The Virgin’s Club

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It was the day after Graduation from High School, and the four best friends would spend the summer together as they had planned.

Come September they were all heading to different Colleges.

The girls had been inseparable ever since they all met in their Freshman year.

The girls were all different, except of course for the twins, Becky and Bonnie, Blonde, 5’4″,small tits, 34B, and cute round butts. Both had turned 18, back in March, Bonnie of course was the older twin by all of 7 minutes.

Then there was Kim, Asian, 4’11”, 36C, and her black hair hung down past her perfectly cute tight ass. She too was 18, just last week, she was the youngest of the group, and the others always reminded her of it.

The forth girl was Lisa, her parents were an Interracial couple, her Dad was Black and her Mom was White, so Lisa had light colored skin, very pretty. She also had the biggest boobs of the four girls, 38DD, and she was damn proud of her big titties, as well as her butt. Lisa was also the tallest, 5’9″, she was without a doubt the leader of their group. She was also the oldest at 19.

The girls had plenty of opportunities for sex during High School, they had all played around, but they were all still virgins.

They decided to make a pact, they would all get their cherries popped before they started College.

They all agreed that they couldn’t just go out and grab any guy and ask to be fucked. It had to be special, not just a one night stand.

The first couple of weeks went by, and so far the virgin club was still just that, no luck.

That was about to change, the twins both worked together at the local Pizza restaurant, and one day in walked twin brothers, Mike and Mark.

The pair of twins hit it off right away. Before they left they asked if they could take them out on a double date, and the girls agreed.

That weekend they all got together and went out to the movies, and then out to eat.

The girls really liked the brothers, tall and handsome, and so muscular.

Becky was with Mike, and Bonnie was with Mark, but looking at the two couples it would be difficult to know who was whom.

Over the next few weeks they went out a lot, amusement parks, water parks, today the guys were taking them to the beach.

The guys loved seeing the girls in their skimpy bikinis, they rubbed lotion on them and both were getting so turned on.

They went back to the brothers house, their parents had gone away for the weekend. The girls were certain that tonight would be the night.

They had been doing a lot of necking the past few weeks.

Becky had told Bonnie that one night when they snuck off to be alone she had given Mike a blowjob.

Bonnie said Mark had sucked her tits while she gave him a handjob.

They made something to eat, and started watching T.V., Becky made the first move, she whispered in Mike’s ear, he took her hand and led her to his room.

As soon as they got in the room they started kissing, Mike reached for her top and pulled it off quickly, and pulled the string from her bikini top.

His mouth sucked at her left nipple while his fingers pinched at the other.

Meanwhile out in the living room, Bonnie was making her move, she pushed Mark down on the couch and pulled his shorts and boxers down.

She took his hardening cock into her mouth and sucked deeply.

Becky wasted no time, she pulled her shorts down along with her bikini bottoms.

Mike took off his clothes and was noticeably excited, his cock was hard as a rock.

Becky than told Mike that she was a virgin.

He couldn’t believe this hot girl standing naked in front of him could still be a virgin.

Bonnie had different ideas, she wasn’t about to tell Mark antalya escort and maybe frighten him off. She new she was ready, she climbed on top and positioned his ragging hard cock at her opening.

She sank down with all her weight, it hurt and she let out a scream that could be heard by her sister down the hall in Mike’s room.

Mike told her he would be gentle, if she was really certain that this was what she wanted.

Becky gave him her answer by grabbing his hard cock and leading him over to the bed.

She laid down and he had her raise her ass up so he could slip a pillow under her.

Mike got between Becky’s legs and stroked his cock up and down her already wet pussy lips.

Becky looked into his eyes and shook her head.

Mike eased the tip of his cock inside, and without warning gave a big shove.

This time it was Bonnie who could hear her sisters cries.

The twins both thought it was fitting they should lose their virginity to a pair of twins on the same night.

The next day the twins told Lisa and Kim about Mike and Mark. Bonnie had actually come in first, but this wasn’t a contest.

Kim told the girls that she could be next, she had a new neighbor and that they had already gone out twice.

The girls were surprised when Kim started describing her new guy.

His name is Steve, he’s tall 6’5″, and he is 25.

He must tower over you, and he’s 7 years older.

Kim didn’t care what the others thought, all she cared about was Steve, he treated her special.

He always held her hand when they walked. He wasn’t like any other guy she had dated in High School, he was much more mature.

Steve called Kim and asked her if she would like to go away with him for the weekend.

He new that they had only been out twice so far, but he really felt something for her and hoped that she did for him as well.

Kim was an adult, she could do what she wanted, and she wanted Steve.

They drove up to the Lake, it was a really nice drive. They stopped along the way and got a bite to eat, and got a few groceries.

They arrived about an hour later. Steve had rented a cabin by the Lake, it was beautiful.

They changed into their swimwear and headed down to the Lake.

Later that night Steve lit a fire in the fireplace and they sat down and started kissing.

Steve started caressing Kim’s boobs through her top, he could tell she was really nervous.

He asked her if she had ever done this before?

She just looked away.

Steve placed his hand on her chin and turned her face towards his. He told her that it was alright, he wouldn’t do anything that she wasn’t ready for.

Kim knew that Steve would never force her to do anything against her will.

Kim was feeling foolish, she placed her hand on his and raised it back to her breast.

She smiled and said please, show me, teach me. I want my first time to be with someone I trust and who I have feelings for.

Steve slowly caressed Kim’s breast, he started to undo the buttons on her blouse.

Once he removed it, he cupped her breast in his hand. Seeing no resistance, he reached around and unclasped her bra, letting her boobs fall free.

Steve admired her perfectly formed breast, his mouth lowered and he let his tongue circle around her nipple, flicking his tongues against it sending shivers up Kim’s spine.

Steve took Kim’s small hand in his and laid it in his lap.

Kim could already feel his cock swelling under her touch.

He whispered in her ear, she did as he asked and unbuckled his belt, and undid the button, and slowly pulled down the zipper.

Kim let out a gasp, the bulge inside his boxer shorts was huge.

Steve stood up and fethiye escort his pants fell to his ankles. He stood directly in front of her and told her to pull his boxers down.

She placed her fingers inside the waistband and slowly pulled downward, his cock sprang forward, almost hitting her in the chin.

Kim couldn’t believe the size of his cock, she had seen a few in High School, she gave the occasional hand job.

His cock was a good 10 inches long, maybe more.

Steve asked her if she wanted to touch it?

She reached her hand up and slowly wrapped her fingers around it. It felt so warm in her fingers. She started stroking his cock, paying close attention to his cockhead.

He than asked her if she wanted to lick it?

Kim very slowly leaned forward and gave it a lick. Kim could tell that this felt good to Steve.

Kim continued to stroke and lick at Steve’s cock, she even tried to suck his cock into her mouth, but she could only manage about 4 inches.

Steve didn’t care, he was truly enjoying Kim’s eagerness to learn how to please him.

She was really working his cock now, stroking it faster and faster, she had the head of his cock inside her mouth and he was about to cum.

Steve told her, expecting her to pull off, but instead, she continued sucking and when he shot his load, she tried to swallow but there was too much.

He aimed his cock at her boobs and came all over them.

Kim took a shower to wash all the cum off her boobs and they got in bed. He didn’t want to rush her.

When Kim woke up in the morning, she felt something very unusual, and then she realized what was happening.

Steve was between her legs and was licking her pussy.

Kim had masturbated many times, and even let one guy finger her pussy, but nothing ever felt this good.

Kim ran her fingers through Steve’s hair, letting him know she was enjoying this new way of waking up.

His tongue felt wonderful, the things he was doing down there.

Oh my god, suddenly he started sucking on her clit.

That was all she needed, she started cummming, Steve continued licking. She pressed his head further into her pussy.

Kim started screaming, Oh Steve, Steve, now, now Steve, I want you to fuck me now.

Steve reached over on the nightstand, and grabbed a bottle of lube, he smeared it all over his long hard cock.

Steve position Kim on her hands and knees, he brought his cock up to her pussy and used his fingers to spread her cuntlips apart.

Kim could feel the tip of his cock, coated in the lube.

He grabbed her by the hips and penetrated her in one quick motion.

Kim let out a squeal.

Steve remained still.

Steve waited for Kim to let out her breath, and he slowly pulled backwards.

He could clearly see some blood on his cock as he pulled out.

He was almost all the way out when he shoved forward again. This time it didn’t hurt as much, but he was still stretching her cunt wide.

Steve started fucking her faster now, and Kim was really starting to enjoy getting fucked by this big thick cock.

She couldn’t believe it was happening, yesterday she was a scared little girl, today, she was a woman.

She had no idea how long Steve had been fucking her, but she was starting to feel an orgasm building like never before in her life.

Suddenly she erupted, she was squirting cunt juices from her pussy, even Steve was surprised.

Steve pulled his cock out and she bent down and opened her mouth wide, she sucked and sucked, trying once again to swallow his load, but once again there was just too much.

She would have to work on that she thought to herself.

When Kim got back from her kaş escort weekend away, she told the others about Steve and his giant cock.

She knew they wouldn’t believe her so she had asked Steve if she could take a photo of his cock. Well she had the proof, all 10 inches of hard cock.

Lisa knew she was the last remaining virgin, she didn’t want to go off to College still a virgin, College guys might not like that she thought.

When Lisa got home she was feeling, well she didn’t really know what it was she was feeling, but she knew she wasn’t really happy.

When she walked in the door however things changed quickly.

On the table was a Bouquet of flowers, with a note saying they were for her.

When she opened up the note she smiled wide. The flowers were from a guy who she really liked a lot a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately his family moved away and she thought she would never see him again.

Jeff was back in town, his new job needed him to move back, and the first thing he did was send her flowers.

In the note he left his cell phone number, she called right away.

They must have talked for over an hour, his phone was running low on power, so he asked if he could pick her up that night and take her out.

Jeff pulled up at Lisa’s house and was greeted by a big hug and a kiss.

Lisa realized how much she missed him, she had been heartbroken when his family moved away.

Jeff took her out to the nicest restaurant, they sat side by side, and talked. It was almost as if they had never been apart.

Jeff took her back to his apartment, she knew it was their first date, but not really. She didn’t care, this wasn’t a one night stand, she still had feelings for Jeff and he did for her as well.

Everything happened so fast, they had both stripped naked and were on his bed rolling around kissing.

Lisa had sucked his cock once before, and she wasted little time, she engulfed his ragging hard cock, sucking his cock all the way in.

Lisa really knew how to suck a guys cock, she learned how to deepthroat a guys cock last year, and she really enjoyed it.

Jeff was amazed at Lisa’s cock sucking talents, but he also wanted to please her as well.

He turned her a bit and Lisa could feel his tongue on her pussy, he had turned this into a 69.

Jeff couldn’t keep from cummming, Lisa’s deepthroating was too much for him to handle. He shot his load and she swallowed every drop, she sucked him dry.

Jeff really started to work her cunt over now, he started flicking his tongue against her clit, that did it, she was cummming, he slid a finger inside and that’s when he found out, he couldn’t believe it, she was still a virgin.

After she finished cumming, Jeff asked her, you are still a virgin, aren’t you?

She told him she was, then she told him she wanted him to be her first. Seeing him again after all this time, she knew how she felt.

Jeff’s cock was already hard again. He told her to lay down on the bed. He took her ankles in his hands and spread her legs wide apart.

She took ahold of his cock and guided him right up to her wet, waiting pussy.

Jeff pushed his cock in, she bit at her lip as she felt his cock move deeper.

He gave a big shove downward and was in to the hilt.

Jeff started fucking her in long slow strokes outward, and ramming his cock back in hard and fast.

Lisa’s orgasm started slow, and it started building and building, she was having multiple orgasm, one right after the other, wave after wave.

Jeff told her he was getting close, he asked her if he could try something he always had wanted to do?

He pulled his cock out and placed it between her big titties, and started fucking her tits until he shot his load.

The girls got together before heading off to College, Lisa told them about Jeff.

They all look at each, smiled, and gave each other very tight hugs, they promised to remain friends forever. After all they were the virgins no more club.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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