May Day Celebration

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It was hot when I got to his place. Right when I got to the door, the power went out. I was thinking “oh-oh, maybe it was an omen of some kind.” As it turned out, we created quite a bit of electricity of our own. Who knew that this May Day was going to turn out to be one hell of a fucking night.

He had told me that he had something planned for me, accompanied by the sound of flesh being hit with something hard. Hmmmm…. I can write about it, but experiencing it firsthand … well, that would definitely be something different.

After we said our hellos, he came up behind me and held my upper arms together behind my back as we stood in front of the mirror. Seeing our reflections in the mirror, I wondered if he could see how taut my nipples were, if he knew how wet I was. He kissed me, bit the back of my neck, sending shivers of electricity through my body.

He guided me into his bedroom and nudged me face down on the bed as he teased me, nuzzling his face in my pussy through my clothes. I wanted him to take me right then and there, I was so turned on. But he took things slowly, directing the scene.

He had started to read my writing project during the week, reading nine pages that kept him hard. Now he started to read aloud from my writings as I sucked his cock, acting out the words that I had written.

I wanted to swallow him whole, greedy for his cock in my mouth. I could taste the prelude to his cum. I wanted more, got greedier for more. I wanted to kiss and lick his asshole, that musky taste and smell that is him.

The power came back on – he sat on his chair and continued to read from my writings. I sat between his legs so that I could work his cock with my mouth and tongue. ümraniye escort

I wanted to touch myself I was so wet, but didn’t want the distraction. How much would it take before he would stop reading? I pushed his legs up so that I could lick that puckered mouth of his. Finally, he stopped reading.

We continued the exploration of each other’s body. His nipples were hard, I sucked on them, gently grinding them between my teeth, tugging at them with my lips, wanting to take him just to that edge. I pushed his legs up higher so that this time I could fuck his ass with my tongue.

I pushed in as far as my tongue could go. I wanted to go further still. He turned around on his knees for me. I parted his cheeks with my hands so that his asshole would be totally exposed to my intruding tongue. His moans fueling my own lust. I fucked him with my tongue, pushing in as far as I could.

He explored my pussy and found my clit. The moment he touched me, I was so ready to come from listening to his moans of delight. Working my pussy with his mouth and tongue, teasing my rosebud, I went to a place deep inside my mind, not wanting release even as my body was racing to that end.

I wanted to feel him inside of me, and as he penetrated my throbbing pussy, I felt as if I was being divided into two. My pussy taking him in all the way, like my mouth.

His cock banging at the wall of my cervix, feeling like I’m going to explode. I like it when he takes me hard, when he pounds my pussy with his rock hard cock, bucking against my body, his balls tapping against my sex.

May Day. The Festival of Beltane. Pagan celebration of life and sex. And we were indeed celebrating.

I have kartal escort a definite oral fixation and he provides me the tool to satisfy that craving. And as we sat watching TV, I started to caress his cock again, taking its softness in my mouth until it became fully engorged. I watched him watching me suck his cock.

He said that I had been bad and needed to be spanked. Of course, I disagreed. Me bad? Never! He had spent time preparing for tonight and I didn’t want to admit it, but it was turning me on.

He bent me over on the footstool as he bound my wrists and legs, my ass wide open to him as his had been to me. I hadn’t been sure how I would feel being bound up in this way. Did I trust him? For the time being, I did.

When the first smack landed, I was shocked. An anxiety over when the next smack would land stayed with me. Or was it anticipation? When he caressed my stinging skin with the paddle, it was intensely erotic.

Bare ass alive with like rows of stinging needles. And when he licked it, kissed it, my mind didn’t know which sensation to process, the pain or the pleasure.

He placed a dildo in my mouth for me to suck. I remember this one, I knew where this one was headed. But again, not being able to see gives me that edgy feel. I could feel the drizzle of lube on my ass, could hear him applying more on the dildo.

He started to fuck my ass with the dildo. My ass was tight and finally relaxed, as he slowly, gently penetrated my ass deeper still. So many feelings, sensations –mind almost in overload not knowing what to process.

I could feel the shape of the dildo as it made its way through my asshole. He took me from behind – his cock in my pussy, maltepe escort the dildo firmly up my asshole, the feeling of fullness overwhelming. My body was being assaulted with sensations I had never experienced.

He pulled out and proceeded to replace the dildo in my ass with his own rock hard erection. As his head started to penetrate my asshole, I thought I was being split in two.

Groaning in pain, tears stinging my eyes, my cheeks still smarting from the spanking, my pussy still throbbing – so incredibly turned on. Processing, sending my mind away from the pain, just living in the sensation.

Still pumping into my ass, he reached around to stroke my clit, easing his cock further into my ass, pleasure mixed with pain. I started bucking against his body, driving myself further onto his cock. Harder, deeper, faster.

I’d been bound long enough. He helped me up to the bed. I lay on the bed as he went to clean up thinking on what just had happened, my ass and pussy still throbbing with the same memory.

He started to fuck my pussy again, continuing the division that had begun with my ass. I wrapped my legs tight around his body, rising up to meet his thrusts, to drive him further into me, riding the waves of orgasm over and over again as he began to ride his own climax.

Then it was my turn to explore his ass. I kissed and sucked on his rosebud, pushing his ass up higher so I fuck his ass with my tongue again. I lubed him up as I inserted first one finger into his asshole. As I slid one finger back and forth, I inserted another one slowly, stroking his p-spot all the while.

I wedged myself under him to suck his cock while my fingers continued to fuck his ass. As he took his cock into his own hands, I kept my fingers in his asshole, rubbing his sweet spot, licking his balls as he jerked himself off, cum exploding all over my stomach.

It was definitely a celebration of fucking that would make any deity proud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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