The Airplane Ride Home

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Chapter 1
It was after midnight as I sat in the airport waiting room. A violent summer storm delayed our flight. The rumble of the thunder and blue white flashes of lightening caused the few bedraggled passengers waiting for this last flight of the night to recoil in their charcoal grey institutional plastic airport seats then nervously laugh.

My name is Sam Albertson. I am travelling home with my parents after attending my grandmother’s funeral. The trip was the disaster I thought it would be. The old aunts, smelling of lilac and talcum powder, pinching my cheeks, ohing and ahing at how much I had grown was demeaning.

It was not my choice to go. My mom, Jamie, and dad, John, made me go. Even though I never met my grandmother they felt family needed to be there. It was very unfair. I am 19 years old and was fully capable of taking care of myself.

The service was interminable. It seemed everyone in town wanted to say a remembrance. Near the front of the church was a large stained glass window. Some saint or other was depicted with his hands raised in benediction. He might have been praying for the end of the never-ending service.

As usual, Mom and dad were getting drunk in the small terminal bar. Mom was 45 and dad was 47. Mom was a full-figured woman and fairly tall at 5’ 9”, about 200 lbs. Once I sneaked a peek in her lingerie drawer. She was a 38D cup. Dad was a short stout guy at about 5’ 8”, 220 or so.

I watched as they consumed down drink after drink. Mom’s button up the front flowered summer dress was between her legs exposing all of her calves and most of her chubby pink thighs. Dad’s hand was on her bare thigh. I had seen them like this before, drunk, and touchy feely.

At home, my bedroom shared a common wall with theirs. Often they would come in from a party drunk and playful. I would hear mom shushing dad as they noisily tip toed up the stairs. Then there would come the equally noisy fucking, the moans, groans and finally a scream from mom. Then silence!

Once I had crept into the hall after their lovemaking stopped. I planned to peek into the bedroom. My mother’s body fascinated me. Sometime in the last few years, she had gone from mom to this voluptuous mature woman. She was the object of my masturbation fantasies.

I took to searching the clothes hamper for soiled panties. I would inhale them while jacking off. Once I saw her walk out of the bedroom stark naked. Her pendulous breast swayed invitingly as she crossed the hall to the bathroom. My dick sprang to rigid attention. She was holding a towel between her legs.

I was confused at first. Then I realized she was holding dad’s cum in her pussy. She made her way wide legged into the bathroom. I could barely breathe. I slipped quietly down the hall. I leaned my head far enough out to peek in the bathroom. She had wet the towel. Mom stood with one leg on the bathtub washing her pussy. She swayed slightly, feeling the effects of the night’s partying. After vigorously scrubbing between her legs, she dropped the towels in the hamper.

She used both hands to smooth her pussy hair. It was short but well-trimmed. Then she ran her finger in her pussy, pulled it out and licked it. I groaned as I spontaneously came, spilling my youthful seed on the hallway floor. I gasped. I had to lean against the wall to support myself.

I scurried down the hall to my room. I barely made it back before I heard her bedroom door close. I lay in bed sweating profusely. My dick was still granite hard. My heart was in my mouth. The thrill of seeing her, the nearness of almost being caught was almost more than I could stand.

However, I knew there was one more trip I had to make. On catlike feet I tip toed down the hall. I turned quickly into the bathroom and closed the door. The hamper held my prize.

I opened the hamper. There they were on top. The cum soaked towel she had between her legs to hold the cum in and the wet towel she had washed with. The wet towel barely held the scent I wanted it. However, the dry towel took me to nirvana. It was still damp with mom and dad’s sex juice. I took it to my nose and inhaled deeply.

The pungent aroma of mom’s pussy and dad’s seed filled my nasal passages. I was a little light headed. With one hand, I balanced myself on the wall. There was a pain in my dick from being so hard so long. My cock slapped gently against my belly. Impulsively I stuffed the wet crusty part of the towel in my mouth. I sucked hard on their mixed juices. I took my other hand and began to stroke my steel hard member.

Many nights I had whacked off to the sounds of their lovemaking. I had grown skilled at finding mom’s panties from those nights. Sometimes dad fucked her without her taking them off. I would inhale deeply, reveling in the smell of wet pussy and semen. Then I would add my sperm to the load dad had left.

I did not know it then but years later, I would read an article that said sons always lust for their mothers. Most men spend their lives looking for a woman who remind them of mom. It was a vicarious substitute for sex with their mother. The article went on the say the king in Oedipus Rex did not really make a mistake when he took his mother for his queen. He was fulfilling that need to outdo his father and possess his mom.

I do not know about all that shit. All I know is that from my vantage point, I could see dad run his hand under mom’s dress. She giggled, grabbed his hand and made a half hearted attempt to stop him. My hard dick ached, trapped my jockeys and jeans as I watched their sex play.

Fortunately, they called our flight. It was well past midnight. The plane was a 727, the workhorse of the airlines in those days. Dad was a frequent flyer on this airline. We had scored the exit row seats. On a 727 that meant tons of legroom in the three across seats.

Chapter 2

The flight was barely a third full. Mom took the window seat, dad the middle. I took the aisle seat across from them.

Shortly after takeoff, the flight attendant passed out blankets. She apologized for the delay and announced they were dimming the lights to allow the passengers to sleep.

I dozed off. When I awoke, I glanced across the aisle. Mom and dad were gone. I needed to pee and went aft to the bathroom. As I entered one bathroom, dad exited the other. He was obviously drunk and barely able to walk. He never noticed me. I watched as he staggered drunkenly up the aisle to our seats.

When I returned, dad was in my seat, covered head to toe in a blanket and snoring loudly. Initially I was chagrined. Then I figured what the hell. I slipped into his seat across the aisle, pulled my blanket over me and dozed off.

I was dreaming about a cheerleader stroking my cock. I slowly opened my eyes. I realized that my mom had returned to her seat. While I slept, she had opened my pants and was slowly jacking me off. “Wake up, John, she hissed, I want to play!”

I opened my mouth to correct her. I stopped. I realized that she thought it was my father. The semi darkness, the change in seats and her drunken state made her think it was my father’s dick she was stroking.

“John, wake up. You said we were going to join the five-mile-high club!”

I could hear the frustration in her voice.

“I took my panties off,” she hissed!

I recalled listening to them having sex, the erotic aroma of my mother’s worn panties.

I reached over and lightly squeezed her ass. She wiggled it deliciously. She went to speak and I shushed her. I reached down and slowly pulled mom’s skirt up. I was sweating profusely. My heart beat like a trip hammer in my chest. What if she realized it was me? What if dad woke up? You scared bastard, I said to myself. What if the fucking plane crashed while you are dealing with what ifs!

I rubbed her bare ass. She pushed it back against me. I scooted forward. I eased my finger into mom’s pussy. The wet heat was incredible! Her bush was drenched. Obviously, the sex play in the bar had her hot and bothered.

I heard her moan as I slowly worked my finger in and out of mom’s pussy. Her ass drove back hard against my fingers. She moaned loudly. I stopped finger fucking her and shushed her.

“Ok, John, ok,” she whispered, “but fuck me now!”

I slipped my pants down and scooted closer. I gripped mom’s waist in both hands and pulled her toward me. She scooted back. I pushed forward and slowly entered my mother’s pussy. The heat was almost unbearable. Her wetness was incredible. I stopped. She was so tight I was afraid I would cum too quickly. She leaned her back closer to me.

“John, you feel so big in me! I have never felt this full!”

I began a slow in and out. Her pussy was so wet I was sure the whole plane could hear the sloshing sound. I could feel mom’s pussy contracting, holding me tight as I thrust deep into this most desired hole. I shushed her again as her moans got louder. Her big ass thrust back, trying to drive me deeper. She stuffed her fist in her mouth to stifle a scream as she came. She bucked and thrust back hard against me. Her orgasms consumed her as she tried to get me deeper. The hard contractions of her orgasm were more than I could take. I unloaded deep in mom’s pussy, pushing my dick forward hard to meet het thrusts as spurt after incestuous spurt filled the same vagina I had come out of in birth!

Now there was an image. The mental image of me exiting her vagina as a squalling baby. The image of my baby makers replaced it, strongly swimming, now on their way up that same birth canal. I collapsed into my seat. My blanket was soaked.

“John that was the best ever!” Mom chortled as she reached back and patted my hip.

A few minute later she was snoring quietly.

I could feel our juices drying on my dick as I dozed off. Mom and dad were still sleeping when I woke up. I lay quietly rubbing her ass. She stirred. I quickly recovered my head and pretended to be sleep.

“John, I want you to fuck my ass. You know, like you do at home but at 30,000 feet. I got some lube in my purse. I’ll be right back.”

She crawled over me and walked forward to the bathroom. I sat up and watched her ass roll sensuously as she moved down the aisle. At eighteen, I had fucked a few girls. However, I had never had a pussy like hers. I knew girls would never again satisfy me. I looked over at my snoring dad across the aisle with a mixture of camaraderie and envy. He might never know it, but we now shared mom’s pussy.

She had reveled in my bigger dick, old man, I thought. I envied him his many years of getting this fabulous piece of ass.

When I saw mom exit the bathroom. I scooted down, turned toward the window covering my head. Mom stepped across me and settled into her window seat. She straightened her blanket and covered herself. She glanced over me at my father across the aisle. Did I detect a moment of confusion? Did the size of the person not match what she thought? Although not fat like my father, I was a big guy.

She reached under my blanket. “Here’s the lube,” she said.

I peeked from under the blanket as she furtively looked around the plane. I panicked as she turned toward me. The game was up! She was going to move my blanket and realize her son had just fucked her. Would she scream in amazement? Would she stand and announce to the world that her son had fucked her? What state were we over? What was the penalty for fucking your drunk mom?

Instead, she scooted down to her knees. She covered her head with the blanket. I felt her feeling around under the blanket.

She found my dick. I felt her tongue lick me. She took me in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down. Suddenly she stopped and sat back in her seat.

“Use the lube,” she whispered,” but I just had to get a taste of your dick encrusted with our cum. You know how much I love that!” Mom rolled to face the window. I felt her bare ass under the blanket. I slowly eased the head of my cock in her ass. She reached back and pressed against my belly.

“Easy, John, easy! Lord, why are you so big tonight? Your dick hasn’t been this hard in years!”

We lay like that for a minute. The head of my dick was just inside her ass. Then I felt her push back slowly. An inch more slid slowly into her ass. I heard a sharp intake of breath as she pressed again on my belly with her hand. Then she released her hand I slid halfway into her fantastic ass. I pulled back slowly. Then I pressed in again hard. I felt her body trembled slightly as she tried to handle my girth.

Then she pushed back hard and I bottomed out in her ass. She reached back and grabbed my blanket. As I slowly pulled back, her death grip on my blanket caused her to pull it off me.

I scrambled to grab it. Too late! She turned to help with the blanket. Her eyes widened first in surprise, and then horror as she realized it was her son buried balls deep in her ass. She tried to move forward away from me. I grabbed her waist and assayed two quick in and out thrusts. Mom gasped.

“Do you really want me to stop now;” I whispered urgently, “do you really want me to stop?”

She stopped moving and her head dropped to the seat. Nevertheless, she did not push me away. Nor did she push back in response to my thrusts. I moved slowly in and out of her tight ass. I reached around and palmed her breasts. Thrust in; squeeze tit. I sat up a rhythm. Her head moved back closer to mine.

“Cover us with your blanket,” she moaned.

I quickly covered us with my blanket.

“Now hurry! Finish in me before your father wakes up. Son, give mom all that big fucking dick and fill my ass with your seed.”

She thrust back and I pounded forward. I leaned forward so I could whisper in her ear

“Mom, your ass is amazing! So tight!”

“Oh son, I have never felt like this. It’s wrong but so dam good”

We were good together. We settled into a rhythm that had us both blowing like steam engines

I glanced back at my drunken snoring father. This is our ass now, old man, I thought. I squeezed mom’s tit hard. she groaned and thrust back against me. We were both covered in sweat and fucking like barnyard animals. From now on, you share her with me. She is my mother, your wife but this ass and pussy is ours!

We came together, thrusting against each other as we struggled to stifle our moans. I filled her bowels with my sperm. She groaned loudly as my dick spurt deep in her ass. I grabbed one large nipple and pulled it hard.

“Oh, Jezuz yes, “she screamed again stuffing her fist in her mouth to stifle it.

We rolled to our backs, exhausted. I reached under the covers and caressed my mother’s belly. She covered my hand with hers but continued staring at the ceiling.

The lights came up in the plane. The flight attendant announced we were descending for a landing. I watched as mom buttoned her dress. Her expression was unreadable.
She folded the blanket and laid it on the floor.

“Wake your father. But first, what you did…what we did is very wrong.”

“You didn’t like it?”

She paused and looked me deep in the eyes.

“It was fantastic! I haven’t cum like that in years. In addition, you are so much bigger than your father is. However, what we did was legally and morally wrong. If anyone found out, we would both be ostracized and probably jailed. You must never tell anyone!”

I nodded my head. The thought that I would never enjoy carnal knowledge of this woman, my mother this amazing sexual animal again depressed me. Nevertheless, I understood what she was saying.

“So, we won’t be doing this anymore?”

She reached across me and shook my dad. He groggily started to come out of his drunken sleep. Mom smiled wickedly.

“I didn’t say that!”

Chapter 3

John and Jamie’s weekly lovemaking had been as intense and satisfying as it always was. She relished feeling his come leak out of her swollen pussy. Even after 30 years, she enjoyed the sensation of a cum-filled pussy. A wantonness about it enthralled her. In one of her sexual fantasies, she envisioned many men filling her. The thought of all their swimmers competing to fertilize her egg caused a tingle in her nether regions.

Her hand trailed down over her sweaty breasts. Her nipples were still engorged and sensitive. A thrill shot through her body as she lightly rubbed them. There was a slight burn were John had lightly bit her nipple.

However, lately, she wanted more. The guilt engendered by her need gnawed at her. Her son, Sam, fucking her on the plane awakened an aching chasm of need in her. It was an evil need, a demeaning need. It took her into the abyss of social and moral degradation. It was so wrong! Still the memory of his huge young cock filling her pussy then plumbing the depths of her anus caused her to shiver involuntarily.

Jamie rolled to a sitting position her, bare feet slapped loudly on the cool terrazzo floor. She stood and stripped off her sweat drenched gown. The coolness of the night air caused her to shiver slightly. Her nipples hardened. She wrapped her arms over her large pendulous breasts as she padded softly to the shower.

Her movement caused John’s come to leak out of her pussy. She smiled to herself at how wicked this always made her feel. She loved the erotic sensation of come leaking out of her pussy and running down her thighs.

Involuntarily her mind shot back to her soggy walk down the aisle of the airplane after her son, Sam, had come in her pussy and ass. Her full back panties were soaked with Sam’s come. She recalled wondering if the other passengers could hear the squishy sound she made. Her eyes had shot guiltily from one anonymous face to the other.

Was that man in seat 23F giving her a knowing smile? Was there disgust on that woman’s face in seat 19A? Did they know she had just committed incest? That she had fucked her barely 19-year-old son? And yes, Gawddamit, that she had experienced orgasms like those that she had never had before! Fuck you, seat 12C!

She shivered again as she remembered the incredible soreness. She recalled the delicious wetness of another man (boy’s?) come filling her birth canal. She recalled the dull ached in her cunt. Sam had stretched her to her limits and beyond. Thankfully, John had not wanted to fuck for nearly a week afterward.

A tingle diffused through her body. Her clit pulsed. Her anus convulsed as she recalled how Sam had impaled her with his enormous cock.

Shame and lust fought for prominence in her mind. She unsuccessfully tried to at once force that shameful incident from her mind and relish the moment when she realized that it was not John but Sam who had her coming like a schoolgirl. That it was Sam who filled her anus so completely, who scratched an itch she did not know she had.

She started to sweat profusely. Her legs felt weak. She thought she might pass out. She realized her fingers were massaging her soaking wet pussy.

You sick bitch, she thought to herself. You are getting aroused thinking about your son fucking you. But I was drunk, she thought. John and I had drunk excessively while waiting for the plane. She smiled as she remembered their whispered decision to join the five-mile -high club.

Jamie, you are lying to yourself! You knew the cock was bigger than any you had ever had. But God it felt so good! Even now, she reveled in that incredible fullness. Moreover, when you realized it was Sam in your ass you let him finish. And, yes, you sick slut, you enjoyed it.

The hot water streamed over Jamie’s body. She added body wash to her sponge. As she soaped her breasts and gently washed her pussy, she realized that she had crossed a bridge. She knew she could not keep fucking Sam. She also knew that she could not stop.

Her clit was always incredibly sensitive after sex. She balanced herself against the wall of shower with one hand as she thoroughly washed her pussy.

Each time the sponge moved over her swollen clit, a thrill ran through her body. That was unusual. Normally her weekly romp with John sated her. However, in the month since they returned from the funeral, she was insatiable. She laughed to herself. Poor, baby, he is having trouble keeping up!

I bet Sam could…

Stop it, stop it, stop it, she screamed to herself! You need help! You are fantasizing about your son, the issue of your womb, fucking you.

Quickly Jamie rinsed off the soap. She stepped from the shower and started toweling herself dry. She surveyed her form in the full-length mirror on the bathroom door.

Lord, she thought. I look like the Pillsbury doughboy! She turned sideways to the mirror. She inhaled deeply then pressed her hands to her abdomen. The action caused her breasts to jut out prominently.

At 5′ 9″ and 200+lbs, Jamie was a big girl. The years had softened her belly and enlarged her ass. She had a pronounced pooch in front and a large jiggly ass behind. Her breasts had the disturbing habit of bouncing slightly when she walked.

Not bad for an old lady, she thought. Besides, I am not trying to attract men.

Her breasts had a pronounced sag. However, her nipples stood out proudly. Maybe I should start going to a gym. Tighten things up a little. Somewhere in the deep recesses of her mind, she knew whom she really wanted to look good for.

Jamie slipped on a cotton robe and buttoned it up the front. Absently she opined that she should at least put on a bra and panties.

Fuck it, she thought. She moved briskly down the hall. As she passed Sam’s open bedroom door, she glanced in. He was flat of his back, snoring noisily. Her eyes widened as she saw his dick standing erect. It must have been 9″ and as big around as a coke can. It pulsed rhythmically in tune with his beating heart.

Jamie’s hand trailed down to her moistening pussy. She recalled the initial shock of pain as that huge piece of man meat entered her pussy. She ran her fingers through her wet slit as memories of that incredible violation flooded back.

In her mind, she screamed as she tried to push the unclean thoughts from her lust-filled mind. Her fingers found her swollen clit as her anus clenched and unclenched. All of that had been in her ass! Dear lord, how had she managed it?

With a will, Jamie shook herself and started down the stairs. She wondered if menopause caused these hormonal surges. She would make an appointed with her doctor today. It was obvious that she could not walk around in a constant state of semi arousal, particularly if her barely eighteen-year-old son was causing that arousal.

Jamie busied herself preparing breakfast for her men. She smiled dryly at the literalness of the thought. She, for the first time in her life, was fucking two men; one was her husband of 30 years, the other was her 19-year-old son.

As she sliced the potatoes, diced the onions, and blended the eggs, idle thoughts ambled across her mind. Besides the doctor’s appointment, she needed to shop for provisions for their motorhome. Their were driving up to the lake for the weekend. She recalled how sore her pussy and ass had been after she and Sam fucked.

Wait! Where did that come from?

She felt someone come up behind her. Strong arms enveloped her. Eager hands cupped her breasts. She pressed back and felt a hard cock pressing against her ass. She wiggled a little.

“Good morning, John. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes”

“It’s not dad, mom.”

Frantically, Jamie tried to pull away.

“Sam, you stop this instant!”

Her voice was firm, authoritative. It called upon the ingrained response required of a child. Sam hesitated. Then he renewed massaging of his mom’s tits. He ground his rigid member into her large ass.

“No mom. I’m not stopping. You have been avoiding me since the airplane.”

Sam’s voice quavered. There was dryness in his throat. Nevertheless, he had thought about this. He needed to know.

Jamie twisted and turned violently trying to free herself. She felt her robe riding up, exposing her bare ass.

“Sam, dam it, stop!” She demanded.

Jamie realized her voice was too loud. She did not want to wake John. That would be the beginning of a long conversation that could only end with the revelation that she had fucked their son. Her life was unraveling enough. She felt her robe being pulled up.

“I love you, mom.”

“Baby, this kind of love is sick. It’s incest. You must stop. “

Jamie felt her son’s huge cock sliding up and down the crack of her ass. Reflexively she bent forward, trying to twist out of her son’s vice like grip. She felt the pressure of his massive dickhead against her now very wet cunt.

“I love you, mom”

Jamie sucked a sibilant breath as she felt her son’s massive mushroom like dick head enter her love canal. She felt her pussy spasm in anticipation.

Oh, my god, she thought, I am losing control. She winced as Sam forced his enormous tool into her gushing wet cunt.

“Easy, baby, easy! Go slow! “

Jamie felt a wince of pain. Her son bottom out against her cervix. Still he pushed.

“Wait baby, wait! Momma needs to get used to you.”

Sam slid out and thrust back hard into his mom’s pussy. At 19, there was no technique, just need. Each youthful thrust slammed Jamie against the sink.

Jamie worked her arms free. She grabbed the edge of the sink. He was going to ram her through the wall. Still she realized she was thrusting back. She was having mini orgasms. She trembled uncontrollably. He was like a jackrabbit, pounding her unmercifully. She heard some slut moaning fuck me and realized it was her.

Almost impossibly, she felt Sam’s cock swelling. She screamed as the pain /pleasure wracked her body. He is coming, she thought. My son is planting his seed in my womb. The force of his ejaculation brought her to a moaning, thrusting orgasm. She can hear him groan loudly as rope after rope if his strong, potent sperm filled her love channel.

Jamie was exhausted. Her knees were rubber bands, barely able to hold her. Her chubby little fingers gripped the kitchen sink desperately. She sank to the floor, her cheek relishing the smooth coolness of the polished wooden door. A line of perspiration smeared its surface.

Sam slid down with her, his young massive pole maintaining its position deep in his mom’s now gaping pussy. Slowly he began a slower, steadier pace. He was a man possessed. Fully 8″ of his full 9″ donkey like cock was filling his mom’s pussy.

Jamie sank to her belly; her arms splayed out over her head. Insanely she had an image of herself, on a crucifix impaled by Sam’s cock. He could not want more. He could not! She could not take it! She felt each thrust of his youthful eagerness push her up the tiled floor.

Even as she thought she could take no more, she felt his balls slap her ass. He was all the way in her! She began the animalistic growling of a bitch in heat. She was dimly aware that she was thrusting up hard to meet his frantic downward pounding. It feels so good, so fucking good!

She could hear his groans; feel his sweat dropping on her back. Stunned, she felt him slap her moon shaped ass hard as he implored her to keep fucking. Her son was demanding that she fuck him harder! She did as ordered. Rising to her knees and hands to give herself more leverage, she began a rhythmic rocking and thrusting. She felt her large tits swinging like larger melons hanging from a vine.

The sounds of ass hitting crotch filled the kitchen, flesh on flesh. The bitch in heat was crying in exhaustion and lust. He slapped her ass again, urging her on!

“Fill momma’s pussy! Pump your seed deep in me. Make momma your bitch! “

From a distant corner of her mind, came a feeling of intense embarrassment. A mother should not talk to her teenage son this way. However, mothers should not fuck their sons either.

She felt his cock swelling inside her as he began to come again. He thrust hard forward repeatedly, pumping Jamie full. Her orgasm matched his, causing her to thrust back hard, accepting the gift of his seed deep in her welcoming womb.

“Jamie, is breakfast ready,” John asked from upstairs.

The kitchen air stank of their sweat. In the hallway above was discovery, shame, and ruin. They could hear John moving down the hall toward the steps.

Despite herself, Jamie pussy spasmed as she squirted her contribution to merge with Sam’s seed. Sam had a hand on either side of his mom’s luscious ass. He stared upward. Jamie was trying to talk but her hips had a mind of their own. She kept rocking back.

I must answer him, stop him before… “About 10 minutes, John.” Her voice was squeaky, wavering.

“Are you ok, dear? You sound odd.”

Jamie heard John take a few steps down the hall. A few more and he would have a full view of this erotic incestuous scene. I’m still cumming! Oh my lord! I’m still cumming!

“I’m fine. But don’t you dare come down to my kitchen until you shower. “

She heard him chuckle and his footsteps head back toward their bedroom.

“Take it out Sam.”

Sam was in a trance. Jamie reached back, placed a hand in his chest and pushed. She could have sworn she heard a popping sound as her son’s massive schlong slid slowly out of her aching pussy.

“Go clean up!” She pointed to the downstairs bathroom.

“I love you, mom!”

“I love you too, baby!”

Jamie turned back to the sink. She returned to fixing breakfast. Her hands trembled slightly. She straightened her robe and rebuttoned it. As she added bacon to the sizzling skillet, she felt her son’s come oozing out of her pussy. Its warmth caused her to shiver deliciously as it ran down her thigh.

As she turned the bacon, Sam came out of the bathroom.

“Watch the bacon for mommy while I clean up.”

“Ok mom,” Sam said somewhat shyly.

Jamie saw his diffidence. She also saw he was still semi hard. Lord, she thought, what am I going to do?

In the bathroom, she wet a towel. She quickly washed her son’s come from her thighs and pussy. She held the towel close to her nose and inhaled the aroma. Impulsively, she stuffed the come soaked towel in her mouth and sucked it hungrily.

She got a little dizzy.

What now, she thought ruefully, what now?

Chapter 4

John nearly caught his wife and son fucking in the kitchen. He had stood at the top of the stairs while they were caught up in their carnal act of incest. Jamie had been on her hands and knees thrusting her ass back hard against Sam`s dick, rutting like a bitch in heat. He might have heard her begging for more of his son’s massive tool. He might have seen his son smacking his wife`s fat ass, calling her a bitch and urging her to fuck harder. However, he had not.

Now he sat next to the boy who cuckold him sharing Jamie’s excellent Spanish eggs and bacon. There were piles of hot buttered toast. The glass pitcher brimmed with fresh squeezed orange juices. The fragrant aroma of cinnamon rolls wafted through the air.

John`s main concern was that Sam act more responsibly, more like a man. One day he would inherit all he had. He thought his wife pampered the boy too much. He thought the boy would never be a man if Jamie kept pampering him. She needed to be firmer with the boy. After all, one day he would run the business.

“What’s so funny?” John asked.

“What dad?” Sam mumbled absently, his mouth stuffed with food.

“I asked what was so funny. You are sitting there with your mouth full grinning like an idiot.”

“Oh, I don’t know, dad. Many things! I’m off to college in a few weeks. I was thinking of how much I was going to miss you and mom! bursa escort I’ll miss the good times we had.”

Jamie’s face reddened. She understood what the good times were. The pleasant ache in her pussy reminded her what she would miss.

Your wife, my mother, our woman! We share her, old man! How’s that for being a man? Sam thought.

Chapter 5
Jamie busied herself preparing food for the annual family vacation. Each year the family spent several weekends at the lake. It was one of those rituals that all families had. John purchased a lot on this lake and was having a cabin built.

She also mentally prepared herself for three days of close contact with John and Sam. She smiled quietly as she reminisced about the closeness of her family. John was a good husband and provider. He tended to be a little officious but he meant well.

He was a great lover. True, he was only the second cock she had but it satisfied her. Aside from that first sweaty encounter in the backseat of a Chevy, Jamie’s entire sexual experience was with John. An outsider might say that their sex was one dimensional, that it lacked variety and spice. But it is a truism of life that you can’t miss what you never had!

This year was different. Sam would be leaving for college shortly after they got back. This may be the last time for these kinds of family vacations. She felt her panties dampen as she thought about the other thing that was different about this vacation. She was fucking her son!

She felt the conflict and moral ambiguity of that forbidden relationship. That first time on the airplane may be charged off to too much alcohol and mistaken identity. But there was no excuse for the other morning on the kitchen floor. Jamie knew that was wrong. She knew she should have been the strong one. She had no idea what was wrong with her. For the umpteenth she thought about menopause. But none of the literature said anything about it increasing your desire for incest.

The planned early Friday morning start was lost when John`s office called about a lost shipment. He hurried to handle this potential disaster.

While he was gone, Sam and Jamie finished loading the food, alcohol, and sundry other items they would need for their weekend trip. Throughout this process, Sam took every opportunity he could to feel up his mom.

He would slide past her in the tight confines of the cab over and let his cock rub across her ample ass. He seemed to find many opportunities to “accidentally” touch her breasts. Sam was like a kid in a candy store. His mother was the forbidden sweets and he couldn’t stop lusting for her.

For her part, Jamie felt a deep sense of guilt and personal responsibility. In her mind, she had caused her son to behave this way. She believed that she had been weak and it was causing her son to act out, to see her as a sex object.

An outside observer would have noted that despite 30 years of marriage, Jamie was sexually inexperienced and somewhat sexually repressed. While satisfying, her sex life with her husband had a prosaic sameness. Sam released a sexual demon. A demon that clawed at the veneer of repression that hid her volcanic libido. She was a volcano ready to explode in an orgy of excess.

Late in the morning, Jamie was on her hands and knees storing can goods into the lower cabinets. John was fussy about how things were packed away and she wanted to be sure that he was not annoyed with her. His fastidiousness was a real pain sometime.

She wore an old wife beater tee shirt that was perhaps a size or two too small. The sweat shorts she wore were just a touch too tight. She had rationalized that she needed old clothes for the hot tedious task of preparing the RV for the road. If suggested to her that this type of dress might fan the flames of lust her 19-year-old son felt for her, that she was in fact dressing to excite him, she would have indignantly denied it.

His mom’s dress was not lost on Sam. In his mind, she was a plus size version of a Hooter’s waitress. The tee shirt, the tight shorts had him in a constant state of arousal. Transfixed, he covertly watched his mom bend, stretch, and kneel. Her braless tits bounced disturbingly. When she bent over to reach a lower cabinet, the already tight shorts, stretched and strained to contain their contents.

Finally, driven by lust, he came up behind her, grabbed her shorts and pulled them down. Jamie struggled, at once frightened and aroused by his display of dominance. Sam had her shorts and panties around her knees. Embarrassed, Jamie felt her pussy lubricating as she struggled to get away. She was enjoying this rough foreplay. And when Sam got his cock at the entrance to her dripping cunt, she did push back. But as the fat head of his enormous cock tried to force its way into her all too willing love hole, the angel of social propriety screamed its displeasure in her ear. Jamie fought to get her emotions under control.

“Goddammit Sam, stop it!”

Despite her head buzzing with her incredible state of arousal, even though she could feel juices running down her ample thighs, she managed her best “mom is pissed voice.” Sam stopped, his overly large mushroom shaped dick head barely splitting his mom`s pussy. The little head said slam home. However, the big head responded to 19 years of parental conditioning. He pulled out.

“Aaawwwww mom! We have time. Dad won’t be home for at least an hour!”

Jamie turned and sat on her butt. Her shorts and panties were around her ankles, her legs spread at the knees. She was aware that Sam’s gaze was fixed on her swollen pussy lips and wet, matted pubic hair. Her own gaze was riveted on Sam’s 9″-inch cock as it pointed rigidly at the ceiling of the RV.

“Sam, I am NOT one of your little whores from school! I am your MOTHER!

Jamie was building to a righteous tirade. She was going to put an end to this incest thing. However, as she gathered herself to launch a barrage of maternal outrage, both she and Sam froze at the sound of a familiar voice.

“Jamie! Sam! Where are you guys?”

John was home. Sam was first to react, pulling his shorts up and forcing his tumescent love pole back in. It lay flat against his belly, trapped by the waistband. He hurriedly pulled his tee shirt over it to hide the 4″ that rested against his belly. Still the bulge was unmistakable.

“Hello! Anybody home?”

Jamie’s legs were hogtied by her shorts around her ankles. In a fevered panic, her eyes wide as saucers, she yanked ineffectually at her clothes. Seeing his mom was paralyzed with fear, Sam grabbed her arms and pulled her to her feet. He knelt in her front of her, grabbed her shorts and began to pull them up.

However, Sam was 19. Hormones coursed through his veins like white water in a river rapids. His face was even with his mom`s dripping wet pussy. The pungent aroma of her arousal filled his nostrils. Impulsively Sam buried his face in his mom’s bristly womanhood. He forced his tongue between her still swollen labia and licked hungrily.

For the first time in her 45 years, a mouth was on Jamie’s sex. Conflicting thoughts raced uncontrolled through her mind. She worried that she was so sweaty and aroused. She wished she had showered. What was he doing with her clit? It felt incredible! John was coming, John was coming! This is so wrong! O my fucking god I’m coming!

“Oh fuck! Fuck!”

Reflexively Jamie grabbed her son’s head. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she desperately tried to push him away. Then she pressed his face hard into her erupting pussy. She came hard, her large hips pumping against her son’s face.

Sam pulled back, licking his lips at the fragrant juices that covered his face. He finished helping his mom pull her clothes up. He turned and stepped to the door. He saw his dad`s back as he started up the driveway.

Sam looked back. His mom had her back to him. Her head was bowed and she was using the counter to support.

“We are in here, dad!”

Chapter 6
Sam was two hours into the four-hour drive to the lake. Sitting at the table behind him, his parents were well on their way to getting drunk. John’s excuse was the stress generated by the screw up at work.

Jamie was acutely aware of her son not four feet away. Her pussy was still tingling. As she maintained her end of the inane drunken conversation, in her mind she replayed the moment Sam had taken her clit in his mouth and sucked it. Even now her knees got weak. She recalled feeling his tongue as it penetrated her labia. It was like a French kiss, so intimate, so exciting.

Her pussy flooded her panties. The wet stickiness only increased her arousal. The sex demon had clawed the last vestige of repression from Jamie’s libido. There was a heat in her thighs like she had never felt. She crossed and recrossed her legs. Feeling, yes almost hearing, her flooded pussy react.

Jamie did not know it, but she had crossed a threshold. She liked getting her pussy licked. She wanted more. She continued to match her husband drink for drink.

Lord, she thought, I can still smell my arousal. My panties are soaked. I`m in heat for my teenage son! What kind of bitch am I?

Sam guided the RV off the expressway. Behind him, he could hear the snoring of his mom and dad. As usual, when they had free time, they drank and then fucked. Sam had listened intently to the sounds of their lovemaking. His dad was not much on foreplay. Sam knew that from the many nights he had listened at the common wall between their bedrooms.

As best as he could figure, dad was a missionary guy. He sucked mom’s tits, fingered her pussy, and then climbed into the saddle. Nevertheless, the old guy had stamina. They went 25-30 minutes before dad popped. In addition, mom was a screamer!

About 2 miles outside town he saw the sign for the right turn onto the road leading to the lake. The road changed from asphalt to gravel as it wound through the trees toward the lake.

Sam also suspected that his dad was old school and did not eat pussy. Sam smiled. He was licking pussy before he fucked. In his circle of friends, the girls gave hand and blow jobs. The guys got to feel up, suck their tits and lick their pussy. In those days before the pill, a teenage pregnancy was disastrous.

Sam turned left at their road. The trees closed in on either side. Presently he saw the black emptiness of the lake. A necklace of diamond like lights that marked the other properties circling it. The headlights of the motorhme caught the skeletal hulk of the unfinished cabin.

Sam pulled past it and parked so that the door of RV faced the lake with the other side facing the uncompleted cabin. The blackness of night closed in when he turned off the headlights. Sam flipped on an interior light. In the dim light, he could see the outline of his parents in the queen-sized bed in the rear. He rummaged through a drawer and found a flashlight.

He stretched and stepped toward the door. He grabbed a lawn chair and a beer from the fridge. He flipped off the interior light and turned on the flashlight. The yellow cone of light pierced the darkness. It provided a corridor of light through the all-encompassing darkness. He took two steps down into starless blackness of the night.

Chapter 7
Jamie woke in the stifling heat of the RV. She was naked, covered only in a thin sheen of perspiration. Next to her, John snored loudly. The tight confines of the back of the RV held the scent of their lovemaking. She rose and walked naked to the front. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind, the angel of social propriety warned her to cover her nakedness. Her son was somewhere near. The devil of incest and lust said fuck it.

Jamie turned on an interior light. Sam must be outside. She sighed and went to the closet. She found a robe. It was an old thing that she had for several years. The weight she gained made it ride higher on her body. It hit her mid-thigh. The buttons strained to contain her 38D’s.

The air was sultry. The high humidity and suffocating heat promised a summer storm soon. The katydid’s repetitive song filled the air. As Sam was taking a swig of the ice-cold beer, he heard the a door open behind him. He glanced back and saw his mom silhouetted by the interior light clad in her old robe.

“Out here, mom!”

He turned on the flashlight to light her way. Jamie grabbed a beer and switched off the interior light.

He could see her carrying a chair and the beer in the yellow cone of light from the flashlight. Sam went over, grabbed his mom`s chair and set it up next to his. After they both settle in the chairs, Sam turned off the flashlight. The darkness settled in like a black velvet blanket. Though they were only a few feet apart, they could barely make out each other’s shape.

“My god, the heat is unbelievable!” Jamie said thickly. She was still feeling the effects of the alcohol she and her husband had drunk.

“Yes, I think we are going to get a thunderstorm in the next few days.”

In the thick still summer air, Sam was acutely aware of the sexual musk his mom exuded. He felt his dick harden as he inhaled this heady aroma.

Jamie knew she needed a shower. She thought that she must smell like a goat. She was hot and sweaty. She was leaking her husband’s come. Her pussy was still damp and swollen. Her arousal had begun some 5 hours ago with Sam. That was followed by a very satisfying fuck in the RV with her husband. Wickedly, she wondered if Sam had heard her screams of passion. Inwardly she hoped he had. She was instantly ashamed of herself.

“Want another beer, mom?”

“Yes baby, thank you.”

Jamie undid the buttons on her robe. She pulled it back and exposed herself to the sultry night air. In the distance, she heard the thrum of a motorboat on the lake. Her hand drifted to her overheated sex. A thrill shot through her body as she touched her clit. She dipped a finger in her heated cauldron. It came out coated in her juices and John’s cum.

Tentatively she moved her finger to her mouth. It was an odd taste but not that unpleasant. She added a finger and scooped out more. She sucked hungrily. A faint memory of the taste came to her. That first time in the Chevy! Her head was forced down on her date’s cock. She recalled the heady sweetness of his pre-cum, the musk of his arousal.

John hated oral sex. They never did it. She convinced herself that she did not need it.

When Sam came back with the unopened beers, he walked up behind his mom and playfully put the cold can on her neck. She shrieked and jumped up. Playfully she tried to grab him. He scooted away toward the lake. She cut him off. She grabbed him around the waist. They fell in a heap on the grass, both giggling loudly.

Sam felt Jamie’s nakedness under him. He ran his hands over her body. He recalled a name from art class, Rubenesque. It was used to describe the women painted by the Flemish artist Rubens. They were all full-figured women. His mom was Rubenesque.

In the dark, their lips met. Sam pressed his tongue hotly against his mom`s trembling lips. Slowly, almost hesitantly, Jamie allowed his tongue to enter her mouth. Sam probed deep, pushing Jamie’s tongue into the recesses of her mouth. She responded by dueling with his tongue for entrance into the sanctuary of his mouth.

Sam’s hand found the plump nipple of his mother’s breast. He squeezed it roughly and pulled it, eliciting throaty moans from Jamie. In turn, her hand slid between their sweat soaked bodies and found his rigid tool. She pumped it vigorously, marveling that her fingers could barely circle its circumference. Sam groaned loudly from his mom`s stroking.

He slid slowly down her body, pausing to nip lightly on each nipple, eliciting a near scream from Jamie as she writhed under him. He drew his tongue down her belly causing Jamie to start thrusting her hips violently up and down. When his tongue flicked her navel, she screamed into the midnight black darkness of the summer night as her orgasm overtook her.

Jamie felt her orgasm burst wetly from her. She soaked Sam’s tee shirt with the volume and force of her release. Still Sam moved downward. His tongue traced the hard outline of her hood, licked lightly at her love button.

Jamie’s orgasm was almost continuous now. She growled and snarled like an animal of the night. In self-defense, Sam wrapped his arms around his mother’s thrusting hips. He buried his face in the pungent crevice of her erupting pussy, constantly spewed the molten lava of her spewing sex.

Sam thrust two fingers into the scalding heat of her pussy. If he could have seen her eyes, he would see the pupils rolled back in her head. She was a woman possessed. At 45, she was experiencing sex as she never had before.

Sam turned slowly. He pulled his mom slightly to her side. He helped her raise one leg and then buried his face in the love arch formed. He was drunk with the musty sweetness of her pussy. He lapped greedily at her pussy. What was that taste? Oh yes, he thought! His dad he come in her! He greedily licked the heavy cream, his head almost exploding at the incredible sensation.

Jamie was having an out of body experience. Despite the complete darkness, she thought she could see her son between her legs. Something hit her in the face. She reached and touched Sam’s man meat. She licked and it and tasted his sweatiness. She heard the blood roaring in her ears as she kissed the mushroom. With an effort, she managed to get her mouth around it. Her jaw ached but she had it in her mouth. Jamie rose to one elbow and used her free hand to stroke her son’s manhood.

Sam had his mom’s clit in his mouth. His thumb was in her pussy and his finger penetrated her ass. Jamie bucked hard against Sam’s mouth. She was riding waves of orgasms, building to a crest, and dropping to a trough only to rise again.

Sam knew he was going to come. He felt that itch in his scrotum that moved into his balls. He pumped his cock hard into his mom’s mouth. Jamie’s saliva was drooling out the corners of her mouth. Almost impossibly, she felt Sam’s cock growing in her mouth. As she bucked against his mouth, he exploded in hers. The force of his ejaculation forced her head back. She caught a fire hose sized stream of Sam’s man juice in her mouth. It gagged her and she began to cough. This caused the rest of his steaming man juice to assault her eyes, drenched her hair and inundated her breasts.

She rolled on her back. Sensations coursed through her body like jolts of electricity. Her heart beat like a trip hammer. She could not get her breath. She felt like she was dying. Never, never in her life had she experienced sex like this. The fact that her son did it added an unholy quality.

She was no longer conflicted about fucking her son. She craved his cock. She needed it as she need air to breath or water to drink.

And, just when she thought she would pass out, when her weary body wanted to rest, she felt the weight of her son’s body press down on her. The bulbous head of Sam’s enormous cock slide between her labia. She realized that the moaning she was hearing was her as her birth canal expanded to its limits to accommodate her son.

“Say it, mom! Say what you want.”

“I want you to fuck mommy, fuck her hard.”

“Do you like fucking me?”

Jamie thrust up to meet her son’s cock. “At first I thought it was wrong. I was ashamed that I wanted you so much. Now I can’t live without it.”

Sam began a slow steady stroke, getting half of his cock in her. They both could hear the wet squishy sound of their lovemaking. Incredibly, Jamie’s lust grew, her wetness increased and Sam’s cock went deeper. In a red haze of passion, she wondered how much deeper he could go, how much she could take.

Who was that screaming, Jamie thought? It sounded like some wild animal. She realized it was her. She laughed to herself. She sounds like some cock-crazed slut!

She groaned loudly as Sam’s cock hit her cervix. Still he pounded and she screamed. Jamie was orgasming so hard and so much that the grass under them was slick with her juices. Still she wanted more.

Sam braced himself on his knees and arms as Jamie wrapped her legs around his back and her arms around his neck. She repeatedly lifted herself off the grass, thrusting herself up against his dick. She needed more! She wanted it deeper!

Sam felt his seed filling his balls. He felt the indescribable sensation of his seed coursing up his dick and exploding into his mom’s pussy. Jamie fell back on the grass. Her arms spread out as if she was on a cross. Her legs trembled as she felt her son thrust three, four, and five, 6 times as his seed filled her pussy and penetrated her cervix.

He collapsed on top of Jamie, exhausted, but surprisingly still hard. They were both drenched in sweat and bodily fluids. They breathed heavily. Sam rolled off his mom and onto his back. Their fingers entwined, they stared into the black canopy of night.

“Baby, that was incredible!”

“Thank you, mom”

“And your father has never, never kissed me down there! My toes actually curled!”

“You like me kissing your pussy, mom?”

She tittered. There was an incongruity in their conversation. She was laying next to her son discussing oral sex. She squeezed his hand. “I love it!”

Mother and son lay partially clothed, recovering in the afterglow of their tryst. Jamie`s robe was a sodden mess. She felt a slight tingle as her sweat rolled over her nipples were Sam had nibbled her tits. She was exhausted but sated like never before.

“What the hell is all that noise out there?”

There was no rush to get up. They both realized that their relationship had entered a new phase. John was not to be feared. Discovery would still be catastrophic but was perhaps inevitable. Besides, the incredible darkness of the moonless night prevented him from seeing them.

“Hi honey! Sam and I were goofing around. Sorry we woke you up.”

John stood in the doorway and peered into the pitch-black darkness. He could not make out the forms of his wife son lying side by side.

“John, grab some beers and a chair and join us.”

Sam and Jamie straightened their clothes, went back to their chairs, and sat down facing the lake. Jamie’s hands went to her son’s hard cock and lightly stroked it. Sam’s hand went to his mom’s pussy. He stroked it lightly. Their juices covered his hand. He brought his fingers, coated with his seed, his father’s and his mother’s juices and licked them. His cock jumped. He reached over and pressed his coated fingers against his mother’s mouth.

She took her son’s fingers in her mouth and licked them clean. She marveled at being filled with the juices of the two men and in her life and how good they tasted.

John brought out the beers and his chair. He plopped down, took a deep swig of his beer. His hand found his wife’s thigh. He slowly stroked Jamie’s full thigh while Sam’s hand was stroking his mom’s pussy. Jamie covered Sam’s hand and pressed it into her pussy.

When John tried to move his hand up Jamie’s thigh to her pussy, she stopped him.

“Stop, John, I’m tired!”

John smiled in the darkness, thinking about the sex they had while Sam was driving.

“That was quite a workout, wasn’t it?”

Jamie felt her son’s finger enter her. She covered his hand with hers and pushed his finger deeper in her. With her other, she continued stroking Sam’s cock.

“Yes, John, it was quite a workout!”

Chapter 8
Jamie lay quietly in bed. Her husband John snored loudly next to her. With the affection borne of 30 years of marriage, she reached over and lightly stroked his arm. Theirs was a good marriage. Early on, they had struggled, working hard to build their import/export business and to get to know each other.

The business was doing very well. Their marriage was sound. Their sex life was adequate.

They had sex at least once per week. She smiled as she added a mental caveat: more if they were drinking. Last week on the family trip to the lake they fucked two of the four days they were there. They even had sex while Sam, their son, was driving them to the lake in their RV.

Jamie realized that her pussy moistened as she thought about Sam. A wave of lust tinged washed over her as she thought about Sam. They had fucked twice also on that same trip. She realized that she was stroking John’s arm while her other hand rubbed her pussy through her gown.

Jamie’s grin broadened as she thought of her 45-year-old pussy taking two cocks and four loads of come in four days. She pulled her gown up to allow her fingers access to her now dripping pussy. I’m becoming quite the slut, she thought.

She always loved the squishy feeling of a come filled pussy. She used to go to the office with John with her pussy full of his seed. Her breath grew ragged as she fingered her pussy. Those were the days!!

Jamie let her thumb roll over her clit. Her body bucked with the intense pleasure that caused. Now she had a new memory to cherish. It had happened the second day at the lake.

Sam pitched a tent in the skeletal framework of the unfinished lake cabin. The joke was he would be the first family member to sleep in the cabin.

Jamie and John shared some hard cider he picked up in town. They shared the cider along with the idle chat that long married couples have. They had discussed the plans for finishing the cabin, the sound financial condition of the family business, gossip about their friends and, ultimately, Sam leaving for college in two weeks.

Jamie recalled the intense feeling of lost she felt. Her baby was leaving the nest. He would be living away from home for the first time ever. She felt the odd mixture of dread and happiness of a mother watching her baby take that first tentative step.

She had also felt the longing that one feels when you lose a lover. The emptiness seemed to fill not only her heart but also her soul. Her stomach turned reacting to her feeling of lost. Fucking her son was wrong. It was immoral and illegal. It was also the most intense mental and physical connection she had every felt for any human being.

This issue of her womb, that miracle of life created in her and brought forth squalling into the world, had created an indelible maternal bond. Their incestuous coupling added an indescribable dimension to that maternal bond.

Ultimately, she and John were drunk. They had retired to the bedroom in the rear of the RV. They were never much on foreplay. They undressed hurriedly. They lay facing in each other in bed kissing. Jamie had felt her wetness grow as John dutifully fingered her eager pussy. John’s cock had grown to its semi rigid fullness from her much practiced stroking.

From the forbidden recesses of her mind, she had flashed back to her and Sam lying head to toe, his mouth and tongue pleasuring every crevice of her gushing pussy. She had groaned loudly as her husband cock entered her wet pussy and she recalled her son’s cock throbbing hotly in her mouth.

She wrapped her legs around her husband’s back and thrust up hard to meet John’s urgent pounding. As they embraced and kissed while coupling with the familiarity of a long-married couple, her pussy gushed with wetness recalling Sam forcing her orgasm with his mouth while he pumped his seed into her mouth.

As John’s thrusting grew more urgent, bringing them both to their mutual orgasm, she screamed in passion remembering that day on the kitchen floor. She was on her knees with Sam fucking her doggie style, terrified that John would catch them, but more aroused then she had ever been as her son, her much loved only child, the focus of her life, smacked her ass, urging her on.

When John collapsed on top of her, spent and exhausted, she lovingly rubbed his back. She could feel that deliciously wicked feeling she always had when her pussy was full of sperm. They kissed and he rolled off her. Shortly she heard his even breathing followed by his loud snoring.

Jamie stood and walked naked the short distance to the motorhome’s bathroom to clean up. She had paused with her hand on the knob. Without further hesitation, she had covered the short distance to door. She opened it. As she padded nude across the grassy expanse to the unfinished cabin, she had felt the heat rising in her pussy as John’s seed leaked from her pussy and ran down her thigh.

It had been easy to find Sam’s lighted tent. She unzipped the opening and crawled in.

Sam had greeted her warmly. He too was naked. His 19-year-old dick was rigid and erect. They kissed with the urgency only clandestine lovers can know. She wantonly stroked his cock. He murmured his thanks as his fingers entered her come filled pussy.

For the second time in less than thirty minutes, eager man meat penetrated her pussy. For the second time that night, she had wrapped her fat thighs around a lover and accepted his seed into her birth canal. Jamie again felt the salacious wickedness of a come filled pussy.

For the second time in her life, she lay head to toe with her lover affectionately licking each other clean. Again, for the second time in her life, their mutual cleaning led to an earth-shaking orgasm. She had drenched Sam with her juices while she choked trying to swallow every spurt of his copious ejaculation.

They lay next to each other in the humid tent. They caressed each other as they whispered the sweet nothings all lovers whisper after sex, even when those lovers were mother and son.

Jamie rose and walked across the floor to the shower. She stripped off her cotton gown. The steaming hot water felt good on her skin. She used her sponge to work up a good lather. Jamie thought about the coming day as she scrubbed each of her large breasts. She knew the next few days would be hectic.

They had an eight-hour drive to State College to drop Sam off. For the umpty, umpth time she felt the mixture of anxiety and lost at the thought. She placed one leg on the teak stool as she scrubbed her thighs and pussy.

As she washed her hair, she idly planned the last family breakfast for a while. She knew it needed to be hearty for her men. She smiled to herself…”her men”! She did have two men in her life. She loved them both mightily and differently.

She marveled at where she was in her life. She was fucking 3, 4, 5 times a week. Her son was young, virile and insatiable. The more they fucked, the more she wanted to fuck. She found herself planning for stolen moments with Sam.

And the oral sex! It was indescribable in its intimacy. She was addicted to it. Like any addict she experienced withdrawal when she could not have it.

Jamie let the hot water rinse the remaining shampoo from her hair and body. She stepped from the shower and grabbed a big fluffy towel. Vigorously she dried her hair and body. She lingered briefly on her clit. The soft roughness was almost like Sam’s tongue. She mentally shook herself. Behave, she thought laughing!

Jamie reached for her worn Terry cloth robe. She hesitated. Then she rummaged through her closet. She found the pink satin robe she was looking for. It was part of a role-play outfit John had given her many Valentine’s Days ago. It included an impossibly tiny thong and a shelf bra.

She found the thong and slipped into it. The tiny triangle of cloth disappeared into her labia. Well, she thought I HAVE gained a few pounds. She slipped out of it, realizing the thong and bra were now too small. The robe fit her snugly. Where once it had dropped to just above her knees, it now hit her mid-thigh.

She pirouetted in front of the full-length mirror. In back, the robe covered her ample ass and dropped a few inches below bursa escort bayan it. The front tied covered her 38D… barely! She giggled as she moved down the hall. Her guys would be bug eyed. She paused briefly at Sam’s bedroom door. She sighed. She moved pass his room and on down to the kitchen.

Jamie did not think of this way but she was like an addict. High risk sex with her son was the drug. She needed to go cold turkey from the addiction of her son’s cock or she would never kick the monkey off her back.

Upstairs the men in Jamie’s life were awakening.

John rolled over, wiped the sleep from his eyes and grabbed his Blackberry. A quick perusal of text, email and the other forms of electronic business management showed him that Worldwide Export/import had survived the night. He fired off a text to his General Manager reminding him that he, John, would be travelling with his family taking his son to college. He then headed for the shower.

Sam was in the dream state that lies between sleep and being awake. His hand firmly gripped his morning wood as the woman’s face sucking his cock in this dream state slowly resolved into his mother’s. A smile spread across his face as he climbed to full wakefulness. Two thoughts fought for prominence: he was leaving for college today. The other was how much he was going to miss his parents, especially his mom.

The aroma of frying bacon invaded his nostrils. Suddenly he was ravenous. He slipped on some jean shorts and walked hurriedly downstairs.

His mouth dropped open at what he saw in kitchen. His mom had her back to the stairs. A pink satin robe barely covered her amazing ass. Aware that his father would soon be down, he crept up behind and wrapped his arms around her waist. As he hugged her, he gently squeezed her tits.

Jamie jumped as she felt herself enveloped in a pair of strong tanned arms. She had no doubt who it was. She felt Sam’s big cock grind into her all too willing ass as he kissed her neck and massaged her breasts.

“Mmm Mmmm that feels good, baby!”

“Good morning, mom.” Sam breathed into his mom’s ear.

“Stop it, Honey! Your dad will be down shortly.”

Reluctantly, Sam released his mother and sat down at the kitchen table. His gaze wandered hungrily over her barely clad body.

“Good god, Jamie! You are dam near naked!” John intoned angrily from the bottom of the stairs.

“John, shut up and sit down!” Jamie barked back. “All the vital parts are covered!”

“Sweet jezuz, darling, at least wait until Sam is gone!”

Like a spectator at a tennis match, Sam’s head moved back and forth following the exchange.

John sat at the kitchen table facing Sam, his back to Jamie at the stove. She walked up behind him and kissed his baldhead.

“Stop fussing and eat your breakfast. We have a long drive today.”

Chapter 9

As roomy as the Cobra motorhome was, Sam’s clothes, stereo, 50″ flat screen TV and sundry other items filled the interior. They elected to use the kitchen as storage. That left just the rear bedroom. Sam and John would share the driving; Jamie was uncomfortable driving this bus like vehicle.

She sat on the bench seat watching the backs of her two men as they discussed road conditions. Was it only three months since that plane ride that had opened her eyes to new vistas of sexuality? Three months since Sam had taken her on that life changing airplane flight? She hardly recognized the person she had become.

For three months, she had two cocks servicing her. With each mile she was coming closer to being a one cock woman. She giggled at her characterization of herself. There would always be the holidays and the summers.

John broke her reverie when he came to the rear of the cabin. He plopped down wearily across from her.

“Babe, we are not going to make State College today. This rain has slowed us to a crawl.”

Almost since leaving their driveway, they had been crawling through a downpour. They were barely making 20 mph.

“There is a rest area about a mile down the road. We are going to pull in and wait for the storm to pass.”

Chapter 10

Jamie lay wide awake next to her husband. The constant drumming of the late summer rain on the metal roof of their RV combined with the frequent lightning and thunder were keeping her awake. The bedroom was stifling. The privacy curtain pulled across the entrance to the rear bedroom restricted airflow.

She glanced at the curtain that separated the bedroom from the rest of the RV. Sam was just beyond the curtain sleeping on the kitchen bed. John was unusually tired. He fell asleep while she was playing with his cock. She sighed. They were both overweight. John’s doctor had warned him to lose weight and reduce the stress in his life.

Jamie sat up on the side of the bed. She was restless, concerned about her and John’s health, and incredibly horny. Again, she glanced at the curtain. Sam was just the other side of that flimsy divide. She had watched him strip to just his boxers. She knew he had a partial hard on. He always did!

She was tempted to suck her husband’s cock. However she knew that disgusted him. In 30 years of marriage it only happened once or twice. Both times they were drunk. However, she needed to feel man meat in her mouth. Four months, she thought. In four months, I’ve become a cock crazy slut.

Unconsciously she licked her lips. They were never into oral sex. It just had not been their thing. The era they came from was more conservative sexually. Hell, she thought, once doggy style was considered kinky!

However, Sam had opened the world of oral sex to her. She smiled to herself. Her 19-year-old son had expanded her sexual universe.

Jamie was wet with arousal as she recalled 69ing with her son. Her heart rate increased and a light sheen of sweat appeared on her forehead. She shivered as the thought of the sheer intimacy of that act. Your lover’s cock pulsing in your mouth while his tongue invaded your nether regions, the oral sharing of intimate bodily fluids could not be more erotic. That was followed by the swelling as you felt his seed engorge his penis, then to have him fill your mouth and belly with his sperm was just incredible.

Oral sex was an addiction now. She craved it. She awoke at night with her mouth making a suckling motion. A few days ago, tossing caution to the wind, she sneaked down to Sam’s bedroom and woke him sucking his cock. Her body quaked as she recalled him pulling her on top and licking her to a soul shaking orgasm. All the while his bedroom door was open.

Her pussy ached with need. Her ears roared with sound of blood rushing through her veins. Hungrily she stared at the curtain. He was just a few feet away. If they were very quiet…!

Jamie mentally shook herself. Stop it, she thought angrily, stop it! You are getting yourself wrought up for nothing. You cannot suck Sam’s cock with John sleeping less than six feet away! That would be crazy!

The other thing sex with her son reawakened in her was her exhibitionist streak. Add high risk and her body hummed with need. Jamie stood and moved stealthily through the curtain. As she began to ease it to the side, lightning crackled loudly through the night sky, illuminating the interior. A tremendous clap of thunder followed it.

John bolted upright, shocked awake by the intensity of the lightning and thunder. In the illumination, he saw Jamie step through the curtain into the cab. Probably going to the bathroom, he thought groggily.

He was dozing off when he thought he heard a groan. John sat up on one elbow and tried to peer through the darkness. Lightning flashed followed by the roll of thunder. John saw the clear outline of Jamie kneeling over their son. What the hell was she doing? The boy needed his rest.

In the darkness, he heard another distinct groan. What was that other sound? Slurping? John sat up on in the bed. The next lightning flash showed…what? Was she lying on top of Sam? He hesitated. A cold irrational fear gripped his heart. Gently he opened a small slit in the curtain.

For the past several weeks he noticed a change in Jamie and Sam’s behavior. They seemed more touchy feely. Once or twice he actually caught them embracing. When he spoke, they jumped apart.

Jamie knelt over the sleeping her son. She could see his cock poking invitingly through the opening in his boxers. She leaned down and lovingly kissed the head of his dick. Sam groaned.

In the next flash of lightning Sam woke to his mom licking his cock. He reached up and squeezed her hanging tit. Jamie stifled a moan. She turned, pulled her gown up; offering her pussy to her son as she lustfully inhaled his youthful love pole. Sleepily Sam buried his face in the arch created by Jamie’s raised leg.

John was paralyzed. His mind was having trouble processing what he was seeing. Like a trip hammer, his heart pounded in his chest. It could not be.

Jamie moaned softly as Sam’s tongue explored her pussy. Her anus twitched reflexively as she felt his finger press against her anal ring. Sam moaned as his mom’s head bobbed eagerly up and down on his dick.

The lightning flashed and John saw his son’s finger in his wife’s ass. He saw her head bobbing on Sam’s dick. John sat back, releasing his hold on the curtain. His eyes were wide. He was having trouble getting his breath. His heart thrummed. The thought struggled into his mind: his wife and his son were having sex!

Rage boiled up in his chest. His wife and his son were…! John was an intelligent man. Nevertheless, the word was hard to wrap his head around. Their moaning was louder now. He leaned over and opened another small slit. Jamie was on top of Sam. Her ass was flexing and relaxing as Sam licked her pussy and fingered her ass.

John prepared to burst in on this incestuous tryst. He wanted to confront his treacherous son and cheating wife. He would demand an explanation of this betrayal!

Then what, he thought? Throw them out of the RV? Drive home and file for divorce? He had grounds. How would that look in the newspapers? He visualized the headlines: ‘Local Exec catches wife and son in incestuous tryst’ The other media outlets would be no less salacious. He envisioned media trucks parked outside his office and home, microphones shoved in his face. His business would suffer!

Jamie and Sam’s moans grew louder. The rage turned to humiliation. Maybe he could get them to agree to stop. However, what if they refused? Aside from a display of righteous indignation, his options were few.

He wasn’t enough man for Jamie and she had turned to Sam? They had a good sex life. At least he thought they did. Was it his fault? Sam and Jamie moaned loudly. As lightning crackled in the predawn gloom, John saw liquid squirt from his wife’s pussy. He heard Sam groan in ecstasy as it hit him in the face. She had never done that for him!! He thought it was a myth.

Thunder shook the RV. He watched as they lay head to toe. his cock was unbelievably hard. The slurping sounds seemed to compete with the roar of the thunder. His cock grew harder as he watched Jamie’s ass flex as Sam finger invaded her anus.

Jamie rose to her knees. Her hips framed Sam’s face. John realized that they were finished. He quickly closed the curtain. He hastily slipped under the covers and turned his face to the wall. He heard Jamie get softly back in the bed. She crawled in and snuggled up to him. She reeked of sweat and sex. He thought he could smell Sam’s sperm on her breath! He was ashamed and humiliated. His wife had just had sex with their son and his cock throbbed and ached. John pretended to be sleep. Soon her breathing became regular.

Jezuz H Fucking Christ!! His son and his wife were engaged in an incestuous relationship!! What should he do? What should he say to them?

The storm within him and outside raged all night. At dawn, the thunderstorm was over and John knew what he had to do!

Chapter 11

John watched pensively as Sam carried his belongings to his dorm room. His resolve to confront his wife and son about their incestuous affair wavered. His disgust and rage from the night before was still there but so were his nagging fears.

There were the practical considerations. If it got out, the scandal would destroy his business. He could imagine the snickering behind his back from business associates and competitors, John the cuckold, John whose wife turned to her son for what her husband could not give her!

Then there were the legal ramifications. Incest was illegal. Would Jamie and Sam go to jail? What about him? The law could decide he knew and condoned it. Jesus H. Fucking Christ! Visions of scandal, ruin, and possibly jail scudded across his fevered brain.

Then there was a visceral fear of rejection. What if he confronted one or both of them and they chose each other? His belly did a somersault at the prospect. Why is my cock hard?

As they carried Sam’s belongings to his dorm room, he noticed that Jamie and Sam seemed to collide more than was necessary. Despite the crowds, it seemed to him that they always ended up close to each other.

Normally he would dismiss his suspicions as paranoia. He ruefully paraphrased the old joke in his mind: it is not paranoia if you saw them engaged in oral sex.

John was unaccustomed to strenuous activity, especially in this searing heat. He felt a little faint. His knees refused to hold him anymore. He spied a concrete bench just outside Sam’s dorm. He plopped his plump frame down. He mopped the sweat his exertions had produced.

“John, are you ok?”

He looked up into Jamie’s concerned face.

“I’m fine. I just need to blow a little!”

“Well, you take it easy. Sam and I can finish this!”

He nodded agreement. She affectionately stroked his cheek. She turned and continued to the RV. John knew that Sam had gone that way a moment before. If he followed her now, would he again see them making a cuckold of him?

He mentally shook himself. He needed to get hold of himself. His stomach ached due to his anxiety. He had better find antacids.

He stood and moved toward the RV. As he approached it, he could hear them chattering. Should he announce his arrival?

Chapter 12

Sam and Jamie were a study in mixed emotions. There was elation at entering college and a new phase in both their lives. There was sadness that they would no longer have the near unfettered access to each other that they enjoyed.

Jamie, despite her initial resistance, loved the sheer exuberance that her son brought to sex. His youth and virility meant that he had near unquenchable sexual desire. She thought ruefully that the exuberance meant that sometimes her pussy was tender for days.

A stray thought nagged her. She needed to get back on the pill. Her hand strayed to her abdomen. She reveled in feeling Sam’s seed splash against her womb. She shivered deliciously as she thought about the millions of life giving swimmers her son filled her with. However, she needed to guard against a disastrous pregnancy.

She had come to love the heart stopping exhilaration, the spontaneity of illicit sex. The risk of exposure heightened that exhilaration. There was no time for the niceties of condoms.

Her heart rate accelerated. A thin sheen of sweat popped out on her upper lip as she recalled some of their narrow escapes. Jamie shook herself to pull out of her reverie. She felt the sodden mess of her panties between her legs. She felt deliciously wicked as she walked back to the motorhome. How many 45-year-old women had 19-year-old lovers? How many women had fucked their son on a commercial airliner?

That sex was incredible. The proximity of the other passengers and the flight attendants had her more aroused then she had ever been in her life. Then to find out it was her son, her 19-old son, who fucked her. Jamie thought her legs could no longer hold her as she recalled pulling the blanket back and seeing it was Sam. A mini orgasm caused her to pause in her trek back to the RV.

Chapter 13

Sam watched as his mom walked toward the RV. The roll of her hips and the soft sway of her breasts enchanted him. He dearly loved this woman, his mother, his lover. His youthful mind had no conflict with the incestuous nature of their relationship. He accepted its duality.

He watched as Jamie paused at the bench where his dad sat. Even from this distance, he could see dad did not look well. He stood and started to go see about John when he saw mom pat him on the cheek and continue. He must be ok.

In the afterglow of one of their trysts, he had proposed telling dad. His mom’s reaction had been explosive. She had bounded out of his bed and stood naked over him. She trembled with rage as she shook her finger at him and made him promise never, never to tell anyone, especially John, what he and she did.

Bemused, he promised, although he believed that dad would accept it if they explained it to him.


Jamie walked up the steps into the air conditioned interior of the camper. It may be wasteful of energy, she thought, but on a day like today, it was worth it! She was about to turn and go tell John to sit in here when Sam grabbed her around her waist. His hands trailed up and he squeezed her breasts.

“Sam,” she said with mock severity. “You stop that this minute!”

“Yes ma’am,” Sam cooed as he raised her tee shirt above her bra.

“Sam, stop it.”

“Yes mother,” he whispered as he nibbled her ear and pushed her bra above her breast.

Jamie’s tone softened as Sam pulled roughly on her nipples.

“Baby, we have to be care…!”

Jamie broke away as she glimpsed John approaching the camper.

“Your father!”

She gasped, as she sprinted to the back of the RV. In one smooth motion, she pulled her bra and shirt down. Frantically, she looked around, spied a garment bag, grabbed it, turned, and bumped into John in the door.

“Honey, do we have antacids?”

“Your stomach still bothering you, Sweetie? Come in here and sit down.”

She handed the garment bag to Sam.

“You are going to have to finish yourself. I need to see about your father”

Sam grabbed a second garment bag and trudged the short distance from the camper to his dorm. The halls and elevators were jammed with students, their parents and other relatives and friends.

Sam trekked the short distance from the elevator to his room. His cock ached with sexual frustration. He had been so close with mom before dad showed up. He knew her breasts were her most sensitive area. He had learned that if he pulled on her nipples while stroking her clit, she would do whatever he wanted.

At 19, his sexual experience was limited. They were a couple of girls from school. Nevertheless, his eagerness was unbound.

A quizzical smile played across his lips as thought of where they had sex. Of course, he had initiated the first times they had sex. That first time on the airplane had been all him; mom thought it was dad. Moreover, that time in the kitchen on the floor, he started it, but when dad almost caught them, she seemed to get wetter and wilder.

His cock sprang to diamond like hardness as he recalled the time at the lake. In the total darkness of the moonless night, he had fingered his mom’s pussy while she sat between him and dad. He knew she loved high risk sex. He was too inexperienced to understand, but Jamie was a submissive. She might protest. However, she loved how he took charge of her.

The public-address system announced a mandatory freshman orientation. Sam dropped his garment bags on the bed and hurried back to the camper. His parents wanted to attend the orientation with him.

People packed the area in front of the dorm as he made his way to his parents. He threaded his way through these masses. He reached the van, mounted the steps, threw open the door and froze.

His dad sat on the convertible couch with his eyes closed, a look of intense pleasure on his face as his mom’s head bobbed up and down on his dick. Startled by his sudden entrance, Jamie pulled dad’s cock from her mouth, held it in one hand and turn her head toward Sam.

At that precise instant, his father started to come. His first hard spurt hit the side of her face. In reaction, she turned and caught the next spurt in her eyes. Partially blinded, she attempted to stand and caught the last spurt on her bare tits.

“I’m…I’m sorry,” Sam managed to stammer as he backed out the door. He missed the first step and tumbled backwards onto the asphalt, banging his head.

Chapter 14

John felt better in the air-conditioned coolness of the RV. It did not hurt that he had Jamie’s undivided attention. He took pleasure in the way she dismissed Sam to take care of him. He grimaced as he thought of the sexual relationship between his wife and son. A part of him recoiled at the perversity of it. A part, a part he tried to suppress, was aroused.

He watched as she fussed about the camper. First bringing him the antacids and a glass of ice-cold water, then she prepared a cold compress and dabbed his forehead with it.

He watched her lips as she prattled on. They lips that the night before were wrapped around his son’s cock. His cock hardened as he recalled the odor of Sam’s cum on her breath.

She scooted into the breakfast nook with him. He noted the full curve of her womanly breasts. Time and having Sam had added to their heft. He reached over gently squeezed one.

Jamie giggled. “Well, feeling better, are we?”

John grabbed the other breast and massaged it. “I have always loved your breasts.”

Jamie was already in a state of arousal. Her earlier reverie about sex with her son combined with his feel up of her had left her tingling. She knew she needed to put on dry panties. The ones she had on were drenched in her secretions. My God! John’s cock is hard!

John lifted Jamie’s tee shirt. Smiling broadly, he reached behind her and undid her bra. He watched with increasing arousal as Jamie’s large breasts tumbled free of their confinement. God, I love this woman he thought as he leaned down and took one rigid nipple in his mouth. He suckled hungrily.

Jamie gently caressed her husband’s head. She felt a need deep in her being. A need to be filled, to have a man’s seed fill her pussy, her womb. She seemed to be in a constant state of arousal now. She was not sure what was happening to her. Jamie felt John’s hand slide down the waistband of her shorts. Involuntarily she began to hump his hand.

“John we can’t! Sam might come back at any minute.”

I am out of control, she thought fearfully. I have lost control of myself, of my emotions

“Then give me a…” He struggled to say the word. “A bowjob.”
“John! What has come over you?”

He pushed her to her knees. Bare breasted, her shorts down around her ass, Jamie knelt in front of her husband. She smiled up at him as she licked his throbbing dick. She rejoiced in hearing the sharp intake of breath as he let her take him in her mouth. She could feel his bulbous cock head sliding in her mouth. She shivered with a mini orgasm at the feel of him in her mouth. She looked lovingly into his eyes as she took him down her throat. The head of her husband’s cock slid easily. All too quickly, she felt him swell. The vein under his cock began to throb as it pumped his juice up his cock.

She caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head to see the stunned face of her son as John’s orgasm hit her in the side of the face. She turned and the next spurt caught her in the eyes blinding her. Blinded, she tried to stand, to wipe cum from her eyes as the last spurt hit her in the chest.

She heard Sam yelp in pain from outside. Her baby had fallen and hurt himself. Uncaring about her appearance she wiped her eyes and bolted toward the door. Her baby sat on the ground, rubbing the back of his head. Two campus security police happened to be passing and hurried to him.

They slid to a stop. They both stared at the seminude woman standing in the camper’s doorway. She seemed to be covered in some white, shiny goop. They watched with a mixture of lust and amusement as she knelt over the injured youngster.

“Are you ok, baby?” Jamie stroked Sam’s head.

“Yes mom, I’m fine!”

One of the Security police clears his throat.

“Ma’am, university policy is we take him to the Infirmary.”

“I’ll ride there with you!” Concern was thick in Jamie’s voice.

Standing in the door of the camper, John watched his wife check her son’s head, unaware that she was naked from the waist up, her face covered in cum.

“Jamie, you can’t go looking like that!”

The officers chuckled, continuing to ogle her cum covered tits.

Jamie looked down at her exposed breast; she was at once horrified and deeply aroused. Total strangers were looking at her cum covered breasts. She giggled self-consciously and made a halfhearted attempt to cover herself. She smiled coyly at the officers.

“I’ll clean up and go with you!”

John had an epiphany. Jamie was back into exhibitionism! Now where had that come from? He watched as she turned, her shorts still half covering her ample ass, and sauntered into the camper. He looked down at her crotch. The wet spot extended out from her pussy and down the leg of her shorts.

Sam was confused. First mom was sucking dad’s cock as if she really enjoyed it. Then she was parading around with her tits out and cum all over her! What had happened to his mom?

John watched Jamie leave for the Infirmary with a smirk on his face. No damn 19-year-old was going to outdo him! The look on his son’s face had been priceless! Then she had shown her tits to the security guards. He knew that was not a mistake. At least it was not after she realized she was bare breasted. It reminded him of the Jamie he married, the one who loved fucking on his desk at work while people were just outside the door. They always believed that Sam was conceived in his third-floor office.

That office faced a construction site. Jamie loved the idea that they might see her. She would pull back the drapes, strip from the waist down and lay across his desk to be fucked doggy while she watched the construction guys to see if they saw them.

Back then, they discussed swinging. Jamie had a fantasy of her pussy filled with the seed of multiple men. John thought about how incredibly hard the image made him, the image of his wife taking cock. They never acted on it. The needs of the business intruded into their fantasy.

With a start, he realized that Sam and Jamie were going to the Infirmary alone. He struggled to his feet. He waddled to the door, opened it, and stepped out. The heat slapped him in the face with an almost physical force. He staggered, sweat popped out over his body.

Oh, my god, he thought, can I make it? Maybe I should go back in the RV and just rest in its air-conditioned comfort. In the distance, he saw the canopy covered 4-person golf cart transporting his wife and son to the Infirmary. He had to go there! He was not sure what his endgame would be, but he knew leaving Jamie and Sam alone was not a good idea.

Chapter 15

The intake clerk was apologetic. The doctor was on campus but busy over seeing physicals at the gym. He was aware they were at the clinic. He would be there as quick as he could.

She led them down a short corridor to the examination rooms. There were four rooms, two on each side, separated by curtains. She indicated a room. She reached in a cabinet and pulled out a green paper hospital gowns.

“Strip to your underwear and put on this.”

She handed Sam the gown. She turned to Jamie.

“Ma’am, he is your son so it is up to you whether you stay while he undresses.” The clerk pulled the curtain and walked back to her desk. Jamie saw her walk behind her desk and sit down.

Jamie felt a tingling in her pussy. If the clerk looked back…!?

Sam was light headed from his fall. He was experiencing double vision. He stripped off his tee shirt, tossed it on the extra chair. Then he stepped out of shorts.

Jamie licked her lips hungrily as she surveyed her jockey-clad son. Lord, look at that tight body, she mused. She noticed his eyes were unfocused and he seemed a little unsteady.

“Here, baby, let me help you with the gown!”

Jamie picked up the gown and slid it over her son’s shoulders. She stepped behind him and tied just the top knot. Her hands slip under the gown. They slid down his taut body. She moaned softly as her hands slid across his tight hard abdomen.

This is crazy, she thought, if the clerk glances back, she could see us through the gap in the curtain. Nevertheless, she could not help herself. Images of Sam walking in on her sucking his father scudded across her lust filled mind. Her panties moistened as the voyeuristic scene filled her mind. When the image of the security guards seeing her topless covered in cum entered her mind, she groaned and sank to her knees. She kissed her son’s jockey clad ass as her hands found their way into the waistband of his underwear.

Sam weaved slowly as his mom pulled his shorts down and kissed his ass. From a distant place, he felt her hands around his hips stroking his cock. When he felt her tongue lick his anus, he tried to lean forward to give her better access. He over balanced and fell forward through the curtain. He managed not to fall.

Horrified, she watched Sam stumble through the curtain. Her eyes shot down the short corridor. The clerk’s head was clearly visible, peering over some forms. Jamie panties flooded as she realized they were exposed. If the clerk merely raised her head, she would see her on her knees, her arms around his waist, his cock in her hands. The tableau blurred as a mini orgasm wracked her.

Chapter 16

John sat on a concrete bench sweating profusely. The heat and the long walk were taking their toll. I am halfway there, he though. It is just as far to go back as it is to go on.

He saw the golf cart moving toward him. The same two security guards had taken Jamie and Sam to the Infirmary. The cart pulled up next to him.

“Are you ok, sir?”

The concern showed on their face. John was sweating and appeared to be having trouble getting his breath.

“I’ll be fine,” John said. “But would you be so kind as to take me to the Infirmary? My wife and son are there.”

The guards helped John into the golf cart, turned and started the short return trip.

Chapter 17

Jamie pulled Sam back into the examination room. His detached attitude concerned her. Maybe he has a concussion, she thought. She had him lay down on the narrow examination bed. Despite his condition, John’s young tool stood rigidly at attention.

Well at least that is working, she thought. Lust clouded her concern for her son. Her sexual senses were overloaded. If I can just ride him a few minutes, just get off one time, I will be ok. Jamie glanced through the gap in the curtain as she leaned forward and kissed the head of her son’s tumescent love pole.

Sam groaned as his mom inhaled his cock. The beginnings of a major headache did not dull the sensations of her ministrations.


John thanked the security guards. He walked into the blessed coolness of the Infirmary. He inquired about Jamie and Sam. Without raising her head, the clerk pointed down the hall toward the examination rooms.

John moved slowly down the corridor. He mopped perspiration from his brow with his well used moist handkerchief. Halfway down the corridor he slowed. His heart jumped into his throat at the sight he escort bursa beheld. Sam was flat on his back on an examination table. Jamie straddle him, her back to Sam pumping wildly up and down on Sam’s youthful tool.

Oh my god, he thought, oh my god, they are fucking. He strode quietly to the curtain. Behind him, the clerk studiously filled out forms. In front of him, his wife was fucking his son. Confusion reigned in John’s mind.

His eyes were glued to the sight of his son’s cock sliding in and out of his wife’s pussy. He was amazed at the amount of whitish froth that covered Sam’s cock. It increased with each thrust into Jamie.

He unconsciously licked his lips. Dear fucking god, he thought, what an amazing sight! A part of him was humiliated that his wife seemed to enjoy Sam’s cock so much. She was never this vocal with him.

He watched as his wife increased the speed of her thrusting. Sam too was thrusting harder into his mother. His hands were gripping her thighs, bouncing his cock harder and deeper into her cheating married pussy.

John stepped through the curtain and pulled it closed behind. Sam turned and tried to focus on the blurry figure standing less than three feet from him. It looked like dad. Jamie was oblivious to her husband’s entrance.

Jamie was lost in a miasma of lust. She was oblivious to John standing with his back to the curtain watching her incestuous fucking. She was close, so close! She felt the tingling in her pussy that presaged her orgasm. She felt her son’s cock swell. They were going to cum together. She loved that feeling! Her pussy spasming, her son’s young cock swelling and pulsing, feeling her with his life producing sperm. She needed it. She had to have it. She groaned and stifled a scream as her orgasm wracked her. She felt Sam release deep in her, his seed filling her birth canal splashing against her cervix.

“You incestuous bitch! Just what in the fuck do you think you are doing?”

Startled, Jamie looked over her shoulder and saw John standing there watching them. Intellectually, she knew she needed to stop. However, her orgasm wracked her. She could not stop herself from bouncing on Sam’s cock. And if she wanted to stop, Sam had a death grip on her hips and was forcing her to move.

Her eyes widened in horror as she looked into her husband’s face. Simultaneously, she and her son shared their orgasms. She moaned loudly as his sperm filled her.

As she came, she saw a riot of emotions charge across John’s face as he witnessed the ultimate betrayal. She was surprised to see a pronounced bulge in her husband’s shorts. With an effort of will, she leaned forward, letting Sam’s cock slide out of her pussy. The popping sounded like a gunshot in the tiny room.

John’s eyes were glued to Jamie’s pussy. He watched in horror and fascination as the incredibly large tube of his son’s man meat slid slowly out of his wife’s pussy. He thought it would never stop. It seemed to go on forever, sliding inch by agonizing inch out of Jamie’s pussy. He licked his lips as his son’s mushroom head exited his mother’s pussy. A stream of his seed oozing out of his mom’s pussy, dripping onto Sam’s pubic thatch. John licked his dry lips again. When he tried to speak, only a croak came out.

Jamie jumped naked to the floor. The sensations of her orgasm still coursed through her body. She turned to face her husband and deal with the disaster that her life had become.

She shot a concerned glance at Sam. He was semi-conscious from the concussion . In front of her stood her husband. His face was florid, sweat poured from him, soaking his shirt.

“You bitch! You cheating incestuous slut! How could you do this to me…to us?”

Jamie was frantic. This was the fear she had lived with since that day on the airplane when she and Sam began their incestuous relationship. She sank to her knees, her shoulders shaking with her tears and her shame.

“Please, John, please, let me explain!”

“Explain,” John screamed. “Explain! You mean there is a rational reason you are naked in the college Infirmary riding your son’s cock like a common tramp!”

Despite himself, John’s eyes were fixed on his wife’s pussy. She knelt wide leg, Sam’s come hung from her labia, some of it sliding wetly down her dimpled thighs. He was like the snake charmed by the sound of the flute. He rocked slowly back and forth as each come drop formed, stretched into a glistening white teardrop, and splashed wetly to the white tile floor.

He was stunned that he was so aroused. His cock swelled in his shorts. He flashed back to watching Sam’s cock slide effortlessly in and out of Jamie’s pussy. John licked his lips nervously. What the fuck was wrong with me, he thought, I am getting a hard on!

John motioned peremptorily at Jamie’s clothes.

“Get dressed,” he said tiredly. “The doctor will be here in a moment.”

“John, I…”

“Bitch, shut up and get dressed!”

Jamie froze in stunned silence. John had never called her a name like that. She looked around the room for something to wipe her pussy. Then thought about how it would look to John to see her wiping his son’s seed from her married pussy. She balanced herself with one hand on the examination table were Sam lay as she stepped into one leg of her shorts.

“More, mommy,” Sam mumbled as he reached for Jamie’s hand. “Let’s fuck some more!”

Jamie and John stood in a frozen tableau, each staring at their semi-conscious son.

“Rest, baby, rest! The doctor will be here in a moment!”

Chapter 18

Later they sat in the air-conditioned comfort of the RV. They had met with Sam’s doctor. He assured them that Sam had a mild concussion and needed rest. Reluctantly, they agreed with the doctor that the best thing they could do was return to their home.

Now, for the first time since John caught Jamie fucking their son, John and Jamie were alone. She still wore the same semen soaked shorts and sweat soaked tee shirt.

“When did this start?”

Desperate to salvage her marriage, Jamie related the sordid tale about the airplane ride.

Even in the chill of the RV, John felt the heat rise in his face as Jamie described how they, John and Jamie, had decided to join the five-mile high club.

She described how the three of them had accidentally switched seats.

“I thought it was you, John, I really did!”

“So you couldn’t tell the difference between me and my son? That strains credulity!”

“Well…yes…I could tell…the difference!”

“John,” Jamie cried. ” I just thought you were harder and bigger because you were excited!”

John sprang from his seat, fist balled tightly at his side. For moment, Jamie thought he was going to hit her. Then she noticed the sheen of sweat that covered every inch of bare skin. Then she saw the bulge in his pants.

“Please, Darling, please…I don’t want to talk about this anymore!”

“Answer me, Gawddamit, is Sam bigger than me?”

John could feel the veins on his temples throbbing. His vision blurred with the intensity of his emotion. He was confused about how he felt. He did not want to know but it had too!

“Yes…yes…he is but…”

“You slut,” John screamed, spittle flying from his mouth. “So you decided to fuck our son because he had a bigger cock?”

“I didn’t know, baby, I didn’t know,” Jamie wailed, tears streaming down her face.

The humiliation of it all washed across John in a tidal wave of emotion. His wife had taken their son as a lover because he, John, did not have a big enough cock. Absent mindedly, he opened his fist. One slid haltingly to his crotch. My god, he thought, why am I so hard?

“How…how many times have you…fucked Sam?”

Jamie looked up. She used both hands to wipe the tears from her eyes. She was not scared anymore. John was just trying to understand what happened. She could save her marriage by being honest. She eyed his crotch. Why is he so hard, she thought?

“I…I don’t know”

“WHAT! you two fucked so much you can’t remember how many times?”

John moaned unconsciously. The humiliation was complete. His wife and son were laughing at while they ate the food he provided. His wife and son were lovers and he was the butt of their jokes. John’s cock was so hard it hurt. He stroked himself. He needed release.

“Does it matter how many times, dear. All that matters is what we do from here.”

Jamie watched John closely. His eyes were partially closed. He swayed gently as he stroked his cock. There was a large wet stain on his shorts where his pre-cum had soaked through.

He is getting off on this she thought with some confusion. Carefully, she stood and took the few steps to her husband. He seemed to be almost in a trance, rocking back and forth, stroking his cock, and sweating profusely. The germ of a suspicion sprouted in her mind.

She knelt in front of her husband. His cock made a prominent bulge in his shorts. No, she thought, he is not as big or as virile as Sam is, but he is a good provider. He has given me all that any woman could want.

She reached up and grasped John’s zipper. She drew it down slowly, never taking her eyes off her husband red sweating face. She glanced down to see John’s cock straining to pop out of the slit in his shorts. She helped it out and kissed the cum slickened head.

Jamie looked up to see John staring down at her.

“Baby,” she cooed. “I suck Sam’s cock too and let him cum in my mouth!”

She listened to John’s loud groan and felt his cock pulse.

“And, Darling,” Jamie whispered. “He fucks my ass anytime he wants!”

John howled in humiliation. He felt his dick pulse and throb. He knew he was going to cum. He could feel his balls filling.

He screamed as the first rope shot out and hit Jamie in the mouth.

Jamie was caught off guard. She did not know what she expected but she did not expect him to come. Her upper body rocked back away from this semen torrent. The second rope splattered wetly against her chin and dribbled down her neck into her cleavage. Still holding his cock, she brought it to her mouth and caught the last weak spurts in her mouth.

“John,” Jamie smiled, wiping her husband’s come from her chin and chest with her hands. “We need to talk!”


Jamie and John sat in lawn chairs in front of their RV. Their Coleman lantern provided the only light. Overhead broken clouds scudded across a star lit moonless sky. The air hung thick and heavy with humidity. Even at this late hour the heat was oppressive.

John wore starched knee length khaki shorts with a short sleeve pressed gingham shirt. His one concession to camping were his well shined loafers. He wore them with no sox. Even in the relaxed atmosphere of camping, her felt he needed to present a tidy appearance. Jamie, on the other hand, wore a knee length bottom up the front cotton robe and flip flops. Nothing else! Over the years, her more relaxed dress when camping or at their lake place was a cause of disagreement.

Around them in the semi seclusion provided by the sparsely forested campground, the golden glow of other lamps fought against the gloom. They sat quietly sipping on cold beers. They were both deep into thoughts about the revelations of the past few days. They had talked on the four-hour drive. Jamie apologized again. She went on to try to explain her feelings.

“I know I need to stop. If for no other reason than it the psychological damage it will do to Sam.”

“Can you stop,” John asked. As he spoke the words, he feared the answer.

“I know this isn’t fair, but do you want me to stop? As we discussed on the drive here, you were aroused like never before watching Sam and I.”

John leaned backward and laced his fingers behind his neck. He stretched, lifting his feet from the ground, spreading his legs and lifting his butt off the chair. “Dammit, Jamie, what do you want me to say? Keep fucking our son because I discover I like watching? No, we are not going to fuck up his life!”

Off to their right the loud laughter of their neighbors intruded on the conversation. They could just make out the palatial Type A Motorhome of their nearest neighbors, a father/son team returning from a fishing trip. John and Jamie had met them briefly while they were setting up camp.

They stopped by and introduced themselves as campers were wont to do. The father, claiming fatigue, went back to their motorhome. His son Albert lingered. He, Jamie and John sipped the homemade brandy Albert brought.

Finally he stood and said his good nights. He and his father were leaving early the next morning. He tottered off through the sparse foliage.

“Nice people.” Jamie was desperate to find a topic that did not remind her husband of her relationship with her son.

“Yes,” John said. The heat, beer and brandy had him feeling woozy. “Albert couldn’t keep his eyes off you.”
Jamie noticed Albert ogling her. While she enjoyed the attention of the 20 year old, she was careful not to do further damage John’s already fragile ego. Since he caught her Sam that morning, his mood swung from frightening to morose brooding.

Jamie took a long pull on her beer. Seeing John’s was empty also, she took his empty beer bottle and dumped them both in the trash. She walked the few steps to ice chest, bent at the waist and fished out two more beers. Jamie noticed the gallon jug of homemade brandy their campground neighbors had given them. She poured two more cups full and sat them on the small camp table.

She had a half-formed plan to get John drunk. She was not sure what would happen after that. Maybe if they were both high it would help to get them through this.

John watched morosely as Jamie walked to the cooler. When she bent over to get the beers, the hem of her cotton robe rode high on her ample ass. John cock hardened as he beheld her clamshell pussy framed by her full womanly thighs. Unbidden, the image of his son’s cock stretching Jamie’s pussy to its limits popped in his mind. He remembered the frothy whiteness of her juices coating Sam’s cock. He tried to recall if he had ever had Jamie to that level of arousal, where her juices foamed out of her pussy. He was sure he hadn’t. Nor had he ever seen her pussy lips red and swollen like that. Sam’s cock was fatter and longer than his! He was rigidly hard in an instant.

Why, he thought, does that arouse me so much? Is it the sight of a cock other than mine in her pussy? Or is it the humiliation of knowing I cannot satisfy her? He recalled when they were just getting the business started how they would open the drapes and fuck on his desk in front of the picture window. On a couple of occasions the construction workers across the street would whoop and holler as they watched. That always scared him. What if someone they knew saw them. The scandal could damage the business. When he and Jamie had talked about that, she said that the fear of being seen heightened her arousal.

For the next hour, they sipped their drinks. They tried to have a desultory conversation about normal things. However, Sam and Jamie’s incest placed a pall over any topic. They understood that their marriage hung in the balance. Unless they could work through this betrayal, its weight would pull their marriage apart.

Jamie stood to open yet another beer and to refill their cups with the homemade brandy. She staggered a little. Lord, she thought, that brandy packs a wallop. The heat, humidity and alcohol had her sweating profusely. Unconsciously, she undid the top three buttons of her housecoat. The coat fell open.

I probably should rid of this ratty old coat, she thought. Her fingers idly moved from just below her breasts down over her waist and hips. A shiver moved over her body as recalled Sam taking her on the kitchen floor in this robe. Her pussy moistened as the memory of his young virile cock pounding her into submission filled her mind.

He had just taken her over her objections. He was like a trip hammer, bam, bam, bam! No technique just a big hard dick having its way with her pussy! She smiled ruefully, her pussy was leaking a lot right now! Her hands went to the open vee of the coat containing her cleavage. The buttons just under her breasts held it together.

John watched bleary eyed as Jamie turned and walked the few steps back to her chair. The sensuality his wife projected now struck him. In their 30 years, he had seen her naked countless times. He had seen her partially dressed more time than he could count. Yet now he saw her in a new light. She seemed to glow. There was a… sensuality that he was sure wasn’t there before.

“Undo the other buttons!”

“John,” Jamie exclaimed, slurring her words, “The other camp is just through those trees. They might see me!” Her eyes scanned the thin row of trees. She could clearly see the back of the Comstock’s palatial motorhome.

“Undo the Gawddamit buttons!” John slurred.

“You are being naughty, John,” Jamie giggled as she unbuttoned her robe. She glanced over her shoulder toward the camp of the father and son. It was quiet and had been for a while. Perhaps they were in bed.

Jamie weaved slightly. She opened her housecoat with a flourish, giggling uncontrollably. Her large breasts swayed as she gave an impromptu wiggle. She harkened back to their younger days when they dabbled in exhibitionism. That had been so hot!

“Turn slowly!”, John slurred. His cock hung like a lump of semi hard meat. He was not sure where this was going. He wanted her exposed to the world as the cheating incestuous bitch she was. The conflict was he loved this incestuous bitch. As Jamie turned slowly, John thought he saw movement in the bushes.

Jamie pirouetted slowly raising her housecoat as she turned. Exposure in the open air of their camp was an incredibly turn. She grabbed the hem of the coat and raised it to just below her breasts. She let one hand slide over her abdomen and one to the overheated vee of her sex. She shivered as her finger slid over her swollen clit. She froze as she thought she caught movement in the foliage. Quickly, she dropped the hem of her coat and pulled it tightly around her.

“John, we need to go inside,” She said nervously, “someone is watching!”

“Nobody’s watching,” John said, “besides you are the woman who fucked her son on an airplane. You don’t have any shame!”

Jamie dropped her head as John’s words cut into her. Even in her drunken haze, she realized it would be hard to get them back to some semblance of normalcy. Fuck it, she thought with uncharacteristic profanity, fuck it! She attempted to peer deep into the darkness, to find the source of the movement.

She let her robe fall open. Her fingers played on the lips of her labia. She teased herself, relishing the wickedness of her exposure, of playing with her pussy with the eyes of a phantom voyeur watching.

John’s hand lightly stroked his semi hard member. “Face me!”

Jamie turned, her fingers still gliding effortlessly between the swollen, slick lips of her pussy. She was disappointed to see that the bulge in John’s shorts had not grown. Motherfuck you, she raged in her mind. It turns me on, so fuck you!

John beckoned Jamie to come closer. As she moved toward him, he again thought he saw movement in the trees. He felt a stirring in his shorts. There was someone in the trees. Someone was watching Jamie. “Say what you did!”

“John, please, are we going to cover that ground again?” Jamie’s arms fell to her side. The dull ache in her pussy throbbed. I thought we were pass this, she thought. But he can’t let it go! She felt a dull headache coming on. Perhaps it was over. Perhaps her marriage was over.

“You can’t say it, can you?” John screamed. “You can’t say that dirty thing you did!” John stared fixedly past Jamie into the bushes. There was someone there!

“I fucked our son,” Jamie screamed in exasperation, “I fucked our son and yes, yes, I enjoyed it!” Jamie turned to storm into the RV. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone move back into the shadows. Her heart stopped. They had to hear what she said. Dear god, she thought, my life is spinning out of control.

“Come here!” John said.

Jamie tore her eyes away from trying to see who was in the woods to confront her husband. She stepped in front of John. She watched with detachment as he tentatively rubbed her pussy with his open hand. She shivered as one finger found its way into the folds of her nether region.

John wrapped one arm around Jamie’s waist and tuned her sideways to him. He let his fingers slide through her swollen folds as he stared fixedly into darkness. He could not see any movement. Had they left? What was his plan if they were still there? Did he want them watch his wife play with herself?

A tremor shook Jamie’s body as John leaned forward and wetly kissed her pussy. He never that! Years ago, she read stories about men who liked other men watching their wives. She shuddered as she recalled John’s reaction to her telling him he behaved like those men. He had nearly run the RV off the road as he screamed his denial. However, here someone was watching her play with herself and it aroused him. She sank to her knees. If letting someone watch them have sex would save her marriage, she was prepared to do it. She unzipped his pants slowly. She pulled his flaccid member from his shorts. She looked up to see him staring into the bushes. She went to turn her head to see at what he was staring.

John grabbed Jamie’s head in both hands and held it tight. His arousal watching his son and wife fuck was like something he never felt before. He admitted that to himself. “Just suck my dick, you cheating slut!”

The shadow in the woods moved forward and resolved itself into the figure of Albert Comstock, the 20-year-old son of the campers next door. He stood just inside the line of trees, drunkenly weaving. Clad only in his boxers, he slowly stroked his man meat as Jamie’s head bobbed on her husband’s cock.

Jamie saw that John was looking behind her. However, every time she tried to turn her head to see what he was staring at, he tightened his grip on her head. Fear gripped her as the realization that someone was watching her suck John’s cock washed over her. Her latent exhibitionism tempered her fear.

John’s hands slid down Jamie’s back. He slid her housecoat up her back, exposing her ass and pussy to the furiously stroking young man. John let his hands roam over Jamie’s full mature ass. He caught Aaron’s eye and motioned with his head for him to come closer.

Jamie’s pussy spasmed as she heard the soft crunch of feet on dried leaves. Someone was behind her and he was moving closer. A cold chill invaded her body as she the image she presented filled her mind. Her bare ass and pussy on displayed to a stranger while she sucked her husband’s cock. “John, what’s going on?”

John’s cock grew almost impossibly rigid. His eyes were glued to Aaron’s cock.

Aaron stood just behind Jamie stroking furiously. He knew he needed to stop. He was so close to unloading. He stared at the intense look on John’s face. Suddenly Aaron came. His sperm looped into the air like water spurting up from a fountain. It arced slowly and rained down on the woman’s back.

Jamie screamed as she felt the molten fluid hit her ass. She could hear someone grunting behind her. Futilely she tried to pull away from John’s death grip on her head. The person behind her grunted louder as another stream of liquid heat hit midway her back. John’s cock was pulsing; he was trying to get his cock back in her mouth. Just then, she felt another splatter on her ass. Heavy breathing replaced the grunting. Jamie realized that some man had come on her back! A stranger had painted her back in his cum while her husband held her head.

Aaron knelt behind Jamie. Sweat poured off his body. He lustfully eyed her wide matronly ass. He could see the glistening wetness of her sex. His eyes shifted to her husband.

John caught Aaron’s eye and glanced down at his wife’s sweating behind. Aaron took that as a sign to go further. He extended his shaking hand and stroked Jamie’s ass. In the dip light, he could see his load glistening on this mature woman’s back.

Jamie felt the hand stroke her butt. At first, she thought it was her husband. Then she realized both of John’s hands were holding her head. She looked up into the sweat glistening face of her husband. He tore his eyes away from her ass and mouthed the words: Don’t look!

Embolden by John’s invitation and Jamie’s silent acquiescence, Aaron leaned forward and kissed one sweaty cheek of Jamie’s ass. He could taste the salty sweetness of his cum.

Jamie froze. Someone was kissing her ass. When she tried to turn her head to see, John gripped it firmly in his hands. With his cock, still in her mouth, her eyes pleaded with her husband. John looked into Jamie’s questioning eyes and mouthed: I love you.

Aaron planted kisses all over Jamie’s ass. He could hear her sighs as his tongue trailed down and discovered her anus. Seized by the lust of the moment, he French kissed her anus, forcing his tongue deep in her quivering asshole.

Jamie languidly sucked her husband’s cock as the unseen stranger tongue fucked her ass. The feeling was incredible! She had never had anyone do that to her. It felt so nasty, so filthy, and so incredibly hot! She felt his hands move sensuously over her ass, kneading it, caressing it, while he made love to that most forbidden, and most intimate of orifices. In addition, all the while, she sucked her husband’s cock, their eyes locked.

Jamie shivered as a mini orgasm shook her. Then he stopped licking her ass. She groaned with disappointment. Then she felt him shift. Briefly, she felt his thighs against her behind. Then the head of a cock pressing against her swollen leaking pussy. As the strange cock slid easily into sodden hole, she moaned. “Aww fuck, John, fuck that feels so good!” The stranger began a slow in and out followed by quick hard thrusts.

John looked down into his wife’s sweating lustful face. The wantonness of the scene had him harder than he had ever been. He glanced up and caught Aaron’s eye. Aaron smiled and used one hand to wipe the sweat from his face as he alternated between pulling his cock out to its full length and slowly sliding back in until he bottomed out on this mature woman’s cervix. He would then thrust quick and hard for several strokes and slow again. In the dim light, he could see the white froth of her pussy covering his cock and her pussy.

“Do you like this, Jamie? Do you like taking strange cock while I watch?”

Jamie released his cock from her mouth. “Oh John, this is incredible! I never want it to stop! I will do anything to please you!”

“Then suck my fucking cock, you cheating, incestuous bitch! Fill your mouth with the same seed that made our son. “

Jamie felt the stranger cock swell. At the same time, she felt the large vein in John’s cock began to pulse. They were both getting ready to come! She had come that day with her son and now with this stranger, Jamie began to come yet again. At the same time, she felt the stranger buck against her and start filling her pussy with his life producing seed. Almost simultaneously, John exploded in her mouth. There was so much cum she gagged and the gooey fluid seeped from the corners of her mouth. She tried to pull back to get her breath but the insistent thrusting of the man coming in her would not let her. She managed to pull her face back and catch the last of John’s spurts on her face.

Jamie collapsed on her belly on the dried pine straw, breathing heavily. She felt hot drips of come hit the side of her face. Then the stranger slid out of her pussy and stood.

John saw Aaron’s cock gleam wetly with the combined juices of he and Jaime. He could see a white froth coating the root of his cock and his pubic hair. He smiled and nodded at Aaron. Then he waved him away. Aaron nodded, stuffed his now limp cock back into his boxers and walked back through the tree line and into the darkness.

* * *

John stood. He looked down at his heavily breathing wife. The pungent aroma of sex mixed with the smell of the pine trees and campfire smoke. He offered his hand Jaime. “Get up!”

Jamie took her husband’s hand and rose unsteadily to her knees. She was weak and disoriented. Her pussy ached with that oh so familiar feeling. Her hand trailed down and touched her clit. An electric shock went through her. Her clit was too sensitive to touch. Using John’s hand as a crutch, she rose to first one leg then the other. John caught her as she weaved. What just happened, she thought. A man I never saw fucked me while my husband watched. I’m covered in jizz and stink of sex. Yet John is smiling lovingly at me. She let him guide her to her lawn chair. Gingerly she sat down.

John helped his wife sit in her chair to recover. He could see her face was covered in sperm. As he looked down, he could see the pine straw clinging to her sweat covered body. And below that, he saw the frothy wetness of her cunt. It leaked copious amounts of the combined juices of her and her erstwhile lover. She seemed to glow. Impulsively, he knelt between her legs and kissed her on the lips. Jaime returned his kiss, sharing the saltiness of his cum with him.

John moved down kissing her chin, then the sweatiness of her upper chest. He lightly brushed the pine straw from her breasts, noting her still hard nipples. He heard her groan and place one hand on his head.

“Oh John, I am so tired! I could just sit here and sleep.”

John kissed his wife between her large breasts. “Just relax baby, I’ll take care of you!” John slid down and kissed Jaimie’s sweaty belly.

“Oh John, that feels so good and I’m so tired!” Jamie felt John slide down between her legs. “Oh no, John, don’t kiss me there, not now! I’m full of that man’s sperm!” Jaime made a weak attempt to push John’s head away. But he licked her thighs hungrily, lapping up the juices running freely down her thighs.

John smiled as his tongue licked lightly at Jaimie’s swollen red clit. It pulsed with excitement. He pushed Jaimie’s weakly resisting hands a way and French kissed her leaking pussy. The taste was incredible! He placed his open mouth over her red labia and sucked. The gooey slime of his wife’s and Aaron’s cum invaded his mouth. With one hand, he reached down and began to stroke his hardening tool.

Jamie was moving from semi consciousness to another arousal. She realized that John was licking and sucking the cum from her pussy. In all her 45 years, she had never experienced this time of intimacy. With one hand, she languidly stroked her husband’s sweating head. “That’s right, baby, lick mama clean! Does mama’s baby like the taste of mama’s come filled pussy?”

John leaned back. “I…I…don’t understand it! I can’t get enough of how you taste! It’s like a drug. The more I lick his cum from you the more I want!”

Jaimie reached over, grabbed John behind his neck, and pulled him back between her thighs. She slapped him sharply on the back of the head. “Stop talking, you cuck, and lick my pussy clean!”
The slurping sound of John rooting in her pussy for every drop of come filled the air.

Jaime lay back. Their marriage was saved. It took a new and unexpected turn. Her skin felt like it was on fire. She knew there would be other loads of goo in her cunt in the days and weeks to come. Moreover, she knew her loving husband would be there to watch her get filled and lick her clean. Then, come November when Sam was home for Thanksgiving, she would make John watch his son fuck his wife. Then he would clean her as he was doing now. In six months, Jaime’s life had taken a new turn. She rubbed her husband’s head “Lick mama clean! She has big plans for you!”

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