The Clan Ch. 07

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Chapter 7 – Benny

Benny, unlike his 3 mates didn’t approach his mother when he first came home form uni, or during dinner, or as they sat in front of the TV after dinner. At 7.30pm Benny’s mother, Bev watched her favourite show on TV and it finished at 8.30pm, which was her time to go to bed. The whole time Benny’s mind raced on how he would broach the subject with his mother as he sat with her. After TV, Bev’s routine was to shower and then read for an hour or so in bed before going to sleep.

Benny heard the shower running and then his mother walk into her bedroom to read. He continued to ponder his moves and words, but did nothing, cursing himself for his lack of courage. Before he knew it, it was 10.30pm and he decided to go to bed, feeling empty because of his lack of courage, wondering how his mates had done and how they would think of him.

He walked passed his mother’s room, and the door was slightly open. He could see his mother sitting up in bed not reading but asleep, so he opened the door and called softly to her,

“Mum, time to go to bed.” But there was no response from her.

Benny decided to move closer to her, maybe she didn’t hear him.

“Mum time to go to sleep,” she still didn’t respond and Benny could hear her snoring softy.

Benny looked at his mother and thought as he always did, how beautiful she was, even asleep with her mouth opened a little. Her book had fallen from her hands and Benny reached and picked it up, and was about to close it, when to his surprise he saw the title ‘What a woman wants’.

His fingers were still in the place his mother had been reading, so he read a bit to see what it was like. He had to move it to his mother’s bedside lamp, as it was the only light on in her room. It was a real sloppy romance novel and he chuckled to himself. His mother had divorced his father when Benny was 2 years old, and he knew she had been without male companionship ever since. Benny placed his mother’s book on her bedside table and turned back to her.

He looked at his mother in her upright position, and decided she needed to lie down to sleep more comfortably.

“Mum, you need to lie down, time to go to sleep,” Benny told her.

“Mmm,” his mother seemed to answer him, still fully asleep and snoring softly, but she didn’t move at all. So Benny thought for a moment and decided he would have to help her.

“I’ll give you a hand to lie down, ok:” Benny told his mother.

“Mmm,” by her tone, Bev seemed to be agreeing with her son.

So Benny hesitatingly moved closer, and then realized he would have to pull the doona down so he could move his mother further down the bed. He grabbed hold of the top of the doona and started to pull it down, and his mother seemed to lift her arms slightly as if to make it easier for her son. As he pulled the doona down he began to reveal his mother in her nighty, it was a light weight material with lace across the top and low cut.

Benny could see that his mother was not wearing a bra, and he found that very attractive. He moved the doona passed her chest and down her tummy and passed her hips, and to his delight he saw that his mother’s nighty had ridden up to well above her knees and he could see her lovely legs.

Now Benny had a problem, how was he going to move his mother down the bed, when an idea struck him, he would put his left arm under her knees and his right arm behind her back and lift. Easy enough thought Benny. He bent forward feeling a bit awkward; this was his mother after all. He placed his right arm behind her back, easy enough and then the more delicate move; he slid his left arm under her knees. He felt a tingle as his bare arm touched her bare leg, and he lifted her up, down the bed and back down again in one smooth movement.

However, Bev’s nighty rode up even more, a further 4 inches, but at least his mother was in a more comfortable position. Benny stood up and looked at his mum, with her nighty up so high. He could almost see her pussy.

“You look beautiful mum,” Benny told his sleeping mother quite spontaneously.

“Mmm,” responded Bev in a dreamy type of voice and a hint of a smile played on her mouth. Benny decided now was the time.

“I’m going to touch you now mum,” Benny told her.

“Mmm,” Bev seemed to reply in agreement.

At lest Benny was sure his mother had, and he took courage from this. He reached out his right hand and rubbed her left shoulder, Bev’s reaction was just to smile a little more. So Benny moved his hand down to her chest, and her smile remained. Then, with a feeling of trepidation, Benny moved his hand down further to her left breast, while watching his mother’s face intently.

Her breasts were large, soft with big dark nipples and Benny found them just so desirable. Bev’s only reaction was to continue her smile, so Benny started to fondle his mother’s breast through her thin nighty and he could feel her nipple harden with pleasure. Benny was both turned on and fearful at the same time, a magical feeling he thought — such güvenilir bahis excitement.

Now Bev responded vocally and let out a small moan, much to her son’s delight, so he increased his pressure, which brought an increase to his mother’s moaning. Benny reached out his left hand to her right breast and caressed both her breasts and Bev’s moaning grew louder. He wasn’t afraid if she woke now, because she was enjoying his attention. He had also relied on how very heavily she slept, and, that was part of the reason he had began what he was now doing. His excitement grew as his dick did and his fear had left him.

Benny looked down at the bottom of his mother’s nighty and he was about to take an even bigger step.

“Oh mum, I’d love to see your pussy,” Benny asked believing she had no panties on.

He watched in fascination as his to utter disbelief his mother’s hands slowly reached for the bottom of her nighty and raised it revealing her pussy to him. His mother had only a thin line of pubic hair leading up from the top of her pussy lips for about 2 inches. Her pussy was full and her pussy lips long and thick.

“Spread your legs for me mum,” Benny asked hoping she would respond again to his request, and Bev obliged her son.

Now he could see the full beauty of her pussy. He brought his left hand from her breast to her pussy, but paused,

“Would you like me to touch your pussy mum?” Benny asked, not sure if he would get a response.

“Mmm,” came his mother’s reply and her smile widened, so Benny reached out and touched his mother’s naked pussy for the first time.

It felt smooth and soft to the touch, and Bev moaned a little louder and raised her hips to her son’s hand. Benny slid his hand down her pussy to the end of her lips, and as he did so Bev raised her hips a little more. As if by instinct Benny continued the downward movement of his hand to his mother’s asshole and lingered there, to his amazement she sighed and moved a bit. Benny decided to stay there for a little while, and he played with the outside of her asshole and his mother responded by pushing her hips toward his finger. This surprised Benny so he asked his mother,

“Do you like having you asshole touched?”

Without hesitation his mother answered him in a very dreamy voice,


‘Fair enough’, thought Benny and continued to caress his mother’s asshole and she continued to moan. Benny brought his right hand down and played with his mother’s pussy, and by her moaning he could tell she liked that too. Benny kept up the touching of her asshole and pussy for a while and then slid 2 fingers into her very wet pussy, rotated and slid them in and out. As he did this his mother became much louder, so he probed a bit deeper with his two finger in her pussy, and that seemed to set his mother off completely, and he brought her to a smooth, gentle climax. When she had finished Benny removed his fingers and placed the doona over her and went to his own room absolutely delighted with himself.

Benny was up a few minutes before his mother the next morning. Bev came out in her nighty and dressing gown, looked at her son and said,

“How did you sleep last night?”

“Fine, why?” Benny asked in return thinking her answer could be interesting.

“I had such a strange dream,” his mother replied.

“Strange how, good or bad?” Benny asked her.

“On one hand very good, but a little bad I think on the other,” Bev answered a little perplexed as she sat at the kitchen table.

“Ok, why good and why bad?” Benny asked innocently, wondering if his mother knew about last night.

“I can’t tell you,” Bev relied bluntly.

“Yes you can. The guys I know at uni and their mums tell each other everything,” Benny ventured.

“Everything?” his mother asked slightly shocked.

“Everything, even when my mates have those dreams, and they always have,” Benny ventured again.

“They talk to their mums about them, but why? Bev asked surprised.

“Their mums like to hear about them, but then they tell their son their special dreams too,” Benny answered matter-of-factly.

“And neither the mums nor their sons have a problem with that?”

“No, in fact I get the impression both like to hear what the other dreamt. So what did you dream?” Benny asked again.

Bev was silent for a moment, deciding if she should tell her son, as if to decide for her Benny said in a hurt voice,

“But if you don’t think we’re close enough like the other guys and their mums, I’ll understand.”

Bev felt challenged enough to pluck up her courage and said,

“I dreamed about you last night.” Benny said nothing, not wanting to spoil this moment.

“I dreamed you were touching my private parts,” Bev continued, watching her son closely.

“What your breasts and pussy?” Benny asked as if discussing the weather.

“Yes,” answered his mother a little surprised, “and… and my other place.”

“Did you like that place being touched?” Benny asked.

“Oh yes,” Bev replied with türkçe bahis a grin on her face now.

“Have you always liked having that place played with?” He was very curious.

“I’ve never done anything like it before,” and Bev looked slightly baffled and blushed.

“You never thought of it or wanted it.”

“No never, not even in my dreams,”

“So that’s the good, what was the bad?” Benny asked.

“Well that you were touching my privates,” Bev replied.

“Your breasts, pussy and your other place, but you just said that?” Benny asked.

“Yes, but why do you keep saying those words?” Bev asked her son.

“Because that’s what they are, don’t be afraid of their names.”

“Ok I won’t,” Bev said with a smile.

“Anyhow that is the bad, isn’t it?” she asked her son.

“But you enjoyed?” Benny asked.

“Oh yes,” was Bev’s reply.

“Then is all good,” Benny proposed.

“Do you think so? What would others think?” Bev asked her son.

“Who cares what others think, it only matters what you and I think,” Benny said and then asked, “what would you say if it had been real, not a dream? Because I have.”

“What do you mean?” asked Bev.

“Well I’ve dreamed about touching you, like you dreamed last night,” Benny told his mum.

“When did you dream this?” Bev asked her son very curious now.

“When? Heaps of times, for years,” Benny answered and his mum looked surprised.

“Besides all teenage boys dream about their mums,” he continued. Bev was very interested now.

“Do their mums know?” Benny thought to himself ‘how would I know’, but decided to turn this to his advantage.

“Those guys I told you about do, you know, they tell their mums about their sex dreams of them — their mums,” he told her again and watched her face as her eyes widened at this revelation.

“What do their mums say?” Bev was very interested now and Benny knew he had her on his hook.

“Do you really want to know?” asked Benny as if it were a huge secret.

“Yes I do,” his mum told him, so Benny moved very close to his mum and placed his hand on her knee.

This move didn’t concern Bev as Benny and she were often this familiar with each other.

“Ok, but you can’t tell anyone ok?” Benny told his mum and leaned closer, and Bev nodded her head and both looked very serious.

“Well one of the guys said he told his mum one morning of his sex dream about her,” Benny began and his mum was totally engrossed, and he placed his second hand on his mum’s other knee.

“What did he say to her?” Bev asked wanting to hear the story.

“Well he told her that he dreamed he walked up behind his mum in the kitchen and lifted the back of her dress so he could see her panties,” Benny started and Bev hung on each word, as Benny began sliding his hands up his mum’s legs little by little. Bev didn’t say a word, just waiting for her son to continue.

“But you know what his mum said to him?” and Bev shook her head not wanting to break the atmosphere.

“She asked him what she did in his dream, and he said she didn’t do anything, so in his dream he just looked at her panties for a few seconds and then he touched her bottom. He ran his hand over her bottom, and his mum just stood there like nothing was happening.” Benny and Bev were breathing a little fast.

Bev’s heart was pounding now, and she was more then eager to hear the story to its conclusion. Benny’s hands were now moving under her dressing gown and nighty, and Bev still made no move to stop him.

“Then, in his dream he ran his hand down and under his mum’s bottom between her legs. When he said this, he said his mum smiled and asked if he liked touching her bottom in his dream, and he told his mum he did. In his dream his mum bent over the kitchen bench and spread her legs, so he ran his hand right up between her legs.” Bev was transfixed, and Benny’s hands were now under his mum’s dressing gown and nighty, and halfway up her inner thighs.

Bev could feel her son’s hands, but the story was turning her on and she so liked what he was doing.

“The son told his mum that in his dream he pulled her panties down to look at her pussy. When he told her that his mum asked if he liked what he saw and of course he said he loved it, so she asked him if he wanted to look at her for real.”

Bev’s jaw dropped and Benny knew she saw herself as the mum and Benny as the son. Benny’s hands were now nearly all the way up his mum’s inner thighs to her panties, and instinctively Bev spread her knees wide. Mother and son were staring into each other’s eyes.

“The son told his mum he would love to look at her, so this guy from uni, you know what this guy’s mum did?” Benny asked this so his mum would think this was a real mother and son and not a dream, Bev shook her head.

Benny moved his hands up and down Bev’s thighs, caressing them with his thumbs; Bev liked it.

“Well this guy’s mum lifted up her dress so her son could see her panties. Can you imagine that, lifting your dress up güvenilir bahis siteleri for your son?”

Bev nodded slowly still transfixed by her son’s story, and she was so turned on by both his words and his hands. Benny continued to move his hands back and forth on his mum’s inner thighs, caressing her naked flesh.

“Anyway that’s what he told us,” Benny baited his hook for his mum.

“What happened next?” Bev asked breathlessly, not wanting the story to be over, and not wanting the moment to end. She hadn’t felt this turned on, ever.

“Well that’s just it; before he could finish one of the other guys said he could top that because he too had told his mother he had dreamed about her.”

Bev looked pleased it was continuing. Benny’s caresses were just lovely, and somewhere in her subconscious she wondered if he was going to touch her pussy, she wanted him to.

“This other guy said he told his mum about his sex dream of her and she asked if he liked it, he said he did and then asked his mum if she was shocked and she said she wasn’t. So you know what he said she did?”

Benny wanted his mum to be an active player now, and Bev shook her head amazed.

“He said she walked over to him and hugged him, and told him it was ok, that she too had sex dreams about him, her son!” Bev thought of herself.

“And guess what he reckons his mum said,” Bev shook her head.

“He reckons she asked him if he wanted to touch her for real. Can you imagine that, a mum asking her son if he wants to touch her?” Bev nodded slowly.

“Would you like me to touch you?” Benny asked knowing that it was out there now.

Bev thought for only a split second and said,

“Yes, I would like it.” Bev smiled at her son.

“You don’t care that I’m your son?” Benny asked keeping his eyes locked on hers.

“No I don’t care, and I would rather you touch me then anyone,” Bev told her son and they smiled at each other.

“Would you be upset if your dream had been true,” Benny asked hopefully.

“Not at all, why?” his mother asked a little suspicious.

“Because it did happen,” Benny smiled at his mum.

“I’m sorry, but when I helped you into bed last night I couldn’t help myself, you looked so beautiful.”

Benny hoped his mum wouldn’t be upset with him, and he continued to caress her thighs.

“Well next time, do it when I’m awake so I can enjoy it more fully,” Bev said with a grin.

“Ok,” replied Benny with a big smile and his mother smiled back at her son. No mother could wish for a better son then her Benny.

“Now are you going to touch me there or what?” Bev asked her son with a grin.

“Where mum?” Benny goaded his mother.

“You know?” she blushed.

“No say it,” he told her while caressing the very top of her thighs, within a fraction of an inch of her pussy.

Bev let out a sigh,

“Ok, are you going to touch my pussy?” she blushed, but liked saying the word.

“Oh, yeah.”

Benny responded as his hands slid forward that little extra and he touched his mother’s pussy once more through her panties. Benny’s touch was as good as in her dream. But her reaction surprised him, as she sucked in a breath, groaned and began to buck her hips. He had no idea Bev was turned on so quickly… and he thought, ‘I’ve done this for her.’ Her son’s hands felt like those of an experienced lover, gentle and slow as he first caressed and then teased her protruding clit.

“That’s enough, we want you wanting more.”

And with that Benny stopped and Bev was a little pissed, but for some reason she liked the tease more.

The rest of the day went like any other Saturday, and after dinner that night mother and son found themselves sitting as always in from of the TV. Each had one end of the old couch.

“Tried mum,” Benny asked as he saw his mother nod off for a fourth time. Bev looked at her son and smiled,

“Yeah, I am a bit.”

“Then why don’t you lie down and have a nap, I’ll wake you when its time to go to bed.”

With that Bev lay down on the rest of the couch with her head at the other end and her knees drawn up. Instinctively Benny lifted his mother’s legs and lay her feet on his knees. He continued to watch TV and caressed her feet, and Bev sighed in her sleep. A thought suddenly occurred to Benny, because he knew his mother slept very heavily and he smiled. Bev was sleeping on her side facing the TV, so Benny told his mum,

“Mum roll onto her back.”

Bev obeyed immediately. Then he thought better of fulfilling his idea on the couch and waited until bedtime. At 10.30pm Benny was able to wake his mum, although it had taken some time. They both got ready for bed as usual and within minutes of going to bed Benny heard the familiar little snores coming from his mother’s room. He got up from his bed and this time without trepidation entered his mother’s bedroom. He stood by her bedside and turned on the table lamp she had next to the bed, knowing it would wake her.

“Hi mum,” he said quietly and his mother replied in a distant voice,


Benny pulled back the doona and she was in the same nighty.

“Would you like me to touch you mum?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said in an odd voice as she was half awake.

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