My Lusty Liaison with Mr. Hazelwood Ch. 01

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First of all, I do not want any constructive criticism, please enjoy the story and positive feedback is always encouraged. Negative emails, and or negative comments will not be tolerated. Thank you.


It was a warm, June morning. I was in my bedroom, searching for some summer jobs on the Internet since I had just finished my first year at college. I was a freshman, now turning sophomore at the University of Southern California studying Business Finance and Law. I always had a dream of becoming a corporate lawyer in the near future, and I was going to pursue that dream. I held a prestigious law internship. I had received this during my freshman year at USC. I am 20 years old, and I desperately need a new temporary job, since the internship was only valid for when I was in school. I then finally found some luck! I saw the ad, on a local babysitting site, and it stated that a couple that went by the name of Stephen and Alexia Hazelwood; we’re looking for a babysitter. I browsed through the profile, and it stated that the couple was in their early 30’s. They had two sons, Ethan, who was four years old, and Cody, who was 5.

I quickly picked up my iPhone and began dialling the area code. I then noticed the address in which their home was located and saw that it was in Beverly Hills! “Oh My God,” I thought to myself, they must be extremely wealthy! “Of course they are, hell they live in Beverly Hills for god’s sake!” The phone began ringing, and it quickly went into voicemail. “Hi, you’ve reached the Hazelwood’s. We are unable to come to the phone, right now but please leave your name, number, and a brief message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.” The voicemail box said. “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Hazelwood, my name is Darcy and I am calling about the babysitting job in which you posted online. And so, that we can further discuss if I can be the right candidate to take care of your children. Thank you.” I then hung up the phone and forgot to notice how hot, Mr. Hazelwood, sounded on the answering machine. I was already eager for a phone call back.

It was not very long until I heard back from Mr. Hazelwood himself. I was so anxious, yet excited and picked up the phone almost hesitantly.

“Hi is this Darcy?” He said in a friendly, yet seductive voice.

“Hi, this is She, may I ask who is calling?” “Hi Darcy, this is Stephen Hazelwood, you left my wife and I, a message stating about the babysitting job, well we would like you to stop by later tonight, so we can chat about your potential job offer.” He said invitingly.

“Thank you, very much Mr. Hazelwood, I appreciate it. I can most certainly come over to your residence tonight. What time works for the both of you?” I asked innocently.

“How does 7:30 sound?” He said enticingly.

“7:30? That’s perfect! I look forward to meeting you both.” I said with utter excitement.

“Excellent. See you then, Darcy.” He said, in a mischievous tone.

“Goodbye Mr. Hazelwood. Take Care.” I immediately ended the call to avoid anymore nonchalant flirting with Mr. Hazelwood. I knew that he was married, and the last thing I wanted to do was ruin a possible job offer.

It was 5:30 by now and their house was located in the best and prime location of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills! My god, I was so excited to drive there, especially at that time, just when the sun is about to set, Beverly Hills never disappoints with its captivating sunsets. My parents and I were living in a modern apartment located in Los Angeles, just about 30 minutes from their residence. I quickly began to pick out an outfit, obviously not too revealing since I would be meeting his wife as well, but it did not mean, that I could not be a little flirtatious with my outfit. I picked out a rather modest, yet sexy black and white flower printed dress that stopped just above my knees and to accompany it I threw on my favorite pair of white converse. I kept my hair down; it was rather wavy and curly and proceeded to put just a bit of makeup on so I could look presentable in front of the couple and their sons. I was always content with my features, being half Iranian and half American; I always adored my olive skin, dark brunette wavy hair, and light brown eyes. I was a bit on the curvier side, but I kept in great shape by running and taking cycling classes to keep me in shape. I stood at 5’6 and took a glance at myself in my full-length mirror one last time before heading out the door.

My parents had just bought me my very first, real car. I had a beat up one since I left D.C. 2 years ago, a 2002 Volkswagen Passat in a mint green color. My parents were always so generous to me and invested for me to get a 2015 BMW coupe, and you can imagine how excited I was when I got my car. My beamer was beautiful it was a dark blue navy color, with black interior leather seats and a large sunroof. I quickly hopped in, put on my Spotify playlist, and proceeded to drive down towards Beverly Hills. I then finally reached the neighborhood, in which the Hazelwood’s lived in. güvenilir bahis I was glancing around at the huge mansions and was in awe. Never in my life, had I seen such amazing architecture. I finally reached my destination; the house was beyond amazing, modern and breathtaking. I noticed one black range rover and one dark blue range rover, as well as a black Porsche boxer. “Wow!” I thought to myself. “Thank god my car isn’t so shitty now.” I parked my car, right behind the black range rover, and got out. I glanced at my iPhone and saw that it was 7:25, I then proceeded to walk toward their door and was admiring the beautiful, modern surroundings and could not believe that I may have a possibility of getting this job.

I rang the doorbell and waited patiently until Mrs. Hazelwood opened the door. In the back of my mind, I had hoped to get the job because it was amazing pay and this location was beyond anything I had ever seen! Not to mention, seeing Stephen, I mean Mr. Hazelwood quite frequently.

“Hello, Darcy!” “Stephen and I have been expecting you!” She said, in a welcoming and warm voice. Alexia was at most 32 years old; she was beautiful. Brunette hair like mine, curly and slightly wavy, in which she had in a ponytail since it was hot outside. She stood at 5’9, with piercing blue eyes, and a warm smile. She was wearing an Alexander Wang dress, which must have cost her nearly 4,000 dollars, but hell she was rich! Her shoes were black Christian Louboutin pumps, yes, the red bottoms that cost nearly 1,500 dollars. I stood at the door slightly intimidated, but then I was invited in. I felt welcomed, and slightly misjudging of Mr. and Mrs. Hazelwood. I thought they would be ignorant and stuck up, like a majority of Beverly Hills is, but hey I was wrong, and I slowly began to feel more at ease.

Alexia guided me through the modern style mansion; I could not stop looking at it was way too gorgeous, to miss. Chances were I would never see a sight like this ever again, except in my dreams. I walked over to the kitchen and sat down at the barstool. Mr. Stephen Hazelwood welcomed me, with a warm and welcoming smile. He was handsome, just as I had imagined him. He was 6 feet tall, with Blonde; Wavy tussled back hair, and as his wife, Alexia’s hypnotizing sea green and blue eyes. He was wearing a rather nice pair of expensive dark blue jeans, and a white polo shirt that was just slightly unbuttoned at the top, so I could see how the shirt fit his masculine and fit body. He was wearing a pair of Oxford circular glasses and a pair of black dress shoes. All I could think of was tearing off his clothes and making sweet love to this gorgeous man. I could feel my pussy start to throb, and quickly remembered that I was wearing lacey red thong. He smiled almost instantaneously, at me and began slightly examining my figure, very discreetly. I kept it to myself, and by this time my thong was soaking wet. All throughout the interview, I could slowly see Stephen examining all aspects of me. My hair, smile, eyes, my body, you name it. Of course, I was flattered, but it seemed like he did not care that his wife was next to him conducting the interview. I was a little shy and reserved but oh man, I had another wild side to me behind closed doors.

Halfway through the interview, The Hazelwood’s asked me if I wanted a drink, they knew I was young but at this point I really needed one. Stephen then proceeded to grab a bottle of sparkling wine. I was thrilled, but I notified them that I could not have more than one glass since I was driving by myself.

“Here” Mr. Hazelwood, said as he poured me a glass of the bubbly concoction.

“Thank you, Mr. Hazelwood,” I said willingly.

“No need, call me Stephen.” He said, enthusiastically.

“Darcy, you may also call me Alexia, no need for Mrs. Hazelwood, it looks like you’re a fit candidate for the job. The boys are going to love you! I would bring them out now, but they are sleeping.” She said happily.

“Oh my god, thank you so much! I am beyond excited to start working for the two of you. To be honest, I was not sure that either of you would find interest in me, I went to a dozen of these type of interviews, and they all shut me down.” I said nervously.

“Well, looks like you’re a diamond in the rough, then. I am sure you have great potential here, and the boys will get acquainted with you nicely for the weeks that you’ll be here, Darcy.” Stephen said, confidently.

Alexia nodded in agreement with her husband’s words and asked if I wanted another glass of wine. She said it would be a celebratory one. I agreed and proceeded to sip the delicious wine.

“Darcy, mind our manners, but we never told you what we do for a living!” Stephen said, in a forgiving voice.

“I myself am a Corporate Litigator in a elite firm downtown, and I am on the road to becoming partner of our LA office. Alexia, here is an ER Doctor. He said.

I nearly choked on my wine, when he mentioned he was a lawyer. “My apologies, did you say that you’re a corporate litigator?” I said, türkçe bahis surprisingly.

“Why Yes!” He said happily.

“My law the internship does not run into the summer months, so that is why I was left to find a summer job like this one.” I said, shyly.

I could see a devilish grin on Stephen’s face begin to form, and he knew what to do with me once I was around.

“Excellent, just excellent!” I assume you have plans on attending law school after USC? With your resume, I am sure you will be getting into a ton of ivy leagues.” He said.

“Well, I sure hope so, Stephen.” “To be honest, I always wanted to be a lawyer, ever since I was a little girl. Law has always been a passion of mine. All I need is someone to show me the ropes, on corporate litigation, and I will be set.” I said happily.

Alexia poured herself, a final glass of the sparkling wine and said she was a bit tired.

“Goodbye for now, Darcy. It was lovely meeting you, and we cannot wait for you to start working here this week!” She said in a tired, but excited voice.

“Goodbye, Alexia Take Care and Goodnight.” I said happily.

I began to conversate some more with Stephen; I was completely infatuated with his voice and his masculinity as a whole. We negotiated a salary, and he said I would start making 20 bucks an hour! “Holy shit” I screamed internally when he mentioned that amount. I was only making a mere ten bucks an hour, at my internship so I was excited. Stephen began examining my gestures and was grinning very happily.

I began noticing how strong his arms and upper body was. It was clear that this man works out at least 4 or 5 times a day and does a lot of running for the remainder of the week. Not to mention, the amount of sex he must be having with his wife, Alexia. He must be an animal in the bedroom. I could see his piercing blue and hungry eyes, staring deep into my soul as if he wanted to fuck me right there, right now.

Luckily, my breasts were the perfect size. Being blessed with being half Iranian, and not to mention my Iranian mother being a busty woman, I have size 38D breasts. I slightly stretched, on purpose so Stephen could get an eye view of my amazing rack. And that he did, in fact I even slightly teased him by unbuttoning one of the buttons on my dress so that he could get a view of my tit flesh. I slowly peaked over the table and saw his massive hard-on through his jeans. His cock must have been at least 9 inches, my hands were aching to touch it, but I had to keep my boundaries since his wife was upstairs. Stephen knew I wanted to, in fact, when I got up to put the wine glasses in the kitchen, I caught him staring at my ass and legs, in which I admired. He knew from the beginning that I looked exotic, I was not some dumbfounded blonde with small tits and ass, no I was a beautiful Iranian-American girl with dark features, in which he desired. Never had he laid eyes on such a unique, young woman like myself before, and I loved it. I made my way back to the table, but quickly noticed his strong arm grab my hand and placed it outside of his rock hard erection. He then whispered in my ear, “This is what you’ve done to me, you naughty girl.” He said, in a tempting voice. And gently grabbed my ass through my dress and began to squeeze it, tightly. I desperately wanted to pull his cock out and suck it, nice and deep, but I knew if I weren’t leaving soon, his wife would have my head.

I began walking towards the door, and Stephen pulled me in for a quick kiss on the cheek, I knew it was a friendly gesture but he left me wanting more. My thong was soaking wet, and I could feel the wetness trickling down my leg. I hugged him goodbye, got in my beamer and proceeded to head home.

The next morning, I got a call from Stephen. He said, he was working from home today, and needed me to come over and watch Ethan and Cody. I agreed, and began to put on a pair of black shorts and my USC crewneck on, with a back up light blue t-shirt underneath in case it got hot. It was a cooler morning, in Southern California and the weather was overcast as per usual. I hopped into my beamer, and was off to the Hazelwood residence. I pulled into the driveway, only to see Mrs. Hazelwood, saying goodbye to me from her jet-black range rover. I waved goodbye back to her, and saw Mr. Hazelwood, approaching my car. He had this surprised look in his eyes, when he saw my car. “Wow!” He said. “I really love your car!” “Thanks, Mr. Hazelwood. I mean Stephen.” I said with a mischievous look on my face. I was getting my laptop and backpack from my car, and purposefully bent over just slightly to get them, and could see from the corner of my eyes, that his beautiful blue eyes were fixated on my tight ass. I loved teasing him, and this was only the beginning.

Stephen and I made our way into the house and two beautiful boys, the famous Ethan and Cody, greeted me. The two were fraternal twins, and had blue eyes just like their parents. One of them had sandy blond hair, and the other had beach blond hair. They both hugged me güvenilir bahis siteleri tightly, and were extremely hyper. It was only 10 am, and these two clearly had a lot of energy. Stephen playfully, brushed off Cody and took him to the breakfast table while I was with Ethan. I brought my iPad just in case, the two wanted to watch some Disney movies while I made lunch.

Stephen, then made his way into his office, and I quickly followed him asking him if he needed me to do anything else besides make the boy’s lunch. He said not for now, but afterwards he wanted me to come into his office so he and I could talk about some things. I was extremely nervous, but went right back to cooking. I made the boys mac and cheese, not from the box, from scratch and luckily the fridge was stocked to the brim with so much food. I was in heaven.

I called the adorable twins, to the table and placed the bowl of mac and cheese in front of each, and each of them wanted apple juice. After lunch was over, I took the twins upstairs for their nap, reluctant at first, I promised to reward them with a treat after they woke up. They agreed, and followed me upstairs to their rooms. I tucked them in, and they fell asleep.

I proceeded to walk downstairs, and made my way into Stephen’s office. I knocked on the door first, because I didn’t want to be rude.

“Come on in, Darcy” He said invitingly.

“Hey Stephen, you wanted to speak to me?” I said innocently.

“Yeah, take a seat. We should talk about a few things.” He said in a lingering manner.

“Sure.” I said as I began to sit down on the black leather chair.

“Darcy, there’s something I want to tell you, something you have to promise me, that you will not tell a single soul about.” He said in a hushed tone.

“What is it, Stephen?” I said, with a concerned look on my face.

“Ever since you walked through, that door yesterday, I couldn’t stop staring and thinking about you. You managed to make my cock hard as a rock, and I had to jerk off twice in the shower because I could not contain myself.” He said.

I was absolutely in shock I could not believe what I had just heard. It almost sent shockwaves directly to my pussy, making it throb more and more. I put my hand to my mouth, in awe and began to smile devilishly. I then proceeded to take off my USC crewneck, and placed it on my lap. Luckily, I picked a purple lace bra that was hidden under my blue t-shirt, but just slightly showing my beautiful 38D breasts. I could see, Stephen’s eyes grower larger when I did this. I loved every bit of it.

“Darcy, I want you to do something for me.” He said.

“Sure, Stephen anything!” I said hesitantly.

He grabbed my hand and without saying a word, put his gorgeous lips to mine and began to kiss me passionately, groping my ass in the process. I felt his strong, masculine hands caressing all over my tight, little body. He began feeling my tits through my bra, and my hand was already on his aching hard-on. I could see his head tilt back, and I knew he was enjoying it. He then placed me on his chair, and got on his knees, telling me to be quiet or else the boys would wake up. He took off my black cotton shorts, and peeled off the black-laced thong, with his teeth and saw the prized possession that lay before him. My shaved, silky smooth pussy at his eye level and his blue eyes, we’re hungry for just that. He started licking my pussy, nice and slowly making sure I would feel all over his tongue on my already swollen clit. Then, he proceeded to dart his tongue in and out of my pussy, I tried to contain my moans but I couldn’t so I did them softly. It felt so amazing, no boy has ever licked my pussy like that before, and he was an expert at it. Stephen, tongue fucked my pussy for a really long time, and I was aching to feel his cock in my mouth. I told him to take it out, and I began stroking it, while staring him straight into those blue eyes of his. I then took all 9 inches of his cock, slowly down my throat, I could see his head tilting back now, and he was moaning softly.

“I want you here and now.” He said with hungry eyes.

He placed me against his glass desk, and began to slowly enter the head of his cock straight into my bald pussy. Inch by inch he lead his big mushroom head, on the outside of my pussy and beginning to shove all nine inches inside my tight hole. I was starting to moan, and he placed his hand on my mouth, so I stopped. He then began pounding my tight pussy, over and over, until I came on his cock, twice in a row! He then began fucking me harder and faster, until he shot his hot creamy cum, all up inside the walls of my tight pussy.

“Fuck baby, you felt so amazing.” He said excitingly as he placed me back down on the chair.

I then got up and passionately began to kiss Stephen on those beautiful lips of his, and I could taste myself on him. It was so hot and naughty, but I loved it.

I quickly put my clothes back on and went upstairs to check on the boys. Thank god, they were still sound asleep. I was afraid one of them would wake up, from my moans. I jumped into the guest bathroom, and stared into the mirror at my tousled reflection. I smiled devilishly into the mirror, and knew this was not over, this was just the beginning.

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