Muskie Tournament

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love fishing. Not just a little, but A LOT! If I have a free weekend you can be pretty sure I’ll be out fishing. Cold? No problem. I fish until the line freezes in the reels and then I have to stop until the ice gets thick enough to switch to ice fishing. When spring comes, as soon as the ice is gone, so am I… fishing.

I’m members of several fishing clubs, ranging from bass to walleye and muskie. It was spring, and while I enjoy bass fishing, this was prime muskie fishing time. The weather was warming, not that it really mattered that much to me, but the water was running in the fifties, which was perfect for the monsters to move up to spawn. While a bass fisherman is happy with a fifteen to twenty-inch fish, the minimum legal size for muskie is thirty-six inches. That amounts to a three-foot long, fifteen to twenty-pound mass of angry muscle and nasty teeth. These fish are so big that some of my baits are longer than the minimum legal keeper size for the fish they are emulating.

Yeah, it was spring muskie tourney time. The local muskie club usually has four each year, two of which are random draw tourneys. They got tired some years ago of the same small number of people winning all the tournaments, so they shifted to this new random draw format. That means that you have no idea who your partner is until just before the fishing starts. This has proven to be extremely popular with the club because it’s limited to club members only and it has helped teach many newer fishermen more and better techniques. You never knew if you were getting a partner that was more or less experienced than you.

This trip I was a boatman. That means I supplied the boat and took a partner that didn’t have a boat. It varied from year to year if I was a partner or a boatman, but it really didn’t matter that much to me. I was comfortable with my boat and really didn’t mind almost any partner. If he knew less than I did, I’d teach him some new places and tips and if he was more experienced, I might learn a new bait or presentation or even a hidden secret hot spot. Yeah, it was a win-win for the club and its members.

Weather didn’t usually bother me much. Muskie fishing is known for cold blustery weather, which suits my deep V hull just fine. It’s a family boat, otherwise known as an open bow cruiser. Of course I’ve applied quite a few modifications, setting it up so I could fish everything from trolling for salmon on Lake Michigan to fishing crappie on a little conservation lake with my grandkids. If the wind comes up, or a sudden storm? No problem. My boat is outfitted with complete running canvas so I can close it up like a tent with clear windows, which I have done on a number of occasions, sleeping in my boat overnight.

This particular trip I wasn’t worried about a cold blustery day. In fact, the crazy weather was anything but normal or cold. Here it was the second week of March and the forecast was for warm. The day before they forecast sixty five and it beat that by ten degrees and it felt much hotter in the sun. Today they were forecasting seventy and I wondered if it would push the ol’ mercury even higher. Unfortunately it was still only about forty five degrees as we waited around to draw our partners, the sun still a good half hour from coming up. I was wearing under armor long underwear under my jeans, a sweat shirt, a heavy jacket, a stocking cap and wind proof winter gloves. I knew damn well that with a thirty-minute run up the lake to where I planned on starting to fish, even behind the windshield, it would be a damn cold ride.

I’d tried to get my wife excited about fishing, but she just wasn’t into it. Some wives were, but my wife…not so much. She had long since decided that she wouldn’t complain about my leaving the house at four am to go fishing, not coming home again until after dark, as long as I didn’t complain about her heading out shopping with her friends. Personally I never quite understood how she could wander around stores for hours on end, try on dozens of dresses or slacks or shirts, and come home with only one or two items. When I went shopping it was in and out. Maybe half an hour to pick half a dozen pair of pants and I was ready to go home.

I waited in line, moving forward one person at a time, the guys in front of me each dipping their hand into the jar to pull out a name. They’d call the name out to find their partner and then head to their boat to get organized. I was toward the end of the line, not for any particular reason. I mean someone had to be at the end, and this morning I chose to pour myself a fresh cup of coffee before walking to the draw line. “Emily Killian!” I called as I pulled the name out.

I wasn’t overly surprised it was a woman. Like I said, a lot of wives fished with their husbands. Some even enjoyed fishing more when they weren’t fishing with their husbands. Sometimes the husbands can be kind of know-it-all and bossy, where if the wives fished with someone else they were treated better.

I was pretty sure I’d met Emily, not so much because I remembered her name, but because I’d seen her at one of the club’s summer bar-b-ques turning the heads of the older guys and even a few younger konyaaltı escort guys. You couldn’t tell it by what she had on now, a heavy jacket, snow pants, stocking cap and mittens. She clearly knew what was coming! She was also a serious fisherman, or maybe I should say fisher woman. She had three rods that were well used and a huge assortment of massive muskie baits. I helped her carry her gear down to the dock and loaded it into my boat, and then held a hand out for her to step down in.

We pushed off the dock and I fired the big I/O, carefully backing away from the dock and then idling out into the bay. We couldn’t leave yet. In fact, we weren’t until the second flight, meaning a bunch of boats were going to be headed out to the lake a full minute ahead of us.

“So, what’s the plan?” she asked as she sat in the passenger seat to my left, waiting patiently for the first flight to take off.

“I was thinking up by north creek. There’s some good flats that the big boys should be cruising on at first light,” I answered her.

“Yeah. I know where you mean. Back in that long finger bay?”

“That’s the one. They’re a bitch to hook with top waters like that, especially this close to spawn, but if we can nail one it’s likely to make the big fish award. I’ve gotten some high forties in there.”

“Sweet. I’ve thrown up in there but never come away with a fish.”

“What did you use?”

“Buzzers and fox tails mostly.”

“Never tried a jerk bait in there?”

“Not really.”

“Well, I have an extra spook you can try if you want,” I said as I dropped the boat in gear to idle closer to the line as the first flight hit the throttle and raced off onto the lake, some headed north and some south.

“Sure,” she answered as I idled closer to the line as the second flight started inching toward the launch line. We saw the green flag fly and I hit the throttle, my big deep V launching up on top of the water and leaving a huge wake behind me, unlike the bass boats which skimmed across the tops of the waves with very little wake. I couldn’t go seventy or more like most of them could, but my deep V would cut through rough water that would batter a bass boat to fiberglass splinters.

By the time we got to the fishing hole I was cold and Emily didn’t look any too comfortable. There was also already a boat in our fishing hole, but it was clearly working its way around toward the far shore and looked like they were headed out rather than in. I idled down and crept into the long narrow bay, keeping my speed as low as I could on the big engine until we were only a hundred yards or so from the back end. I shut the engine down, tilted up the out drive so we could go in shallower water and put down my two thousand-dollar wireless remote electric trolling motor.

I pulled my gloves off and dug into one of the huge plastic boxes for a pair of baits, handing one to Emily and keeping one for myself.

We spent the next half hour, the sun creeping over the trees and shining on the muddy water, casting and working the jerk baits. It’s slow fishing, taking long minutes to retrieve in a broken jerk and wait retrieve.

“HOLY SHIT!” Emily cried suddenly as the water exploded around her lure, a huge almost four-foot-long fish hitting her plug and sending it sailing into the air as it tried to jump out of the water after it. The plug hit the water and she stood staring at it, her hands shaking with adrenalin overload as she tried to gather her senses.

“Just let it sit. Give it a few gentle tugs, but don’t pull it too far. Twitch it, like it’s injured,” I coaxed softly, knowing that the big fish was probably not far away and would likely take another swipe at it.

She twitched the bait as instructed and was rewarded a minute later by another explosion, the monster fish getting the bait in his mouth this time, instead of bouncing it off his nose. Ten minutes later we had the fish next to the boat and netted. It was a nice fish and I would have liked to stay, but we had to go find another boat to confirm our fish before we could let it go. Fortunately, the boat that had been fishing the bay hadn’t left yet, so we motored to where they were, measured up the forty four inch fish and then let it go.

By seven the sun was clear of the trees and our heavy coats and her snow pants were gone. By eight we were down to short sleeve shirts. By nine we were roasting and she was down to shorts and a tank top and I was wishing I was. Not that I didn’t have shorts, I did. Normally I’d just nose into a quiet bay and change. But normally I didn’t have someone else’s wife in my boat and a hardon.

Yeah, that’s right. I had a hardon. Emily might have been in her early forties, a full ten years younger than I am, but she was, well, damn hot. I know, I know. How can a forty year old woman be that hot looking? She had on a tank top that conformed to her trim body and full round chest as if it had been painted on, and her shorts were…well short. So short in fact that I could easily see the curve of the bottom of both ass cheeks.

But pitching those half pound baits in the beating sun had me sweating and it was past time for me to get more comfortable kültür escort instead of standing and sweating my ass off.

“Emily. I really need to change back here. I’m still wearing long underwear,” I said from the back of the boat where I stood reeling my heavy crank bait through the submerged trees in the quiet bay.

“No problem. You need to get out on shore or what?”

“No. I can change back here if you don’t mind. All you have to do is to turn around.”

“I can. But to be honest all that morning coffee needs to get out. If you wanna pull up to shore I can take care of that while you change,” she offered.

“Sounds like a plan,” I answered, using the remote to steer the boat down the shoreline a little farther to a gap in the dead trees. I eased the boat toward shore and hit the button to automatically pull the electric trolling motor up into the stowed position. Damn, technology is great! We coasted the remaining ten or so feet to the shore, the bow of my boat gently bumping against the rough gravel. Emily bent over the bow, looking over the front to check her footing, her shorts pulling even tighter across her firm looking round ass, the lightweight blue material pulling tight across her now obvious pussy.

I stood watching her as she swung one leg over the bow rail, trying to reach it to the ground, her motion spreading her legs wide and pulling the shorts even tighter across her pussy. I could see the material pull between her fat outer lips, making my already hard cock try to grow even harder.

I shook my head to clear the image of her from my mind while she pulled the bow line up on the shoreline she now stood on, tying it off to a tree. She walked up the hillside from the water about ten yards or so and looked around. “You know. There really isn’t much cover here, so if you promise not to look. I won’t either.”

“Um. Yeah, sure,” I answered her, watching as she turned to face me. She unsnapped her shorts and hooked her thumbs into the material and then to my complete surprise pushed her shorts and her pink panties down her legs. She stepped one foot out of the shorts, leaving them around one ankle, and then squatted down, naked below the waist. Her pussy was almost completely shaved, with only a small patch of brown curls that matched her pony tail, trimmed in a triangle pointing down toward her full lips. She spread her feet on the shoreline, reaching between her legs to spread her pussy lips, exposing herself completely to me as she squatted lower and started to pee.

“So, you going to change?”

“Yeah. I guess,” I answered. “I thought we weren’t going to look. You didn’t give me much of a chance.”

“You could have turned around any time you wanted. But since you didn’t. I plan on getting equal treatment.”

“Equal treatment?”

“Yeah., she answered as she stood up, not bothering to put her shorts back on yet. “I’ve seen the hardon in your pants. I expect to see all of it when you change. That’s fair, isn’t it?”

“Seems kinda teenagerish, don’t you think? Show me yours and I’ll show you mine?”

“Oh I don’t think so. We’re both adults, and you are standing there staring at my pussy.”

“Okay. Fine,” I answered, undoing the belt of my pants. I pushed my pants down, working them over the slick material of my under armor long underwear. I bent over and took off my shoes and then pulled my pants off my legs. I felt the boat move and looked up to see Emily stepping into the boat, her shorts and underwear in her hand. She spread her legs wide while she stepped over the bow and then, once in, sat on the edge of the boat, her ass tucked into the rail at the very point of the bow, her feet on the front cushions and her knees pushed apart, giving me an incredible view of her pussy.

“Do you do this with all the guys you fish with?” I asked as I pushed the long johns down a little nervously, my cock still covered by my boxer briefs.

“Oh most definitely not,” she said as she sat watching me. “In fact, this is the first time.”

“Uh huh. So why?”

“Why not? You haven’t had any trouble ogling me for the last two hours, why shouldn’t I have a chance to do the same thing?”

“Well, for one thing, we barely know each other.”

“So? You’re looking at my pussy. My body makes you hard. It’s not like I’m taking you home to meet my parents. I just want to see what’s been making that bulge for the last two hours.”

“Well, this is…most definitely not what I usually do with my fishing partners,” I said with a frown, still trying to figure out a way to keep from what I knew she wanted, which was for me to pull down my briefs.

“So? It’s not like I’m offering to fuck you or anything. I just want to see what you’re hiding. You’re looking at me. Or do I need to finish the job?” she asked, reaching up and pulling her tank top off, skimming it easily up and off over her head. She reached next for the sports bra she was wearing and pulled it up off over her head as well, leaving her sitting in the bow completely nude except for socks and shoes.

“Holy shit,” I whispered as I stared at her full round breasts, easily a thirty six or eight C or maybe a bit more. Each creamy mound markantalya escort was full and round, sagging slightly into a teardrop shape. Her areola were easily a quarter of the front of each breast, and her nipples were almost as big around as my finger, jutting out from the center of each round puckered areola, almost as if begging to be sucked on.

“I take it you like the view? Now how about finishing your end?”

“I guess,” I said with a frown, feeling like I really didn’t have a choice. I pushed my boxer briefs down, letting my hard cock stick out lewdly toward her as I worked them down my legs.

“All the way off. Only fair? Right?”

“I guess,” I answered with a frown, stepping out of them.

“Much better,” she said as she got up and walked through the split windshield toward me, standing naked only two or so feet from me. “Damn nice looking,” she said with a grin. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything. I just want to get some sunscreen. As hot as it is I don’t plan on getting burned.”

“Uh yeah,” I answered a little dumbly as she turned around to face away from me and bend over. She held her knees straight and bent at the waist, her ass pushing out at me as she dug in the cloth zipper bag at her feet. She leaned her ass back toward me farther, her pussy only inches from my cock, practically inviting me to just step forward and push into her. She was so wet and so close to me I could smell her arousal as she stood bent in front of me, the sight and scent making my cock bounce with each beat of my pounding heart.

“It’s in here somewhere!” she said as she took another half step back and moved the bag from the floor to the seat, her ass pushing out at me again, this time bumping her ass cheeks into my engorged head. She continued to dig in the bag intentionally, or at least I presumed intentionally, wiggling her ass back and forth, rubbing her cheeks across my cock. It seemed to me that she was searching to get my cock between her legs and after a few short minutes of her teasing, I pushed my cock down and pressed forward, running it between her legs so that it pressed against her wet pussy lips. “Oh yeah. There it is!” she said, wiggling her ass and her pussy on my cock. “Mmmmmm damn,” she said as she stood up and stepped away from me. “I better not do that anymore or it may end up a lot farther in me than either of us planned.”

“Yeah, not a good thing,” I agreed as she turned to face me.

“Well, I’m going to put some sun block on before I get dressed,” she said as she squeezed the bottle of sunblock and squirted some on her hand. “Would you be nice enough to do my back?”

“Uh. Sure. But I better dress first.”

“No. That’d spoil the fun,” she said as she turned around and backed up to me again. She held the bottle over her shoulder to me as she pushed her ass against me, trapping my cock in the crack between her firm ass cheeks.

“This isn’t a good idea,” I said quietly. “Not only are we both married, but anyone could come along.”

“Well, it’s not like we’re having sex. I mean you’re just helping me put some sunblock on. And as far as someone seeing, we’d hear the boat coming long before they got here. So you gonna do my back or are we going to stand here naked all day?”

“Fine!” I said a little irritated. Not because I had anything against touching her very sexy body, but to be honest, I was getting a bit frustrated, sexually. I was torn between wanting to be a good boy and not cheat on my wife and pushing her over and stuffing my cock into her pussy. I squirted some lotion across her shoulders and then handed the bottle back to her. I used both hands to spread the lotion across her shoulders and down her back, letting my hands stroke all the way down to her ass, sliding my slick hands around her cheeks, pulling myself away from her just enough to give me room to play with her ass but not so far that my cock wasn’t still resting in between her cheeks.

“You have gentle hands. You can keep going if you want, I don’t mind.”

“Keep going where?” I asked as she squirted lotion across her breasts. She tossed the bottle onto the seat and then reached down for my hands, that were on her hips, and pulled them up to her breasts.

“Here is a good place,” she said, pushing her ass back against my cock as she rubbed my palms into the cream and then down across her rock hard nipples, leaving my hands cupping her soft supple tits. I slowly stroked my hands around her breasts, her chest rising and falling more with each passing minute as I rubbed her soft skin and rock hard nipples. I stroked my hands down below her breasts, teasing my fingers across her stomach and down to her mound, intending to slide my fingers between her legs. To my surprise and disappointment, she pulled my hand away from her pussy just before my fingers slid between her legs. “I better do my legs,” she said, pulling away from me and bending over for the lotion. I felt her find my cock with her hand between her legs and draw it down to rest on her wet lips as she backed up, her bare ass pressing against my hips. She stayed bend over, rubbing lotion on one leg and then the other, her body moving gently along my shaft, her ass pushing back at me as if she were fucking me, but with my cock just sliding along her wet lips. I held her hips and couldn’t quite keep from moving in time with her strokes, teasing my shaft and her pussy as she gently moved back and forth over me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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