Moving Day

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“Typical,” she typed into her pc. “You can never depend on things to happen a planned. The movers were supposed to be here an hour ago!”

Kaylie looked around the living room at the piles of boxes, stacked five high, the odds and ends that still needed to be packed, the carpet that she had yet to clean and the bag of trash in the corner. The home was a five bedroom, two-bath ranch house. It had been a challenge to keep clean and now, a bigger challenge to leave. There was just too much stuff!

“God! I hate moving!” Her sigh and the rattle of the keyboard were the only sounds in the room.

A knock interrupted her instant messenger to her friend three states away. “Finally!” she said to herself. She answered the door to find a tall man in his mid fifties in a blue movers uniform. His eyes were blue and his salt and pepper hair was neatly trimmed giving him a distinguished air about him.

He smiled a very warm smile as he extended his hand. “I am Jordan. Terribly sorry, ma’am to be so late. The first job this morning took a bit longer than expected.”

Behind him was a second person, a bit shorter and almost lithe in his movements.

“This is my partner, Larry.” Kaylie looked this featherweight up and down and had to refrain from rolling her eyes. How was this little man going to move her furniture?

She directed the two men into the living room. She explained that she was not done packing, but that the bedrooms were ready, with the exception of the master bedroom.

“It has just been a mess. I hate moving and am so disorganized,” she said in a deflated voice.

“That’s okay, ma’am,” Jordan replied. “I can help you in here and Larry can get started with the other rooms, if you like.”

The deep timbre of his voice had a soothing effect on Kaylie’s anxiety. She nodded her acquiesance and showed Larry to the upstairs bedrooms. Kaylie descended the stairs, unconsciously wiping a wisp of hair from her forehead and smoothing her shorts and t-shirt. She was a leggy redhead with a few freckles and at 40 years old, everything that used to be pert and perky had started to succumb to gravity. Even so, her body, although a bit thicker than when she was 25, was in far better shape than most women half her age.

She noticed Jordan packing the books that were in stacks around the computer desk.

“Oh no, “ she said. She hurried to the keyboard after she realized she hadn’t told her on line friend where she was going.

She found a message there that said, “You need a full body massage and a good fuck. LOL and ~wink~”

She giggled and whispered allowed, “He is so right.”

Kaylie felt a hand upon her arm and looked up to find Jordan standing there. Evident by the look in his eyes, she could tell he had read the last message.

“I can help with the massage, ma’am,” he offered. His eyes twinkled as he spoke. While Kaylie considered an appropriate reply, she felt his hands at the back of her neck. He grasped and needed the muscles in her shoulders and antalya escort she leaned her head forward.

“How is that?” he asked, in husky tones.

She rolled her head on her shoulders and softly said, “Wonderful.”

His hands continued massaging the tense muscles and moved down her arms. She could feel the tension flowing from her body as his large hands worked their magic. She raised one of her hands to her neck and laid her head to the side.

Jordan leaned forward, close to her ear and whispered, “I could give you a proper massage if you weren’t sitting in the chair.” She nodded slowly and stood up. She felt something far more than relaxing as she stood and he pulled her nearer to him. She looked up at him and felt a need to be held. His clouded eyes searched hers as his hands remained on her arms. “That massage, where to?” She tried to seem apathetic to the electricity between them, but a tremble in her voice defied her effort.

“Here is fine, for now,” Jordan smiled. Both hands touched her face. With delicate movements that were light as a butterfly’s touch, he explored her face. “A total body massage must include the face and temples.”

Jordan was finding it difficult to remain aloof to her natural sensuality. He felt a stirring in his loins as his mind reeled with the images that assaulted his psyche, all of them involving a very sexy redhead.

Little did he know, that a touch to her face was instant arousal for Kaylie. She closed her eyes and absorbed the heat of his touch, feeling a heat building within her. She reached out to him to steady herself, placing her hands upon his waist. His hands slid into her hair, massaging her scalp as his hands moved behind her head. She laid her head back in his hands and fantasized that there were lips, hot and moist placed upon her neck.

Then, she realized, it was no fantasy. Jordan’s tongue and lips were tasting her smooth, silken skin. She inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of his cologne, her body reacting to his kiss as she felt a dampness developing between her legs.

Her hands slid around his waist and she slipped a hand into his waistband, pulling him closer to her until their bodies were pressed against one another.

“We shouldn’t…, “ her sentence trailed off. He placed his hand on either side of her face and raised her eyes to look at him, his eyes searching, looking for an answer.

She pulled away from him, shaking her head as if to clear it.

“We really shouldn’t. There is so much to be done and Larry is working upstairs.” Her body screamed for intimacy, touch and release. It had been months since she had been with anyone.

Kaylie tried to stand erect and as she did, she felt a muscle in her back flex, uncomfortably so. Her hand moved to the small of her back and she grimaced.

Jordan noticed her discomfort. “Okay. You seem sore, though. If you like, I can rub your back for you, only your back. I would never do anything with a lady unless she wanted me to. You can trust alanya escort me.” His face seemed earnest and his words sincere.

Her back had been through a veritable war over the last week. Packing for the move was taking it’s toll.

“Just a massage would be nice. I am so sore.”

“Here, lean over the back of the couch. That will help your muscles stretch a bit.” Boxes were stacked haphazardly behind the couch and she was hard pressed to find a clear space in which she could stand. Jordan was behind her and guided her to lean forward over the back of the couch with his hands on her shoulder. Kaylie tried to sound flippant when she blurted, “just a back rub. That’s all.” Her voice was shrill. His proximity was making it difficult to relax.

Jordan nodded and began massaging her shoulders. He stood directly behind her as the boxes prevented his standing anywhere else. His hands moved along her shoulder blades and back up to her neck. He leaned forward to work his fingers along the back of her neck and moved forward, just a bit. In that movement, he found his waist pressed against her bottom. The contact threatened to erase the altruistic thoughts from his mind. He tried concentrating more on the taut muscles at the back of her neck and less on the pressure of her ass against his manhood. He could feel his cock struggling against the confines of his uniform.

His closeness to her and his reaction were not lost on Kaylie. She had been hyper aware of his proximity since the beginning. She sighed at the light pressure of him against her. Unconsciously, she pressed her ass against him, feeling his hardness against her. She sighed.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I will stop if you like, “ the tone of his words was husky with desire. His meaning not lost on her. If she agreed to continue, it wouldn’t, no couldn’t be a simple massage. However, his hands had played her mind and body, her desire evident by the heat building in her abdomen and the wetness in her panties.

“No, don’t’ stop,” she said softly.

Kaylie heard James moan, as his hands moved her over her back. They glided the length of her back from her shoulders to her waist and returned to her shoulders. He continued in this fashion, pressing her against him more firmly each time. His hands moved to her shoulders, grasped them, kneading them as he pulled her body against his.

Kaylie moaned and tried to move to a standing position. Jordan gently pressed her forward so she remained bent over the couch. He then, placed his hands on her waist; leaning over her and kissing her back and neck. His hands slid over her hips and waist. Not able to tolerate the “massage” any longer, Kaylie slid her hand in the elastic of her shorts and began pulling them down. Jordan quickly took the cue and removed her shorts, revealing her fleshy ass covered only by a thong. At the sight of her ass cheeks poised toward him, he knew he had to have her. He very quickly slipped out of his pants.

“Oh, God, “ he uttered, alanya rus escort ‘ I want you, badly.”

Jordan slipped a finger inside the thin fabric of the thong and placed his other hand around Kaylie’s body to her breast. He pressed the palm of his hand against her breast, feeling the nipple, erect and sensitive. Taking it between his forefinger and thumb, he pinched the nipple gently. Again, he squeezed the nipple, over and again, until she was moaning louder. His finger inside the thong waited there, until he pinched her nipple harder than he had at the same time as he pulled upward on the thong. The fabric of the thong rubbed against her swollen clit. Kaylie began grinding her hips involuntarily.

Taking his hand from her breast, Jordan continued rubbing the thong against Kaylie’s sex. He slipped his free hand around her waist inside the front of the thong and slid the finger the length of her lips until it found the opening.

The thong continued teasing her clit as he pressed a finger inside the heat of her pussy. He could feel the engorged glands and the clenching muscles. Another finger entered her. She gasped as he hooked them and began fingerfucking her in earnest. The thong continued it’s assault on her clit.

Her entire body was trembling as his fingers moved in and out, harder and faster. Crooked against her g spot, she could feel the explosion building. She longed for release and was so close. Her head moved back and forth as her moans crescendoed.

Jordan continued to finger fuck her as he moved the thong to the side. Kaylie began shouting; her body shuddering violently as James quickly removed his fingers and plunged his cock inside her convulsing cunt. She immediately began squirting her juices over his body as he pressed himself deep inside her, over and over, harder and faster. He could feel the tip of his manhood pounding against her cervix as her orgasm continued.

“Oh yesssss, fuck me harder“ she shouted, oblivious to anything but her own release. Her orgasm continued as he penetrated her in long, powerful strokes.

Another followed “I can’t stop,” her hips continued to tremble with each thrust as each orgasm threw into a tumultuous frenzy of the senses.

The muscles of her pussy clenched his shaft. He could feel the pressure building, his own climax nearing.

“Don’t’ stop, baby,” he hissed between clenched teeth. Her hands clenched the cushion of the sofa as she felt a final climax nearing.

Finally, he could no longer wait. He thrust himself deep into her pussy, shouting as he spilled his hot juices inside her trembling cunt.

Together they moaned and shouted, sweat pouring from their faces and bodies, until he fell forward against her, his arms around her.

He kissed her neck gently and said, “Thank you, ma’am. Oh my God, thank you.” They lay like that, catching their breath until he helped her to her feet.

Kaylie turned toward him giggled and said, “You can call me Kaylie, now, I guess.”

Jordan’s eyes twinkled, “Oh, no, ma’am. That would be against company policy. “

Both began laughing as she slipped into his arms. He touched her hair and caressed the small of her back.

A voice from behind them said, “Geesh, Jordan! It looks like we are going to be late for the next job, too!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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