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Percy rummaged through her room looking for the last bit of her outfit. She was almost ready, all she needed now was her favorite pastel blue choker with the charm on the front stating in bold letters “MY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL”. Percy’s best friend, Bea, got it for her during a time in Percy’s life when she had extremely low self esteem. Now, Percy had learned to accept and even love her curves. Once Percy finally dug the choker out from beneath her bed she put it on and admired herself in the mirror. She wore a tight black tank top that showed off her silhouette, her large 38DD breasts fit perfectly in the black laced bra that Percy wore underneath causing just the right amount of cleavage to show.

For the first time in years, Percy had finally felt comfortable enough to wear a skirt and so she wore a dark blue and black plaid skirt, it was so short that if she bent over she would show off her pantied ass. Peeking just below the hem of the tiny skirt was the end of a spiked leg garter holding up black thigh highs that had a corset design on the black with a dark blue satin ribbon. Her short midnight blue hair fell just past her jaw while her bangs fell over her hazel eyes. Her lips were painted black and her eye makeup was a dramatic smokey eye with winged liner. Her best friend since middle school was taking her out to a club she had never heard of. Percy met Bea when they shared an art class in seventh grade. The two girls quickly became friends and now its seven years later, still close as ever.

Percy looked at the time and realized she was late to go pick up Bea. She quickly threw on her high heeled goth buckle boots and grabbed her keys. On the drive over she got a text from casino şirketleri Bea telling her that she slept in and was gonna be late so to just come in when she got there. She rolled her eyes to herself and chuckled, not surprised that this happened. When Percy got to her house she did as told and walked in.

“Hello? Bea?” She hollard not seeing her around anywhere. Not getting a reply Percy walked upstairs and into Bea’s room. When she walked in though she gasped and hesitated before entering. Inside the room on the bed were a bunch of sex toys. All kinds of vibrators, dildos, and strapons. There was rope, handcuffs, and gags. At the end of the bed there was a strange machine with a remote on top. Connected to the machine was a giant rubber cock. Percy couldn’t help but get excited looking at all the stuff.

“Welcome, Kitten” Bea whispered into Percy’s ear, bringing her hand up and placing it firmly on Percy’s throat.

“B-Bea? What’s going on?” Percy moaned out, confused and intrigued.

“Oh I know how horny you’ve been for me lately, you little slut.” Bea tightened her grip around Percy’s neck and walked her over to the bed. “Sit.”

Percy sat down hestently. She looked up at her best friend who she had been in love with for so long. They told each other everything, including sexual dislikes and likes. Bea knew that Percy was a complete submissive and knew all her turns ons, in turn Percy knew that Bea was more of a dominant person but mostly only slept with men who she would be more submissive with. Percy didn’t know that Bea felt the same sexual attraction. She took in Bea’s curvy body, flat stomach, wonderful 36D breasts, and her round ass. The next thing Percy casino firmaları knew she was being cuffed to the bed into a star shape. Bea came over and ran her hands up Percy’s stomach, leaving her tank top on but pulling her breasts out of Percy’s shirt, slowly swirling the tips of her fingernails around Percy’s pink nipples. Percy whimpered as Bea stood up and grabbed Percy’s legs to finish tying her up. Percy’s eyes bulged as she saw the giant fuck machine come closer. The dildo attached looked as though it was about 3″ width and 12″ length.

Bea looked up and chuckled as she saw Percy looking so nervous. She placed the machine so that the tip of the rubber cock was just barely rubbing on Percy’s opening. The only thing stopping the cold rubber to slip into her wet cunt was her panties. She moaned wanting more as she listened to Bea chuckle. Percy turned her head to see Bea picking up a magic wand vibrator and plugging it in. She walked over and placed it on Percy’s clit and held it there as Bea straddled Percy’s face. Percy quickly darted her tongue upwards towards her best friends sweet dripping pussy licking away like she had never eaten before. Percy’s body shook from the vibrations causing her to press her cunt down onto the dildo. When Bea noticed this she took the remote to the machine and began to turn it on, making it thrust slowly, trying its hardest to shove itself into Percy’s cunt. Bea moaned as she felt Percy moaning into her cunt and so she decided to turn up the speed. Percy could feel herself getting wetter by the second and just wanted to feel every inch of the large fuck toy inside of her. Percy darted her tongue back and forth across Bea’s clit causing Bea to grind herself güvenilir casino into Percy’s face. Bea turned up the speed once again, now stopping the vibrator and leaning down, moving her mouth to Percy’s cunt. When Bea knew that Percy wouldn’t notice she moved her panties to the side and watched the dildo slam straight into Percy for the first time. Bea felt a loud moan into her pussy and she took that as a sign to start sucking on Percy’s clit.

Percy lay there grinding her hips wildly, feeling full and stretched. The pain that happened when the large cock first slammed into her had subsided and turned to a pleasure she had never experienced. Her hips bucked and she fucked Bea as hard as she could with her tongue. Bea turned the machine on as high as it could go and with one last buck of the hips Bea watched as Percy’s cum exploded out the side, dripping down her ass and all over the fake cock. Watching the white cream dripping out made Bea go over the edge and she soon came, covering Percy with her juices. Bea slowed the machine down one level and got off of Percy. She smirked at her as she lay there, struggling against her restraints and cumming over and over. Percy begged and pleaded for Bea to turn off the fuck toy but that just led to another vibrator on the clit.

After an hour or so Bea finally turned the fuck machine off and the vibrator off as well. She left the machine inside of Percy though as she straddled Percy and looked down at the exhausted girl. Percy looked up at Bea and admired her. The way her pastel pink hair falls to just under her pink nipples, how her eyes are a sparkling blue that anyone could get lost in. Percy smiled up at Bea and got a perfect toothy smile in return.

“So, does this mean we’re finally together?” Bea asked, smiling proudly at the way she claimed what she always knew was her. Percy nodded, happily and Bea responded by leaning down and kissing Percy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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