sucked in his heavy balls using my tongue to massage them as I stuck my middle into his ass.

“That’s it baby boy, make your daddy happy and he’ll let you have your bitch out there. She’s just a play toy anyway; we know you want a real man to take care of you.”

He pushed me off his dick and pulled me up by mine. “Dinner’s at six, don’t be late. I need you there tonight.”

“Yes, I’ll be there.”

Jorge patted me on the head like a favorite puppy and then slapped my ass as I was pulling up my shorts.

“Good boy!” he said and walked out the back door.

To my surprise, Laura still lay on the table. She was laying face up and her arms were under the sheet that covered her. She seemed shocked when I came back into the room. Quickly, she pulled her hands above the sheet and asked if anything was wrong.

“Oh escort ankara no, he’s my cousin and it seems we have a bit of a problems with some members of our family. I’m sorry for the interruption. You can have this massage for free.” I guaranteed her.

“That won’t be necessary. I understand.” She assured me.

She pulled the sheets off her naked body and her full beauty stunned me. I grew hard once again.

When she noticed my conspicuous hard-on she asked, “Do you need help with that?”

Embarrassed, I looked down and blushed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to be so obvious. It’s just that you are such a beautiful woman.” I stammered.

“Don’t be sorry, but I would love to take care of that for you!” she said with a devilish smile.

I looked at her then at the door. I locked the door and climbed on the table with her. I knelt above her and before she took my dick in her pussy, she took it in her mouth.

She slipped her thick red lips up and down the shaft, all the way to my fur. She had no problem swallowing my length of eight inches.

Once I popped out, she licked her lips and asked, “Can I have more? I like that sweet taste of yours.”

I swallowed hard and nodded my head up and down quickly. “You want to suck me or fuck me?”

“I want it all; I’m use to having it all!” she smiled once again.

I climbed onto the table and slipped my hard prick out of my shorts. Laura slipped her long fingers into my waistband and pulled my shorts off of me.

Then she slipped off of the table and forced me to lie down. She ran her long manicured fingernails down my chest to my abdomen to my fur. She tangled her fingers in my fur then opened her mouth and swallowed my dick half way down her throat.

I was in love, lust, and I craved her. I wanted her for my own. My mind said that Jorge would never allow me to have her; but my body said that I couldn’t live without her.

For the next two hours she taught me more about sex than anyone in my life. Her mouth was on fire and the way she scraped my testicles with her nails and the nibbled on them, softly with her teeth.

My legs trembled and I felt I could hardly breathe. She sucked me and fed me my own seed from her mouth. Then she fucked me again and left me trembling from the passion of her body.

When she was finished with me she just rolled off the table and took my hand. “Would you like me to be your girlfriend?” she whispered breathlessly.

“Oh my gaud, yes! More than air itself; I need and want you in my life.”

Laura smiled and kissed me on the lips as she squeezed my balls once again. “I’ll be your girlfriend and I’ll drive you mad in the bed. Just make sure that you keep me relaxed. And make me happy. I love your tongue and I want you to tongue fuck me often. And when your boyfriend gets angry, just tell him to come to me. I’ll take care of him.”

Embarrassed, I shook my head; I didn’t know what else to do.

Once she had dressed, she walked up to me again and grabbed my balls. “These are mine; I know he wants them, but they are mine. Remember that!”

“Yes, ma’am I will remember that.”

She kissed me hard on the mouth as she once again grabbed my balls. Then she turned and headed for the door.

As it closed softly, I longed to have her in my arms again and to lick and suck every inch of her body.

Reluctantly, I returned to Jorge that night and pleasured him in all of the ways that he enjoyed. I rimmed him three times and let him butt fuck me three times. He sucked my dick and squeezed my balls until I cried out in pain. Then he kissed them and sucked them into his mouth.

“You like me to be rough with you don’t you my sweet boy?” he whispered in my ear as he tied a rubber band around them. “This will make you a happier fellow tomorrow; all your seed will be trapped until I release you.”

It was a pleasurable pain. That night he sucked my cock and squeezed my tight balls between his fingers off and on. “You really like this don’t you baby boy?” he asked me repeatedly.

“Yes, Jorge, I love the way it feels. Makes me stronger ankara escort bayan each time you bind me. Can I please suck your balls now? I am so horny and I need to have some kind of release.

“No, get on your knees and I’ll take care of you.” he responded.

I knelt on the side of the bed and he rolled off of the bed and took my hips between his large hands. First he slapped my buttocks hard with a paddle then he spread my cheeks wide. He inserted a thick dildo and pushed it in and out of my hole until it no longer shrunk. The he rimmed me with his tongue while massaging my bound testes.

It was a sweet and painful pleasure. My dick wanted to cum but the sensations were more powerful than I could ever have imagined.

Jorge sucked my head. He would not go down my shaft. He refused to let me cum. The pain was euphoric; I didn’t want him to stop. That night he couldn’t stop touching me in one way or another.

He was determined to see me pleasured, as I had never been.

Around nine o’clock, Jorge decided that it was time for ice cream. He got a pint and sat at the foot of the bed. He took a scoop out of the container then rubbed it on my swollen head.

He kissed me then put some ice cream in his mouth and sucked my humming cock. The sensations were extraordinary and my body convulsed with strange pleasures that I don’t think I could ever explain.

Then he put the cold ice cream on my nipples and placed his cat on my chest. The cat licked at my nipples and my dick strained to release the fluids trapped in my strontium.

Pain shot through my stomach and I cried out with a whimper. Then he put the ice cream on my balls and placed the cat between my legs.

It licked and nuzzled me into a delirium. I wasn’t sure I could remain conscious through the ordeal.

“Why are you punishing me like this, Jorge?” I finally asked.

“Because I saw you with that slut today. You are my lover, not hers and I will not share you with her!”

“Why can’t I have both of you?” I pleaded.

“Because I claimed you first!” he cried. “Now it’s time for you to sleep. So sleep!” he said and turned off the lights.

I had to pee and fumbled my way through the darkness to the bathroom. I stood over the toilet but had a problem getting it to come out. It was painful when it finally came, too.

The next morning, Jorge released my balls and allowed me to go to my shop. I had a lot of appointments and was busy all day. I didn’t get out until almost ten o’clock.

When I opened the door to the apartment Laura was standing there talking to Jorge. They both turned and looked at me as I walked in.

“What’s going on here?” I asked.

“Your bitch here came to tell me to lay off of you and let you choose who to love. I told her it was none of her business.” Jorge quickly answered.

“Don’t you think it’s my choice who I sleep with?” I asked.

Laura turned to Jorge and said, “See I told you it was up to him. Now let him decide!”

“Okay,” George said, “You choose!” Anger was in his words.

“I want both of you. I love Laura, I love you too Jorge. Each of you gives me something I need. Why can’t we just be a threesome? Why do I have to choose?” Jorge stayed silent. Laura looked from him to me. So I continued.

“We could all three make love together. You each have parts of me you prefer and I love the way each of you touch me. Why can’t we just live together happily ever after?”

Jorge looked at Laura who, in turn, looked at me and then back to him. She lifted her blouse and waggled her titties at Jorge and then lifted her skirt and flaunted her smooth sexy cunt.

Jorge went to his knees and slid between her legs. His tongue slipped between her pussy lips and she moaned with pleasure, placing her hands on top of his head for support.

I crawled up behind her and started licking her ass and tonguing her anus. She whimpered and placed her hand on our heads for support.

When her legs gave out we carried her to our bed and the three of us sucked, fucked and shared fluids for the rest of the night. Now we are a threesome that shares every thing and every part of ourselves with one another.

Laura is pregnant; we don’t know whose baby it is; but it will be the most loved baby in the world with three parents to give it all that it needs.


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