The Deal Ch. 29

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The Deal’s Who’s Who:

Diana Hughes – mother of Matthew Hughes, widow of the late David Hughes, started the Deal

Matthew Hughes- Diana’s son, boyfriend of Cindy Morgan

Cindy Morgan – Matt’s girlfriend, lives with the Hughes

Craig Lynn – Matt’s best friend, son of Jeff and Susan Lynn, brother to Cindy Lynn

Susan Lynn – Diana’s best friend, wife of Jeff and mother of Craig and Cindy Lynn

Jeff Lynn – Husband of Susan and father of Craig and Cindy Lynn

Chip Hamilton – close friend to Matt and Craig

Kim Hamilton – close friend of Diana’s, wife of Adam, mother of Chip

Adam Hamilton – husband of Kim and father of Craig

Lacey Brock – neighbor and former old friend of Diana, Susan and Kim.

Jenny Clark – friend of Craig Lynn, going to same college as Craig

Steven DeForest – Former Biology teacher for Matt, Craig and Chip, interested in Diana Hughes

Gwen Hollister – brunette haired sister to Gwen, new neighbors of the Hughes and owners of Dreamland adult store

Stephanie Hollister – blonde haired sister to Stephanie, new neighbors of the Hughes and owners of Dreamland adult store.

All characters engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


“Hey stranger.”

Diana swiveled around to see her best friend, Sue Lynn, push her shopping cart toward her.

The two hugged and looked at each other.

“I haven’t seen you in ages, girl,” Sue smiled.

The two looked at the full carts filled with all sorts of snack foods. “Don’t tell me, a big party to settle the test anxious son,” Diana said.

“Yeah, that Physics test took a lot out of Craig. How about Matt?”

“Same,” Di answered waving her hand across the open cart, “Ninety percent of this is all for him.”

Sue chuckled, “Remember when we use to shop together for our big parties.”

Diana laughed, “Yeah and we always ended up too tired later to eat even half of it.”

“Somehow I think our boys could still work up an appetite if they had been there.”

The two lost themselves in thought over their shared past.

Eventually Diana gleamed, “How about we make it a big party with all of us? After all Craig, Matt and Chip all had that test.”

“Do you mean a normal party for the boys or one of our old parties?” Sue asked.

“Heh, I think it’s high time we pass the torch of debauchery onto the next generation,” Di laughed.

Sue gasped, “With everybody? All three families together? We haven’t had one of those parties in what? Twenty years?”

Diana nodded her head, “About time, don’t you think?”

Sue’s smile grew bigger, “That would be a great warm up for the graduation orgy…errrr party we have planned in June.”

Diana’s face beamed as she took her phone from her purse in the top shelf area of her cart.

In a moment Sue listened to Diana talk to Kim Hamilton as she looked around to see if anyone could hear them but everyone moved by oblivious to the conversation.

Diana plopped her phone back into her purse, “The Hamilton’s are in and even offered their place for the festivities.”

Sue hooted, “We are back in business just like the old days.”

Diana quietly looked at her ringless finger. Sue caught her breath.

Diana looked at her best friend without a response.

Sue flushed, “Let’s get this shopping done. I need to have a talk with you.”

Soon the two were back at the Hughes house. Sue sat quietly while Diana made coffee for the two of them.

Diana put a steaming cup down next to Sue before sitting down across from her with her own cup.

“Sue? What’s going on? I’ve never seen you like this before.”

Sue gave a half smile then called out, “Matt, can you join us, please?”

Diana watched nervously as Matt came in and joined them.

Both Hughes looked equally confused at the face of the clearly nervous Susan Lynn.

“Diana, you are the very best friend I’ve ever had in my entire life,” Sue started.

Diana reached out to hold her hand, “You know you are my best friend, baby. You can tell me anything.”

Sue took a deep breath.

“Please, please don’t hate me.”

Diana gasped, “I don’t understand?”

Sue looked down at her lap and spoke in a rush, “When he was sick, David came to me and we, we slept together a bunch of times.”

Diana’s mouth dropped up and she gasped.

Matt just looked on stunned.

“Why?” Diana asked.

Sue looked up at Diana with tears running down her face. “He was so, so sad. At first he came to me just to talk out his frustrations because he didn’t want you more upset.”

“More upset? He was my life and I was losing him. He had me. I thought I had him.”

Tears continued to pour down Sue’s face, “He was scared. He was scared of so many things. He was dying. He was losing you. He was losing his chance for a long life with you. He was so angry. He was so scared. But he only wanted to be brave for you and spare you.”

“I was his wife. I didn’t need him to be brave or be spared. I needed him.”

Sue nodded, tears splattering the eryaman escort table, “I couldn’t tell him otherwise. I tried. You know how stubborn he was.”

Diana softly nodded, “Go on.”

“He was afraid of how you seeing him like that would make things so much worse for you. And Diana, I was the shoulder you cried on too. You were terribly upset as you had every right to be. Everything sucked about what was happening with his dying.”

“He cried so much, Diana. And he refused to around you. It broke my heart.”

“When did he start sleeping with you?”

“He came over three or four times a week at first just to talk, mostly cry. You and Jeff were at work and Craig and Matt were in school. I was still a stay home mom with Cindy. He was hurting so much. He wasn’t thinking straight. He believed that he couldn’t have sex with you because it hurt him so much feeling what he was going to lose, and he didn’t want you to miss him that much more when he was gone. Eventually, he was hurting so much I just couldn’t help it but try to make him feel better any way I could.”

Diana shook her head, tears coming down her face now as well. “That stupid, stupid man.”

Sue gave a soft smile, “Believe me, I called him those exact words many times.”

Diana smiled softly as well, “I can hear you saying that.”

Sue took the smile as a good sign and reached out tentatively to hold Diana’s hand that was resting near her cup. She smiled more when Diana curled it to squeeze her fingers.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

Sue ducked her head again, “He made me promise, literally a death bed promise. I was scared of losing you. I was a stupid, stupid woman. Take your pick.”

Sue sat quietly crying with her head down. She heard the scrape of a chair. Suddenly she felt Diana’s arms around her hugging her tightly. Her tears turned to sobs when she heard Diana speak softly in her ear, “Thank you for being there for both of us. Thank you for being a better best friend than I could ever dream possible.”

Matt came over and wrapped his arms around Sue on the other side.

“Thank you,” he softly said.

Sue reached up to clutch them both and cried.

Matt walked into the busy restaurant and smiled at the sight of his girlfriend behind the podium near the entrance.

“Matt,” Cindy yelled as she ran over to the beaming youth kissing him.

Matt returned the kiss as the two walked over to the order counter. Matt looked through the glass at the trays of sliced pizza pies on display for sale.

“Can I get two slices of the chicken, bacon ranch pizza?” Matt asked the worker behind the display.

Once he received the warmed slices as well as a cup of soda Matt and Cindy walked to a small two chair table against the far wall. Cindy looked around before seating herself across from Matt.

“I have a minute,” Cindy explained. “How are you my love?”

Matt smiled, “I’m great. I wanted to talk to you. Mom called. She, the Lynns and Hamiltons want to throw Craig, Chip and myself an after the Physics test party tonight.”

Cindy smiled, “That’s a wonderful idea, and I get out at six so I can join you.”

Matt ducked his head a bit, “I want to make sure you want us to go because they are going to make it one of their neighborhood ah…fun parties from many years ago before any of us were born.”

Cindy blushed as she thought. “Oh, oh, I remember Mom, Kim and Sue talking about those. Wow. That’s wild.”

“Do you want to do something like that?” Matt asked.

Cindy thought about all that she had experienced in the recent months: the striptease show, the sex with Matt and his mother, the blow jobs during the boys’ card game.

“Who all will be there?” Cindy finally asked.

“Near as I can figure, Craig and his parents as well as Chip and his parents, mom, and you and me,” Matt answered after thinking for a moment.

Cindy quickly did the math in her head, “That makes nine people counting us.”

Cindy looked a bit panicky at the thought of all those people. She had that same sense of fear as she did right before the striptease in front of Sue, Kim, Craig and Chip while Matt filmed it.

She realized that she already had sex with Diana in front of five of them. This was just adding two more people really.

Cindy shook her head, “I have to admit I’m nervous as all hell, but I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had and how much I want more, more, more. I’m in if you want to go.”

Matt broke out into a big grin, “This should be pretty wild.”

Next Matt told her about the afternoon talk with Sue.

“Oh, Matt,” Cindy said stunned. “Are you and mom okay?”

Matt smiled, “We’re all good. I can’t believe Mrs. Lynn did that for my dad. It’s pretty amazing.”

Cindy jumped up and leaned over to kiss Matt before she headed back to work.

Matt finished, found Cindy to give her another kiss then went home to virtually save the world from zombies.

Gwen Hollister smiled as one of their regular customers walked into their store. “Hi Steve,” she greeted the high school biology teacher.

Steve escort eryaman waved his hand and walked to the register leaning his arms on the counter. He smiled as Stephanie Hollister came from the back of the store pushing a vacuum cleaner in front of her.

“I didn’t realize it was so late,” Steve Deforest said.

Gwen continued to smile, “No problem, what can I get you?”

Deforest shook his head as he moved back from the counter, “Just going to get some more videos to keep me company for another lonely bachelor weekend.

He went over to the left back wall of the big store to look over the selection of videos on the wall racks. Stephanie left the vacuum by the entrance then walked over to her sister.

“Poor man,” Stephanie told her as they watched the back of the man.

“I don’t know why he doesn’t just bite the bullet and ask Diana Hughes out,” Gwen said. “She is a lot of fun and great company.”

Stephanie grinned and in a whisper told her sister that she had an idea.

Soon, Deforest was back at the counter with his choices.

Stephanie leaned over next to him to look at his purchases as her sister scanned them through the register.

“So, Steve,” Stephanie started. “You have any plans Thursday night?”

Steve shook his head as he stared at the smiling woman next to him.

“Well my sister and I are joining Diana Hughes for drinks at Riley’s. Do you want to come?”

Steve’s face split into a wide grin, “I would love too.”

Gwen gave him the details while she bagged his videos and her sister plugged the vacuum in the wall socket near the door.

Before starting the vacuum Stephanie watched as Gwen locked the door and the two watched the man walk towards his car with a definite swing to his step.

Gwen patted her sister’s arm before returning to the counter, “I guess we’ll find out Thursday if Diana is going to thank you or kill you. Hey, I wonder if Diana will finally get her bikini back?”

Stephanie laughed as she started the vacuum.

Matt had his arm around his girlfriend feeling the slight nervous tremors cascading through her body as Diana rang the front doorbell as they stood in the lighted entranceway to the Hamilton’s house.

A smiling Kim wearing a peach see through camisole and matching panties opened the door. Diana laughed and stepped into the open arms of the beaming woman. She gave a deep hug then stood aside as Kim, with her arms opened wide, stepped forward and pulled Matt and Cindy in for a hug causing the young woman to laugh.

When they stepped apart Cindy looked down at the barely hidden older woman’s body. “Oooh, I like that outfit, Kim. That really sets off your dark skin tone nicely. You have to tell me where I can get it.”

All of them laughed when Matt quickly replied, “Yes, please.”

Kim draped her arms around Cindy and guided them all into the house, “The gangs all here; it’s party time, boys and girls.”

Diana clapped as they walked into the brightly lit den at the back of the house.

They could hear soft seventies music playing through the speaker system in the room.

Matt, Diana and Cindy looked at the three large plush quilts spread out near each other in the center of the room as the furniture was pushed closer to the side walls. The bar counter was covered with a large assortment of snack foods. Open coolers on the floor in front of the bar were filled with ice home to bottles of soda, beer and wine. Next to all of the quilts were blue ceramic bowls each filled to the brim with wrapped condoms. On one quilt a topless Sue smiled and waved as she sat between her husband and son. Over on another quilt the Hughes and Cindy watched as Kim climbed across the laps of her husband and son. Diana guided the three of them over to the remaining up to now empty quilt. The three sprawled down on it and looked around at the other groups.

Diana smiled and shook her head, “Wow, does this bring back memories.” Matt and Cindy noticed the slight catch in her throat. The two reached out to rub the older woman’s shoulders as she put her dead husband out of her mind.

Kim laughed, “Oh hell yes, does this bring back wonderful memories.”

Then she looked at her grinning son before she continued, “as well as the promise of many incredible new moments as well.”

Chip leaned forward to give her a deep kiss as his dad chuckled.

Sue continued, “I realize this is all new to our kids so I guess some explaining would be in order. This is all about love and feeling good. Nobody is judging anybody. Nobody is pressuring anybody. You do what you want with people who want to do that with you. Anything goes as long as you want it as well. No means no. No hurt feelings, no judgements, just kiss and move on.”

Diana looked at Matt and Cindy then at the other boys on their quilts, “Back in the day we regularly had ourselves tested for our health, and it would be a very good practice for us all to get back into that habit again. I feel pretty safe with the closed community we have here but always better safe than sorry.”

Sue eryaman escort bayan continued pointing at the bowls by the quilts, “Besides unwanted infections, at this stage we don’t, and I feel safe including Cindy in this, want any surprise pregnancies so if you enter one of us vaginally make sure you are wrapped.”

Kim continued as she rubbed her hands on the bulges in her husband’s sweatpants and her son’s jeans, “you can stay on your quilt or you can travel to other quilts if you are welcomed to it. The whole idea is love and fun. And I am sooooo ready for both.”

With that she pulled her husband’s sweat pants down his muscular thighs and swallowed the long, stiff cock that sprang up before her face.

Sue laughed, and looked over at Matt and Cindy, “Generally, each quilt group gets going for a while and then we wander around the room sampling others if you will.”

She leaned over to pull Craig’s shirt over his head as her husband reached over to tug at her black yoga pants.

Diana looked first at Cindy and then at Matt, “Well kids? You ready?”

Cindy smiled as she pulled her t-shirt over her head exposing her braless chest.

Matt smiled and shook his head, “I guess that would be ‘yes.'”

Diana laughed and started to unbutton her son’s flannel shirt. The topless Cindy reached down to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants.

While his mother and girlfriend undressed him, Matt looked over at the Hamiltons. The now nude Mrs. Hamilton was still sucking on her husband as Chip was entering her from behind. He chuckled at the sight of one of his best friends naked from the waist down but still wearing his shirt and socks.

He turned his head to see a nude Mrs. Lynn on her back as her husband had his face buried between her wide open legs, her hands entwined in his salt and pepper short military cut hair. His nude best friend was leaning down to suck on his mother’s nipples.

Matt gasped as he felt two tongues swipe across either side of his stiffening cock. He laid back and enjoyed the sensation as his hands caressed the heads on either side of his flesh.

Cindy gazed deeply into the eyes of the older woman lying on the other side of her boyfriend. Occasionally, she felt the ticklish sensation of Diana’s firm tongue wiping across hers. Matt’s cock felt so warm and hard across her tongue.

Matt’s eyes were closed as he enjoyed the oral ministrations of his mother and girlfriend. He smiled as he became aware of the soft old style rock music playing in the background with the louder sounds of slurping, licking, and slaps of flesh on flesh, as well as soft groans, purrs and even some chuckles and laughter. It all made for a very pleasant, yet unusual cacophony.

Matt opened his eyes as he felt Cindy kiss his lips hard. She sat back and looked around the room. She turned back to him and looked deeply into his eyes.

“Fuck me now, Matt,” she growled.

She shifted and got on her hands and knees next to him. Diana laughed and reached into the bowl of condoms pulling one out.

Matt looked down as his mother set the latex circle on the tip of his cock and then let out a loud groan as she wrapped her lips around his cock and forced the condom down his shaft as she sucked deeply to his root.

Diana smiled down at the hard flesh encased in latex as Matt moved behind his girlfriend grasping her hips as she reached from underneath to clasp his cock and pull it into her moist flesh.

“Oh, yes, fuck me, lover,” Cindy purred as she pushed her hips back to his thrusting body.

Diana shifted around to press her nude body into the back of her son adding her weight to his thrusts. She laughed as Cindy growled louder.

Diana smirked before leaning back, sucking on a finger.

Matt jerked and yelled, “Oh fuck” as he felt Diana push her finger into his ass. Both he and Cindy could feel his flesh thicken and jerk harder.

Diana leaned forward as she continued to saw with her finger. She licked the side of Matt’s neck and then gently pulled on his earlobe with her teeth.

“Adam is bi if that is something you ever want to dabble in, Matt, “Diana whispered in his ear. “Remember, no one is judging anyone here.”

Matt swiveled his head as he continued to fuck Cindy looking over at the Hamiltons. Kim had now turned around and was sucking her son as her husband thrust hard in and out of her. Matt could hear her groans at his thrusts, her sounds garbled around the flesh in her mouth. He chuckled at the sight of Chip still in his t-shirt before he gasped at the sight of Adam Hamilton’s long, wet cock as it came out of his wife before he pulled the condom off and slowly inserted his flesh into her ass. Matt gulped, it was huge.

Kim Hamilton took out her son’s cock from her mouth to shout, “Oh fuck” at the feeling of her husband slowly slithering his stiff flesh into her ass. Once he was fully seated, she swooped down to inhale her son’s cock back into her mouth attacking it with her mouth. There was a primal energy to their display. Matt looked over at the Lynns to find Sue Lynn on her hands and knees lying on her husband as Craig was fucking her from behind, the three thrusting and groaning in sync with each other. Sue turned her head and smiled when she caught Matt watching her. She stared at him for a moment before dropping her head back down, focusing on the thrusting of the two bodies below and above her.

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