Meeting Her Halfway

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This is a true story. Only the names have been changed.

* * * * *

Lisa called me when she crossed the state line to let me know she had flashed the tollbooth attendant. “Lucky bastard,” I said, but Lisa giggled and told me the attendant had been a woman. Then she told me she now had one hand down her pajama bottoms and one hand on the wheel, and was masturbating hard while pushing eighty down the turnpike. It excited me to know she was this turned on, but I worried that she might get a ticket, or, worse, have an accident, so I asked her to take it easy, and reminded her that we had all weekend. Lisa just moaned in the dirtiest way possible and told me she’d just come while passing Exit 189. I was three exits away, and my heart skipped a few beats in anticipation of finally meeting Lisa in the flesh.

We knew each other from the ‘net. I’d posted an ad at Nerve, and she had written me there a few days before. We’d clicked right off, learning that we shared similar tastes in music, film, books and sex. We got together via IMs, and talked until late at night three nights in a row. And we made each other come with a nearly endless flow of words. Then we moved on to phone sex, and had spent the night before laying naked on our respective beds, fucking each other with our imaginations. That was when, between orgasms, we began to make plans for some skin-to-skin contact. We lived about three-hundred miles apart, and so agreed to split the distance, both of us heading out at roughly the same time on Friday afternoon. I would find us a room at a motel by the highway, and Lisa would come straight to my door.

And so, by six o’clock, I was sitting by the phone in Room 119 of a motel in Hampton, a town that otherwise seemed to consist of a diner, a feed store, a gas station and not much else. I had called Lisa as soon as I arrived, and she called me back about every ten minutes, to let me know her progress. When she told me she had at last seen the sign for Hampton, I jumped up and ran for the vending machines in the breezeway. I’d brought a cooler with beer, of course, but thought I’d take this chance to stock up on soft drinks and ice. After all, we might be tied up in bed for a while….

Lisa had jokingly suggested that I ought to be naked and sprawled on the bed when she arrived. But I was a little nervous, though I had met a few online friends for some offline fun before. So, I stayed dressed, despite how much my eager cock pressed against my jeans, and I passed the remaining minutes watching softcore porn on the room’s nice new television (Shannon Tweed was once again showing some lucky young stud her impressive tits).

Soon enough, the phone rang and Lisa said, “Hey, guess what? I just got off the turnpike and now I’m sitting at a light. That’s the motel, right?…I can see the sign,” and she described the half-moon logo I could see outside the window. “Yes, that’s us,” I told her, and she replied that she’d just licked her fingers and they tasted like pussy. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard,” she said, laughing like a demon.

And then, bahis firmaları just a couple of minutes later, I heard a car pull up and an engine rev once, twice, then rumble into silence. I heard someone drop their keys, then heard a woman giggling as a car door was slammed shut. After a moment or two, there was a knock on the door, and I opened it to find Lisa standing barefoot in front of me, wearing only a big black sweater and a pair of olive flannel p.j. bottoms. She smiled and said, “Hiya, lover.” And I stood aside, speechlessly inviting her in with a sweep of my arm.

She was sexier than her picture. Which was nice, because you never know if the physical attraction is going to be as good as the long-distance mind-fuck. She wore her dark red hair long and kind of messy, which I liked. Her eyes were green and sparkled with mischief. Her lips were full and wine-colored and eminently kissable.

After we stood apart for a moment and looked each other up and down, Lisa threw her keys onto the dresser and, crooking her finger, said, “Come here.” My nervousness evaporated in a tide of pure lust, and I reached to embrace Lisa, who stood on her tip-toes to give me a deep slow kiss. I ran my hands up under her sweater and caressed the soft skin between her shoulderblades. Lisa, meanwhile, felt down the front of my jeans and pressed against my hardon, while letting her tongue roam playfully up and down my jawline and neck. Then she pushed the waistband of her pajama bottoms down her hips, kicking them into a corner when they fell completely off. As she’d promised on the phone, she wasn’t wearing panties, and I could smell the rich perfume of her excitement as she guided my fingers into her sopping-wet cleft. With my free hand, I fumbled open the buttons of my fly, and Lisa reached in and pulled my cock out of the slit in my boxers. I lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it into the space between the bed and the wall, where it would stay for the next few hours. Then I stood very still and watched Lisa’s mouth meander down my body until it closed in a perfect O around the swollen head of my erection.

She didn’t suck me hard or long enough to make me come. Instead, she slowly explored my cock, visiting every bump and ridge and pulsing vein with little butterfly kisses. She paused once to pull off her sweater, and I melted to my knees on the floor before her and lovingly played with the dark chocolate drops of her erect nipples. She covered my shaft with saliva, then sat up to stroke it nice and slow while we kissed. I held her close and felt her small breasts go flat against my skin, then I let my hands wander down her ribcage and the curve of her hips and finally under her beautiful round ass. Suddenly impatient for a rough hard fuck, I lifted her up and let her fall back on the bed. Lisa giggled, then grasped her breasts and spread her legs wide for me. Her gorgeous cunt was pink and red and glistening wet, as inviting to the tongue as a fresh ripe strawberry. But I would taste her later, after I had filled her with cream. I squeezed my prick firmly enough kaçak iddaa to make it weep big drops of pre-come, then rubbed the clear fluid all around her shaven mound. Then I leaned down and Lisa guided my cock home, and we touched each other in the closest way possible. She moaned as I slid into her juicy love-tunnel; I moaned as I felt her velvety muscles wrap me in a warm embrace.

And so, we rocked together in a nice fast rhythm. The bed creaked and thumped against the wall, the bedside lamp flickered and cast sexy shadows on the wall. I watched Lisa’s face as I dove deep into the lovely mystery of her cunt. She snuck a hand between our bodies and trapped her clitoris between her fingers, while at the same time rubbing up and down on my pussy-soaked shaft. After a while, she suddenly grabbed a spare pillow and put it behind her head, so she could lean forward and play with my ass. She knew from all the virtual sex we’d shared that I loved to have my asshole rimmed during a fuck, and she obliged with a spit-covered finger while I bent low to kiss her sloppy and hard.

Pretty soon, I noticed Lisa was keeping her eyes shut tight and that she was biting down on her lower lip. I felt the bright warm glow in my balls that presaged an intense explosion of cum. We pressed against each other with every thrust, Lisa’s engorged clit riding like a marble down the wet slope of my hardon. She moaned out loud and grabbed my ass with both hands, pulling me in as deep as I could go. I watched the quick beat of her pulse as it thrummed in her throat. I felt the soles of her feet rubbing my calves as we rushed on together toward a massive O.

Holding back with all my strength, I waited for the telltale spasm of Lisa’s pussy before letting the tide take me into heaven. My balls grew hot and quivered, my asshole clenched tight against a too-early flood of pleasure. Fortunately, I didn’t have to restrain myself for long, and when I felt Lisa’s cunt twitch, I shouted and bucked into her, releasing wave after wave of jism to mix with the flowing honey of her climax.

It was incredible. When I glanced over at the clock, it was less than ten minutes after Lisa had first come in the door. I could’ve sworn we’d been at it for hours. If this was what I had to look forward to with my new lover, I thought, then I was luckier than I deserved. I stayed inside Lisa for a while, letting her juices seep out and down my balls to make a puddle on the comforter. We looked into each other’s eyes, and kissed soft and slow. Then, feeling lost in an erotic wonderland, I slipped out of her snatch, which made a funny little sucking sound at my departure. We both laughed quietly at that, until I was too busy with my mouth to laugh.

I have always liked tasting a freshly-fucked pussy. And, though I knew from experience that many women are really sensitive down there after making love, I still felt a strong urge to pay a visit southward. I settled between Lisa’s legs while she played with my hair, and I began to trace the delicate margins of her vulva with a curious fingertip. Then I bowed kaçak bahis my head and began to lap up my own cum, which was smeared all over the petals of her sex. I sucked at the thin milk that trickled out of her slit. I kissed her tender love-bud, while breathing deep the precious scent of her no-longer-hidden treasure.

And so we lay, until sunlight faded from the curtained windows, to be replaced by the amber glow of streetlamps in the parking lot. As I licked Lisa’s cunt, I felt her begin alternate between tension and a squirmy kind of restlessness. I let my tongue search the folds and valleys of her netherlips, then wet my finger and teased the pink starburst of her netherhole. I french-kissed her pussy until I could detect the subtle change in scent that meant she was becoming aroused again. Just then, Lisa pulled at my hair and said, “Get up here, I want to suck your cock.” And I obliged, laying down beside her so that my revived erection thumped against her chin and her sex opened wide under my mouth. She tongued my shaft and balls and lubed up her finger to let it slip, a little at a time, into my welcoming ass. I sucked and nibbled at the little knot of her clit, playing all about the silky gooseflesh of her hood.

Eventually, I rolled over on my back, pulling Lisa on top of me, and she deep-throated me until her saliva leaked out and covered my belly and thighs. Meanwhile, I was totally buried in her snatch, and was loving the feel of her dewy petals as they rubbed frictionlessly against my cheeks. I wanted her to come on my face, and I ate her out as enthusiastically as I had ever eaten anyone. She seemed to feel the same about my cock, and sucked it long and hard with her talented mouth, while stroking the base in just the right way with her hand. I would never have thought I could come again so soon after that first huge O…and yet, my balls were tingling with bright hot sparks of energy. I gave in to the feeling, and fucked Lisa’s mouth while she rode up and down on my greedy tongue. I knew it wouldn’t be long now….

Just when I felt like I couldn’t hold back my cum anymore, Lisa closed her mouth on my dick and moaned deep in her throat. She pressed her body into mine, mashing her breasts into my stomach. Then I felt her cunt spasm once, then twice, then flutter like a racing heartbeat against my mouth. God, I loved that, and was for a moment lost in amazement over the strength of her orgasm. But only for a moment, because my cock suddenly throbbed and twitched with the first pulse of my own O, and I felt this intense rush of pleasure flow up my spine and down my legs. My cockhead fountained with thick streamers of cum, which splashed against Lisa’s face as she laughed and groaned at the same time.

A little later, when we had both calmed down a little, we moved around on the bed so that we were facing each other cock-to-pussy, nipple-to-nipple, mouth-to-mouth. I licked my semen off Lisa’s face while she licked her own juices off mine. Then we kissed and shared each other’s taste. After that, we lay still for the next hour or so, talking quietly about all kinds of things until we drifted off together into sleep.

And, that was just on Friday night. Perhaps next time I will tell you about Saturday and Sunday, if you want. Until then, sweet dreams..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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