Mariah’s Gym Workout

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Adriana Chechik

It was one of those hot sticky days where the sun shone too brightly and the wind moved too slowly. Unfortunately for Mariah, her AC was broken and she continued to drive in the hot summer day with the sun laughing at her discomfort.

At the stop light, she noticed a fine looking brother with skin the color of a sweet Hershey’s kiss sitting in a convertible. She thought he was giving her the eye. “Yeah, he’s looking at me all right.” She thought sarcastically. “Looking at me all sweaty and gross and my muffin top with the extra fat roll.” Just thinking of the 20 pounds she had yet to lose made her even worse. Reluctantly she turned her head straight ahead and forced herself to stare at the red light. But she could feel him staring at her. After what seemed like an eternity the light turned green and she moved ahead fantasizing in her head about the sexy Hershey’s kiss man. After being on what seemed like auto pilot she arrived at her gym. “What for?” She lamented silently. It’s just me and my gut. It’s not like I’m ever going to get a guy anyway. At this point Mariah would of settled not even for a guy but for some good old fashioned no strings attached one night stand. Not that she was into that kind of thing. No, but hey a girl has needs. And I am one lonely puppy. Just as Mariah was about to cross the parking lot into the gym, she saw Mr. Hershey Kiss man, pulling into an empty space three cars down from her.

“Don’t drool you idiot.” Mariah berated herself. Just keep walking and then you can stare at him from the treadmill.

But then Mr. Hershey Kiss Man did the unthinkable he spoke. His voice was a rich baritone, that vibrated the hairs on her neck and made her tingle down low.

“Hey, wait a moment. I’d like a word with you.”

Oh great, he wants to speak with me. And all I can think about is how wet my panties are getting.

“I was trying to catch your eye at the light back there.”

“Uh-huh.” Mariah mumbled. Nice going Mariah. All you can think of is uh-huh. No wonder you don’t get any dates.

“I haven’t seen you at the gym before.” Mr. Hershey Kiss Man persists.

Mariah was losing herself in his arms feeling the way his hands cradled her butt. She blinked long and hard trying to focus on what he was saying. Apparently some sort of response was required. But she just stood there looking as stupid as she felt.

My name is Deon by the way.” Mr. Hershey Kiss Man offered.

“Hi.” Mariah breathed. Hi? Hi? Mariah thought. College educated and the best you can come up with is Hi? Man you are on top of your game today.

Mr. Hershey Kiss Man cocked his head to the side, as if puzzled by Mariah’s strange response.

“Well, I bet your used to the girls just fawning after you aren’t you Deon?” Mariah bit out. Oh great, antagonize the man.

“Well, I don’t have to beg.” If that’s what you’re wondering. Deon retorted.

“Humph.” Mariah snorted most haughtily. “Well, I’ll be going now.”

And with that Mariah turned on her worn tennis shoe hill and sashayed away with as much dignity she could muster.

Once on the treadmill Mariah turned up her MP3 player and pounded away. Trying to outrun her own thoughts. She saw Mr. Hershey Kiss Man aka Deon making his way to the weight room. From where was running she had a perfect view. She watched Mr. Hershey Kiss Man move from machine to machine. Apparently he was working on those fabulous arms today, because he had already done biceps, triceps, and the shoulder press machine. Deciding to give up for the day, Mariah forced the automatic cool down button on and went to the women’s locker room where she kept her bahis firmaları spare change of clothes. She stripped down to her birthday suit and was about to get in the shower, when she decided that she would reward herself and sit in the sauna instead. As she walked through the locker room to the Sauna Room she was fiddling with her MP3 player and missed the a very important sign that had fallen from it’s hanging spot.

Oh goodie the sauna is empty. Mariah reveled.

It wasn’t often that the women’s sauna room was empty so this was a real treat. She decided to be selfish just once and take up one whole bench. Making a pillow for herself with some extra towels, she unwrapped the towel that covered her and placed it on the bench for her to lay on. She finally found Bond on her MP3 player and laid stomach down with her eyes closed to enjoy some much needed peace and quiet.

Unbeknownst to her the sign that had fell to the floor read: Men’s Sauna closed for repairs today. Co-ed in the Women’s Sauna until repairs are complete. Please dress appropriately. Thank you. Management.

Deon had saw Mariah eyeing him while he was doing his reps in the weight room and he intended to have the last say. Unwilling to wait for her to come out the women’s locker room he decided that he would shower and change and see if he could catch up to her later. If not then maybe a simple bribe with the girl at the receptionist counter might work just to get her phone number.

Changing his mind Deon decided to sit for a spell in the sauna. Upon seeing the sign at the Men’s Sauna Room Deon contemplated if he wanted to walk down the dank alley like hallway that joined the locker rooms to where the Women’s Sauna Room was located. Well, he decided. Only if there is no one else in there. Upon opening the heavy wooden door, he was not surprised to find that it was not empty. He was about to leave when he actually took notice of what was there. He had seen his fair share of naked women. But this, although plain to look at, at first glance, had something that kept drawing him back. Closer inspection made him realize it was the girl form the parking lot. He felt himself begin to rise. She must be sleep he thought. He took in her butterscotch skin, the perfect roundness of her ass and knew that he must have her. He was hard and ready. He stood there for a moment watching her and then took action.

On the sign outside the sauna, he turned it over and wrote, CLOSED.

Just as he was shutting the door for the second time Mariah stirred. She had felt a breeze and it woke her. Unable to see far through the steam, Mariah, thought she was alone turned over on her back wiped her face of perspiration and laid back down on her back and went back to her nap, the sounds of Bond playing in her ears and thoughts of Mr. Hershey Kiss Man dragging her under.

Only knowing he didn’t want her to slap him or worse, Deon, cautiously approach the back of the room where Mariah slumbered. Her beautiful, brown breasts rose and fell with each breath. They started off butterscotch and ended up a deep chocolate. He could just taste it in his mouth now. His manhood throbbed with the need to be released. Throwing caution to the wind, Deon licked her right breast which was closest. Mariah moaned and smiled in her sleep.

Taking that as a sign of encouragement Deon, using his mouth only, bent down and begin sucking at her chocolate nipple in earnest. He watched as her other nipple became large and hard. And she begin to move arch her back. Silently begging him for more. Still only using his mouth Deon traced his tongue over to her other breast where he began sucking kaçak iddaa even harder than before. His manhood ached to be released. He imagined spilling his cum all over those brown breasts of hers and watching her lick it up.

Startled at the now intense sensations engulfing her, Mariah opened her eyes to find that her little fantasy had turned real and much to her chagrin she was enjoying herself. She started to scream. But Deon moved his mouth over hers and his fingers found his way into her warmth. She was already so slick. Mariah wanted to scream, wanted to be disgusted with herself but she couldn’t. All she could do was make little wanton noises in the back of her throat.

When Deon felt confident that Mariah wouldn’t scream he moved away. And moved her hand down to his hard dick. Mariah automatically wrapped her fingers around it and used the pre-cum to moisten the shaft. She thrust her hips upward as he turned his finger inside of her and began to coax her toward a climax. Mariah fought it. “No.” she whimpered unconvincingly.

“You don’t really want me to stop do you?” Deon asked.

“No.” Mariah was still fighting the feeling.

“You want me, just as bad as I want you.” Deon whispered in her ear.

“No.” It was the only word Mariah seemed to be able to force out.

“Just tell me to stop. And I’ll stop.” Deon assured her as he began to pull his finger out of her wet warmth.

“Nooo!” Mariah whimpered. “Please.” She panted.

Deon pulled his finger all the way out. Mariah sat up dazed. (For once in your life live a little, Mariah!)

Mariah leaned forward and kissed him. First as if she were scared. But then she grew bold and she let herself take advantage of those full lips of his. He cupped her breasts and they were full. He began to play with her nipples as she kissed him. Mariah stepped down on the bench below her and stood up so that his dick was pressed against her stomach. How her body ached for it. He broke their kiss and continued leaving reverent kisses down the front of her body as he groped for his gym shorts trying to reach his wallet and the spare condom he kept. When he finally retrieved it he stood back up and locked his lips upon hers again. Mariah heard the telltale rip of the condom package open as she stood up on her tippy toes trying to drink him in. In one deft move Deon had grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She obliged by wrapping her legs around his waist and they met. His hardness met her wetness and Mariah had only a split second to decide if she wanted to. After all this was crazy. Banging him like a common slut in a public place where she could get caught at any moment. But none of that mattered. All she wanted was Mr. Hershey Kiss Man inside of her. So in that moment she said yes. She lowered her waist and felt him work his way inside of her.

“You are so tight. You feel amazing.”

After working his length inside of her Mariah begin to move her body in earnest. She scratched his back trying to hold on. It had been so long since Deon had been in a pussy this tight. He could do nothing but concentrate as he continued long firm strokes inside of her.

Mariah had been so long deprived that she was working her hips and attempting to climax as if she might never get a chance again. She felt the first stirrings of a release building up inside of her and just when she thought she would spill her juices all down that thick long dick of his, he stopped.

(I’m so fat, I can’t even get a nut) Mariah lamented.

“Turn around.” Deon demanded.

Mariah obliged thinking woefully, (He probably doesn’t want to see my fat rolls)

Deon kaçak bahis ran his hands over her ample ass and tried to calm down. He whispered in her ear. “I want to make this good for you. At the rate we were going, I would of came too soon.” Deon crooned

Mariah didn’t know if he was lying or what but at this point she didn’t care and willingly spread her legs so that Deon could have easier access.

Deon took one look at Mariah’s perfectly round butterscotch ass spread in front of him and felt his dick throb with need. He smacked her ass. Now, Mariah was not usually into such things she deemed “kinky” but something about all the steam and a strange man made her reach out to new part of her personality. Instead of complaining she said “I’ve been a very bad girl.”

Deon smacked her ass again harder this time. “Say it again.” He demanded

“I’ve been a very bad girl.” Mariah said this time with more confidence.

Smack. Any harder and Mariah was sure that it would just plain old hurt. “I deserve a spanking.”

Deon begin spanking her using both hands to ensure he got maximum coverage of each cheek. He watched her ass shake from side to side as he punished her. Mariah begin to whimper. Deon reached around and begin to fondle her left breast as he kept spanking her hard with his right hand.

“Please..”Mariah begin whimpering. At please Deon took his thick long dick and shoved all of it into Mariah’s wanton pussy. She cried out from the force of it all and with her ass still vibrating from the spanking it was just the right amount of pain mixed with pleasure. It felt like his dick was reaching all the way up to her stomach. Mariah bent over until her hands were just in front of her toes. Deon continued to pump inside of her furiously. Mariah began wiggling her hips again attempting to keep up with Deon’s madman rhythm. And felt her own climax wash over her without warning. It took her fully by surprise and left so weak she could barely support herself. Deon came right after her and she could feel him thrusting himself deep inside of her. She knew she would be sore in the morning. Oh how she longed to have the feeling of his hot seed inside of her. She could feel her own juices running down her leg as Deon pulled out of her. They both sat down on the bench and Mariah back to being herself immediately put a towel in front of her as she wiped off traces of their intense coupling.

“Why do you cover yourself?” Deon questioned.

“Because I don’t want you to be grossed out.” Mariah replied promptly

“Baby, I’ve seen you and there is no way I am grossed out. You’ve got curves that most women only dream about and your ass is the most luscious thing I’ve ever touched. Your pussy is so tight, it’s hard to believe you’re a freak the way you are.” Deon complimented.

Mariah just beamed quietly.

“Well, I guess we better get out of here before someone else comes in.” Mariah said after a spell.

“I want to see you again.” Deon told her. “Wait for me outside the gym.”

Deon kissed her passionately before she left the sauna. After a few moments Deon quickly slipped out the sauna and made his way back to the men’s locker room.

Mariah showered while two other women made their way to the sauna.

Mariah was just coming out the shower and padding over to her locker when she heard one of the women say to the other.

“I can’t believe both sauna’s are closed for repair. Where does all our membership money go?”

“Girl, it’s not about it being closed.” The second women commented. “That sauna smelled straight like budussy.”

“Budussy?” The first woman questioned.

“Um, hmm. Bootie dick and pussy.” The second woman informed her. “Someone was getting their freak on up in there.”

As the women laughed, Mariah slipped out the locker room to go meet her new man.

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