Milk Cartons

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*Critique/criticism of my writing style-I’m comfortable with my style (wordiness and all), so if you find it not to your liking, you’re welome to try out something else.

*Publication advice-I’m not trying to get published, so advice on how to make a piece publication worthy is not necessary.

*Sarcasm or rudeness-this speaks for itself.


*Notice of typos/spelling/grammar errors-I will strive to fix these immediately!

*Notice of discrepancies or plotholes-I might not be able to fix these so easily, but if I’m informed of them, I can at least make note of them in the disclaimers.

*What the reader enjoyed about the story-I’m not so thrilled to hear what the reader didn’t enjoy, but as long as it’s presented tactfully (and isn’t solely about writing style), I can try to bear it. *blushes*

I write and share my work mainly to entertain others, so I always enjoy knowing when I’ve succeeded. ­čÖé

CONTENT WARNINGS: Angst, Bigotry, Fetish, Fingering, Hurt/Comfort, Hand Job, M/M, Masturbation, Original Character, Oral Sex, Rimming, Sexual Harassment, Violence, Other (adult language; alcohol use; frottage)

STORYLINE CODE: D (set in the D Is For Damien storyline)

TAKES PLACE DURING (specific story): Pre-, during, & post-Magic City (unwritten)

PAIRING: Det. Justin Reichert/Matthew (M/M)

EXPLANATION: Please see author’s notes at the story’s end for further information regarding this story, the storyline/characters, and the writing process. It isn’t necessary to read these, but if anything in the story is confusing it might be explained better there.

PERSONAL DISCLAIMERS: Please see disclaimers at the story’s end for clarification on known issues with this story.

This story is from September 2011 (actually much earlier)/January 2012, so some details and the writing style may be out of date.

This story has been edited to comply with site formatting rules (paragraph length, bold/italics). This has not affected the content of the story. Please ask if you wish to see the original version.

* * * * *

Milk Cartons

WHEN MATT PRESSED his lips against the other man’s, he clearly saw the flinch pass over his face, felt how his own lips pressed tightly shut, his muscles going tense. He continued kissing him anyway, pulling away slightly to take the other man’s lower lip between his own and gently suck on it. The look on his partner’s face told him that he was beyond uncomfortable…but the hitch in his breath proved otherwise.

He’d been hard to miss in the bar. Seated in the darkest corner, away from everyone else, his hands clasped around his drink so tightly that his knuckles had gone white. He hadn’t even taken a sip of it. Matt had never seen him in there, or anywhere, before, and everything about him screamed closet. He’d been on the verge of leaving when Matt had stepped up to him and asked if he could join him-then pure panic had entered his eyes. Still, he’d said it was all right, though he was just leaving. Matt offered to accompany him to his car. He didn’t seem terribly thrilled, but again accepted. Matt managed to get out of him that his name was Justin. And that the bartender had been nice to him; before accosting him, Matt had asked the bartender about him himself, finding it strange that nobody was talking to him yet. It was the bartender’s opinion that everyone figured he must be too good for them. He’d even said, when the newcomer had somewhat reluctantly accepted his drink, “Don’t worry. With looks like yours, you have nothing to worry about.”

Matt had peered at him as they left the bar through the alley door, as for some reason he hadn’t wanted to head out the front way; Closet, his mind said again. He was much taller than Matt was, probably around six-three, and wasn’t too fat or too thin-his leanly muscular build seemed to say that he knew how to take care of himself. His hair was dark and glossy, a lock of it falling in his eyes, and Matt thought it was a shame that he wore glasses, even if they were just for bright light, what with those beautiful hazel eyes of his. They didn’t meet his own after he’d first asked to join him. They stayed focused halfway between the ground and straight ahead, as if he didn’t want to make eye contact even on accident.

In the alley, he’d turned away with a mumbled apology, stumbled toward a nearby garbage can, and promptly thrown up. Matt stood near the doorway, watching with arched brow as he heaved at the can, gasping hoarsely and wiping his mouth. Once the other man was done he stepped down and went over to give him an inquisitive look.

“Get a bad drink?” he’d asked.

The man-Justin-had shaken his head. “Nervous,” pendik escort he’d mumbled, and that was when Matt understood why someone like him had been in a place like that.

They’d sat on the steps outside the door for a good long while, and he’d gotten him to tentatively talk a little…he had recently been with his latest “girlfriend,” if one could call her that (as he himself said), seeing as they had known each other a matter of only days…he had been willing, and she had been willing…but it had ended up just like almost every time before, and she had left, tossing her clothes on with a somewhat irritated look, while he was left frustrated and perplexed beyond measure. He’d never managed to really feel that way about any of the women he’d been with, he said, and after that, he wasn’t sure it would ever happen. While driving he’d seen the bar. And had stopped without thinking. And, after going inside and thinking a while, had apparently decided not to bother. Except that, by then, he’d caught Matt’s attention, and now here they were.

Why be so nervous? Matt had asked. Was it truly such an awful thing to be in such a state? To which the other man had finally lifted his head and made eye contact, just briefly, before turning away again, his fingers fiddling.

“I’m a police officer,” he’d said hesitantly, and again, Matt had understood.

He’d convinced him at last to come to his place. “We don’t have to do anything,” he’d promised. “I just think you need to talk to someone right now.” After a long hesitation “Justin” (Matt did wonder if it was really his name, though he’d seemed too genuinely flustered to lie) had finally agreed, and they’d gone. Once at his apartment, they had talked, for a good hour or more, and Matt learned exactly how it was that he’d come to find him slinking out of a gay bar, a look of utter humiliation on his face as he did so. And after a while of that, Matt had carefully taken his hand, and felt it squeezed back. He’d touched Justin’s face, with no spoken response, and so had kissed him then. And this was where they were now, in his apartment, his mouth meeting the detective’s, which remained firmly closed…at least, at first.

Shaking, his partner gingerly opened his mouth. Matt sucked at his lip before gently prodding his tongue within, earning a flinch, but Justin held his place. Matt knew from experience just how long this could take, so was prepared to take his time; he waited until he felt the other man’s grip on his hand loosen slightly-he’d been squeezing Matt’s fingers almost painfully for a moment, but Matt had said nothing. It didn’t seem to bother him too much when Matt let his other hand trail from his face to his neck-in fact, his breath picked up just the slightest, and Matt made a mental note of this fact-but when he slipped it from his neck to his shoulder, and then to his chest, his muscles tensed up again and he broke the kiss, almost jerking back slightly. He kept his head lowered so it was difficult to see the look on his face, but Matt could see the flush there; he wasn’t sure if it was lust or embarrassment, so figured it must be both. When he opened his mouth and stammered under his breath, as if not sure what to say-all he managed to get out was “I don’t know if…”-Matt pressed a finger to his lips to silence the protest, seeing how he lifted his head just a little, his eyes widening.

“We won’t do anything you don’t want to do,” Matt whispered to him.

He’d used these words with new-and reluctant-boyfriends in the past, and they had always worked. Which was why it didn’t surprise him when Justin untensed again-not completely, but more than he had so far, as if he’d been expecting to get himself in a situation he couldn’t get out of. Matt always found this reaction rather amusing, that he might be considered threatening in the least, especially considering the shape his partner was in; he bet Justin could snap him like a stick if he wanted to. Embarrassment and shame went a long way toward making one lose his confidence, however, as sad as he found that fact. He figured there was more than just being a police officer to account for the awkwardness he was sensing, but didn’t pry; if he wanted to speak up about it later, he would.

This time, their kiss wasn’t quite as uneasy as it had been before; Justin even shut his eyes, and not out of humiliation. When Matt’s tongue met his he accepted it, gingerly at first, but then with growing boldness; he stiffened again when Matt touched his chest, but didn’t protest, and Matt could tell, when he ran his fingers down his abdomen, that the tightening he felt wasn’t just from fear. He felt a twinge of sympathy that someone with such looks that everyone else in the bar was too reluctant to approach him should feel so ill at ease, but made sure to keep this thought to himself for now.

By now he seemed to be used to the kissing, perhaps even enjoying it somewhat; he didn’t pull away from Matt’s caress. maltepe escort Matt rather longed to run his hand up under his shirt, and feel his muscles bared, but wasn’t certain that would be a good idea just yet. He’d gotten good over the years at telling just how far he could go with someone before they felt too uncomfortable, and that seemed like it would be pushing it right now. He knew his partner needed to have some sort of relief tonight, else he wouldn’t have let him go this far, but as for what he was willing to put up with, Matt still had to figure that out.

He ran his hand down Justin’s side, fingers just barely slipping under his belt, touching his hip, the hollow where it met his groin. Justin went stiff again, his breath hitching, but didn’t pull away this time. Matt withdrew his hand, trailing it over his belly-still outside his shirt-and taking note of the increase in the detective’s breath, how hungry his kiss was now. When their mouths parted, this time Justin even caught Matt’s lip between his own in a soft bite, taking in a shaky breath when Matt ran his lips along his neck. Matt could swear he even let out the slightest moan; Justin’s grip on his other hand tightened again, but this time not out of nervousness.

Matt ran his hand down until his fingers latched onto his partner’s belt; he paused long enough for their mouths to meet again, Justin letting out a soft guttural sound, before pulling his hand away from the buckle. He reached for the zipper instead, pulling it down and slipping his fingers inside his fly. He had just enough of a split second to feel the hardness just starting to swell there before Justin abruptly broke their kiss again, pulling back quickly with a startled gasp-Matt saw the blood drain from his face. He’d been expecting this; he let go of Justin’s hand to grasp his arm and stop him from scrambling to his feet, as it looked like he was ready to do. He made a point of letting his other hand fall still, though the stirring he felt between the other man’s legs didn’t abate.

When Justin didn’t break his way free, Matt pulled his hand out and cupped his face in his hands, making certain to meet his eyes, which were the size of moons. He leaned forward so their foreheads touched, their warm breath fanning over each other. Once or twice he’d had a partner too reluctant to do anything at all; those men would have been gone by now. Even with all the terror in his current partner’s eyes he could see the need there, even if Justin himself had no idea what it was he needed.

“We won’t do anything you don’t want to do,” Matt repeated himself, shaking his head slightly to emphasize the point. When Justin said nothing, he dropped his hand back down, again slipping it inside his pants, keeping the motion slow and careful to give him plenty of time to react should he change his mind. Justin’s shoulders hitched and he flinched when Matt’s fingers moved over the hardness forming there; Matt could plainly see the shame in his eyes, warring with desire, the latter of which seemed to be winning out, albeit only with a massive effort. He could tell from the tension in his body that his partner was literally forcing himself to sit still and not back away; Matt kissed his neck again, waiting until that tension abated somewhat, before slipping his hand inside the other man’s underwear now, at last touching him. Justin jerked at the touch, just a little, but didn’t pull away.

When their mouths parted again after a moment he whispered, falteringly, “I don’t think…”

Matt put a finger to his own mouth this time, making a soft shushing noise. “Relax,” he whispered; when Justin’s response was to furrow his brow as if in confusion or disbelief, Matt touched his face, offering him just the slightest smile. Justin blinked.

“Lie back,” Matt said softly, the tone of his voice firm enough to discourage indecision, but coaxing enough to be nonthreatening. When his partner’s response was to pause, still seeming confused, Matt repeated himself, “Relax.” He dropped his voice to a whisper, trailing his fingers under the other man’s chin. “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do.”

He could see a different look enter his partner’s eyes; almost a sort of chagrin at being found out, mixed with perplexity that Matt should understand his reaction at all. Matt leaned toward him, kissing his neck, moving his lips down to the hollow of his throat; Justin sucked in a breath, shaking slightly, but the near-snapping tension in his body abruptly loosened, and after another brief pause he at last sank back, Matt accompanying him, stroking his side-his hand now under Justin’s shirt, touching his bare skin without any sort of protest-but aside from this, being careful not to come on too strong, leaving him plenty of room to escape if he chose to. He kept their bodies several inches apart, rather than pressing against him, even though he was fairly certain by now that the detective wouldn’t fight kartal escort such a thing.

After several moments kissing and lightly caressing-Matt knew it was a good sign when Justin at last hesitantly touched him back, his fingers against Matt’s side at first nearly flinching away, then sinking into him slightly-Matt pulled away from his mouth, slowly drawing himself back while letting his mouth run down the other man’s throat, his chest-he could kiss him only through his shirt here, something he found regretful-down to what little bit of his abdomen was bared. He at last lifted his head to cast a surreptitious look at his partner. Justin still lay back, his eyes shut and head pressed back as his chest hitched, fingers digging into the pullout bed. There was a distinct bulge between his legs now. Matt slid his hand back into his pants-his partner again flinched, but held his place-and slowly caressed the hardness there. He heard Justin let out the slightest moan, and knew there would be no more protesting, no more hesitating or changing of minds.

He pulled his hand free to undo Justin’s buckle and loosen his belt. A light touch to his belly was all that was needed for him to lift his pelvis enough for Matt to draw his pants and underwear down to mid-thigh, though this was just a little bit impeded, considering how excited he already was. Matt stared for a moment at his penis thrusting into the air, admiring it and again feeling a twinge of sympathy that he should be so in the closet. He caressed his partner’s thighs, running his hands up to where his legs met his groin, longing to see him completely naked-the way the dark hair around the detective’s shaft tapered up toward his belly and out of sight under his shirt made him ache-but knowing he could settle for this for now. Being patient was everything; even if he ended up not coming himself this time, his patience was likely to pay off the next time. He was willing to wait for a good thing.

His fingers trailed over his partner’s testicles, lightly touching the base of his penis, preparing him for what was to come. Justin’s reaction was to arch his back so his head pressed back further against the bed, cutting off the soft noise that arose in his throat. Matt took the signal and leaned down to take the thick shaft into his mouth. He was prepared enough that the way the detective cried out and jerked upwards didn’t catch him offguard; he clasped Justin’s bared hips to hold him in place, and after a second or two his partner relaxed and sank back to the bed, and Matt began to work at him, mouth sucking, running his tongue up and down the other man’s quivering heat, up and down, up and down, until Justin moaned and started to move as well, arching, tensing his buttocks so he pressed up into Matt’s mouth as deep as Matt could take him, relaxing to sink back, arching upward again.

For a while Matt watched how he dug his fingers into the bedclothes, twisting the fabric with each slow thrust; it was another good sign when one hand moved to Matt’s head, his lover’s fingers tangling in his hair, pulling him downward just slightly to urge himself deeper. Matt touched his hand and it fell back to the bed; he slipped his own under the detective to clasp his buttocks as they tightened, taking him as far back in his throat as he could. Justin shuddered and let out a long, low cry; Matt enjoyed the sound, feeling the ache between his own legs, an ache that would just have to go unsatisfied for now. He was willing to wait.

He wouldn’t have expected the act to last very long at all, what with how much need he sensed, but his partner held out longer than he’d thought he could, and he was rather impressed. He supposed it came with being so frustrated for so long. Despite the lack of reciprocal stimulation, Matt liked listening to the sounds he let out, feeling the way his muscles tightened and relaxed and tightened again; sometimes, bringing another person such pleasure was reward enough in itself. He’d always prided himself on his ability to bring his lovers pleasure. To this day he didn’t have a single ex who resented him for anything-picking up on the emotions and desires of others, and being able to act on them appropriately, was his skill. He mentally compared what he was experiencing now to what he’d witnessed earlier, his partner retching into an alley garbage can, and felt just the slightest twinge of satisfaction that he’d made him come so far.

His thoughts drifted back to the present as the other man’s motions started to increase in speed, his moans growing louder, and he knew at last the time had come. Sometimes, his lovers preferred to draw things out as long as they could; he knew that wouldn’t be the case here. Drawing things out with somebody so full of previously frustrated needs would do neither of them any good; ending things with his partner satisfied was the important thing. He didn’t fight it or attempt to slow Justin down when his thrusts upward grew quick, his hips jerking at Matt’s mouth; instead he admired the curve of his back as he arched, the look of the muscles and tendons tightening in his arms, the tautness of his thighs, the rise and fall of his ribs as his breath came in quick, violent gasps.

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