That Girl part one

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It all started on friday, just after school. I got home, and my parents told me they had to leave for the weekend.

“Ok,” I said, I was used to them leaving me home alone on the weekend. “Do you mind if I have a friend or two over?”

“Actually,” my mother said. ” A friend of mine is leaving town this weekend too, and she has a kid about you’re age, so you’re going to stay there this weekend.”

“Ok, who is it?” I figured it was probably a friend of mine anyway.

“Shannon Green.” My mother said, smiling.

“Oh no! anyone BUT her!” Shannon Green was a girl in my music class, and I didn’t like her at all. All she ever did was bitch at me and my friends, for no reason at all. She wasn’t always like this though, about a year ago, she started dating this guy named John. She was really happy, and really nice, until three months ago, when she got bitchy, for apparently no reason.

“I”m sorry Clayton, but we already arranged it… we’re dropping you off later tonight.”

I knew there was no fighting it, I would have to go, so I just decided to get it over with.


“Here we are.” My mom said, as I lugged my book bag full of clothes up the bitches driveway. “Have fun! ” She called.

I rang the door bell and waited a few moments. Shannon answered the door. I have to say, for a bitch, she was really, really hot. She had long, straight blonde hair that hung a little way past her shoulders. Her eyes were a beautiful blue, and she had a small, cute nose. Her lips were red and full, and she covered them with a deep red lip stick. She was a little larger than other girls, but she was by no means fat. She had large sexy breasts, that were perfect and round. They were large for a 16 year old, I guessed them to be between a C-Cup or D-Cup… probably a little closer to a D. Her stomach was slim, and her ass was to die for. It was the perfect size, and when she walked it went from side to side in an almost hypnotic motion. Her legs were smooth and shaply, with sexy curves all the way down. The pants she wore did a nice job of showing this, they were tight, and clung to almost every curve and crevease of her beautiful lower body.

“Come on in.” She said, as she turned around. I glanced at her ass for a second, and then looked around the house.

“Nice place you got here.” I said, trying to be polite.

“Whatever,” She said, blowing off the compliment. “Go into the living room down the hall. I’m going to have a quick shower and get ready for bed.”

I made my way into the living room, and took a seat on a red leather sofa. About 30 minutes later, Shannon entered the room, wearing unique, and not to mention sexy, pajamas. I can only describe the pajamas as a full body tube top. They were held up under her arm pits by an elastic, which held them snuggly in place over top her tits. A similar elastic caused the pajamas to hug her legs, half way down the calf muscle. (Basically, you could put them on upside down, and they’d still fit.) The rest of the pajamas we’re skin tight, and they showed her hips and ass nicely. I could tell she was wearing no bra by the way her breast were held, and by how her nipples made sexy little bumps on her tits.

“Do you want the coach?” She asked.

“Umm… no you can sleep there if you want.”

“Fine.” She said. I got off the coach so she could lay on it. Once she was comfortable, she simply said “Turn off the lights… the switch is over there by the door.” I got up and did it, then sat on a lazy boy recliner on the other side of the room.

WIthin the hour, she was deep asleep, but I was still wide awake. I keep staring at her bursa escort rising and falling chest, imagining one of her perfect breast in my hand. I glanced at the clock, and found it was almost 1:00. I tried to tear my attention away from her breast, and with alot of difficulty, I finally dozed off into an uneasy sleep.

**3:00 THAT NIGHT**

Something awoke me. I sat in the dark room, waiting for my eyes to adjust. Suddenly, I heard what had awakened me. A soft moaning drifted its way across the room to my ears. It was coming from Shannon. When I could see, I saw she was still asleep, but was obviously dreaming. The pajamas she wore had krept down her chest, and one of her magnificent breast hung out, in plain view. The nipple was small, and pink. I suddenly noticed, that her legs were spread and naked. The elasticthat held her pajamas on her legs, was around her waist. Her pussy was covered by a plain white thong, which sank into her cunt a little bit, giving her camel toe. There was a darker spot on the thong, whichI somehow knew was moisture from her pussy. At the sight of this my dick began to stiffen. I wanted to go across the room and fuck her, but I exhibited some self control, and let her sleep.


I was already awake when Shannon woke up, but I pretended to be
asleep. She let out a gasp when she saw what her pajamas had done over night, and her face turned a red. She tucked her loose breast in, and pulled the pajamas down, covering herself. I yawned, pretending to just be waking up.

“Have any nice dreams?” I asked.

“Umm…” She blushed a deeper red. “No.” She said, biting her lower lip.

The day passed by slowly, Shannon spent most of it on the phone with her boyfriend, so I saw very little of her throughout the day. 10:00 rolled around, and she suddenly came in the room. She was obviously upset about something.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. She didn’t say anything, but instead flopped down on the coach, and buried her face in her hands. After a while, she looked at me with teary eyes and asked: “Am I a bitch?”

This caught me off guard. “Umm… what do you mean?”

“I mean am I a bitch… like… am I really mean?”

“Er… well to be honest… you can be difficult to get along with sometimes.” I said, trying not to hurt her feelings anymore. “Why?”

“Oh… John called me a bitch and then hung up on me…” She began sobbing again.

“Why?” I asked again.

“… I don’t think I should tell you…” She said hesitantly.

“Well, you have to tell someone, right?”

Shannon thought about it for a moment, and then decided to tell me. “Alright,” She said. “John wanted to come over and fuck this weekend, but I said I didn’t want to fuck HIM…”

“Oh… sorry.” I said, assuming it was because of my presence she didn’t want to fuck her boyfriend.

“No no… it isn’t because of you… it’s just that… well… six months ago we started having sex, and for a little while I loved it. But… John’s dick is like, four inches WITH a boner.” I tried to stifle a laugh. “He can’t satisfy me anymore. Once in a while, he’ll almost get me to climax, and I’m about to cum… but… well let’s just say he finishs early…” She trailed off and started sobbing again.

“Hey, listen…” I took a seat beside her on the sofa. “I understand that you really love John… but a realationship is fifty percent physical, and if the sex isn’t working out… then the realationship won’t work out.”

She looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes. “I think you’re right… I’m gonna call him!” She picked up the phone by the coach, and quickly dialled his number. After a second or two of ringing, John picked up. “Hey john.” She said. “We need bursa escort bayan to talk.” She looked at me for reassurance. “Listen… It isn’t working out between us… … It’s the sex … … … Maybe it’s good for you, but you’ve never made me cum once! … … … No John, listen, I’m sorry, but it’s over. Good bye.” She hung up the phone and sighed. After a minute or two of silence, she said “So, what do you want to do?”

“I dunno…” I said. “I’ve been told I give pretty good back massages, you up for one?”

“That would be nice…” She said, as she laid down on her stomach, on the coach. I began to rub her shoulders, in slow circular patterns. “Mmmm… that’s good.” She said. I moved down her back, massaging ever muscle, trying to give her a good experience. I got to her bra, and was about to skip over it, when she suddenly said “You can un-hook that if you like.” Through her shirt, I played with the fasten, until it came undone. The straps around the back quickly slide away, as he breast were set free. I massaged the rest of her back, and she rolled over. “Thank you so much,” She said… “Mmmm… I’m sleepy.” She was so beautiful , I wanted to kiss her on the spot. “You wantthe coach, hun?” She asked.

“Nah… it’s yours.” I got up and went across the room to the chair. Tonight, sleep came quickly.


I awoke around 8:00, to find Shannon already up and about. Today she wore tight fitting jeans that accented her sexy ass nicely. A tube top covered her tits, and fell short of hiding her belly.

“G’morning,” She said, smiling cheerfully. “sleep well sweetie?”

“Ya, I slept a’ight… and yourself?”

“Oh it was wonderful! That massage did so much for me…”

The rest of the day was nice, Shannon and I spent most of it cuddled up on the coach, watching movies, and just talking. Around 8:00, the phone rang, Shannon answered it. “… … I told you John, it’s over … … … No! We won’t have one more fuck!” She hung up the phone and looked at me. “He’s a loser.” She sat down on the coach, and placed her head agaisnt my chest.

“So,” I said. “What do you want to do?”

“I dunno,” A sexy smile creeped across her face. “I’ve been told I give pretty good blow jobs.” Before I know it, shes rubbing my nuts, trying to get me hard. Almost instantly, I began to stiffen, and when I did, she carefully unzipped my zipper, and unbottend the button on my jeans. She reached in, and pulled my shaft out, it was long and hard. She gasped, probably because mine was a little more than two times bigger than her former boyfriends. She stroked it for a few minutes, slowly bringing her soft hand up and down. After a while, she shoved the whole thing in her mouth, and began to suck. Her tounge rolled around my cock, covering it with hot saliva. I saw her hand move between her legs and she started to rub. She deepthroated my cock, and kept it there for a few seconds, before she continued to suck again. My hand found its way to her beautiful ass, and I began to rub and squeeze it. It was soft, and I despertly wanted to take her jeans off.

“Get on my lap.” I said bluntly. She stopped sucking and did as she was told, sitting with her legs spread infront of my dick. I removed her shirt, and began fondelling her perfect breast in both my hands. “You’re beautiful.” I said as I continued to rub her massive tits.

Shannon bite her lower lip, wanting more. She reached behind her back and unhitched her bra, then she slowly slide the shoulder straps off, and let the bra fall. Her little pink nipples were poking out at me, and I couldn’t help but touch it. It was hard, and I rolled it around between my fingers, before I placed it in my mouth and sucked on it. “Mmm… yeah…” She said, escort bursa putting her hands on the back of my head. After a few minuted of this, I wanted her pussy. I told her to stand up, and as she did so, she removed my shirt. I reached out and unbuttoned her jeans, slowly bringing down her fly. She pulled her pansts down, reaveling a sexy pink G-String. I reached around, and placed both my hands firmly on her ass, she took a step or two foreward, putting her pussy inches away from my face. I began to lick and nibble at the edge of her soaked panties, enjoying the flaour of the young girls cunt.

“Oh… baby… ” she moaned. “Are you gonna fuck me?”

I replied by pulling her G-String down her legs, and beggining to remove my pants and boxers. She stepped out of her panties, leaving them and her jeans in a pile on the floor. She got back onto the coach, letting her pussy brush against my rock hard cock. “I’ve never seen one so big… ” she said, slowly lowering herself onto it. She wimpered, closed her eyes, and rolled her head up wards. “ohhhhhhhhh….. god that’s good.” she said, as I filled her up. I couldn’t belive how tight her pussy was. Slowly, she lifted herself up and dropped herself back onto my cock. She started out doing this slow, but steadily gained speed, until her tits were flopping up and down in my face. The inside of her cunt was moist and slimey. “OH GOD YES!!” She screamed. “I WANT TO CUM!!!!!!… MORE, MORE!!!!!” She yelled. She suddenly stopped, and began to catch her breath. I lifted her off my cock, and she laid on her side on the coach. I went around, and she lifted one of her legs up into the air. I slide my cock back into her cunt, and began to fuck her again. I smashed her pussy harder, and harder, faster and faster. All the while she kept screaming “OH GOD !! MORE!!! MORE!!! FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FASTER!!! OHHHHH…”
Her tits flopped up and down, almost slapping her in the face. She grabbed them, and began fondelling and sucking on her own nipples. After a while of fucking her she started to say “Stop… stop for second…” I pulled out, and she rolled over onto her belly. “Fuck… fuck my ass.” She said, getting onto her knees. I placed both hands firmly onto her ass, and pulled the soft, seductive cheeks apart. Her asshole was small and welcoming. I slowly pushed my moist cock in, with alot of difficuly. Shannon wimpered in pain, but I knew she really did want this. Once it was all the way in, I pulled out, and slammed it back in. Again, and again. I eventually built up speed, and Shannon started screaming again.
Fucking her ass was so good, it was the tightest thing I’ve ever fucked, and her soft ass cushoined ever thrust nicely. Finally, she asked to roll over again, and I let her. Fucking her ass was amazing, but I wanted to sink back into her cunt. She rolled over, and I slowly pushed back into her soaking pussy. As I did she let out another moan. She began to feel up her own tits, and pinch her tiny nipples between two of her fingers. “Make me cum…” she whispered. I started fucking her again, sliding my dick in and out of her soaking pussy. It squeezed my dick so hard, because it was so tight, but I still fucked her as fast, and hard as I could. “AHHH!!!!! AHHH!!!! OH GOD… YES!!! YES!!! PLEASE!!!! FUCK YES!!!!! I’M-I’M-I’M CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!” She yelled. As she did, I felt that I needed to cum to, so I thrusted a few more times, and we came together. Our wet juices mixed, covering my cock, her pussy was filled with the wet stuff. I pulled out my cock, and borught it to her mouth.

“Want to suck it off?” I asked. She looked at me and nodded. I stuck my cock back into her mouth, and she sucked long and hard, getting ever drop of cum off.

“Baby… I need to go get washed out… ” She said, getting up. I watched her leave the room for the bathroom, cum running down her thighs with ever step.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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