Mom’s Hand-Me-Down

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As an older man, I find my fantasies have become more about intimacy than sex. I dream of a woman who enjoys our dance of the senses, a woman who responds to my touch as a form of communication, and who leads or follows the inexorable path to the ultimate intimate non-verbal conversation.

I have written this story from the perspective of the woman, allowing me to get exactly what I want, when I want it, in the way I want. It’s my fantasy! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…


The doorbell rang. Jamie knew who was at the door. It was her mom’s boyfriend, John. Her mom had arranged to be gone when John came by. Now it was up to Jamie to get what she wanted…


Jamie had grown up as an only child of a single mom. The parade of boyfriends that came and went from her mother’s bedroom had led to many open discussions about sex. By the time Jamie turned 18, her mom had agreed that it was okay for Jamie to bring boyfriends to spend the night, as long as her mom knew about it in advance.

It sounded good, but Jamie didn’t have any boyfriends, at least not any she wanted to sleep with. The few she had gotten close to, she felt were not paying attention to her wanting to take it slow, her fears and trepidation. Even during her two years at the local junior college, she not found the right one.

Now Jamie was almost 20. She was getting her AA degree and moving away from home, into a dorm at a four-year college. She heard from her friends that very few students were virgins by their Junior year. As her departure date approached, Jamie became more and more anxious, worried about living in a dorm, about being a virgin. She wasn’t surprised when her mom noticed, too.

“You’ll be fine,” her mom said, one afternoon.


“I know you’re worried,” her mom reassured her. “Everything will work our.”

Jamie winced. Her mom waited, but Jamie looked down at the floor. There was a long, painful silence.

“I’m still a virgin,” Jamie said quietly.

When her mom just smiled back at her, Jamie looked back down.

“Sweetie,” her mom reassured, “I know that.”

Jamie let her mom wrap her arms around her with a hug.

“I know that,” her mom repeated. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Jamie held her mom tight, fighting back the tears. She wished this was something her mom could solve for her, like when Jamie couldn’t learn her times table. She hugged her mom tight and held on for a long time, then nervously cleared her throat.

“What do you think of… John?” her mom asked.

“What?” Jamie said, “John? Who?”

“Don’t play coy… I’ve seen you flirting with him…”

“Your boyfriend?” Jamie squeaked.

Jamie made an exaggerated expression of disgust, hoping it would hide her blush. She had no idea that her mom had noticed how she liked to be around John, how she teased and kidded around him. Her mom just kept looking at Jamie as her face now turned bright red.

“It’s all right, sweetie. If it had bothered me, I’d have said something. Fact is, John enjoys your flirting.”

Jamie blushed, again, but this time from her quickened heartbeat.

Jamie’s mom went on, “What if I told you… John might… that is… if you…”

Jamie tried to keep up with her flashing emotions as she tried to understand what her mother was saying. Was she saying that John might, might…

“But he’s YOUR boyfriend!” Jamie blurted.

Her mother shrugged. “It’s an open relationship. John is welcome to, and does, sleep with other women. You know he isn’t my only boyfriend…”

“But he’s sleeping with YOU!”

Her mother got a big grin. “Yes, and he’s very good at it… very attentive…,” she said, then quieter, “important … very important… the first time…”

Jamie struggled between fear, anger, and arousal. She didn’t know how to react to her mother’s plotting.

“What if I’m not here sometime, when he drops by?” her mother went on.

Jamie made a face, was outwardly disgusted. But deep inside, she felt a twinge. During the day that twinge grew into a warmth, and in her room after dinner, it turned into a heat. When she passed her mom’s door on the way to bed, she poked her head in and said quickly said only one word, “Okay.”


The doorbell rang, again.

For the past week Jamie had fantasized how this evening would go, what it would be like for John to touch her, kiss her. She had let her imagination run wild, with John making love to her in every room in the house, even pressed hard against the wall behind the front door.

Jamie took a deep breath. “Slow down, girl,” she said to herself. “He’s not even in the house and you’re already on fire!” She walked to the door, looked in the mirror, smoothed her dress, touched her hair, took another breath, and swung the door open.

“Hey… John,” Jamie said, trying to sound surprised.

“Hi, Jamie. Your mom here? I’m here for dinner…”

“Yeah, sure, come on in.”

Closing the door and turning to John, Jamie smiled. John bahis firmaları smiled back, giving her a long once over. His eyes darted down to her feet, then slowly dragged up her legs. Her dress was short, and John paused when he came to her thighs. Jamie shifted her knees, turning her leg so that he could see more of her inner thigh. She imagined he had x-ray eyes, could see she was wearing the tiniest, carmine red, thong. His eyes crawled up to her two alabaster globes. She didn’t move, letting him watch as her chest swelled under his gaze. Finally, his eyes went up to hers.

“Nice dress!” John said.

Jamie thought he had almost said “breasts.”

“Thank you.” she said.

John continued to stare. She was sure he was trying to embarrass her, or at least make her blush and back down, but she held her ground. She could feel the heat of his body. She watched his nostrils flare. She felt his breath on her chest as he exhaled. She leaned a little closer, wanting to be touched, wanting to press against him. In her fantasy, he had grabbed her, kissed her, pushed her back against the wall…

A mischievous grin snaked up one side of John’s face. “Where’s your mom?

“She’s out.”

John’s eyebrows went up.

“I don’t know when she’s coming back.”

John looked away. Jamie realized she had made a mistake.

“Let’s see what she’s got cooking,” John said, turning to walk to the kitchen. Jamie’s heart sank. Then he put his arm up, inviting Jamie to put her arm through his. Jamie stepped forward and slid her hand under his elbow, then up onto his arm, letting her fingers move slowly, feeling the hairs on his arm slip between her fingers. John waited. Jamie smiled, then gave him a tug to lead him into the kitchen.

As they walked the few steps through the living room to the kitchen, Jamie pressed her fingertips into John’s arm. He put his hand over hers. Jamie’s heart started pounding. She felt the heat from his hand. It quickly travel to her face. Another step and the heat moved to her crotch. She felt the fullness of her swelling lips as she felt her thong sliding deeper. Jamie gave John a squeeze. He squeezed back. This time, she felt the wave of slippery fluid. Her face grew red. Jamie’s living room fantasy flashed through her body, where he turns, and kisses her, his fingers quickly finding her wet readiness…

At the door to the kitchen, John stopped, put his hand on Jamie’s shoulder, and stood to the side to let her go in first. As she passed him, his hand slid down her back. She slowed, letting his hand lightly graze her dress. When his hand reached her waist, she stopped moving forward. He rested his fingers for a moment on her hip, then down to the top of her buttock.

John surprised her with a quick smack to the butt. Jamie squealed, felt the rush of a near orgasm. “Take me now!” she thought to herself, surprised at just how easily flirting turned into love making. John just gave her a nudge, pushing Jamie along into the kitchen. He bumped into her when she suddenly turned around.

“I’m not sure when Mom’s coming back,” Jamie said.

Neither Jamie nor John moved. He was so close he was pressing lightly into her breasts. He looked into her eyes. She wanted to kiss him. She closed her eyes and gave her lips a quick lick.

“Your mom invited me for dinner,” John said, looking around, pulling away. There was no evidence of any dinner. “Was she going to bring back some take-out?”

Jamie shrugged. “I don’t know,” she said, unwilling to tell him the truth, unable to lie to him.

John took another step back, looked around. The table wasn’t set. The kitchen looked like it hadn’t been touched. He pulled out his cell phone, turning his back to Jamie.

“Hey, honey, it’s John… Yeah… I’m here… at your place. Where are you?”

Jamie couldn’t see his face. She tried to read his body language. He seemed concerned. Then his voice got louder.

“YOU invited ME, remember?”

Jamie heard the anger, saw the tension. His shoulders slumped. John looked up at the ceiling and turned. When he noticed Jamie, he turned his back to her, again, but not before she had seen the hurt in his eyes. His voice was quieter, now.

“Yeah, okay… Okay… No, it’s not all right!”

With an angry jerk, he flipped his phone closed and put it back in his pocket, then took it back out and held the button until it turned off. Jamie didn’t know what to say. She waited.

John turned and took a step towards the kitchen door, stopped, took a deep breath, looked down, then looked up at Jamie. He looked hurt. Her own expression melted into sympathy for his.

“I’m sorry,” she said. And she meant it. Her mother’s plot had obviously hurt him.

“Looks like I won’t be around here anymore.”

Jamie gave John a comforting smile. He gave a nervous smile back. Her mother was using this opportunity to really dump John. It was a nasty thing to do, especially without telling Jamie. She saw how it was hurting John and started to feel awful for her part in his break-up.

“Well, I better be kaçak iddaa going,” John said. He took a few quick steps and was out the kitchen.

“Wait!” Jamie blurted. “Wait… I’ll come with you,” she said.

Before he could say anything, Jamie was at his side.

“I’d LOVE some take-out tonight,” Jamie said, slipping her hand into John’s. Her fingers fit easily between his. She closed her hand. John looked unsure, then smiled, as if he was too spent to argue.

“Sure, why not. I’ve got no date tonight!”

Jamie’s face smarted with the truth of his words.

“Well, not until now,” John quickly added.


The kitchen table was littered with the remnants of their Chinese feast. Jamie was cleaning dishes at the sink. She kept her back to John, giving him the opportunity to watch her, at least she hoped he was watching. She knew he was feeling better. He had even laughed when she had tussled with him over the last fortune cookie. She had let him keep the last fortune and set herself to cleaning up. She heard the chair squeak.

“Okay, we’ll share the fortune,” John said, being more generous than she had been. Jamie didn’t say anything, just kept her back to him. She heard the crack as John split the cookie apart. “It says ‘You will make a new friend’,” John said, then after a couple seconds, he added what she was already thinking, “in bed!”

Jamie looked over her shoulder to give John what she hoped was an encouraging smile, then returned to the dishes. When she had turned, she had caught him looking at her hips. The kitchen was quiet, except for the running water and occasional clack of a dish. She could feel his eyes were still on her. “Let’s keep his attention,” she said to herself.

Jamie reached to the right to put a clean dish in the dish rack. As she reached, she took a small step with her right foot. She turned to her left to get another dirty dish, and took a small step with her left foot. She swallowed hard, afraid she was being too obvious, but unable to let go of the thought that she just wanted to spread for him, wanted him between her legs…

Jamie jumped. John was right behind her, leaning into her.

“You scared me!”

“You didn’t hear me?”

“No, I guess I was daydreaming.”

“About what?”

John leaned in, looked over Jamie’s shoulder. She could feel one of his legs, between hers, pressing into her thigh. He put his hands on her hips.

“Do you need any help?” he whispered in her ear.

When she turned to face him, he pulled her towards him, lifting her onto her left leg. He pressed her right leg further apart. Jamie was floating, her heart pounding in her ears. John shifted his head to her other ear.

“I’m very gentle,” he whispered, this time grazing her ear with his lips.

Jamie let his other foot slide her leg wider. John coiled his right arm around her waist. He pressed his hips into hers. She had never been this close, close enough to feel his hardened member. John slid his hand up her back, to her neck, under her hair, lifting it. Jamie gave a shiver, bent her head forward, which pressed her butt harder into his crotch.

“Have you ever done this?” John whispered, this time letting his lips vibrate the nape of her neck.

Another shiver, then she slowly shook her head “no.”

Her hands shaking, Jamie carefully put down the plate she was washing and steadied herself by grasping the edge of the sink. “He’s going to do it right here, standing at the sink!” she thought.

John pulled her tighter, swaying his hips, his swollen member finding the crack of her butt. He rocked gently forward, tilting his hips up, then down, then up again. If she had any doubts before, Jamie knew what he wanted to do. His hand slid down her arm, down to her waist, then followed the curve of her hips. John eased back, just a bit. She followed, letting his hand crawl to the top of her crotch.

The phone rang.

Neither of them moved.

The answering machine beeped.

“It’s me, sweetheart. Are you there? Please pick up…”

“It’s my mom,” Jamie whispered, realizing immediately that of course he knew who it was. She felt the tension in John’s body go limp. He stepped back.

“I better get it or she might worry.”

The speaker chirped again, “Are you there?”

Jamie left the kitchen and picked up the phone.

“Hey, Mom… Yeah, I’m okay… No… No… I’m NOT real happy… Yeah… You could have warned me… He was pretty upset… No… No… I’m going to bed early… Okay…Bye.”

Jamie hung up. She peeked her head into the kitchen. John was looking sad, sitting at the table.

“She said she wasn’t coming home tonight.”

“Really?” John said, looking sadder.

“I told her I was going to bed early.”

John nodded, stood up.

“I guess I better be going.”

Jamie cursed her nervousness, her doubt. But she wasn’t quiting, not this time.

“Don’t go… I thought…,” Jamie said.

“We better stop… before we do something we regret,” John said, glancing up at Jamie, then looking kaçak bahis away..

Jamie waited for John’s eyes, but he wasn’t looking back. He started to walk out the kitchen. With all the courage she had, Jamie jumped and put herself in his way.

“Kiss me,” she blurted.

John looked up, then gave a soft snort.

“You’re a strange one,” he said.

Jamie leaned into him, lifted her head, stood on her toes.

“Kiss me,” she whispered.

John frowned, hesitated, then relaxed. He lowered his lips onto hers. At first, it was nothing special – cold and uncomfortable. Then Jamie relaxed and her lips turned softer. John responded. John give her the most warm and loving kiss she had ever had. No longer hesitating, she opened her mouth. He answered with his own passion. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Their tongues began a loving, sensual dance. She felt the tension, the urgency in John’s whole body. His arms went down, wrapped her waist. Jamie was on fire, with desire, growing. Her kiss turned hungry.

John’s hands slid down to Jamie’s butt. She lifted her leg. John cupped his hand behind her knee and pulled her leg up. He slipped between her legs, pressing into her crotch. Jamie tried to pull herself up, and when John held tight to support her, she wrapped her legs around his. John sank as he lifted her off the floor. He bounced her up, his hands moving her dress, grasping her butt, making a seat for her. She brought her legs up around his waist, happy to finally have him between her legs. She felt his fingers, moving urgently under her thong, and into her sopping slit. She kissed him, pressing her tongue into his, hoping he understood how she wanted him to press into her. She twitched as his fingers probed deep, found her love button. Jamie banged her forehead into John’s as the orgasm cramped her whole body.

“Where’s your bedroom?” John breathed, halting his attack long enough to let her catch her breath. He moved his hands back to support her butt.

Jamie looked into his perfect eyes, and smiled. She reached around and tugged on one ear, then the other, until he understood that she was going to direct him without talking. She led him upstairs, to the left, no, the right, no the other right! By the time they got to her door, they were both laughing.

Jamie’s room was filled with pink and frill. She took one last look around, one last look at the room of a virgin. John lay her gently onto her bed. She frowned as he carelessly knocked off her pillows and stuffed animals. But her dismay evaporated when he peeled off his shirt. She ran her fingers over his chest, the hairs tickling her fingers. John undid his belt, his button, his zipper…

Jamie leaned back, light-headed. As if in slow motion, she watched as he slid off his pants, his boxers, revealing his enormous dick, so much larger than her fingers. She looked up into his eyes, scared now.

John reacted immediately, reassured her with a calm smile. He gently lay her onto her back. His hands reached up under her dress and slid off her soaked thong. John held it to his nose and took a deep breath. He looked right at her as he put the wettest part into his mouth with his tongue. He slid the thong over his head and wore it around his neck as he gave her dress a flick to lift it off her crotch. She watched his head disappear between her thighs.

Jamie jerked when she felt his rough face scrape against her smooth thighs. She gasped as his tongue reached her smoothly shaved crotch, it’s slippery tip moving quickly to find her love button. John licked, then sucked Jamie’s clit. She started cramping. She tried to slow herself, but the intensity of his tongue on her clit, swirling up one side, down the other, then vibrating across her swollen hood quickly led to spasms that were hard and fast, rhythmic contractions of her intense orgasm.

John knew just when and how to touch, and when not to. Jamie was amazed at how many orgasms he could trigger, one after the other. Whenever she started to relax, John would start again. Finally, she pushed his head away, too sensitive to have him within striking distance.

John took the opportunity to undress her properly. Jamie lay there like a rag doll, unable to move. He removed her shoes, lifted her to one side, then the other, pulling her dress off, then her bra. She was floating and vaguely wondered what was next. She didn’t have to wait long. John spread her knees and crawled into bed, pressing her wider with the force of his hips between her legs.

John lay there, eyes locked on Jamie’s. She was feeling so good that it took her some time to understand the fear that started rising. John’s giant cock lay pressed against her puffy, moist pussy lips. She remembered how big his pole was. She was afraid it was too big, would rip her. John lay there, waiting. He didn’t say anything, just looked at her.

Jamie fell into his beautiful eyes. “He’s waiting for me,” she thought to herself. She relaxed a little bit. He leaned into her and kissed her. His kiss was tender and caring, so passionate. She let her heart accept him, trust him. She lifted her knees and spread her legs wider. Still he waited. She wrapped her legs around him, lifted her feet, up behind his butt, and squeezed. She wanted him inside, she wanted him now.

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