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Let me explain why we are where we are today, in my first two years at the university and no sexual relief with the absence of Keith, I reverted back to the library where we had most of our affair. Some of the encounters I had the guys would tell me of other places to find like minded men. The student study lounge was a good place and if you wanted real hot and wild go there after 11pm because it was open 24 hours. The bathrooms at the athletic fields was a good place for a morning or afternoon romp and the Administration building was another place to find the more mature crowd. The guys would also tell me of some of the cruising spots in town like at the mall, a few of the discount department stores and the parks.
One spring afternoon I decided to check out the athletic field and was sitting on a bleacher when I see a young man in tennis shorts and polo, he walked in and then came out a few minutes later but just paced back and forth. When he noticed that I kept watching him he tugged his crotch and went back inside, I knew that signal and followed behind him. As I stepped in the door he already had his polo pulled over his head and fly open standing next to the sinks facing the door. I could see the outline of his stiff dick under his briefs, his smooth and tight chest. I waked over to the urinal that was closest to the sinks and pulled mine out but nothing happened. He moved to the urinal beside me and dropped his shorts and briefs “it always helps me to give my dick freedom” as he pissed through his semi-hard dick then shook it as to clear every drop out of it. As he did that he became fully erect, looked over at me with my now raging hard cock “Can I help you with that?”
Before I could say anything he had turned me to face him and planted his tongue deep in my mouth as he unfastened my belt and top button. I put my hand behind his head pulling him into me as I played with his balls. He moaned and looked at my dick, his eyes got big “Oh man! I love that … cock … uh … ring!” he dropped to his knees and started playing with the ring making my cock bob up and down. I loved the way his hands felt playing with my ring, spinning it around and around tickling my balls. By this point I did not care about anything but his mouth and hands so I pushed the head of my cock against his lips and mouth which he opened wide letting it slide in slowly. His lips closed around it with tongue wiggling around the head as I pushed harder. My cock was choking him but I pushed harder next thing I know there was another guy standing beside me jacking his dick and trying to take my place but I wouldn’t let him. That was my mouth now and I was going to feed it so the other guy stepped behind him and kept jacking.
This was so hot that I had to take his cock and work it with my hand, the moans vibrating on my cock kocaeli escort and the swelling dick in my hand was so exhilarating! Realizing that both of them had curly jet black hair and the same features that they were twins so I pulled the other one in and kissed him. Our tongues wrestled as I pounded the others mouth “He sucks good, but I kiss better” he said as his cock started to pound my fist faster. “I am getting so close! ( looking down) And so is my brother!” he got down on the floor and took one lap with his tongue and a load of cum shot into the waiting mouth then another and another. When he had finished cleaning the cock he stood and shot his load on my face and my pubes. I shoved in one last time feeling my juices squirt on the mouth and on both of their cheeks. We dressed and went our separate ways very satisfied and I was turned on by the thought of finding another such encounter again.
A few weeks later I was at the student center book store and I saw an older student hanging in the supply section near the bathroom and he seemed more focused on the door than the objects in front of him. His tight jeans showed off his bubble butt and a nice slender bulge down his left leg, my mouth was watering. As I passed by him I made sure my hand brushed against his ass glancing back I said excuse me and walked into the bathroom. There was only one stall and one urinal and the sink; it could have been bigger if it wasn’t for the small vestibule going into it. I stood in the stall hoping he would follow me, which he did, when he went to the urinal I turned and pushed my shorts down and sat. He stood there playing with himself leaning back to see what I was doing. So I leaned back to let him see what I had to offer using my right hand to give him full view.
After a minute or so he stepped back with his button down shirt open revealing a hairy chest and trail leading down to his thick uncut cock. Leaning in he started to play with my manhood so I stood up to give him a better look and feel. Kissing his cheek and then lips I took his in my hand pushing the foreskin back and forth causing him to moan softly. All of a sudden we were cock to cock hands and fingers entwined as it they were one stroking together. Our kisses became more passionate, our breathing heavier and the head of my cock buried under the skin of his manhood like conjoined twins. Our breathing became more synchronized and faster, he plunged his tongue deep in my mouth as if he was trying to get inside my body. I returned the kiss and knew I could not hold back any longer and he felt the same.
Our orgasms climaxed together and our loads were trapped inside his foreskin we both kissed and smiled at each other still clamping hard to keep the juices inside that swelled up skin. When we finally separated the cream hit the floor and splattered kocaeli escort bayan as I ran my hands over his furry chest. I slowly pulled his boxers up, then his jeans, buttoned his shirt up and tucked it in before zipping and fastening his jeans. As he turned to leave he said to me “I want more of that! Meet me here tomorrow at the same time?” I nodded in agreement. After a few months I found out he was married but craved man sex and the anonymity of our encounters so I met him less often but enjoyed our jack off sessions.
Another hot spot was the arboretum which was lush with trees, plants and bushes along with the flowers; I loved to go there for just some quiet time to reflect, think and daydream. One day I was sitting there on one of the benches and heard a rustling in the bushes then a “Psst! Psst! Psst!” I turned and saw a dick between two of the bushes inviting me over. Don’t you know I had to investigate the action. When I got there it was a fraternity boy from two houses over. I thought he had been checking me out, but now the truth was out.
Travis confessed to me that he had been getting his rock off there for a few years but got nervous when he saw me because he had fantasies about me. I looked down and saw his boner it was nice and thick with the tastiest mushroom head, I smiled at him and asked if he wanted me to help him with that problem. Before he could answer me I was on my knees kissing the head and a drop of the sweet pre-cum formed liking it off the slit I savored the taste and swallowed his cock whole and to the base. His legs got weak so I grabbed his butt to support him as I slowly took long deep laps on the wonderful cock. “Shit yesss!” (He hollered out) “You suck so fuckin? good!” I know I kept it going like that for at least 15 minutes before I stopped and started sucking on his balls that were now firm.
Travis started to grind them into my face, as he did my own cock started pressing hard in my jeans so I stood and pulled it out to relieve the pressure. “Oh shit man! Fuck my next class this is going to take a while!” I smiled at him and introduced myself and he did the same I put our cocks together and kissed him deep in the mouth. “I like to know who I am kissing” (I whispered in his ear) “and eating their love juice!” I went back down on my knees and ate his cock like there was no tomorrow pulling his pants and briefs to his ankle. His mushroom felt so good in my mouth and I wanted to enjoy every inch of his 8 inch dick and he knew how to use it and prolong the stay. I started working harder to make him set his cock free while working on my own. With unexpected pleasure he grabbed my head and started fucking my face! The force of his fucking made me let lose of my own orgasm splattering his briefs with my cum and then I felt his warm cum sliding down my throat 7 huge izmit escort globs choking me as I swallowed every drop.
“Trey that was the hottest explosion I have ever had! Can I return the favor?” I kissed him and helped him fasten his pants, patted his but and nodded in agreement. We sat on the bench outside the bushes he was pressed tight against my side and I gave him my phone number thinking he had not said a thing about his wet briefs. I got back to my room that evening waiting for his call, I knew it would come. As I started to log our encounter in my private journal I realized that he had part of my last entry on the page I ripped out to give him my number. Shit I thought to my self that I was in trouble when the phone rang, it was Travis wanting to know if he could come over and return the journal entry and that it was hot but did not want the other guys at his house to find it. I agreed to meet him at the study hall at 10pm knowing that at that time it would be slow.
When he walked in I noticed a swing in his hips, he was even cuter than I remembered, shaggy blonde hair hanging off his shoulders and a nice trimmed mustache. He was wearing a pair of sweat shorts and tank top revealing a muscular torso and legs man he was hot! He sat next to me on the couch and passed me the paper back but he added his number next to mine with it circled by a heart. “Call me with a date and time for you to receive your payment” he smiled and put his hand on my leg and I felt the tingle of his willing touch. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him deep, he tensed up and then relaxed, “How about here and now?” I said and took his shaft in my hand, reached under his shorts massaging his balls and shaft. The feel of it swelling in my hand was exhilarating and exciting doing this in front of what few people were there he placed his hand on top of mine and the shorts. His briefs were still damp from earlier and turned me on and the swelling in my jeans became very apparent to Travis.
Travis got so excited he forgot where we were and unzipped my jeans and pulled my dick out and took it to the base loving every inch of it. It was so intense that I almost lost it rite then. I regained my composure and led him by the hand to the bathroom and pulled him into the handicapped stall, like animals we kissed and undressed each other down to just our shoes and socks. He was on his knees so fast worshiping my cock and fingering my balls and ass as I fucked his face for about 20 minutes and I heard the sounds of him getting close and the grip of his mouth became more intense. I felt the warmth of his siemine on my leg and my own orgasm shot into his mouth and all over his face and chest. I pulled him up to me licking my cum off his face and kissing him as we ground our bodies together the passion of the moment was unreal broken only by his words “I can’t do this again (long pause) or I might want more”. I smiled at him, kissed him again and said “We’?ll see.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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