Mark and Dinah: Canoeing

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Dinah and Mark lifted the canoe off the truck and carried it down the path leading from the parking lot, through the trees and down to the lake. Lake Tahoe was nearly perfectly flat and the sun beat down on the windless beach. Sunbathers lay scattered on the sand while children played in the shallow, cold, clear water. Picturesque mountains showing thick forest, bare granite and occasional patches of snow surrounded the startling blue water of the lake. “Gonna be a warm one,” Mark said.

“Better than the howling hurricane we paddled through last time,” Dinah answered.

They headed back up the path to get the paddles, water bottles, pfd’s, and picnic lunch they had packed in the back of the truck. It was late morning and the parking lot was rapidly filling. A compact car carrying what appeared to be a brand new red kayak had parked next them and a woman was trying to wrestle the boat off of the rack. She was fairly short, but looked fit and appeared to be in her thirties. She had long brown hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, and was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and sun hat.

Mark, fearing for his vehicle, offered to help her. She acquiesced and he easily lifted the small craft off the car and carried it over to the side of the parking lot. By the time he returned Dinah and the kayaker were deep in conversation as they unloaded their respective vehicles. The woman had extracted her paddle, pfd, and water bottle, thanked Mark for the help, bade them a good day, and started off down the path.

“She just got the kayak,” Dinah told him, “and has never been in one before.”

Mark raised his eyebrows, “Hmmm” in a not so interest manner.

They took a few minutes packing their gear before closing and locking the truck. As they got to the edge of the parking lot the woman reappeared, panting slightly, apparently having jogged up the path. “I set my stuff in your canoe for a few minutes, I didn’t want any of the kids to play with it. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No problem,” Dinah said, watching as the woman resumed her wrestling match with the kayak. “You want some help with that?”

“No, I can get it,” the woman insisted as she fell onto her butt.

Mark bent down and picked up the end of the kayak by the carrying strap, shifting the paddle he was carrying to the other hand. “Just grab the other end and we’ll get you down to the water.”

“Thanks, again,” she said, “My name’s Jane, by the way.”

“I’m Dinah, and this is Mark,” Dinah offered. “So, what made you decide to try kayaking?”

“Just something that looks like fun,” Jane said. “It doesn’t look like it should be too hard. I saw some people doing it when I went rafting.”

“Doing what?” Mark asked, suggestively.

Dinah kicked him then asked, “Where did you go rafting?”

“On the American River, near Sacramento,” Jane said.

They reached the beach and Mark set the kayak down then began loading his gear into the canoe.

“How do you do this?” Dinah asked as Jane opened the kayak’s hatch and withdrew a cockpit skirt.

“This goes on around your waist to keep water out, then I guess I get in and paddle.”

Mark offered, “If you haven’t kayaked before I’d recommend leaving the skirt off, just in case you roll over, it’ll be easier to get out. Can you swim?”

Jane pondered this for a bit then shoved the skirt back into the hatch. “Yeah, I can swim.” She then dragged the boat out into about waist deep water and put one leg into the boat. When she followed with the other leg the boat rolled over and Jane popped up sputtering. “Geez this water is cold. How am I supposed to get into this thing?”

Mark had her bring it back to the beach. With just the bow in the water he indicated Jane to get in. Once she was ensconced within the craft he handed her the paddle. “Balance the paddle across the cockpit then push yourself out into the water with your hands.”

Jane tried it and a few seconds she was floating in a few inches of water. “Try paddling around in shallow water before you go any deeper,” Mark said. He and Dinah watched as she paddled down the beach then carefully turn and paddle back.

“I knew it wouldn’t be hard,” she said proudly as she slid the boat back onto the beach.

Mark and Dinah put the canoe into the water, “We’re just going to paddle down along the shore a ways,” Dinah said, “You can come with us if you want, it may be a good idea to have some help nearby if you flip again.”

Jane agreed it was a good idea and they set off on course parallel to the beach. The paddled for a while with Jane experimenting with her paddle, turning this way and that before returning to the side of the canoe. “This is fun,” she said brightly.

After an hour they came across a small beach surrounded by a cliffs and thus not easily accessible from the land. “Wanna park and eat?” Mark asked.

“Sure,” Dinah said, then turning to Jane, “Would you like to join us for a bite?

“That sounds good, if you’re sure you have enough.” Jane said.

The antalya escort two boats slid up onto the beach and the three got out. Spreading a blanket on the ground they pulled out their food and began eating.

“I should have brought some food,” Jane said, “I’ll need to remember that for next time.”

Dinah and Jane began a conversation in which Jane explained she had been married but had now been divorced for almost six months. She complained how difficult it was to have a social life, all her friends had kids, she hadn’t been able to meet any men, and so on. Mark was amazed at the amount of information the two woman passed between them is so short a time.

“Where are you staying tonight?” Dinah asked.

“I figured I’d just get a room at one of the cheap hotels, I don’t want to spend a bunch.”

With a sidelong glance at Mark, Dinah said they had an extra room Jane could use if she’d like. Mark gave her grimace; this would interfere with his plans for the evening. Dinah would need to be quiet in her lovemaking.

“Thanks, but I wouldn’t want to intrude,” Jane said.

“Just in case you can’t find a room, here’s our phone number,” Dinah said, handing her a scrap of paper with their number scribbled on it.

They finished eating and repacked the boats. Jane set out with no problems and with the slight tailwind they made it back to the beach in under an hour. Mark helped Jane load her kayak and, after the canoe was racked they said their goodbyes and separated.

As they neared the house Dinah’s phone rang. As Dinah talked Mark gathered it was Jane calling, this was confirmed as Dinah began giving directions to their house. After she hung up Dinah said, “Jane asked if she could stay with us tonight, the place she was planning on is full. She offered to take us out to dinner.”

Mark grumbled a bit but said it was fine with him. “You’ll need to be quiet tonight, though,” he said.

The two had unloaded the canoe and were just finishing emptying the truck when Jane pulled up. Again, Mark unloaded the kayak and set it in the garage as Jane and Dinah carted her suitcase into the house.

Once in the house Jane looked around, “This is great, way better than a dingy hotel room. Thanks so much. Where would you like to eat?”

Dinah smiled graciously, “I hope you’ll be comfortable, we’re glad to have you. You can have that room,” indicating the front bedroom. “We’ll let Mark choose where to eat.”

Mark jumped into the shower first then went into the bedroom. Shortly after he heard the shower start again.

When he walked into their bedroom and found Dinah naked, having just removed her clothes. He admired her for the umteenth time. Her red hair spilled down over her smooth shoulders. Her small breasts showed no sag and were topped with silver dollar size pink nipples. Her long smooth legs ended at the top in a cleanly shaved pussy. He glanced down the hallway, “Rats, if we didn’t have company I’d give you a proper ravishing.” He considered the running shower, wondering how long a shower Jane would take.

Dinah stepped towards him and kissed him. As her tongue plunged into his mouth her hand slid up under the wide leg of his shorts and grabbed his partially hard cock. She pulled his shorts leg up and extracted it, stroking it until it reached full hardness. She broke off the kiss, and smiling at him, sank to her knees before him. Keeping her eyes fixed on his she began licking his hardened shaft from the top of his balls to the head. Her tongue swirled around the head briefly before she took the whole shaft into her mouth; it’s head nuzzling into the back of her throat. She pulled back halfway and began sucking and toying with the head while one hand stroked him. The other hand was toying with his balls as he set his hands on her head and leaned his head back, enjoying the sensations offered by her expert mouth.

He lost track of time as she brought him closer to orgasm. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Jane emerged, wrapped in a towel. She glanced into the room as Dinah jerked her mouth off the rigid cock, meeting Jane’s eyes for split second before Jane averted her eyes and ran down the hall, “Sorry!” they heard her shout as her door closed.

“Yikes!” Mark exclaimed as he hurriedly closed the door, “Time flies … I thought you had just touched me.”

“I’ve been at it a few minutes,” Dinah said, rising.

As she stood Mark grasped her by the shoulders and led her to the bed where he guided her down onto her hands and knees on the bed. Dinah offered a weak, “We don’t have time,” as he plunged his tongue into her pussy. Dinah’s hesitance turned to moans, however, as he lapped at her, pushing the now freely flowing juices to her clit and swirling it around the erect nub with the tip of his tongue. He pulled his mouth away to “Ssssssh,” at her as her verbalizations of pleasure increased with the stimulation.

When her orgasm was imminent he stood and plunged his rock hard cock between the soft wet folds of her alanya escort vagina as he continued toying with her clit with his fingers. A loud “Ahhhhhhhhh,” escaped Dinah’s lips as Marks cock was embedded to it’s full length and her orgasm rushed through her. A few more strong thrusts by Mark and Dinah sagged forward, sliding off his cock. She took a few seconds to catch her breath then rolled over and moved to grasp his cock, intending to finish him with her mouth.

“Later,” Mark said, “That was just a prequel to what you’re going to experience later.” Laying down he began whispering in her ear, telling her in exceedingly graphic terms how she was going to suck him before he fucked her, hard. And how he was going to spray his cum on her breasts and face.

Again she reached for his cock, “I don’t want to wait, babe, I want to see you cum now.”

“We have company, it’s rude to keep her waiting,” Mark said.

A sudden embarrassed look crossed Dinah’s face, “Was I terribly loud?”

“No louder than usual,” he said, “but I’m fairly certain she thinks I was killing you.”

Jane jumped into the shower and Mark dressed and joined Jane in the living room while they waited for Dinah. Jane greeted him with shy smile and an embarrassed silence passed between the two for the next few minutes as they waited for Dinah.

She emerged from the bedroom, dressed in jeans and a white button-up blouse. Mark looked from her to Jane, who was dressed nearly identically. Both looked fantastic.

“Sorry for the wait,” Dinah said.

With a sly smile Jane said, “No problem, it sounded like you had a few things to take care of.”

“You know how men can be,” Dinah answered.

“Not lately,” Jane smiled as she stood. “Where’s dinner?”

Mark chose a new Mexican restaurant in one of the casinos and Jane sat in the back of the crew cab truck while Mark and Dinah sat in front as he drove to the restaurant. Dinah sat sideways in her seat as she and Jane carried on a conversation on various subjects during the short ride to the casino.

They started off the meal with Margaritas and, although Mark limited himself to one since he was driving, the women polished off the large pitcher as dinner progressed. Throughout the meal the talk ebbed and flowed about various subjects as the three became more comfortable with each other and by the end of dinner the sexual innuendos were flying.

When dinner was finished they walked out of the restaurant and strolled through the casino when they heard blues music emanating from one of the nightclubs within the casino. “Let’s go listen for a few minutes,” Mark suggested. The women were willing and they walked into the darkened club. A small band was playing music from a corner stage while several couples danced on the dance floor before them. They grabbed a booth against the back wall and the women ordered a few more drinks.

“Excuse us,” Mark said to Jane, pulling Dinah up and out on the dance floor for a slow dance. The alcohol’s effect was immediately apparent when Dinah wrapped her arms around Mark’s neck and drew him down in a passionate kiss that quickly had his cock firming up again. She ground her hips across his crotch; pleased at the effect she was having on him.

“Two can play the teasing game,” Dinah whispered to him. She went on to describe the blow job she planned on giving him when they got back to the house. As they walked back to the table she gave his now rigid cock a discreet rub. As he sat down she whispered in his ear, “You’ll need to be quiet, though.”

“Quiet about what?” Jane asked, remembering a similar comment earlier in the day and what it had preceded.

“Just secrets,” Dinah said, reaching her hand out to Jane. A faster swing song was starting and the two women made their way to the dance floor where Dinah and Jane took turns leading swing dance moves, their laughter making it’s way back to Mark. The two were holding hands as they returned to the table.

“Your turn,” Dinah said to Mark who took Jane out to the floor for another fast song. Their dance was a little quieter except for Jane’s squeal when Mark led her into a lift move. They returned to the table and Mark excused himself for a bathroom break.

“This is so much better than watching TV in the hotel room, thanks again,” Jane said.

“We’re delighted to have you,” Dinah said.

A slow song started and Jane pulled Dinah up to dance, passing Mark as he returned from the restroom. He slid back into the seat and watched as the two women danced close, talking and occasionally smiling back at him.

“Did you want to know what our secret was about?” Dinah asked.

“I kind of have an idea,” Jane answered smiling.

“Oh, yeah?” Dinah responded.

Jane leaned forward and whispered in Dinah’s ear, “About you two screwing your brains out when we get back.”

Dinah smiled broadly, “More specifically, the blow job Mark’s going to get.”

“Another one?” Jane exclaimed.

“We alanya rus escort didn’t exactly get to … finish that last one.”

“OH, I’m so sorry, I heard you guys and I figured … we should go now.” Jane stammered.

“No, no, no. He teased me then, I’m teasing him now. It’ll make it so much better.” As the song ended they walked back to the table where Mark was just standing. “You can help, dance this next slow song with Mark and flirt with him. I really don’t mind since I’m here.” Mark reached for Dinah’s hand as they reached the table but she deftly sidestepped and moved Jane towards him. “Jane wants a slow dance.”

Mark looked somewhat disappointed but took Jane by the hand and led her back to the floor. Jane looked back to the smiling Dinah who encouraged her with a nod.

Jane immediately leaned into Mark, leaning her head on his shoulder. His cologne filled her nostrils and she suddenly realized how she longed for physical relations. She glanced a Dinah when she was turned towards her. Dinah smiled and wiggled her body, signaling Jane to do the same.

Mark was a little taken aback as Jane melded into him. He looked over at Dinah and she smiled broadly at him. Seconds later he felt Jane rub her body into him and his erection quickly reasserted itself. ‘Jane must be able to feel that,’ Mark thought and tried to get some space between him and Jane, but she stayed close, rubbing herself against him, enjoying the feeling of his masculinity. When the dance ended Mark was glad for the dim light as he approached the table, his cock was rigid and must be poking out a foot, he thought.

Dinah stood as they approached, “I need to use the restroom,” she said. As she passed Mark her hand strayed to his crotch and gave it a gentle squeeze. “We’ll be back!”

Mark slid to the back of the booth as he watched the two walk away. His rigid shaft offered no indication of retreating and all he could think of was getting Dinah home. The crowd had thinned to just a few people sitting at tables near the band; there was nobody around at the back of the club where they were sitting.

A few minutes later Dinah and Jane returned, both smiling a little too much, Mark thought. He started to slide out of the booth but Dinah pressed him back in and moved in next to him. Jane slid in around the other side. Dinah’s hand immediately began rubbing his cock through his shorts. “Teasing’s fun, isn’t it,” Dinah said. Mark felt Dinah unzip his shorts and extract his hardened shaft. “Feels like it’s working, doesn’t it?” she said to Jane, almost as if Mark weren’t there. Mark was startled when he felt Jane’s hand grasp him as Dinah’s began tickling his balls.

“I think it’s working,” Jane said to Dinah, “I haven’t felt one this hard in a long time.”

“Go ahead if you want to,” Dinah said to Jane.

Jane scooted away a few inches and glanced around, then leaned sideways into Marks lap. He felt her mouth wrap around his cock and gently suck. There was no overture of licking or nibbling, she just took his shaft nearly to the back of her throat.

Mark looked at Dinah who smiled back at him. He set his hands on the table and leaned his head back as Jane started bobbing her head and wetly pumped his cock with her lips, tongue, and cheeks. Dinah reached out and turned his face towards her and kissed him warmly, “She said she hasn’t had a cock since months before her divorce, and I figured I could share.” She watched his face for a minute. “How’s she doing?”

Mark could only nod as Jane began moaning around his cock. Jane raised her head, allowing Mark’s cock to slide free. “Is this you I taste on his cock, from before we left?” she asked before taking it back in her mouth, her eyes meeting Dinah’s.

“I think it must be,” Dinah answered rubbing the top of her head.

“Will there be anything else?” the waitress asked from the opposite side of the table. She could see the brown hair bobbing in Mark’s lap, the redheads hand resting on it.

Mark was in no shape to answer, Dinah smiled up at her. “I think this will do it.”

The waitress smiled at Mark, “Have a nice evening,” she said as she laid their check on the table.

Dinah felt Mark begin slightly thrusting upwards. “Are you getting close?” Mark nodded. “Just relax,” Dinah said in a low tone, “Relax … hold it as long as you can, it’s going to feel really good…”

Marks thrusting stopped and he looked a Dinah through half-closed eyes. “Thanks, babe,” then his body jerked and a moment later Jane moaned. Mark’s body spasamed a few more times and Dinah knew he was emptying his cum into Jane’s enthusiastic mouth.

Mark sighed and relaxed, then felt Jane suck hard for a moment then swallow, taking all he had.

Jane sat up and kissed Mark, he tasted his seed in her mouth. “That was quite a load,” she said, “have you been saving it?”

Mark smiled as he tucked his softening cock back into his shorts. “Whew, I didn’t expect that.”

“I like to be surprising!” Jane said.

Jane and Dinah slid out of the booth and Mark followed a little slower. He paid the bill and they walked towards the exit. Their waitress and another one were standing by the exit, both obviously knowing what had been going on. “Thanks for coming!” one said, flashing a sparkling smile.

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