Mum and son birthday bash

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Mum and son birthday bash
I was laying on my bed, naked and with a lovely hard on wanking to the pictures of naked women on my computer, I didn’t realise till mum said, “Ooops, sorry” did I know she was there, how long I didn’t have any idea but it didn’t matter, she had seen me with my cock in my hand and no mistake, Mum made a hasty retreat from my room as I made a pathetic attempt to cover up my cock from her view, she called sorry once more as the door closed, I lay there wondering what mum had thought of her son wanking but it was a bit late for that, a strange thought came into my head as if something had been switched on, did mum deliberately come into my room solely to catch me wanking, it had not been the first time mum had seen me naked, the last time was three days ago, I was in the shower, she came in with clean towels, didn’t make any apologies as she removed the old towels for clean ones, she looked at me then left the room, I think I was a little shocked at her brazen behaviour, it was becoming a habit that slightly excited me at the thought of getting caught, I could only imagine that mum wanted to see her son now he was a man, and how big he had got, I laughed to myself, well she certainly got an eye full today, I resumed my hand job to its completion but all the time thinking of my mum walking in once more and getting more than she would bargain for, I cleaned myself up then went down stairs,
“Sorry Peter, I should have knocked before entering” she blurted out,
I moved to the chair and sat down,
I smiled, “Mum, I didn’t think you was going to come in, but now you did it doesn’t matter, all boys do it” I remarked,
She looked at me, “Yes, I guess you are right but it was a surprise all the same”
“I will have to put a bell on the door then if you want me then you will have to ring” I said laughing,
“Yes you could but now it is too late, I have seen all you have” she laughed back at me,
“Well if that is the case there is no need to wear any clothes at all” I said trying to call her bluff,
“Now that would be something, any way son of mine, what you have to remember that I brought you up, I have seen every inch of your body so you walking about naked would be nice but not a shock” she smiled going kartal escort off into the lounge,
“You never know” I called out after her,
I sat there thinking about my mum, she was a rather attractive woman, I had seen her in her bra and panties a week ago and I was much of a surprised how sexy she look, what would she look like naked, I would have to wait and catch her in the shower or undressing in her bedroom, I felt a slight twinge of pleasure race through me and the thought of seen mum naked was quiet exciting, I paused my thoughts as she came back into the room,
“No, you never know son, you never know” she laughed as she picked up a magazine and retreated back to the lounge,
Christ, was mum playing games with me, then I got to wondering what it would be like to go that one step further and get my cock into her, no, that was never going to happen but none the less I could dream.
Two days later I got up early to wrap mums present up for her 44th birthday, as a treat I had decided to give her breakfast in bed alone with her present, I looked at the clock and thought that she should be stirring in her bed, I made tea and toast and put it on a tray with her present and made my way up stairs, I was just about to knock when a though came over me, quickly I put the tray down and went to my bedroom, took out a dicky bow tie and put it on, as I got to the door I thought about the conversation we had a little while ago, and why not, I said to myself, quickly I whipped of my short and stood there naked, yes mum, it is your birthday, I took the tray and tapped on the door,
“Mum, are you awake” I asked,
There was a silence for about ten seconds,
“Yes sweetheart, come in” she called to me,
Here goes I said softly,
Boldly I walked in with a beaming smile, “Wow, breakfast in bed served by a naked man, what more could I ask for” she looked over me as it was the first time she had seen me naked,
“It is your birthday, so I decided to serve you up a treat, and what better than breakfast” I put the tray down on her lap as she sat up,
Mum was still looking over my naked body as I sat on the edge of the bed,
“And what is this” she asked picking up the small box to the side of the toast,
“Open it and see” I remarked, pendik escort bayan
Mum started to peel away the wrapping and it gave me time to look at her breasts just the other side of her night slip, her nipples were slightly hard which only add to my excitement,
“Ho sweetheart they are lovely” mum held the earrings and necklace to her neck,
She popped them back into the box and put them to one side,
“How did you know I would like them” she asked taking a sip of her tea,
“Just knew mum” I remarked,
She was looking at me, “And what is the naked son all about, not that I am complaining, I think you look lovely in the nude”
“We, I thought that you have seen me so many times naked I would give you an extra treat for your birthday, you don’t mind do you” I asked,
“No, I love to see you” she said putting the tray to the floor,
Mum put her hand on my leg and it sent waves of excitement through me, she leant forward, “give me a birthday kiss” she asked,
I moved towards her and our lips touched, within seconds we were kissing frantically, mum hand came and took hold of my hard cock and gently she started to wank me, suddenly she parted and with a quick pull of her night slip she took it off to reveal her naked form,
I sat there looking at her, “mum, you are so bloody gorgeous” I remarked taking her lips to mine,
Mum again took my cock and gently played once more, my hand moved onto mum’s breast and I tweaked her nipple till it was hard and erect, mum slipped down the bed and lay beside me, her legs opened and I could see her slit clear and smooth,
“Do you want to give your mum the rest of her present” she asked slightly applied some pressure for me to get on top of her,
“Please mum, I think I would like that” I asked lying down on top of her,
The warmth of her motherly presents and the feel of her flesh against mine was some unbelievably erotic, mums hand came down between us and she took hold of my cock, we looked at each other knowing there was no going back once my cock had got inside her,
“Mum, I want you” I whispered,
“Me too sweetheart” she kissed me,
Then mum was pushing my cock to her pussy, slowly I felt the tip going into her then my complete cock was sucked into her hot pussy, she let escort pendik out a soft whimper of pleasure as my cock slipped deeper and deeper into her cunt, a thought came over me that I had my cock in my mum’s pussy and if felt some bloody good, our rhyme picked up pace as our pleasure increased, mum was taking all of my cock and she was softly calling to me to fucker even harder, the hard and faster I did the more she became excited,
“OMG sweetheart that is so good” she remarked breathlessly,
I didn’t say anything but continued to bang away at her lovely pussy, she shuddered slightly and her fingers gripped my bum,
“OMG, omg, that is so good, OMG, I am so excited, mum likes this, OMG, I am going to cum, keep going” she cried, then she started to buck her hips towards me, “Ho so good” she relaxed a little,
I stopped and looked down at her, “That was so good son, I have not had that feeling for so long, I had forgotten what it was like” she kissed me,
I was smiling, “Happy birthday mum”
“Thank you sweetheart” she paused, “Have you cum yet” she asked,
I felt a little sheepish, “I didn’t think I should”
“Why, It is as much for you to enjoy as me” mum looked at me,
“I didn’t want you become pregnant” I said feeling a little silly,
“Sweetheart” she took hold of my head, “It is alright, you will not make me pregnant, you can do it inside me and over my body, so long as you cum I will be alright with it” she started to stroke my naked body, “Come on, do it and have what I have just experienced”
Slow I started to pump my cock into my mum once more, she felt so sexy and she caressed my naked body, soon I could feel the sap rising within, mum had also realized this and asked me to do it inside her,
“Ho mum” I said breathlessly, “I am going to cum”
“Make me happy sweetheart” she was helping my body go with the rhythm,
“Ho, mum, mum, mum” I called out as I started to unload my love juice in my mum, it was if I had gone to heaven as the feeling of total pleasure washed over me and into my mum’s cunt, I slowed down then stopped, I looked at mum and she was smiling,
“Did you enjoy yourself she asked?
“Yes mum, what about you” I said staying inside her,
“I loved it, I think we need to have sexy again, don’t you” she asked,
I leant over her and we kissed lovingly, “Mum, I don’t want to come out of you, you have made my day”
“Well sweetheart, what are we waiting for, let’s get and make love all day, it is my birthday after all” we laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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