My Nightmare_(4)

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I was home alone as usual since my parents divorce. My mom decided it was best to move away and distance herself from her only son, and as was expected, my dad was working late again. Of course, he most likely was not going to be coming home at all and instead choosing to kick back with his girlfriend he obtained soon after the separation. It was one of those boring Friday nights where I had nothing going on whatsoever. I had spent most of it grinding away the gears of my bike set on its trainer as I watched various training videos, hanging out as I always liked to in my new skin-suit. This one was a Vodafone one that I picked up when my dad offered to buy me something at the mall. I was just in the middle of finishing one cycle when someone rang the doorbell. I quickly hopped off my bike and wiped myself down with a towel before heading to the door. Upon opening the door, I nearly fell back in disbelief at just who decided to call on me at the late hour.

It was Will; my first pseudo-sex-boyfriend-thing who, after nearly three months of sex decided that he was not a queer like me and was far better off with his girlfriend. He threw our friendship and what I thought was a shared love away and hadn’t talked to me since. I was definitely surprised when he decided to show up alone, at my door, in the middle of the night, on a rainy day, smelling of alcohol, and being ballsy enough to force himself into the foyer.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I really wasn’t excited about his presence, or about the way he eyed me up and down. Then again, who could blame him? I was after all in a very form-fitting lycra cycling outfit and my body was in prime condition!

“I…I… I want to fuck you.” He had balls, and I don’t say that solely from having them in my mouth prior to this thought, but also because I’m pretty sure he knew that if he ever crossed me again I would do my best to fucking ruin him.

“Well that’s too bad mate cus’ to my recollection you don’t like the cock.”

“No, really. I think I love you. I want you!” He lunged at me, nearly toppling me over onto the floor. I returned to an upright position and pushed him back. He awkwardly stumbled backward, taking time to correct his intoxicated body to an erect position. I was güvenilir bahis a little amazed at my strength in that moment of anger because, historically, I was the weak, submissive one and Will, with his powerful and ultra-fit body, dominated me.

“Will, I think you should leave. If you don’t, I swear that I’ll break it to your girlfriend just where your cock has been. Think she would want to know how much cum you’ve drank?” I was feeling a little bit exhilarated by being able to ward off Will and decided it would be best to keep up the attack. Unfortunately, it had little effect and as the future played out, I would be the loser.

“No, you’re mine.”

“No! You left me. I have Colt. He is actually fucking committed!” I really loved Colt. He was my little friend so to say and I had made him gay much in the same way as Will had come to be my lover.
Will seemed to get a little incensed by my comments and came forward so fast that my best wasn’t good enough to avoid being slammed across the temple, nearly knocking me to complete unconsciousness. For what seemed like minutes, I kept fading in and out. Occasionally the wispy blackness would disperse and I could tell that I was being carried somewhere. Eventually, I could make out my environment. I was in my room and Will must have laid me down on my bed. I couldn’t tell where he was. I tried to move but a sharp pain gripped my head and blacked out my vision once I started to move my neck. Realizing the mistake I had made, I waited for the blackness to clear and kept as still as possible.

Eventually, Will materialized in front of me. He was maybe two feet away from my face and had his shirt off. His hands were fidgeting with his belt. I had an aching feeling that I was about to experience that type of sex where there is a master and a slave. I think it’s often called submission or bondage, but in this case I was accustomed to imagine it being referred to as rape. Will had finally gotten his pants down and was in the process of removing his briefs.

“Suck it.” He stuck his hard cock right into my face. Tears began to swell in my eyes. On any other occasion I would have jumped at the opportunity to enjoy the luscious essence of another boys’ being, but now I just wished that I could back away and türkçe bahis pretend nothing ever happened. I waited too long and Will forcibly opened my mouth and shoved in his now-erect cock. He gave a deep sigh and started to slowly shove in his seven inch penis all the way down my throat. I had trouble not coughing as my gag-reflex kicked in. Will’s balls were smacking into my face as he started to pound harder, driving his cock into my mouth as if it were full-on anal. All I could do was try not to burst out crying, having lost the ability to control my being.

He worked away for a short while before cumming into my mouth. I resisted the urge to swallow, letting his loads roll down my cheek and onto the sheets of my bed. Will had removed his cock and thrust himself over my body. He twisted my body around so that I was on my back looking up at him. The quick motion brought a lot of the pain back and I nearly blacked out. I was still in my skin-suit so Will reached for the zipper at the top of my chest and quickly pulled it down to where the seam reached my crotch. Then his hands smoothly reached my shoulders and slowly, he removed the one last barrier separating my body from being open to his.

I had little self-control. I felt absolutely powerless, literally not able to move my arms in any sort of defense. It only got worse when Will began to suck on my cock. It wasn’t even remotely hard. If anything, my dick seemed to be communicating very well with my mind and had decided to curl up as small as possible and hide away until all was over. But regardless, Will continued to try and arouse me. Getting nothing, he slammed his fist in rage onto my chest. That caused me to jerk upward, momentarily knocking the wind out of me.

Will edged himself closer to my face and reached for my left hand. He took the middle finger and forefinger and straightened them out before forcing them up his rectum. At first, they simply collapsed without puncturing his closed ass-hole. He screamed at me to finger-fuck him and gave me a good smack across the cheeks. With the little might left in me, I straightened my fore-finger as he guided it back into his ass. He leaned over more so as to open up himself for deeper puncturing. That made it all the more unbearable to have his face screaming güvenilir bahis siteleri out pleasure as I sobbed directly below him. Eventually, between him jacking himself off and my fucking, he cummed all over my chest and finally put himself upright.

The fun wasn’t over for him. Will rolled my limp body so that I was on my stomach and, without so much as a lubricant, shoved his now-erect penis up my ass. He made me get on my knees and bend over so that he had the best angle to drive it into me. He pounded away, his hard dick hitting my prostate so quickly and powerful that if I weren’t in such emotional and physical pain, I might have climaxed with his climax. But as it went, he just fucked me until cumming into my ass. There was so much that I literally felt a stream of it dribbling down my ass. I felt dirty and disgusted by the feeling of his warm cum running across my body.

Will rolled me onto my side and pressed his naked body against mine, holding me close to him. I only wished I could have gotten away. My mind floated in those few moments. I had just been raped by someone who used to be my best friend. There was no way of denying any of this when I went back to school. How was I even going to be able to function knowing that every day I went to my high school, he would be there? Then, I drifted to thinking about Colt. My younger lover. I pretty much raped him. The only difference was that he enjoyed it. I whimpered continually while Will just breathed softly onto my neck. Eventually I drifted into sleep.

When I awoke the next day, Will wasn’t holding me and I could see that his clothes were gone. I was still naked and there were crusts of cum on my face, my chest, and my back-side that cracked as I feebly lifted my torso up off the bed. My dad had been nudging me awake. He was standing over me, dressed in his usual dark suit. He was a lot taller than I would ever be.
“Why are you naked and what’s with all this stuff on your face?” He tried to pick away at a bit of the dried cum on my face and chipped away enough to see its translucent structure. His voice raised an octave or two. “Is that semen?! You fucking having a gay orgy in my house? Fucking queer. You are a fucking queer. Clean yourself up you little faggot, we’ve got to meet your mother and her lawyer today.”

I hardly could hear his voice even though he was practically screaming. I lay back in my bed and began to quietly sob.

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