Meeting husband Day 01

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I settled into my new job working along side Maria. It is such a pleasure working with people that respect you and your boundaries. No crude language, no stares, no one standing behind you trying to look down your top, just do your job and everyone is happy. The only exception was when I had to walk the factory floor to deliver mail to another office. I had to look straight ahead as the guys liked to do a little cat calling. I didn’t know why, as I always dressed very conservatively, but I would find out after I met my husband.

I’ve been here two years now, had dates, but nothing that amounted to anything more than a short fling. I never went back to the strip club, I wanted that part of my life to be history. I was still working on my house, so I really didn’t have the time or energy to date. It takes a long time when you work and are trying to do as much of the finishing yourself as possible.

There was a yearly two week shutdown coming up and I was assigned to an inventory group with Maria. Maria asked me to drive to her house and ride with her to work. Then we would go to a local bar/restaurant, as a group from our area was stopping there. Her husband was to meet us there after he got out of work. Friday came and during inventory we were allowed to dress casually. I wore pants and a casual turtleneck top. When your area was cleared you could leave. We had two hard working hourlies with us and we were done by noon.

There was a wall separating the bar and eating area that gave about six feet of space. We gathered at one end of the bar facing each other.

The drinks were flowing and all were laughing and having a great time enjoying each others company.

About two hours into the festivities a man put his hand on my knee and asked if I could let him through. I didn’t realize I had blocked the walkway. I said I was sorry and turned to let him pass. When he returned he started talking to a couple of the men I was with. They asked him to join us and he did. Bob introduced Jim to us as an hourly he could always rely on when he needed a favor.

The group thinned down as some left to go home leaving a stool next to me that Jim could sit on. We talked as a group then all my coworkers left except Maria. We decided to move to etimesgut escort a table in the eating area as it would be more comfortable and easier to talk. We asked Jim if he wanted to join us as we waited for Maria’s husband. To my delight, as I liked him, he accepted with a smile.

We talked about our lives and Jim said he had just received his divorce papers.

I was happy to hear that, as we hadn’t discussed our living situations and he wasn’t wearing a ring. I said I was too busy working on finishing my house to have gotten married. Jim told us he had been killing time helping his sister and brother-in-law paint walls and stain the woodwork in the house they just had built when they moved back to the area.

I just blurted out without thinking, “why don’t you come and help me paint and stain?” I didn’t even know where he lived.

Jim asked where I lived and when I told him he said he lived in the next town and he would be happy to lend me a hand. I didn’t know what to say but luckily Maria’s husband arrived.

We introduced Jim to Gary. Gary said he was starved and wanted to go down the street to their favorite watering hole. We got up and Gary asked Jim if he wanted to join them. Jim accepted the invite, I was glad it came from Gary. As we were leaving Maria told me to ride with Jim. I was hesitant and Jim sensed it saying,” Come on, I won’t bite.”

My ride with Jim was uneventful, he didn’t make any attempt to touch me at all. I thought maybe he wasn’t attracted to me, after all, he hadn’t dated in months.

We arrived and to my surprise, Jim actually came around and opened my door. I hadn’t had a date do that before. I knew then that this was going to be a different kind of night.

The mood for dinner was light hearted and we enjoyed each others company. I could tell Maria liked Jim as he made her laugh easily.

It was late and Jim drove me to Maria’s house to get my car. Again, no physical contact. We stayed at their house for a night cap and I decided I needed to get bolder. I took Jim’s hand and asked him if he would like to follow me to my house. I explained he could check out what needed to be done and decide if he really wanted to get involved. I really didn’t mean etimesgut escort bayan the work! He readily said that would be great. Made me happy!

He walked me to my car, opened the door and gave me a light kiss on my lips.

My drive home was full of anticipation.

We entered my house and Jim immediately turned me around and looked deeply into my eyes with a big smile on his face. He said, “You really didn’t invite me here to look at the work, did you?”

I did but I also wanted a chance to talk to you a bit more by ourselves.

We walked around the house and I told Jim what my plans were for each room that wasn’t finished. It didn’t take long as there were only three rooms not completed.

After the tour I asked Jim if he would like a drink and wanted to sit and talk a little. He smiled and said sure but I can’t stay long as I have a meeting in the morning. I told him I had the electrician coming early to install the heater now that I’ve painted the walls in here.

I told him to have a seat and I’ll get our drinks. I came back and he had seated himself at the end of my sofa. I sat next to him but not too close. I didn’t want him to think I was invading his space. We talked and I refilled our drinks, each time sitting a little closer. We seemed to really hit it off. He was extremely witty and made me laugh. Something I hadn’t done much of lately.

When I came back with the next drink I sat very close to him and he put his arm over my shoulder. We looked at each other and embraced in a very deep kiss. It was like fireworks going off for me. No one had ever made me feel that way. Soon we were laying next to each, other making out like a couple teen agers. I know this sounds strange, but I believe I fell in love with him right then.

It was getting late and I knew if something was going to happen I had to make a move. He had not touched me sexually at all but I could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against me. It was the middle of the summer and was quite warm. I didn’t have AC so I asked Jim if he minded if I opened a window to let some cool air in. He agreed it was rather warm. I got up, walked to the window and opened it. I turned around to see Jim looking at me escort etimesgut and I removed my top and bra. His reaction was priceless, what a smile. I wasn’t wasting any time and removed my pants and panties exposing my trimmed, very wet pussy.

Before I returned to the couch Jim had removed his clothes. His cock was at attention, not too big or too small. I knelt in front of him, taking his member into my mouth. He moaned very softly as I sucked on his shaft.

I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth, I wanted to feel the warmth in my pussy. I laid him back on the couch, after getting a sheet, And lowered myself onto his shaft. We humped wildly and soon we both came. It was a wonderful feeling as he pumped me full of his manhood. I collapsed on top of him feeling his cock slowly go flaccid and slide out as I squeezed him with my pussy, my naked chest against his.

We laid like that for awhile then Jim said he hated to but really needed to go home. I walked him to the door, still nude, and told him not to forget dinner tomorrow. He bent over and sucked my nipples telling me he would be here at 5.

I moved back to the living room and stood in the window, making sure he could see my naked body as he left. I didn’t care if my neighbors could see me.

I returned to the couch and laid down on the still warm sheet, thinking about what had just happened. As I closed my eyes I played with my nipples, thinking about how Jim had just sucked on them. I needed to shower and go to bed but I thought I would just lay there a little longer and enjoy myself, then clean up.

I awoke to a touch on my shoulder. I had fallen asleep nude on the couch. The electrician, who had a key to my house so he could work when I wasn’t there, was standing over me. There was also a man I had never seen before with him to help. I grabbed the sheet and tried to wrap up in it but I was laying on it so I had to stand up, completely nude, to try and cover up.

He said he was sorry but had called out to see if I was home and got no reply.

He said he’d come back if I wanted them to leave.

I told him no, it was ok. I said I knew you were coming this morning and it was my fault you saw me this way. My nipple was still partially exposed as I hadn’t covered myself very well in my rush to cover up and the other man was starring at me. I went to the bathroom to shower and looked in the mirror and noticed my pussy was still exposed. No wonder the guy was starring!

As I showered I couldn’t help but wonder how long they were looking at me, laying there naked.

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