My Fantasy Becomes Reality

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This story is based on actual true events.

Have you ever had a fantasy about 2 women you work with? This is my story of how my fantasy became reality.

I love to watch. I love to watch woman I know personally, it is so erotic to me. I have this fantasy about one of my coworkers. Her name is Theo. Theo is about 5’10” and weighs maybe 150lbs. She has blonde hair with amazing sexy blue eyes.

Them kind of eyes that say…..I want you bad, but IM just teasing. Yes, Theo is a cock-tease and is very good at it. She has had my cock, at her mercy, several times. One day I decided to follow her home, and to see if I could catch her at something, incriminating that I could blackmail her with.

I planned on a Friday night, after work. It was a very rainy-windy night, which was in my favor. Theo pulled into her driveway, and walked into her small house, where she lived alone. I had given her 30 minutes to get settled in for the night, before I crept up to the living room window.

Her house was surrounded by 6 foot tall shrubs. One day during a conversation, she mentioned that she didn’t have to close her curtains because of these bushes, I thought, did she just invite me to peep on her, or what???

To continue with my story…. I was sneaking up to her living room window, and started to look in, when I heard Theo talking to someone in another room. I couldn’t hear another voice, so I assumed she was on the phone. I peeked into her bedroom window, and there she was, standing in front of her bed wearing a blue silk bathrobe.

She was facing towards a full sized mirror, I could see the front of her perfectly from the reflection. I could see one of her small, but perky breasts hanging out from the robe. In my arousal I forgot to watch where I was stepping, and stepped on a branch, that made a loud crunch.

I had ducked down, just in the nick of time, because I had caught a glimpse of her turning toward the window. I could hear her voice growing louder, and closer. My heart was racing, thoughts of getting busted swam in my head.

Theo was talking with another woman from work, her name was Val. Val was a very sexy, good looking lady, she was another blonde blue-eyed babe. Val has an amazing set of tits. The bra’s she wore, were just enough to cover her up. When she walked, her tits bounced around, and she had hard nipples ALL THE TIME!

Theo had made plans with Val for that night. She was to stop and watch a movie, and to catch up on the work gossip. I got comfortable, decided to wait until Val showed up. One hour later, a car pulls up, I look around the corner of the house, and sure enough, there is Val, parking her car.

I watched her walk into Theo’s house I noticed that bahis firmaları for the crummy kind of night, Val was skimpily dressed in a tight mini skirt, T-shirt, wearing no bra. My dick bounced in my jeans, and sprung to life. That’s all I had seen, before she went in.

My heart and dick was pounding…my imagination was running at its max. I was having flashes of watching Theo and Val embrace each other in some hot lesbian love.

My luck was getting better by the minute. I hurried back to where I had the best view of the living room, when I got there, Theo and Val had just sat down on the couch. I could see them talking back and forth, I was beginning to think, that this was going to be a boring coworker visit, when Theo got up from the couch, and walked behind Val, and had started to massage Val’s shoulders.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was getting to see Theo, removing Val’s shirt. Well, Val had let out a soft moan, telling Theo, she was getting excited. Val lifted her arms up, and Theo glided the shirt up over Val’s head, and stopped. With Val’s arms trapped inside the shirt, Theo began to caress Val’s beautiful mounds.

My hand went immediately to unzipping my jeans to uncage my swollen monster. Theo cooed “I know you want me, I have seen the way you watch me a work.”

By now, Theo was standing in front of Val, and Val using her arms trying to cover up her bouncing breasts. Her nipples were standing out, nice and hard, id say at least a half-inch. I was fantasizing about how nice it would be to suck on them tits of hers.

Theo’s raised voice brought me back to reality, “your gonna get off your pants, and panties, now or ill tear them off you” as she giggled, pinching and pulling at Val’s nubs. Theo grabbed her by the waist of her jeans, and pulled her back, and down onto her back.

They both hit the floor with a thump. Theo had luckily landed on Val. She began to tug at, the dazed beauties pants. I was so damn lucky to be watching this, I was so damn hot, I began masturbating.

I guess Val had smacked her head on the floor pretty hard, I could hear her groggily moaning, and shaking her head back and forth, while Theo, now had her pants down to her ankles. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Theo was beginning to tie Val up right there on the living room floor.

First she tied both her hands together, above her head, and tied the rope off to the leg of a heavy counter, I know it was heavy, I helped Theo move it in. Theo now had Val spread eagle and down to her red satin thong panties.

I could see Val’s tits bouncing around, as Theo tied her up at the ankles. Damn her nipples were so hard, and they were quite brown in color, for a blonde, unlike Theo’s pink kaçak iddaa little perky tits. Theo, who was still in that blue silk bathrobe, was standing above Val. Marveling at her handy work.

Theo straddled Val at the waist by sitting on her hips, then sliding her legs down to have a good grip on Val. Val was starting to see straight again. Coming to her senses, she tried to pull herself free, but to no avail. Theo had her, but good.

Theo leaned down, and began to message Val’s tits, pinching at both nipples, tugging at them, while she passionately started to nuzzle Val’s neck. I swear her now brown and red nipples grew to a good 1 inch long.

I could hear Val let out little moans of pleasure as the waves of electricity shot thru her body. Theo bent even farther down, and began sucking Val’s tits. Sliding her tongue out, teasing the nipples, like a serpent.

Val was trying her best to squirm out from under Theo, but the overpowering control of another woman pleasing her this way was too much to comprehend. Theo just kept rubbing Val’s tits and smiled. By now I was ready to blow my load all over the side of the house. I was so hot and horny watching these 2 horny sex-crazed women.

Theo took her robe off. I watched intently as Theo’s breasts bounced up and down. Even her nipples were so hard and erect. It made my mouth water, as I swallowed hard. She sat her naked pussy on Val’s face and ordered her to lick her wet, swollen snatch.

I could tell Val was pleasing Theo nicely, she was bucking her hips, forcing her hips down to bury all of Val’s tongue deep inside her hot spot! Tossing her head back, and moaning very loudly, her breathing becoming short and swift.

Val must have been getting into it, cuz she was beginning to squirm around, as much as she could being tied up. Theo got up, and tore off Val’s, panties, and got in a 69 position laying down on Val, and started licking at her golden-haired treasure.

“You little slut,” Theo chuckled, “your all wet!” This was the first time Val had blushed, and lifted her head up. She asked Theo, “If you untie me, ill do whatever you want, please?”

While thinking about this, Theo had sat up next to Val, and started to playfully slap at her boobs, making them jiggle like a bowl of jello. turning them a bright red. Theo spoke, “If I untie you, you’ll be my sexslave and do whatever I command?”

With a soft whimper and sigh, Val replied “Yes.” I was at my peek, my nuts were so swollen and tight, I was sliding my hand up and down my shaft hard and fast, then I blew my hot sticky load on the side of the house. I had never cam so much before.

I was spent, but I continued my watching the show, with my limp dick still in kaçak bahis hand. Theo had untied Val, and helped her stand up. On wobbly legs, Val had stood up, and gave Theo a passionate kiss on the lips, with her mouth open and tongue darting out, she probed Theo’s eager mouth.

She began to slide her hands up and down Theo’s back, and naked ass. Theo had the sweetest pear shaped ass. The 2 began kissing each other, letting their tongues probe one another. Theo grabbed Val by the hand, and walked to the bedroom.

I had to hurry and pull my pants back up, and hustle to the back of the house, I didn’t want to miss anything. When I got to my view point, Theo was on her back, spread eagle, and told Val to lick her pussy dry. Val obliged.

My view was of Val’s pert ass, swaying back and forth. Her pussy was glistening with Theo’s saliva, and her own honey. I imagined myself, walking up behind her, and shoving my rock hard cock, deep inside her asshole, while she licked and sucked at Theo’s soaking wet womanhood.

My dick was beginning to stiffen up again. I began to slowly stroke myself. Staring into the window, where my fantasy was coming true. The only thing that could have been better, was if I was inside with the 2 ladies.

Theo’s loud commanding voice had snapped me back to reality, again. ” I want you on your back, raise your legs straight up in the air, and I want you to put 3 fingers into your snatch, and then rub your juices on your asshole.” Val, who was getting quite eager to please, did just as Theo commanded.

Laying down on her back, Val raised he legs, put 3 fingers into her wet slit, pushed passed her clit lips, and sank her fingers down to the 2nd knuckle. She then began to rub her fingers over her tight asshole, smearing her juices all over. Theo had walked over to a drawer, and pulled out the biggest damn dildo I’ve ever seen.

It had to be 2 to 3 inches in diameter, and 8 to 12 inches long. Val’s face went white, and her eyes popped out. The look of freight was very clear. Theo was playing with this monster rod, like a cop does with a billyclub. The look of lust on Theo’s face was enough to make Val sit up and hold her hands out, and began begging Theo.

“Pleaseeeee no, not that huge thing, pleaseeeee no Theo!!!”

Theo grabbed that back of Val’s head, twisted her hair around her fingers, and yanked her back on to her back, once again. Theo stated, “Spread your legs, grab your butt cheeks, and prepare to be reamed

Reluctantly, Val began to spread her legs open. I could see a slight gleam running down the slit of her clit, and her butt crack. I heard Val let out a scream.

With her asshole raised up, naked, and helpless, Theo leaned in, and pressed the head of the monster-dick against Val’s, puckered asshole.


Please feel free to send in all your comments, complaints or constructive criticism. All will be appreciated, thank you.

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