Strange Vibes Ch. 05

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All characters are eighteen years of age or older.


No matter how fast or how long Daniil drove, he couldn’t escape his sex drive. He could hide from his sister; his mother; his friends, and everyone else; everyone except the one he wished he could hide from the most.

The dirt roads were empty, much like the streets in town. Pulling off onto a relatively flat clearing on the mountainside, he parked. Climbing onto the warm hood of the car, he looked out over the town in the valley below. His groin muscles were still tense. Daniil didn’t want to jack off again. He was tired, and his stomach was rumbling.

Lying back onto the windshield, he rested his hands behind his head. The phone in his pocket vibrated again. Ignoring it, he picked at the scar on his arm. Using his fingernails, he slowly sawed at a tiny bit of flesh. Focusing on the pain was a relief. The scar tissue had been mostly healed until he started digging at it, after the first time he had slept with his mom.

Where could he go? What could he do to end his perverted addiction? He didn’t want to be this way, and he never asked for it. One thoughtless stupid mistake and his whole life had been flipped upside down. If this was a nightmare, he wished to wake up.

Taking out his phone, he started a web search for a possible medical condition. He found an article about a man who spontaneously ejaculates a hundred times a day. “Persistent genital arousal disorder?” Reading further, the condition didn’t have anything to do with wants or desires, but came from certain spinal cord injuries.

“Hmm. It sounds kind of like what I have, but not quite.” He had injured his ankle, and gotten the scar on his arm from falling into a barbwire fence, while exploring the back roads with his friends last year, but no spinal injury. Plus, there was a desire of sorts, but it was more of a sexual addiction. He needed the feel-good hormones, and the euphoria that came with them.

Simply masturbating by himself didn’t trigger it; not the real good euphoria. It was the tingling sensation that did it. The happiness he had felt, when he came inside his mom, was immeasurable. Every other happy moment in his life was pure misery by comparison. All the good times in his life were a lie. He had never ‘truly’ been happy until they had sex.

Daniil knew this wasn’t him. These weren’t his thoughts. Being with her was like a drug, and he was suffering through withdrawals. What if they had been drugged? It would explain their odd behavior. But when? Who? Why? How? If he stayed away from people long enough, would he go back to normal? Should he go to the hospital? The police? Anxiously, he tapped his hand against the hood of the car.

Thumbing over to his messages, he found a text from his mom. She had sent him a close-up photo of her damp panties, with a vibrator in her ass, and another in her pussy. The floodgates started to open. Dropping the phone, he hastily scrambled to undo his jeans, as milky jets shot through the white cotton fabric of his briefs. Semen flowed down, and pooled around the base of his shaft.

One ejaculation. Two ejaculations. Three. Four. Lifting up his shirt, semen splattered across his navel and tummy.

Muscles cramping, he lay spread-eagled on the hood. His body twitched, and his mind was mired in a thick fog. How many times was this? There had been a point where he could no longer keep track. There was a time where he had wished he could have multiple orgasms, but not anymore. He wouldn’t wish this on anybody. What if it happened in front of his friends? At school? Work? During grocery shopping?

He couldn’t live like this. Why wouldn’t his body just stop? Reality became hazy. The feral hunger grew; the more he came, the more he needed to fuck. It strained his inhibitions to the limit. He had to have that euphoria again, just one last time. The warmth of her pussy squeezing against him… The smell of her sweat as they fucked… The moans. The touch.

His stomach growled. It was past lunch time. He needed to grab something to eat, but he wasn’t going to go to a restaurant again. The Apple Orchard Family Market had snacks he could pick up. So long as Annie-Jo didn’t feel like chatting, he’d be in and out fast.

Stripping off his jeans, he slid off the hood. Using his creamed underwear, he wiped himself off, and tossed it onto the floor of the back seat. The car reeked of sex. He used another wet wipe to clean his hands. At this rate, he would run out of them in a couple days.

Blessed by the lack of traffic, he got changed again in peace. Though he could have walked naked from one end of town to the other, and still would have had a chance of not being seen by anyone, as long as he avoided the road work and construction crews.

After a winding ten minute long drive back down the mountain, he made it back into town. With the dusty brown hills behind him, he pulled up into the immaculate parking lot in front of the Apple Orchard Family Market. With a brown roof, and brick siding, it güvenilir bahis was a modestly sized store. Not as big as the supermarket, but bigger than the corner convenience store. The windows listed ads for firewood, bottled water, and propane sales, along with a few odd fliers for some dream surveys.

Stepping inside the glass double doors, a tall blonde, freckle-faced woman in a white collared, button-up long sleeved shirt, black slacks, and a dark brown apron, nodded to him from behind the counter. He nodded back to Annie-Jo. They had gone to high school together briefly, but she had graduated a couple years ahead of him. Any other day, he would have stayed to chat, but he couldn’t risk it.

The market was cozy and welcoming. For the first time all week, he finally felt remotely comfortable. Perusing the aisles, a petite younger woman in a similar uniform, with a strawberry blonde ponytail and bangs, was stocking a shelf. She was short, but still four inches taller than Daniil. Abigail’s amber eyes met his, and they paused. There was that strange feeling again; the tingling. Abigail had it too.

Panic gripped him. His nose flared, but otherwise he remained stoic on the outside. Eyeing her hips, he resisted the whelming urge to pin her down and penetrate her. The thought sickened him, but his body teased him with a hint of dopamine. He wanted to fuck her six ways from Sunday.

Awkwardly squeezing past, he moved on to a different aisle. Heart racing, he struggled to keep his composure. Picking out a small handful of cheese and cracker snack packs, he hurried past Annie-Jo’s little sister, and over to the refrigerated section in the back. Picking out a glass bottle of caffeinated soda, he made his way towards the front counter.

Another short and skinny teenage woman crossed his path, carrying a brown plastic crate with more packs of soda. It wasn’t often for him to find someone just as short as he was. Her white shirt was untucked from her slacks, but what stood out the most was her short and spiky, fuchsia hair. She stopped before she bumped into him. Like with Abigail, her violet eyes locked onto his.

He knew her too. She was one of Abigail’s tomboyish friends, who went by the nickname ‘Scooter’. Daniil had seen her around campus before, but they never spoke, since they were in separate social circles. Like with Abigail, he could sense the same vibes radiating around her. Her lips slowly parted. She unconsciously wetted them with her tongue.

Sucking in a shivering breath, he felt his inhibitions eroding fast. He was on the verge of taking one of them right then and there. Fear and horror were the only things holding him back from ripping off her clothes. Clenching his teeth, he stepped forward. Willing or not, he was going to do it.

“Scout!” Annie-Jo hollered sharply, startling both of them. “Tuck your shirt in,” she mouthed silently, and nodded towards the door to the back room. With a heavy sigh, and a roll of her eyes, she complied, and headed back through the doorway.

Swallowing hard, Daniil walked up and set the items down onto the counter. He was relieved for the abrupt interruption, but the tingling came from Annie-Jo too. However, her old high school reputation of being a ‘dragon slayer’ was intimidating enough to keep his urges in check. Rumors were that she had nearly killed the most notorious school bully for picking on her little sister, and her friend. He didn’t want to end up in the hospital in that way.

Standing at a couple inches shy of six feet, Annie-Jo towered over him. Daniil stood head-to-breast compared to her. However, being only five feet tall, that was the case for most people he encountered. As Annie-Jo rang up the items, he eyed the row of magazines behind the counter. He could barely see the edge of one of the nudie magazines: Pegasus Pinups. The face on the cover was familiar. She had an uncanny resemblance to another former classmate: Raine.

Pretending not to notice it, he paid for his lunch, and nodded to her with a smile. The last thing he needed now was porn; let alone from people he had grown up with since elementary school. Taking the bag of snacks, he hid his erection, and sidled towards the door. Jumping back into his car, he drove off, being careful this time to not leave tire marks across Annie-Jo’s parking lot.

Taking the long way around, he drove through the woods to the back end of Fool’s Gold Lake. Parking as close to the shore as he could, he grabbed his lunch, and headed down the slope to find a rocky perch over the water. The dark sand glistened with tiny golden flakes, scattered like sprinkles of glitter. Some suggested it was real gold; but others assumed it was just pyrite; hence the name. Across the lake, a new fancy building was added along the shoreline. It was perhaps another artistic home from the Pony Valley Helpful Housing Initiative.

Peeling off the wrapper, he dipped his cracker into the tiny cup of cheese. Whatever was screwing with his brain, and his body, was spreading, whatever it was. Mom; türkçe bahis Taryn; Sam; Pink; Annie-Jo; Abigail; Scooter—or rather Scout; and himself; how many more people were being affected?

Daniil didn’t understand how he knew they had it, but he could tell. The tingling sensation that had crawled along his spine, followed by the sudden intense arousal, felt like it had come from only specific people.

What exactly was ‘it’ anyways? Some kind of virus infecting their brains? Was there a toxin to which they were exposed? There were mines all over the foothills; what if uranium, or something, was leaking into the local well water? Mercury poisoning could cause madness. It could be radiation from space, causing mutations, for all he knew. But if he was going crazy, how could he be so sure that others were too? What if he was stuck in some kind of twisted fever dream, and can’t escape?

He popped the red bottle cap off the soda bottle, and took a swig. All of this was far too crazy and surreal. Mentally he stepped back, and reevaluated his thoughts. If it was all in his head, what could he do? If it was a medical or hormonal issue, then his doctor might be able to sort it out. In the event that he was simply going insane, then surely they’d have an eggshell white padded cell in which for him to flop around. Regardless of his perception of reality, all he could do was play along, until he found answers; assuming there were any.

Finishing the last pack of cheese and crackers, he bagged his trash, and then tossed it into the back seat of his car. Sitting behind the wheel, Daniil fished out Dr. Christensen’s business card from his backpack. He flipped it front and back between his fingers. Tapping it on the steering wheel, he made up his mind.

“Let’s get this over with,” he said, putting the car into reverse. Heading back to town, he sped through the rural streets. He took the final winding road hard, down the hill through the large oak and pine trees. The parking lot to the clinic was nearly empty, as usual.

Marching across the healthy green, manicured grass, he climbed up the steps to the dark brown building, and pulled open the glass door. Daniil signed in at the front desk, and took a seat. Relaxing, he took a breath. For the first time in days, he felt tranquil. Leaning back into the chair, he felt like he could doze off in the waiting room. At last, his mind and body were at peace.

The door to the office opened. “Come on in, Daniil. Have a seat,” the doctor said. Cursing the bad timing, he had hoped to enjoy the quiet time for a while longer. Reluctantly he got up, and walked through the doorway. He took a seat on the soft white couch inside Dr. Christensen’s office.

The office was pure white; not a single stain or smudge anywhere. The far wall was a series of long floor-to-ceiling windows, spanning the entire length of the office. The sun glared brightly behind the glossy obsidian desk. Dr. Christensen sat in a dark silhouette; a glint of sunlight reflected off the rim of her glasses, and created a halo behind her black hair, styled in a severely tight bun.

“Relax. Breathe,” she said in a calming tone. “Tell me what’s on your mind.”

“Thanks for seeing me on such short notice. I’ve been feeling very confused lately,” he said, rubbing his face. “I don’t even know where to begin.”

“It’s no problem at all. I’m available anytime you need to talk,” she said softly. Tenting her fingers, she waited patiently. Her shadow reached across the room, crossing over his scuffed sneakers. Daniil relaxed his muscles, and took a deep breath. Combing his fingers through his chestnut hair, time seemed to slow down.

He confessed to everything: his sinful consanguineous intercourse with his mother; his lustful desires for his sister; the divorce; the incessant arousal, and countless orgasms each day. Daniil explained the strange feelings, and his theories about the other young women.

“Sometimes everything is clear, and sometimes I’m just… out of it. I think I’m going crazy,” he said finally. His body felt light as a feather, having gotten everything off his chest.

Dr. Christensen finished writing notes in her binder; not saying a word. She put her pen down, and tented her fingers again. Her dark firm figure stared in silence for several beats. Daniil unconsciously picked at his scar. A strong sense of déjà vu hit him out of the blue. Had he done this before? Surely not… He looked at the scar tissue on his arm. There was a speck of blood forming at the base of the crater he had dug. He had done this once before, hadn’t he? Was it before he had gotten the scar, or before he started picking on it?

“You are experiencing a mild psychosis,” she said nonchalantly. “Your hormones need to be adjusted.” Daniil looked up from his scar.


Of course; it all made sense. Relieved, he let out an amused chuckle. “It’s just a hormonal imbalance that’s driving me crazy? So none of this was really my fault, was it?” He slouched back on the couch. “I should güvenilir bahis siteleri have come in to see you the moment I started feeling weird. This condition can be cured, right?”

“I’ll alter your medication, and soon you’ll be back to enjoying the new you.”

He closed his eyes, and sighed. In an instant, there was nothing but a black void.

One second.

Two seconds.

The nothingness that had engulfed him suddenly vanished. Life resumed, already in progress.

“—cumming!” Daniil moaned. His cock twitched, and sent ejaculate into the warm and wet envelope that held onto him. Panting, he kicked his legs underneath the dark navy blankets. His muscles contracted several times. The afterglow of his powerful orgasm fogged his mind. The ache from his loins was curiously absent.

Gradually his awareness returned, and he caught his bearings. He was in his parents’ bed. His mother was naked underneath him. Even she dwarfed his compact frame. Sweat beaded on her fair skin, and her dark hair was matted on the side of her face. Her slightly sagging 38DD breasts were slick with saliva, over her large dark brown areolae.

Glancing at the window, he saw the silhouette of Valery’s phone, propped up on the windowsill, filming their incestuous sex acts, just as she had done when she took his virginity. The sun had set. Beams of soft orange light illuminated the room through open slats of the blinds. The red glowing numbers of the clock radio read midnight.

Not much was leftover since his dad had moved out. The queen-sized bed and the nightstand were all there was left in the master bedroom. Trinkets, family photos, candles, everything was gone. Daniil and his mom only had a few more nights in the house he grew up in, before it went up for sale.

A wave of bittersweet nostalgia tainted his orgasmic euphoria, but it was one he had been craving so badly. It felt so good to be back home, with his dick inside his mom’s pussy. It was wrong, but it felt so right. He never wanted to leave her again.

Was this really happening? What happened to his plan to stay away? Everything he had been doing hours prior had slipped away like a distant dream. He had no memory of how he got back home, or why he decided to return. Daniil didn’t care anymore. He and Valery were together again, and that’s all that mattered. Dad may have walked out on them, but he didn’t love mom the way Daniil did. They were meant to be lovers; they were literally made for each other.

Thrusting his dick deep into Valery’s warm pussy, his cock throbbed inside of her body. Moaning, she came. A wave of ecstasy crashed over him like a tsunami. He could barely contain how much he loved her. She was so beautiful; he couldn’t bear to be separated from her again.

‘This has to be the last time we fuck,’ said the voice in the back of his mind. A tiny part of him knew the hunger was consuming him. If he stayed inside of her any longer, he feared he’d lose himself completely. Panting, he closed his eyes… and then let go of himself. Daniil didn’t care anymore. It was done. No more shame or guilt. They fucked, and he loved every second of it. He would shout it from the rooftops, and come inside of her in front of the neighbors.

It was liberating.

“You didn’t finish inside of me again, did you?” Valery asked, mildly annoyed. Daniil lingered, balls deep inside of her pussy. His muscles contracted again, injecting one last spurt inside of her.

Looking into her brown eyes, whatever annoyance she briefly had was gone. She smiled happily. Making mom feel good made him happy too. He smiled back, lightly caressing her voluptuous figure. Being inside of her felt so good; it seemed normal. The minuscule voice in the back of his head protested, but it was so distant, he couldn’t hear it anymore.

“Sorry, mom,” he said, sheepishly, but he wasn’t really embarrassed. Daniil was merely being playful. Mom wasn’t really upset, she was only playing too. Her legs were still wrapped around his hips, holding him in place. The look on her face said it all; she wanted it as much as he did.

“Damn it, Daniil. We can’t keep doing this. Either you have to start wearing a condom, or you’ll have to do it in my butt next time,” she feigned a sigh. Valery rocked her hips, and he responded by thrusting again. Her pussy was so warm and wet, and he was still horny too.

Heart pounding, she kept grinding against him. His hips pumped harder, as cum leaked from her hairy pussy. Valery squeezed him with her vaginal muscles. Juices gushed around his cock, and then trickled over his shaved scrotum. They continued fucking with reckless abandon. She closed her eyes; mouth agape. Her chubby belly formed tiny rows of rolls, as her body rocked. Rapidly rubbing her clit, she cried out in ecstasy.

“I love you, mom,” he panted; trying to stuff more of his penis inside of her, than what he had.

The lost part of his consciousness tried clawing its way back. ‘It’s happening again. Need to stop.’ Trapped inside his own mind, he could feel the subtle changes begin. He didn’t care what was going to happen; he couldn’t control himself anymore. Despite knowing better, he wanted more. Daniil watched as the scar on his arm began to gradually heal, and then fade.

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