The Family At Home

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The house was quiet when I came in from the garage. As I set my lunch pail on the counter, I looked out the kitchen window. Ginny, my wife, was sitting on the chaise. She was rubbing sunscreen on her legs. She was wearing her string tie bikini. I cleaned out my lunch pail and rinsed the thermos before changing clothes.

I changed into a pair of shorts and flip-flops. I got a book and a couple of bottles of chilled water. I looked out of the kitchen window again. Ginny was lying on a the grass on a blanket. She had her ear buds in and she was reading a magazine. I noticed the bikini top was untied.

She’s a beautiful woman after twenty-three years of marriage to the likes of me and being the mother to two kids, plus making a home and having a career.

She glanced up as I walked across the lawn, ‘Hello, dear.’

‘Hi, Beautiful. Goofing off, I see.’

‘Yes,’ she smiled and propped herself up on her elbows, ‘It was quiet so I decided to close the shop early and come home and goof off.’

I love looking at her cleavage when she props herself on her elbows. I knelt beside her on the blanket. After putting the book and water down, I began to rub her shoulders and back. I eventually worked my way down her back to her butt. I rubbed her buttocks through the fabric covering them.

‘Cut that out.’


‘The neighbors might see.’

‘You know we don’t have any neighbors,’ I laughed, ‘And if we did, they would be jealous of your gorgeous butt.’ I untied the strings and moved the fabric. Leaning over, I kissed her bare butt. ‘You’ve got the same killer butt that you had when we met.’

She rolled onto her side and grinned, ‘You always were an ass man.’

‘That’s why you’ve been stuck with me all of these years.’

‘Come here.’

I crawled up next to Ginny’s head. She unzipped the fly of my shorts and put her hand inside.

‘What if the neighbors are watching?’

She grinned, ‘There are no neighbors, but if there was, they’d be envious of your handsome tool., She pulled my cock through the fly, pushed the bit of foreskin back with her thumb and sucked me into her mouth. ‘Mmmm. That’s a taste of what might be on the menu for tonight. And we better cut this out before the kids get home.’

Ginny retied her top and bottom and I tucked myself back in and zipped up.

‘Speaking of the kids, where are they? I expected they would be lying out here in the sun since this if their first weekend home.’

‘They went shopping. There was a note on the kitchen table when I came in.’

‘Shopping? The first year of college really has changed Tommy. I can see Susan going shopping right away, but Tommy? He hates shopping.’

‘All I know is what the note said.’ She sat up, ‘I think they just got home. I heard a car door slam.’

Ginny stretched out on her blanket and I sat on the chaise. We were both reading and sipping water when the kids came out of the house.

‘Hi, Pops! Hi, Mom!’ Susan shouted as she strode across the lawn. I watched her as her long, slim legs ate up the distance. Tommy almost was trotting to catch up with her. ‘Whatcha’ doing.”

I put by book down, ‘We’re just reading. How was the shopping, Tommy?’ He grinned.

‘Now don’t get on Tommy’s case, Dad. I asked him to go with me. I wanted his opinion on a dress that I’ve been looking at.’

‘Susan has a new guy whom she has her eye on and she thought this dress would catch his eye.’

‘I think Susan is eye-catching enough. He can’t be very astute, if she hasn’t caught his eye already.’

‘Oh, Mom.’ Susan took off the beach cover up that she was wearing. Tommy whistled. Susan looked like she was nude, but she was wearing a flesh colored string bikini. It was basically three tiny triangles of cloth and about seven or eight pieces of string.

‘That’s a little too casual,’ Ginny smiled, ‘Isn’t it?’

Tommy grinned, ‘If you wore that, your new guy would be impressed!’

‘Unless he’s dead,’ I chimed in.

Susan pouted, ‘I couldn’t wear this to the beach. I wear it just for sunbathing since I can’t sunbathe in the altogether.’

‘Why can’t you?’

‘Susan grinned, ‘Because, Tommy, the neighbors might see.’

She looked great! Susan is almost twenty-two. She’ll be a college junior. She looked like her mother. Same slim legs. Same killer butt. She was taller and she wasn’t as busty as Ginny. But, then she hadn’t had two kids, either.

Tommy pulled his oversized long t-shirt over his head. He wasn’t wearing much more than Susan. He had on a wine colored thong suit that emphasized his almost bare butt and his crotch.

Susan whistled, ‘Where’s your club to beat back the girls.’

‘Tommy blushed, ‘I bought it on a dare by a girl at school.’

‘You may have won the dare, but she was a winner too. If you wore that for her.’

Tommy did look good. Strong legs. Wide chest and back. Good arms. The way his crotch was emphasized was certainly eye catching.

Ginny stood up, “I’d better get dinner started. How’s bahis firmaları hamburgers and salad sound?”

While we ate dinner, the subject of nudity , in general, and nudity at home, in particular, came up. Tommy looked around the table. He mentioned he remembered going to nude beaches and Susan remembered the nudist clubs we used to visit. They wondered why we stopped going to the beaches and clubs. Ginny and I told them that part of it had to do with our jobs then and a big part of it was pressure from family. We were ‘strange to enjoy running around in the buff’ and ‘we weren’t being good parents when we let our kids see all of those nekkid people.’

They both lamented how social and peer pressure interfered in people’s lives. Ginny mentioned that, since they were both adults, they could pretty much make their own decisions and, if they so chose, they could ignore peer and social pressures to conform.

When the sun went down everyone slipped in sweats and scrubs. We spent a family evening, reading, watching a movie on TV and chatting. During the early morning, I awakened. I thought I heard a moan. I listened for a few minutes and heard nothing further. I decided I’d been dreaming. Ginny was asleep beside me so I curled up next to her soft, warm and nude form and fell back asleep.

Everyone slept in Saturday morning. We had a long, strung out breakfast. Ginny and I worked in the garden during the early afternoon. While we were cleaning up and putting our tools away, Susan came out. She spread a blanket on the grass. She was wearing her beach cover up. After she arranged her books, water, and so on, she took off the cover up. She was nude. Ginny arched an eyebrow and looked at me as if to say ‘What now?’

A few minutes later, Tommy came out of the house. He wasn’t wearing a t-shirt – or his thong. He jogged across the grass and joined Susan on her blanket. I had to smile, in spite of myself, about the way Tommy’s dick bounced and flopped about as he jogged across the yard. We watched as they applied sunscreen on each other’s back.

When Ginny and I were back inside she wondered out loud what the kids were up to. I replied that I wasn’t sure what they were up to, but, in any event, they would ignore any opinions that we expressed. Ginny laughed and hugged me, ‘Remember how we went skinny dipping?’

‘Yes. And remember the horse play and grab ass?’

Ginny kissed me, ‘I especially remember the lovemaking under the stars.’

I glanced out of the kitchen window. Tommy was lying on his stomach. Susan had moved to a chaise lounge. He was a good looking young man and she was a beautiful young woman. I turned away. It didn’t feel right getting a hard-on looking at my two nude kids. It felt good, but it didn’t feel right.

Before dinner they both came in and showered. At dinner, Susan mentioned that really enjoyed the feel on the wind on her skin. Ginny smiled and mentioned that was one of the things that we enjoyed too. That and the feeling of being nude and free in nature.

We just shared quiet time with each other, as a family, until bed time.

We sleep nude. Ginny and I were curled up together. She stirred and I awakened. Her head was lifted.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘She turned her head, ‘Nothing. I thought I heard something.’

‘Like a moan.’

‘Yes. Did you hear it?’

‘Not right now, but I thought I heard a soft moan yesterday morning.’

‘Shhh. There it is again.’ Ginny slipped out of bed. Her skin looked soft and smooth in the pale light. ‘Come on.’

‘Whatcha’ doing?’

‘Let’s find out where that noise is coming from. It doesn’t sound like a cat.’

I slipped out of bed and followed my nude wife down the hall. She stopped at the closed door to Tommy’s room and listened, then she moved down the hall. A faint light shown under the door to Susan’s bedroom. We heard the faint moan again. It was louder and came from inside Susan’s bedroom.

I figured she was dreaming or, possibly, masturbating. After all, she was a healthy young woman and none of her boy friends were nearby. ‘Let’s go back to bed,’ I whispered.

‘No, I’m curious.’ Ginny pushed the door open a crack. She gasped softly. I crowded close and looked over her head. Susan was sprawled across her bed. She was stifling her moans with a fist in her mouth. Her face was flushed, Her torso had a rosy glow. Her nipples were erect and hard. She looked like a woman in the throes of an orgasm.

Tommy was on top of her. He pushed himself up on his arms. He was sweating. His eyes were closed. He drove his hips downward and Ginny and I watched our son’s hard cock disappear into his sister’s body. He gasped and collapsed on top of Susan. Susan wrapped her arms and legs around her brother. She buried her face against his neck and shoulder, then they humped each other and kissed frantically.

Tommy untangled himself and flopped on to his back. His cock was as hard a bat. It was shiny with his sister’s pussy juices and cum leaked from the tip. Susan was spread eagled kaçak iddaa on the bed. She was squeezing and twisting her nipples.

Ginny pushed the door open. Before I could stop her, she was on the bed. Tommy had just a second to start to gasp. Ginny pushed her son back on the bed. His gasp turned to a groan as his mother swallowed his cock.

Susan sat up, startled. ‘Mother?’ She turned towards the door, ‘Dad?’ Her startled gaze dropped from my face to my waist. I looked down. My cock stood up hard and erect. I had a hard-on for my daughter.

After getting onto the bed with the three of them, I took Susan in my arms. I thought she might pull away. Instead she snuggled against me. Her hand strayed to my hard cock as we watched Ginny blow her son. My hands strayed to my daughter’s breasts.

Tommy’s soft moans turned to a groan. I didn’t need to watch to know what was happening with him. Ginny took me there regularly. His cock was in the hands – and mouth – of an expert. I knew her lips were wrapped around the root of his cock, His balls were cupped in the palm of her hand. And her index finger was up his ass.

Tommy was getting the blowjob of his life. His mother’s lips would slither up and down his cock shaft. His mother’s tongue would massage and tease his cockhead. She would massage his prostate gland with her finger and her hand would apply gentle pressure to his balls.

Susan was squeezing and jerking my cock. I slipped off the bed and turned her so I could lay her thighs over my shoulders. Susan’s pussy hole was still gaping from the fucking. Cum was beginning to ooze. It was time for me to eat my daughter’s fresh warm cream pie.

She jumped a little when my lips touched her soft pussy lips. I sealed my lips against her and gently sucked before inserting my tongue into her. Susan’s hand touched the back of my head, She pressed my face against her pussy. The taste and smell of sister-brother sex filled my senses.

After vacuuming and licking up all the cum I could find, I concentrated on making love to Susan’s clit. Her hard little lady dick was thinner, but longer than her mother’s. And it was much more sensitive. Susan began to wriggle and hump her hips as I sucked her clit and teased and massaged it with the tip of my tongue and lips. I felt the bed shift and I heard Tommy groan loudly. I knew he had just driven his cock as deep as he could into his mother’s mouth and he was filling it with his warm cream. My wife had just sucked off our son and now she was swallowing, and enjoying, the cum that he was giving to her.

Susan tightened her thighs against my head. Both of her hands pressed on the back of my head and she raised her hips. I felt rather than heard her gasp. My lips held her clit firmly and the tip of my tongue flicked it rapidly as I tried to grind my face into her pussy.

When she relaxed from the throes of the orgasm, she relaxed her thighs and freed my head. When I looked up, she touched my face and blew me a kiss. Ginny’s face was close by. She kissed my cheek. I could smell my son’s cum. We kissed and I tasted Tommy and Ginny tasted Susan.

She rolled back and I got off my knees and stood up. Susan touched my hard cock. The three of them scooted around on the bed and made room for me. Ginny and I lay between Tommy and Susan. Ginny held Tommy’s and my hard cocks. Susan’s hand joined her mother’s on mine. I worked my hand down to Susan’s firm ass. The three of us lay back and rested.

T had dozed off. The shaking of the bed awakened me. The two hands sliding up and down my cock shaft weren’t conducive to continued sleep either. I opened my eyes. Tommy was on his back nearby. Ginny was on her knees astraddle his hips. I watched as she rose up then quickly settled back down on him. Not only had she blown Tommy. Now she was fucking him.

Susan was watching her brother and mother as she almost absent mindedly jacked my cock. She turned to me, smiled quickly, bent down and kissed my cockhead, then straddled me. She rubbed my cockhead against her pussy lips, then she pushed it between her thighs. She wriggled her hips and I felt my hard-on being sheathed by my daughter’s slick, tight warmth.

I couldn’t believe what was going on. Ginny and I were having sex with our kids! We were committing the biggest taboo. It was even bigger that Ginny eating pussy and me sucking cock. Not that we hadn’t done that and enjoyed it, but fucking our kids just wasn’t done.

Susan’s movements brought me back to the reality of the moment. She was rocking and shifting her hips. I wondered if her mother had taught her the cinder sifting movement that literally suctioned the cum up from my balls. I quickly decided her knowledge of the movement was either hereditary or instinctive. Either way, it was delicious. I began to hump my hips in rhythm to my daughter’s movements. We held hands and smiled at each other as we gently fucked.

Tommy was gasping and groaning. I looked at Ginny. She had settled down on Tommy’s cock. She had a slight smile. I knew Tommy was jetting kaçak bahis a warm stream of cum deep into his mother. My balls felt like they were going to explode. My cock almost hurt. Our hips movements became erratic and uncoordinated. Susan thrust her hips down hard. I thrust mine upward. My nuts burst. Susan lay down on my chest as my cum pulsed into her pussy. We hugged and held on to each other.

We all lay quietly for a few minutes. Susan kissed me, then she leaned over and kissed Tommy. Ginny kissed Susan then I was kissing Ginny. I flopped back on the pillow after kissing each woman several times.

Susan pushed herself up and off of my body. I moved and sat up. She lay on her side looking at me. My daughter had a sort of slutty, yet satisfied, smile on her face. Ginny had a similar smile and Tommy had a wide grin.

I had to think. I got off the bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom. After taking a long piss, I washed my hands and face. I was trying to gather my thoughts when there was a soft knock on the door. I figured it was probably Ginny. ‘Come in.’

Tommy stepped in and closed the door behind himself. We didn’t speak, or even really look at each other, as he stood over the toilet bowl and pissed. He washed and was drying his hands when he spoke.

‘May I talk with you about something, Dad?’

‘Sure.’ I closed the toilet and sat down. I figured he might want to explain how or when he and his sister started having sex together. Or maybe he might want, like me, to try and understand why we had just done what we had just done.

‘You know that thong I wore yesterday?’

‘Yes. What about it?’

‘Remember, I said I bought it on a dare from a girlfriend?’

‘Yes. So?’

‘Well, that wasn’t true.’ He hurried on, ‘One of my roommates gave it to me.’

‘Well, you wear it well., I smiled at him.

‘He asked me to wear it when I posed for him.’

‘Posed for him? What’s that supposed to mean?’

‘Ace is an art major.’


‘My roommate. He’s an art major. He was taking a pencil sketching class and he asked me to pose for him..

‘So he bought you a thong to pose in?’

‘Well, first. he sketched me at my desk. Then he asked me to pose in running shorts and a t-shirt.’ Tommy rushed on. ‘Then it was just the shorts.’

‘Then he bought the thong and asked you to wear just that?’

‘Yes,’ Tommy smiled. ‘He never sketched my face. And his drawings were pretty good. And sort of sexy too.’

‘What’s the big deal? It sounds like you enjoyed posing for Ace.’

‘He asked me if I would pose for him without the thong.’

‘Did you?’

Tommy blushed, ‘Yes. Lots of times. Sitting, standing, lying down, kneeling, front, back. Just about every way he could look at me.’

‘Sounds like he was pretty prolific and you had a lot of time.’

‘Well, I’d study most of the time while he sketched. But one day after he had finished another nude sketch, he was flipping through his sketch pad and some loose sketches fell out. They were some of the nudes, I’d posed for. But he’d changed them.’

‘Changed them? How?’

‘Well, they were sketches that included my dick, but instead of being limp and soft, he’d changed it so it was a hard-on. I asked him what that was about.”

‘What’d he say?’

‘He said he meant nothing, except he had always wanted to see my hard dick, but didn’t want to ask me.’

‘What’d you say to that?’

‘I didn’t get a chance. Before I could say anything, he pulled me close and started to suck my dick.’

‘You didn’t leave?’

‘I wanted to, but I’d never had my dick sucked before and I’d fantasized about it.’ He blushed, ‘It felt really good and I liked it, so I stayed. When he finished, Ace told me he was gay and he really liked me.’

‘What did you say to that?’

‘I liked him too. After that, he’d suck me a couple of times a week.’

‘Did you do him?’

‘No, but. . .’

‘But you might want too?’

‘No, er, yes, uh, maybe, er, I don’t know.’

Tommy was leaning against the sink. ‘Come here.’ He moved closer. There was a drop of piss on the tip of his cock. I could smell Ginny on him. ‘Let me tell you something. Every guy, at one time or another, gets an urge to suck a cock. Like right now.’

Tommy gasped as I lifted his soft cock to my lips and sucked him into my mouth. The drop of pee was bitter. I could taste Ginny and Susan as I sucked my son’s cock. When he was hard, I took him out of my mouth. I licked him up and down and tried to suck his nuts.

Tommy grinned when I stopped. ‘Jeez, Dad.’

‘Like it?’ He nodded. ‘Like I said, a guy gets an urge now and then.’

‘Yes, but uh, have you, er, done, uh,. .’

‘Have I sucked many?’


‘Quiet a few, actually. In college, In the service. At parties.’

‘Does mom know?’

‘Yes, she likes to watch me when I do. I’ll tell you sometime. We’d better go. Let’s get some clothes and find the women’

Ginny and Susan were in the kitchen. They were seated at the table sipping coffee. Ginny had on a house coat and Susan was wearing an oversize t-shirt. Ginny smiled at us when we walked in. ‘There you are. We thought maybe you’d fallen in.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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