My New Mother-in-Law Ch. 02

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“What makes you ask about Esther, Edith?”

“I only wondered Ian if you knew where she might be?”

“Actually I don’t know. She is probably at work I assume.”

We changed the subject. Edith sat opposite me. She had changed and now wore a diaphanous dark red blouse with her black bra showing beneath the material. The blouse was cut at her shoulders making her look very alluring. I expressed my delight at the blouse along with her tight silk skirt that emphasised her luxurious hips. It came to her knees and the suspenders were just noticeable to the eye. I told her I wanted her to do something for me. “What?” she asked?

“Go to the rest room and take off your bra and return with it in your handbag Edith.” She blushed at the audacity. Maybe this was unusual in rural Berkshire.

“Ian I can’t, my neighbour is sitting two tables away and will know immediately.”

“What have you to lose? She doesn’t look behind the door and anyway she looks delicious and bored anyway. She’s with her husband and he is sitting where he’s unable to see you. It could be the start of a whole new way of life Edith, for both of you.”

We had both had a glass of wine each and she must have eaten nothing for a few hours. She took the bottle and replenished her glass and mine, took a substantial swig, got up and left for the restroom with her handbag and I noticed her smiling almost privately with the neighbour, who then gave me a quick look over. I gave a smile in return which she just acknowledged. She was the same age as Edith as but a more rubenesque shape than Edith’s diamond shape with fairly full breasts in a jacket that revealed a nice piece of cleavage and skirt that went below her knees but was tucked up beyond them. Stockings or tights I wasn’t sure but nicely presented. She seemed bored with her husband.

Edith returned. I could not but admire her sheer audacity in what she had accepted as a challenge. She looked straight at me as she got near our table, ignoring, this time, her neighbour. Her tits were pressing against her blouse, which because it was diaphanous made her look just a bit triumphant and just a little tarty. But she had pulled off the gesture really well.

Her tits had a bounce to them and they had changed to their natural shape. Fullish yet tight against the blouse with a distinct picture of flesh beneath, because of the dark red colour and diaphanous nature of her blouse. Her darkened nipples pressed against the material looking stiffened and well pronounced. Her pale arms were in stark contrast to the dark yet revealing nature of the blouse. As the blouse was buttoned at the back the pressure on her nipples was even more emphasised. I mentally noted that I must ask her how she achieved the change without help. Not only did she have her neighbour as an audience but the more sexually astute restaurant clients as well as some of the waiters.

“Ian what is happening here for god’s sake, the whole damn restaurant is staring at me?”

“You’re just looking very beautiful and desirable Edith that’s all.”

“It’s more than that Ian. It’s because of what we must represent to them all too.”

“How does that feel then Edith?”

“Scary but exciting I suppose.”

“Then enjoy it Edith.”

She took in the neighbour in her sights and received a very warm smile and then suddenly a surreptitious wink. I spent the rest of our lunch indulging in flattering her on her sexual appearance and the envy of those surrounding us. I wanted to touch and stroke them in their luscious glory but it wasn’t the kind of restaurant where you could get away with that.

We plied through our lunch and were going on to coffee when her neighbour appeared by our side. I noticed her husband walking to the restroom at the same time. She was taking the opportunity obviously by his temporary absence.

“Well Edith it’s good to see you out and about and looking so well and, if I may say so, audacious, but are you going to introduce me to your handsome friend?”

“This is my son-in-law, Ian. Ian this is Freda.”

I was astonished at Edith’s nerve in declaring me so openly, but now it was done. They continued pleasantries with Freda giving me warm smiles in between. Then she surprised both of us.

Look I’m giving Michael a lift to the station now. How about coming back to my place for a drink and a nice chat? I’ll be about 20 minutes.”

Edith looked to me for assent.

“Sure Freda we would love to.”

With that she joined her husband at the entrance and departed with a quick smile. He barely acknowledged us.

“Well Edith that’s put us on the spot eh?”

“I couldn’t deceive her Ian. Anyway it will give her something to think about wont it?”

“Very brave, we’ll see.”

We asked for the bill and decided not to bother with the coffee. As we had a little time to pass I slipped round to sit beside her and placed my hand firmly on her thigh. She just beamed as I ran my hand to her stocking and stroked her lower thigh.

“You’re bahis firmaları teasing me Ian.”

But she didn’t stop me.

“I hope you won’t be bored at Freda’s Ian. We usually talk cooking and gardening.”

I assured her I wouldn’t be bored and wondered how curious Freda would be this afternoon. They both fitted my fantasies about older women however as they both were or potentially were sexually exciting as well as attractive.

I drove the car to Freda’s place and we parked the car. She had arrived already.

We were profusely welcomed. Freda had taken the time to freshen herself up as well as unbuttoning her blouse to reveal more cleavage. She saw me take in her swollen beauties as we sat in the lounge. Edith took a place on the sofa next to me but at a discrete distance. Freda made us comfortable and at ease as she brought out the cafetierre and a bottle of very good cognac. Reaching for glasses from a shoulder high cabinet we were given a delightful view of her buttocks the skirt emphasised as well as seamed stockings and their darkened portion near the tops.

We settled in and they did indeed talk gardening and cooking. I just sat back and enjoyed their warmth and wondered what was really going in their heads. I noticed Freda occasionally taking in Edith’s full blouse. Edith was sitting fairly upright on the sofa giving emphasis to the pressure of her nipples against the transparency of her blouse. The afternoon sun was now low enough to make her seem even more see-through. She was sufficiently tipsy to feel bold and must have been conscious of her physical state. She was indeed sitting dead proud relishing her new found sexuality.

Freda was not entirely without self awareness either. We were sitting in a triangle to each other. Freda gave me a charming view of her thigh and the top of her stockings. Whilst engaged with Edith she even slipped forward to reveal white flesh.

I was completely enchanted with them both. Suddenly Freda threw out a comment.

“You are quiet Ian. What’s going on in your mind may I ask?”

Edith was taken aback by the sudden change of topic.

“I was just thinking how fortunate I am to me in the presence of two beautiful and dare, I say it, voluptuous women.”

Edith visibly shocked by my outspoken remark. Freda took it entirely in her stride. “Would you like to elaborate Ian?” Edith pronounced.

Without taking the challenge I responded with, “Well would either of you agree with my comment about yourselves?”

“Oh Ian you’re just teasing two women getting on in years. Don’t you agree Freda?”

“He wasn’t talking about our ages Edith, he was commenting on our appearance. Given that he’s your son-in-law I wouldn’t be surprised if his wife would be a touch jealous of you my dear.”

Edith blushed at that remark but managed a smile.

I let go the passing reference to my wife and her mother. But Freda followed through with,

“Actually Edith I saw you go to the restroom as well as return. You certainly seem to have liberated yourself of your bra on your return and what a gorgeous sight too. That seems to account for Edith Ian, do you have any comment for me?”

“Well Freda, you are giving us a lovely view of your cleavage, which you didn’t give your husband in the restaurant and I just love the view of your suspenders.”

She just smiled and let her skirt slip further up her thigh. Delicious. It gave her more courage than I had anticipated.

“Edith the sun is doing lovely things with your blouse. Ian can see all your beautiful breasts. Why don’t you give him a little tease, they’re certainly delighting me.

Edith blushed again but responded, “I think I need another cognac darling after hearing that, you are so naughty Freda.”

Freda poured more for her and she immediately drowned it.

“Perhaps we need a bit of frankness here Edith, don’t you think?”

Without seeking permission Freda opened with more disclosure.

“I have a sense you two are a bit of an item, to say the least. And I think that is absolutely marvellous. Ian, Edith is a wonderful woman who has been treated abominably by her selfish husband. At last you have tapped her pent up sexuality and you look fantastic for it Edith. I envy you. Shall I tell Ian about us Edith?”

Edith gasped but gave her tacit acquiescence.

“Well Ian, you have managed what was too far for Edith with me. I sense you are both thoroughly enjoying being sexual with each other. I wanted her, and still do incidentally, but it was too much to go there for Edith.”

“Oh Freda darling I am so sorry, I just wasn’t ready at the time, when was it, about a year ago on this very sofa. My body wanted to but my head just held me back. I am very touched you still want me.”

With that Freda got up and stepped over to Edith, taking her hand. Edith rose from the sofa. Freda cupped her hands round Edith’s head and kissed her full on her lips. Edith responded by hugging her hard and close kaçak iddaa squeezing Freda’s breasts against hers. I saw them tentatively start to tongue each other. Tears were streaming down Edith’s cheeks.

Freda gently pushed Edith back toward the sofa. It was a slight squeeze with all of us on it and Edith in between us. Edith looked through her tears toward me and put her hand out to mine. I grasped it and turned more toward her. Freda kissed those tears as I slipped my other hand toward Freda and stroked her arm drawing it toward Edith’s full blouse and the nearest breast beneath it. Edith drew me toward her other breast and rested my hand on her nipple. Freda and I began caressing each nipple whilst taking turns kissing Edith’s mouth.

“Oh Ian, Freda, my two darlings.” She eased off from crying but was still heaving somewhat. “Stop a minute, please I need to get my head round this. Sorry I cried so much. Suddenly being the centre of attention is overwhelming. Oh Freda, my tears are just my outpouring of relief at being able to be myself both to Ian and to you at last.”

“Edith why don’t you just let Ian and I love you and let our bodies take care of us?”

“I’ve been so starved of affection all these years, I couldn’t stop you both even if I thought I should.”

With that I looked at Freda and she returned mine with an intensity born of passion exuding from her body. I reached over whilst holding Edith close round her shoulder and tentatively went to kiss Freda. Her response was immediate, pushing her tongue in my mouth and skirting inside as she moved her hand across and up to my groin to check me out. She found me hard and pressing against my zipped trousers, stroking as she explored. We returned to Edith with our hands smoothing her soft blouse against her voluminous breasts centring on her nipples and curling our fingers round her raised nipples.

“Oh yes, good, that’s good, so good. Harder please I love it.”

My calculating sexual brain was working overtime. I decided to take a slight risk. Kissing them both in turn, in reassurance, I hugged them both and stood up, unzipped my stiff cock and placed it near Edith’s lips. She gave me an immediate open mouth kiss and small suck and withdrew. Turning to Freda I offered the same. She reciprocated but took my stem and pulled it to her open mouth and started as if to blow me. I gently pulled away and intimated that I was going to move to the chair opposite and watch my new lovers for awhile.

Removing my clothes below my shirt I sat down with my handy lubricant to indulge in some woman watching and looking after myself masturbating as they began their first real encounter noting that it would have been, perhaps too confusing for Edith to have handled both of us initially.

Freda resumed her tonguing whilst stroking those breasts with heightened urgency.

Freda reached round Edith’s back and carefully released the buttons of her blouse, and slowly drawing the fabric away from her shoulders and arms to reveal her pale breasts to us. Freda’s hands swept over the curves of her naturally drooping beauties knowing that she finally had a willing subject to pamper and seduce. She held them both as if presenting them for my view as well. I smiled and gave my accord to this by stroking with fervour at the sight of Edith being loved.

Freda knelt down in front of Edith whilst ensuring her thighs were open to get close to her, thereby forcing her skirt up beyond her stockings to reveal her suspenders and plump thighs. Leaning forward Freda took a nipple in her mouth whilst holding in both hands her tit so her nipple protruded as far out as possible to let it be sucked. She went further and gave her a small bite. Edith screamed at that but didn’t demur, pulling her head closer until Freda couldn’t breathe easily.

She repeated the same assault on her other tit, driving Edith to frenzy.

Edith just accepted the onslaught, not knowing what to do but revelling in the sheer newness this side of her sexuality.

“Oh Freda I wish I hadn’t spurned you before, your wonderful, simply wonderful, I can’t do anything except give to you for you to take me.”

“Edith I’ve wanted you for years and now you’re mine and Ian’s thanks to him.”

Freda leaned forward again, slipping her hand round Edith’s back and released her skirt at the waist. Sitting back she began to tug her skirt down revealing Edith’s suspender belt. Her tummy was plump just there and emphasised by the belt but still delightful for that. She continued tugging until her pussy hairs began to emerge. No pants!

Freda continued until her skirt was lying beside her on the floor. She pulled Edith’s legs and thighs apart until her pinkness was revealed and very wet it looked even from my vantage point.

Still fully clothed herself Freda stroked her hands up Edith’s legs to those luscious thighs fingering her inner soft flesh near her cunt but not quite touching but teasing as she caressed so near her inner moistness. Edith lay kaçak bahis back in the sofa with her eyes closed no doubt wondering if ever Freda would get there.

But she did. A finger from each hand lightly touched her full labia covered by the lightest hair strands. Edith reacted intuitively to that touch as Freda made light flicking movements along the dark flesh beyond the pink trough she held back from, being a complete tease. Unhurriedly she slipped under her cunt and pushed a finger back into her anal crease. Pushing she got instant recognition and a sigh of satisfaction.

I intervened.

“Edith is this your first time with a woman?”

She smiled and casting her eyes at Freda’s, “Yes and I shouldn’t have resisted Edith the last time.”

Edith took that as real encouragement, not that she needed it. Leaning forward Freda slipped her tongue forward to lick Edith’s outer labia, which were very pronounced, whilst still fingering the edge of Edith’s sphincter.

I was getting very horny and hard, stroking my still hardened cock.It didn’t distract them. Edith was revelling in Freda’s gentle assault as she pushed her tongue into Edith’s vagina and then slid up to her clit to just delicately touch it.

Freda began a rhythmic movement between her vaginal orifice and her clit that lifted Edith up in sexual tension. Deepening her sucking Freda had Edith right on the edge, holding back and then returning to the hardened pacing of her tongue.

Then it happened. Edith’s face contorted with her eyes tightly closed. Her mouth opened to a high pitched scream and her hands grasped Freda’s head to stop her moving away, then to just stop her moving as she found herself tortured by the sheer sexual agony of her orgasm. She still held her head as she slowly came down from her frenzy.

Freda moved gradually back from the wet cunt and gazed at her lover. She then stood over Edith holding her head and planted her soaking mouth and face on Edith’s open and willing mouth sharing the delicious taste of her recently unwashed middle aged woman before her.

Sharing the sofa, Freda held her now beatific love to her shoulder and hugged her.

Edith was a succulent sight still in her suspenders, stockings and heels with her thighs still wide open from the onslaught and her pinkness revealed and her clit still prominent.

Freda suggested we have a break for some drinks and came back with wine and glasses. I had cuddled next to Edith and suggested she explore Freda on her return. She had not had time to reply when Freda had returned.

We drank together whilst I fondled Edith’s breasts and Freda began to stroke my cock nurturing it back to full hardon. Freda leaned forward on her knees to suck me lightly on my tip, Edith looking on enviously. I nodded to Edith who took my hint. She moved from the sofa and slipped down behind Freda’s hips, slowly lifting her skirt.

I could only see from Freda’s head but saw her in her stockings and no panties. Edith was uncertain what to do.

“Shall I tell her Freda?”

“That would be a good idea Ian, I think.”

“Edith lie down on your back under Freda and between her thighs so you can get a good sight of her cunt.”

She did as instructed but was not in tongue touch easily. Freda responded by lowering her cunt to her face. I wanted to see this and Freda understood, remaining at the edge of the sofa and leaning on it. I knelt down in between Edith’s thighs and started to suck where Freda had recently plundered. This encouraged Edith to take the bait and raise her tongue to her lover’s cleft slightly hesitantly. As I reached her clit she got the point and went for Freda’s.

We got into a heightened tempo as two clits were shared in unison. Freda was there first even though Edith was a novice. She howled her orgasm as Edith wrought the fragments of her cum from her swollen clit.

She turned over and pressed her tongue into Edith’s soaking mouth.

“Oh I’ve needed that so badly. Bless you Edith, you’re a natural, a bloody natural. We’ll go far with a mouth like that.”

Edith stood and said she was going to the loo and Freda said there was no need we could look after her. She ignored that suggestion but I clocked it for the future and smiled at Freda.

We conspired whilst Edith went to pee or shit. On her return she saw Freda resuming her suck to keep me nice and hard.

“Edith I want to return the favour and suck you whilst Ian looks after you.”

“Sounds wonderful, I didn’t realise there could be so many permutations.”

Edith took the hint and leaned over the sofa with her voluminous arse and hips spread before us. Freda lay between Edith’s thighs and pulled her down to mouth level. I straddled Freda’s body and moved to Edith’s wet pink cunt exposed to my view as she was being clit tongued. Freda felt my advance and gave me her mouth a moment to give it a quick sloppy taste. Moving slightly I slipped easily into Edith’s warm moisture right up to her cervix, easily in contact in that vulnerable position. Freda and I indulged Edith in her first threesome as she scaled through toward her second cum. Freda was careful to keep her near the edge but not over and I paused too.

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