My Inheritance from My Dad Ch. 02

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After my first experience with dads orb I was overwhelmed with what I could do with the orb. One of my first thoughts was about the couple who mom and I rent our basement suite off of. The husband was ok maybe cause he was ever around being a long distance trucker but his wife is a huge bitch who is always telling us we did this wrong or we cant do that, which drives me nuts. They do have a daughter thou who I would love to fuck, she’s maybe 21 and sexy as hell but thinks her shit don’t stink.

Next comes the catholic church mom has me take her every Sunday. The priest is a real jackass if you ask me. He is always staring at all the young girls and after tries his best to touch them in someway, like on a arm or shoulder but at times very close to their ass. I think I need to change his mind on young girls.

There are two nuns and the older one is about 35 and has the looks only a mother could love but the other one is maybe in her late 20s and as cute as a pin to what I can tell, I wonder if she’s a virgin cause I wouldn’t mind fixing that.

Then there’s my boss at work, she is always in my case that I’m not selling enough even thou I am in the top 20% in sales. She isn’t to but looking for a maybe early 30 year old married woman but she does have a few extra lbs on her which takes away from her looks. I could fix that along with her attitude. I think she would look good being bent over her desk with my cock up her ass, that is something I will need to do for sure.

Just one more that I can think of off hand. My buddy Rick got married last year to this very sexy blond bitch and now she don’t want him to hang with me cause I am the wrong kind of people to be with, her words not mine. Well maybe if she spreads her legs for every homeless man on the street that would change her mind.

The morning after I got home the landlord bitch came banging on our door and when I opened the door she started in saying “You cant pay the rent on time but you can go to Las Vegas, I think your just not paying on time to piss me off.”

I said “Not that its any of your business but I went for the reading of my dad’s will, but you think I just went the play the slot machines. Maybe you should ask first instead of thinking the worst first.”

She was taken aback by that and even said “Oh I’m sorry for your loss but I didn’t know there was a man in the picture, were you close to him?”

I told her no that he was on the road doing shows and didn’t have much but that the rent would be on time this month. Then I went on to say “My dad give me something interesting, would you like to see it?”

She said she would and I pulled the orb out of my pocket and begin spinning it in front of her face. As she looked at it she said “It draws your eyes right into it and I feel like it taking me inside of.”

That’s all beşiktaş türbanlı escort she got out before going blank. I said “You can hear my voice and will want to do as I tell you to do thinking that these are your own thoughts. Do you understand?”

She said she understood and I went on to say “You no longer care if the rent is a few days late and you will want us to stay here as long as we want to stay. Do you understand this?”

Again she said she did and I went on to say “You want your daughter to go on dates with me and you will want me to have sex with her in your bed and in front of you. Do you understand this as well.”

She said “Sex with Kim, I understand.”

I went on the say “You will find this to be very normal thing and you will be so turned on by what your daughter and me are doing that you will want to lick or suck any of my cum off or out of her after I finish with her. Do you understand?”

She stood there with her eyes glued to the orb and said she understood. I put the orb away and snapped my fingers in front of her face and she was quite startled and said “I must’ve zoned out for a second, it was so nice talking to you and I will send Kim down to see you when she get home from school. You know she is doing very good and I think she will make a great nurse don’t you, she is so caring of people? Well have to run, talk to you later.”

I watched her ass as she went up the stairs thinking I will enjoy watching you clean your daughter after I pump my revenge into her sweet little body. God I can hardly wait.

I helped mom for the rest of the day and made sure she had everything she needed when I heard Kim come home.

I went outside to meet her in the driveway and said “HI Kim, how you been doing and how’s school going?”

She looked at me like I was something she had stepped in that stinks after you do and said “Everything is fine, I got to go bye.”

I said “Before you go your mom wanted me to show you what I got in my inheritance from my dad who just passed away a few days ago.” looking as sad as I could.

Kim said “Ho I’m sorry, I didn’t know you even had a dad.”

I thought, you cunt of course I had a dad but said “Well he didn’t leave us much but he did give this to me.” as I pulled the orb from my pocket spinning it in front of her face.

Kim said “Oh look at the colors, it pulls.” and that was it, her eyes glued to the orb with her mouth hanging open.

I said “Kim, everything I am about to say to you are your own thoughts and only your thoughts, do you understand?”

She said “My thoughts.”

I went on to say “Kim you want to have sex with me so bad it almost hurts and in your desire for me you will do everything I tell you to do without question, do you understand?”

Kim beşiktaş ucuz escort said “My desire, do anything.” in a sexy sleepy voice

I went on to say “You will think its normal for your mom to watch and for us they have sex on her bed. After we have sex you will want your mom to clean your body with her tongue finding this very normal as well, do you understand?”

Kim said she understood and began rubbing her thighs together like she had to take a piss.

I said “Kim you will not tell anyone about our having sex and it will be our secret. You will ask me to come to your place tonight at 6 pm and you will have your body washed and ready for me, do you understand?”

Kim said “At 6, I will be washed for you.” I went on to say “Your desire for me is getting stronger by the minute and by 6 you will feel so hot for me that you will go nuts if you don’t have sex with me, do you understand?”

She said “Go nuts, hot for you.”

I put the orb away and snapped my fingers in front of her face.

Her face was flushed and her breathing was a little hard as she said “Please can you come up stairs at 6 tonight I want to have you come see me, I need you to come see me please come.”

I said that I would think about it and she kissed me hard on the mouth saying “I need you at 6 please come to me I will be waiting for you.”

I said I would be there if I found the time, turning to walk away. Before I went down the stairs to our place I looked at Kim and she was rubbing herself with her fingers between her legs through her jeans with her mouth half open. I wish I had a camera to picture that.

At 6 Kim was at our door wearing a short robe and pleading for me to come up stairs with her. I made her wait as I said I wasn’t sure I should go and her face turned beet red as she pleaded with me some more. I give in and followed her up the stairs seeing her sex bare ass under her robe as she bounce up the stairs.

Once up stairs she grabbed my hand saying “Come with me, I have something to show you.” as see headed for her parents bedroom.

Once inside her mom was sitting in a chair wearing a robe as well and there had to be a hundred candles burning giving off a sexy light to the room. Kim turned to me and said “I wanted it to be perfect for our first time making love. Please tell me what you want me to do and I will do anything you want lover.”

I told her to slowly strip me and to lick everything that came into view. It took some time but she did as she was told even licking my feet and toes. When my jockeys came off she licked every inch even my asshole and under my balls. She didn’t miss one square inch.

I told her to take her robe off and to remove her mother’s robe as well doing the same to her mother as she did to me.

As I beşiktaş üniversiteli escort watched she slowly uncovered her own mom licking everywhere and everything and her mother enjoyed her nipples being licked and by the time her daughter got to her clit she had a orgasm in her daughters mouth which she licked her clean.

I stood there hard as a rock watching her and her mom having sex. I told Kim to bend over the end of the bed as I walked up behind her pushing myself inside her tight little pussy.

Kim cum hard the moment I slid inside her. She didn’t seem to stop having orgasm and before she came down from one orgasm she went into her next orgasm and not only that she was straying her cum back at me and down my legs.

I looked over my shoulder at her mom who had her legs wide apart with her hand stuffed inside herself fucking her own cunt.

I wanted to fill Kim’s ass with my cum so I pulled out telling I was going to fuck her ass and said “Please fuck my ass, do whatever you want to me, just fuck meeeeeee!”

Holy shit no pun intended, she was so fucking high on the sex we were having I didn’t know if she would ever come down.

She was shooting her cum out now without my cock in her as a plug her up and there was getting to be a puddle forming around my feet. Kim give one huge scream and went limp as the mother of all orgasms hit her.

I climbed on top of her and pushed back inside her ass fucking her as hard as I could with my orgasm coming soon. Kim came around and started yelling “HO GOD HO GOD IM COMING!” And I filled her ass with my own cum.

I was so wiped out it took a few seconds for me to get off Kim and get out of her mother’s way so she could clean her daughter like I had told her to do earlier.

Kim, as tried as she was started pushing her ass into her mothers face and came again on her mother’s tongue.

I went to the can and washed my cock after taking a leak. When I went back in the bedroom Kim was sitting on her mother’s mouth having an orgasm. Fuck I wish I had my camera with me, I bet I could sell this tape for some good money.

I walked up to Kim who was still on her mother’s mouth and pushed my somewhat hard cock in her mouth. Once I was fully hard again I told Kim I wanted to fuck her pussy again.

I put her on her back and her knees over my shoulders as I fucked her as hard as I could and I told the mother to sit on her daughters mouth so she could make her cum with her tongue.

This was going better than I had ever hoped for as the mother had an orgasm in her daughter’s mouth.

I will say one thing for the mom she has one hell of a set of nipples on her and I grabbed her one tit and bit down on her nipple making her scream but orgasm as well.

I felt my own cum boiling in my balls and after I shot one shot in Kim’s pussy I pulled out shooting on Kim’s chest and her mom’s lower half of her body.

I grabbed my clothes as the two women licked each other clean and headed for home and my bed feeling totally fucked out.

As I relaxed in my bed I wondered if I should do my boss next or maybe Ricky’s wife or maybe I should deal with the church as I fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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