The Piercing

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“It’s no good,” said the 47-year-old Nga, “You can stop trying to make it bigger. Your clit isn’t big enough. Only 10% of women are like me and have a proper clit piercing. I’ll have to try a Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing if I can make it bigger, or if I can’t do that, then a common vertical clit hood piercing that anyone can have. Try again.”

My 35-year-old wife Ngoc sat on the chair naked from the waist down except for her 4-inch heels, her breasts swelling against a T-shirt 2 sizes too small, and spread her shaven cunt, and with her wet fingers teased her aroused clit trying to will it larger. Nga, the owner of a beauty shop in Springvale, Melbourne, Australia took a quick look.

“Useless,” she exclaimed. “There’s only one chance.”

It was funny. Both women were Vietnamese but different. My wife Ngoc was Chinese Vietnamese 35 years old, 5 ft 7 (170cm), 35B 28 36, 8 and a half stones (54kilo), a bit chubby, long black fine silky hair, long face, light-skinned and short-legged, while Nga was 12 years older at 47, shorter at 5 foot 2 (157cm), 30A 20, 29, 7 stone (44 kilos), a small pinched round face, short thick-haired, and darker-skinned with surprisingly long legs. Both however were immaculately made up Nga like most Vietnamese wanted to run her own business, while my wife, perhaps because she was born in Australia enjoyed staying at home, clothes shopping, cosmetics shopping, jewellery shopping. Did I say she liked shopping? Yes, and spending my money. But she was worth it, being great in bed and also a trophy for an older, balding, overweight Aussie to display at Business lunches etc.

Nga pressed the foot control and the gynecologist like chair reclined to a horizontal position and then she clamped Ngoc’s wrists and ankles to the restraints before blindfolding her. She pressed another foot control and Ngoc’s legs were elevated and forced back into a bent position similar to a woman giving birth.

“There are no distractions now. Relax and concentrate only on the sensations,” she instructed as she knelt in the open space between Ngoc’s splayed open tethered legs and lowered her face to Ngoc’s pussy and extended her tongue. Slowly, gently she traced the length of the shaven slit; her tongue widening the opening with each deliberate pass. As my wife’s lips opened she pressed her exploring tongue deeper into the wet flesh. Gradually she quickened the pace of each pass till Ngoc’s hood and small covered clit was exposed. Nga’s tongue went into overtime. Her face was soon covered in my wife’s love juice, which I could see as she came up briefly for air before she used two fingers to stretch and spread Ngoc’s skin-tight above her hood and small quivering clit.

“Ahh Ahhhh ohhh aahhh oohhh.” Ngoc was moaning rhythmically and her fingers were digging into the chair’s arm padding, and her leg and arm muscles were strained taut. Nga kept eating my wife and visible tremors rippled through Ngoc’s body as Nga’s tongue fucked my captive wife.

“EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” Ngoc’s moaning had become a shrill whine and her fingers were bunched that tightly the knuckles were white. Nga responded by shifting the hand from above Ngoc’s clit to my wife’s cunt entrance and drove two fingers into the shuddering Ngoc and proceeded to finger fuck and eat her simultaneously.

Ngoc was out of control. She was humping her hips wildly and willingly meeting the tongue and fingers fucking her but this just caused Nga to lose contact with her cunt. All her restraint was finished and she just needed to cum. Nga lifted her face and told me to fasten the hip restraint before resuming her cunt eating.

As my wife screamed she was going to cum soon Nga reacted. She slowed down till Ngoc grunts became rhythmical again. I wondered why and soon had my answer. Nga’s other hand unbuttoned the bottom of her white uniform, sought and found her thong, pulled it to one side and started stroking her cunt. Nga turned her face sideways and saw the swelling in my pants. She pressed the foot control and the chair and Ngoc moved past the horizontal into an inclined position allowing Nga to rise from her kneeling position into a bent-over standing one. She hoisted her uniform to her waist and lowered her minuscule thong to the floor and waited, one finger on her lip indicating silence.

Some people accuse me of being slow on the uptake but not this time. I was in like Flynn working my cock up her cunt passage, feeling Nga pressing back to take me fully. She worked the three of us: keeping the unknowing Ngoc moaning, groaning, swearing and pleading to cum but not taking her over the edge; monitoring my arousal and her own so that as I exploded in her she came too.

At that moment I and Nga came, Ngoc felt the sting of the sterile 7 gauge needle passing through the first layer of skin, then the second thicker pain of the needle passing through the harder interior of the clit hood, then the release of the needle passing through and out the other side. illegal bahis It was painful. It was over and Nga had used the 10 gauge needle, needle holder and Pennington forceps to piece Ngoc’s clit hood and fix a 21-carat gold 10 gauge captive bead ring into her.

Stepping back she picked up her thong and put it in her pocket, buttoned up her uniform, took off the blindfold and released the wrist and hip clamps. Without any shred of dignity, my wife masturbated to orgasm in front of us; her fingers frigging her clit under the pierced hood as Nga released all restraints and powered the chair to upright.

“I tried my best. Your clit is too small. I had to do the ordinary vertical hood piercing,” Nga stated as a sobbing Ngoc removed the blindfold. All the way home I listened to how Nga didn’t know her job, another beautician would have been able to pierce her clit, not just her hood. She took it as an insult to her womanhood, which as I soon found out some shopping therapy would cure.

And that was that. Or so I thought until two weeks later I was standing out like a sore thumb at the Vietnamese Quan Minh Temple Braybrook, the largest Buddhist temple in Melbourne when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the diminutive Nga dressed in the grey outfit that showed she was a helper there.

“Did you like watch your wife’s piercing,” she enquired. My red face must have answered her because she continued, “It good for me, but I would enjoy it more if she watches me fuck you and make you cum.” Looking into my soul she said, “You are not like the Vietnamese. I think you like that too.”

I should have walked away but I didn’t, and beneath the 40-foot high statue of the Mother of Mercy at the temple the deal was done.

That night I took Ngoc to the Dzung Phu Noodle restaurant and we had barely sat down when Nga entered and approached like a battleship at full steam. Ignoring the coldness radiating from Ngoc, who apart from now believing jealousy stopped Nga piecing her clit, did not like to be seen with shopkeepers. Nga settled down like she was family, ordered and proceeded to eat her noodle soup with us. Turning around suddenly I knocked Ngoc’s soup and it soaked her blouse and skirt.

She rounded on me, but Nga kicked into overdrive. “Come to my apartment above the shop and wash your clothes quickly. It’s only a 1-minute walk.”

Reluctantly Ngoc agreed and we walked to the apartment where Nga put Ngoc’s clothes in the washing machine and gave Ngoc a silk dressing gown to put on. It didn’t quite meet and revealed her lilac lace thong and matching push up bra.

“You’re too big and fat to wear my size 6 clothes home so I will change too and we play some cards while they wash and dry.”

Ngoc bristled at the remark but she was too large to fit into Nga’s clothes. Nga reappeared having taken off her designer jeans wearing a cream camisole top and her black thong and produced the cards to play the traditional Vietnamese betting card game, Tien Len.

“So you don’t feel on display and to give Greg something better to look at,” Nga said as she flounced to her seat. Ngoc’s eyes lit up with dislike but she was a regular player and semi addicted to the game and thought she’d take her revenge moneywise.

“You’ll be sorry you bought me here because I’ll win far more than your overpriced piecing cost me.”

Nga kept quiet and dealt the 17 cards to each of us and as I had the 3 of hearts I led. After 1 hour Ngoc had forgotten about the clothes and was engrossed in the game. After 2 hours she was $4500 up from Nga and $100 from me.

She raked in her last winnings and gloated. “See the difference between a professional and an amateur. That’s it for the night.”

Nga responded. “One last chance, double or nothing?”

“This is too easy. I love taking your money. Double or nothing: let’s play.”

Nga dealt and I felt the touch of her leg on my left foot, so I played my 2 of spades but Nga slammed this with 4 pairs and laid down the rest of her cards. The hand was over. Ngoc had lost her $4500 and now no longer wanted to leave. One and a half hours later I had a sore shin and she owed $16,000 and Nga said with pleasure in her voice, “Game over, pay up con trâu (water-buffalo =stupid) or you want double or nothing.

“I will pay tomorrow” hissed Ngoc through clenched teeth.

“No, now.”

“Greg give the bitch your credit card.”

“Not credit, you pay cash now or double or nothing, or I give you chance in a different game. You and I compete, first come 3 times win. You win you get the $16,000, I win I get you and Greg. You got the $16,000 now to pay me, you want double or nothing, or you willing to take me on in bed”?

“It’s been that long since you’ve had sex I’ll fuck you easy,” said Nga quite confident as she had had several successful contests in her teenage and early 20s days, which I had heard about many times each time a little more enhanced than the last telling.

It wasn’t necessary illegal bahis siteleri to talk. They both knew the rules and the bedroom was waiting. And before they were even out of the lounge room, they were in a deep French kiss. Ngoc offered to just take Nga where she stood, but Nga told her the bed was the place because she could fuck me there as well. With a sneer, she pulled her tongue back from Ngoc’s mouth and they stood, pussies still locked hard against each other, panting from their early intense arousal.

In the bedroom Ngoc began to kiss Nga’s neck, pushing her hair away from her ear, tickling it first with her tongue, then filling the ear with the tip of her tongue; its hot wetness sending a chill down Nga. She was moaning almost immediately. Somehow, Ngoc was hitting all her hot buttons like she was making love to herself. It wasn’t going to plan. Ngoc reached out and covered Nga’s right breast with her hand. It was very, very firm under her palm and she began to stroke it through the semi-transparent cream camisole. Ngoc’s long fingernails ran up over Nga’s ribs and traced the bottom of the breast, finally circling the hard, nicely shaped mound and closing gently on one of the now rock hard eraser sized nipples. Nga’s eyes became half slits as her arousal grew.

In return, Nga reached out and slipped the dressing gown off Ngoc’s shoulder. A bra encased breast greeted her and she slipped her fingers between the bra and Ngoc’s breast and began to knead Ngoc’s pride and joy. Ngoc’s large breasts were the kind that she dreamed about when she masturbated and what she lusted after. The kind that made her weak in the knees and her pussy become wet. And it was no different now.

At the same, Ngoc lifted Nga’s camisole over her head and began to plant little kisses up and down Nga’s neck, finally, leading down to her breast, sucking in the erect nipple and licking it slowly against the roof of her mouth. Nga gasped and her fingers worked on Ngoc’s bra hooks, finally releasing it and sliding it down over her shoulders so it fell to the floor. Nga’s hand closed over one of Ngoc’s now presented breasts and her nails stroked it from underneath and then grabbed the nipple. The size and fullness of the tit excited her and her other hand found the left breast and repeated the motions.

Ngoc felt her chest go tight and the nipples go hard from the sensations. As always, her pussy was dripping wet in seconds from the sparks shooting down her belly on the way to her cunt. Nga’s nipple was a hard bullet in her mouth at this point and Ngoc changed breasts to double the effect on her rival.

Both women moaned at the same time as their arousal pushed them toward a closer hot embrace. Ngoc’s softer figure melted against Nga’s hard toned muscles and Nga’s hands began removing the gown quickly. In only moments, Ngoc was naked except for her thong and Nga was taking her before she could respond. Nga placed one ankle behind one of Ngoc’s legs and pushed her. She fell backwards into an armchair with her head cracking against the wall behind temporarily dazing her. Nga quickly moved each of her legs out onto one of the arms, presenting her pussy to her and she dropped straight to her knees and leaned in with a sigh.

She loved to eat women out with their panties still on. She knew the indirect sensations through the fabric delayed orgasm and let it build to very high levels before release came. And, tonight, she worked the sheer fabric deeply into Ngoc’s pussy and sucked the streaming fluid from the fabric as the dazed Ngoc moaned and groaned. Her small tight French lilac thong was soaked, the dark stain spreading onto her thighs and staining the armchair fabric beneath.

Pushing Ngoc backwards onto the bed, Nga climbed on top of Ngoc, grinding her pussy down against the satin clad mound beneath her. Ngoc was moaning and grabbing Nga’s arse in her hands. Her bright red nails vividly contrasted with the dark skin, pulling her down harder. She needed to orgasm so badly, she was lifting Nga right up in the air as she thrust up, harder and harder.

But Nga was enjoying her control, so she rolled off and started sucking on Ngoc’s breast and nipple while her fingers secured the thong straps between Ngoc’s now well-separated thighs and broke them with a hard yank and plunged two fingers into Ngoc’s waiting hole as far as they would go. Ngoc simply exploded into the long-anticipated orgasm, a tidal wave of heat flooded her thighs and belly, spreading up through her chest and into her brain, and she floated away on the wave of electric heat. Her skin was on fire and for long moments, she was completely suspended in time.

Nga’s fingers continued to work and Ngoc began to come down to earth, only to find that Nga was running her long manicured nail up and down her throbbing clit. Nga put one arm around Ngoc’s shoulders and the other hand went to Ngoc’s now open pussy and a long index finger began to push at her wet distended entrance. canlı bahis siteleri A long finger slid inside Ngoc’s sopping pussy. Ngoc groaned as her body jerked out of control.

“Yes. That’s so good. More. Put more in. I need it. Please.”

“My slut, your pussy is just waiting for my long nails to slid inside and fuck you. Make you come all over my hand. Make you lose. There’s another long nail.”

Another finger slid inside. Ngoc was almost bouncing on the bed. Nga’s fingers were going around and around inside. She could feel the pressure and her belly tightened. “Oh, are you ready to come for me? You’re so easy, I’ve had Filipina grandmothers put up more of a fight. Now, another. And another.” Four fingers were now inside her swollen vagina, Ngoc was grunting out loud from the waves of pleasure as they hit her. Her attention flicked back from the insults to the wild sensations in her cunt, and she needed to explode again, but Nga was enjoying humiliating my wife in front of me.

“Greg’s watching me beat you, and after I fuck him in front of you, you’ll always know I fuck him better than you, and you’ll always be wondering if he’s tasted this pussy when he comes home because I’m giving him an invitation to take me any time, any day, just as long as he goes home directly to you smelling of me.

She took her time with Ngoc’s second, and as Ngoc approached her release, Nga closed her eyes, slipped two fingers into her steamy hole and began to pump rapidly. In less than a minute, she felt her vaginal muscles grip her fingers like a vice and she came with a grunt. It was only the warmup and she increased the speed of her finger fucking. This time Ngoc came with a wild uncontrolled yell and her whole body went rigid. Nga held her tight and stroked her face, the smell of her pussy flowing into her nostrils as she groaned and finally opened her eyes.

Nga straddled Ngoc proudly displaying her shaved pussy and twice pierced clit: one a thick golden barbell: the other a golden dangling chain.

“Have a look slut, my clit is pierced twice with 20 gauge. Normal is 12 and yours was too small to take even an 8 gauge. I had to use 7 same as for a baby’s ear,” she boasted, displaying her pierced cunt over the exhausted Ngoc.

She reversed her position and lowered her very wet slit onto Ngoc’s mouth, as her tongue dived into Ngoc’s cunt. The feeling of Nga’s hot tongue in her hole was fantastic and with defeat staring her in the face Ngoc returned the favour with frantic energy hoping for a miracle that would turn certain defeat into victory. Finding hidden reserves of strength she gripped Nga’s thighs tightly, pulling her pussy onto her mouth and nose. In minutes the bed was shaking with their thrusting and humping, finally settling into a long-term 69 position.

But she had met her match and my wife was gasping very loudly and began to whimper incoherently. Her arousal soared beyond anything she could have imagined. Just the right place, just the right pressure. Her cunt felt like molten lava inside and the tip of Nga’s tongue was sending electric jolts straight to her clit. She could feel her clit swell and the pressure and fullness in her loins grew in leaps and bounds. She released her tonguing of Nga, threw back her head and howled like a wolf before her grinding and humping bent her back like a bow and she orgasmed twice before Nga released her.

Nga called me to the bed and sat in my lap and began to kiss me passionately, while looking at Ngoc and saying loudly, “I need my pussy licked.”

She laid her body beside Ngoc and just grabbed her head and pulled it down to her pussy and in no time she was moaning uncontrollably as my tongue pleasured her clit. Under her directions, I next stuffed two fingers in her and sent her over the top for the second time in the night. A split second later she unzipped me and was rubbing my cock through my boxers. She told me “Pull it out so I can suck your cock in front of your wife.”

Nga reached out and guided it to her mouth and took the head in her mouth and tongued it before she concentrated on just licking it from the tip to behind my balls. When she pulled it out she was just transfixed by its colour.

“You’re my first white cock,” she stated as she started to seriously deep throat me, staring at it coated with her saliva as she pulled it out. Now I’m going to fit that white cock that should belong to Ngoc in my cunt, and totally fuck it.”

She got up and grabbed me by the dick and led me close to Ngoc’s tearful face and got on her knees and said, “Fuck me with this from behind, so Ngoc can see it all.”

I lined up the entrance of her cunt and put the head in and she just moaned as her cunt muscles grabbed my dick.

“Drive that cock into me harder than you give it to Ngoc,” she screamed and I grabbed her shoulders and rammed all of my cock in her as she shrieked “YES, I LOVE IT REAL HARD AND ROUGH, DOES NGOC?”

“NOOO,” I replied as I tried to make my cock enter her cunt and exit her mouth.

Her head lay in my wife’s lap with her cunt inches from Ngoc’s eyes and Ngoc could feel her body come forward every time I thrust into her and her recoil ready to take the next deep pile driving blow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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