Marge’s Awakening

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This is my story as I told it to the writer. There is a little bit of everything in it, including MFM, FMF, ANAL, WATER SPORTS, Group and FF.

Please, if any of these offend you, do not read it and give it a bad review.

All characters are over 18. All characters are disease free and the story takes place prior to Covid -19.


My name is Marjorie but everyone calls me Marge. I am in my early 40’s and single.

My life has always centered on being the best, as it was drilled into me by my parents who meant well.

From the time I started school to a year ago, I always had to be the best. In school I had straight A’s. In college I made the Dean’s list and when I went to work, I surpassed all my associates in moving up the ladder.

I never made time for relationships or made many friends. I dated a few times but I was always too busy. I did have a good friend in a co-worker, Gloria. She was married and often invited me to their house but I often declined as I saw myself as a third wheel and didn’t feel comfortable.

One night, when I was working late in my apartment, I had chest pains & drove myself to the hospital. After several hours and many tests, they said I didn’t have a heart attack and it was nerves and stress. They suggested that I see my doctor as soon as possible.

The next day I made an appointment with my doctor.

My doctor took a ton of tests and after a few days, I returned for my follow-up consult. He told me several things that opened my eyes.

He told me:

Marge, you have to lose at least 20 pounds, you are borderline diabetic, reduce your workload and stress, go to a gym, eat healthy and take a sabbatical and, If you don’t mind me saying, start enjoying life…there is more to life than work.

After a lengthy discussion, I told him he was right and I would follow his advice. The next day at work, I told my boss I needed to take a one year sabbatical. He said he would give it to me and that he would pay me for the time off, which was welcomed.

That weekend I put things in motion. I joined a health club, got rid of all my junk food, joined a gym and got a personal trainer to help me.

Over the next month I started seeing and feeling the improvements in myself. I lost 15 pounds, was eating healthier, dropped a few clothe sizes, and was no longer looking like a frump. I actually had a shape.

Within three months, I dropped 30 pounds and was now 120. My body didn’t look like a blob anymore and I felt great. I actually had a defined figure. I bought a whole new wardrobe and felt great about myself. I even dyed my hair blonde, got contacts and, I must say, looked terrific. On a whim, I went and had my pussy hair removed and, if I say so myself, it looked rather appealing. It was then that I decided to make up for lost time.

When I went to my doctor for my visit, he was astonished at my transformation. He congratulated me and told me to keep up the good work.

I finally decided to call Gloria and asked her to meet me for lunch. When she got to the restaurant, she didn’t even recognize me. I had to convince her it was me.

Over lunch, we talked about a lot of things and she asked if I was dating now. I said to her, “Gloria, that is one area where I need your help. Will you?”

She looked at me and replied, “Marge, you’re gorgeous. You should have no trouble getting dates. But, if you want my help, you got it.”

Before we left the restaurant, Gloria said she would call me soon.

A couple of days later, the phone rang at 8:00 a.m. as I was on my way to take my shower. I answered the phone and it was Gloria. I asked why she was calling me so early. Then she said, “What are you doing right now?”

I said, “I am on my way to take my shower. Why?”

She replied, “Perfect. I am having a pool party & bbq this Saturday and you are invited.”

I said, “And you called me this early in the morning to tell me?”

She answered, “Yes. You see it’s a ‘come as you are’ party, so you have to come in whatever you are wearing now.”

I replied, “Gloria, I am naked under the towel. I can’t go like that.”

She said, “Honey, I caught one guy naked and a girl naked and they are coming like that. You have to come in your towel.”

I replied, “Gloria, I’ll speak to you later about this. You’re crazy.”

I then went and took my shower. As I showered, my mind did some racing and my body tingled thinking of the possibilities at the party. I then decided to go.

Later that day, I called Gloria and told her I would go to the party in my towel. We laughed and she promised me a good time.

Saturday arrived and it was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. I didn’t have to be at Gloria’s until 2:00 p.m. so I had time to shower, put my makeup on and get my wardrobe for the party ready.

It was almost 1:00 p.m. and I was pretty well set. I packed a small bag with clothes that I would leave in my car as a necessity.

As I was just about ready, I could feel my nipples getting hard already. I put my large white towel keçiören escort on and snapped it securely for the drive over to Gloria’s.

By the time I got there, several guests were already there in various stages of dress and undress. Gloria introduced me to the guests and I found a lounge near the pool where I could be inconspicuous as possible.

As I sat there, one guy came out wearing his jockey shorts and I smiled to myself. He saw me and walked over and introduced himself as Rick. I asked him to join me as he sat down.

He said, “I like your outfit. I bet you were either going to shower or just came out of one.”

I said, “I was just going in.”

I asked him about his outfit and he said, “I was just about to remove them to go to sleep when Gloria called. A few minutes later, it would have been a lot different.”

We laughed and talked about the goings on.

One woman came out naked as did a guy. We laughed and watched them closely. They sure as hell didn’t mind showing what they had.

Rick and I chatted most of the time and after awhile, I could see Rick’s friend was stirring. I laughed and when he asked why I was laughing, I just said, “Your friend looks like he wants to join the party.” He looked down, turned red and stammered an apology and covered up.

I told him it was alright and he didn’t have to apologize or be embarrassed. He smiled and thanked me.

After we ate some delicious food, Rick said, “Gloria was right about you.”

I looked at him and replied, “What did she tell you about me?”

He replied, “Gloria told me you are a terrific person and transformed yourself into a beautiful woman. She told me I would like you and I do.”

I blushed and thanked him for the comment. Then, I don’t know why, but I said, “Your friend has been wanting to get out all day, I am ok if you let him out. After all, he would have company and I don’t think anyone would mine, especially not me.”

He looked at me and said, “To be honest Marge, you’re right. But I will if you would join me. Even under your towel, I could see your girls looking to get out as well.”

We laughed and as he let his cock out, I unsnapped my towel and let it fall free, putting my naked body out for everyone to see.

Rick then said, “Now, isn’t that better?”

I smiled and told him he looked terrific.

He replied, “Marge, you are incredibly beautiful. You are amazing. If I were a woman with your body, I’d join a nudist club to show it off.”

I smiled and thanked him and replied, “Rick, you’re not too shabby yourself. You should be proud.”

I continued, “Let’s do it.”

He asked me what I was talking about and I said, “Let’s you and I join a nudist resort. I wouldn’t mind being seen with you and both of us displaying our attributes,” as I laughed.

He replied, “Are you serious? I will if you will.”

I looked at him and said, “Rick, your friend is really excited now and I think he needs some personal attention.”

Rick turned red and excused himself as he left with my towel covering himself up.

A short time later, Rick returned with his friend a bit subdued. I could see a trace of his relief and I just smiled.

As the party started breaking up, I thanked Gloria and told her I had a great time.

Rick escorted me to my car and I took out my bag and started to dress as he watched me. He also put on his clothes. I then asked him if he wanted to come over for a nightcap and he said he would like that.

He followed me to my place and we spent almost two hours talking about everything over some wine. I told him my story and he told me his and we were both comfortable with each other.

I then made a decision and said, “Rick, would you like to stay the night?”

He looked at me and replied, “Look, that isn’t necessary. I do like you a lot and would love to stay, but you don’t have to.”

I smiled and said, “I think, no wait, I know, I want you to stay.”

He got up and took my hand and I led him to my bedroom. He pulled me to him and slowly undressed me until I was naked. He laid me on the bed and I watched him as he undressed.

He joined me on the bed and we immediately explored each other’s nakedness. Our mouths met, our tongues played together. His hands felt wonderful on my breasts. His mouth felt even better as he sucked my nipples. His hard cock pressed against my wet opening as I positioned myself for his entry.

In a second, his hard cock was in me. I pushed down so I could feel his entire length in me. He wasted no time in starting a rythm as he gently fucked me. My legs wrapped around his waist as I begged him to fuck me harder. Oh, his cock felt so good in me.

I started moving my body to try to match his thrusts. I started moaning and begging him to shoot his cum in me. As we kissed deeply, he thrust his cock once more and I could feel every spasm his cock made as he filled my cunt with his warm cream.

I begged him not to stop and asked him to keep his cock in me even after he came. keçiören escort bayan I remember falling asleep with his cock in my cunt, our arms embracing each other.

I woke up in the middle of the night and, as he slept, I eased my mouth over his limp shaft and started sucking his cock. In a short time, his cock rose to its fullest as I sucked him harder. I looked up and saw his eyes staring down at me, with a smile on his face. He held my face down as his cock filled my mouth. He then whispered he was going to cum. I squeezed his balls and he filled my mouth with his cum and I swallowed every drop. I then moved my mouth to his and we kissed, his cum still on my lips.

Before he left the next day, we decided on joining the nearby nudist resort.

The day after, he picked me up and we headed to a nearby nudist resort, took a tour, liked the place and joined.

We wasted no time in undressing and taking advantage of our surroundings.

We spent a lot of time walking the grounds and getting to know one another.

At this stage of my life, it felt nice to have a man by my side who didn’t judge me, even nicer that he was naked.

I just realized, you have no idea what we look like, so let me tell you some personal stuff.

I am 42, 5’6″, 120, blonde hair, blue eyes, 36c tits with fairly large nipples, firm ass and, as you know, a smooth pussy. As you know, I never married.

Rick is 44, 5’9″, 180, brown hair, hazel eyes, well toned body and a nice sized cock and balls, smooth too. He is a widower, retired after selling his business.

Now that you know that, it might be easier for you to know us better.

Let me continue…

In the beginning of my story, I told you I did date and yes, I did get laid and yes, I sucked cock so I am not a virgin. I just never made time for anything else. Of course I told Rick everything and he said he loved me and that was that.

We spent a lot of time at the resort and met some really nice people. The best part was that nobody judged anyone. It was funny, one day we were walking on a trail and Rick had to pee. I told him to go ahead but I wanted to watch. He laughed and held his cock as he started a steady stream of his golden liquid.

Over time, Rick and I grew very close and he eventually asked me to marry him. I accepted and we decided to get married at the resort.

I called Gloria and told her the good news and that I wanted her to be my maid of honor. I also told her that it would be a nudist wedding and she was thrilled with that.

The date for the wedding was set for two weeks from today. We made all the arrangements and decided to have our honeymoon at the resort.

Over the next two weeks, Rick and I enjoyed each other as often as we could, with no limitations. Then one night, right after great sex, he asked me, “Marge, you know I love you with all my heart and soul. And, I would do anything for you, anything. But I do want to ask you something personal. Now, you can tell me to get lost or you want to think about it or just say no. OK?”

I looked at him and replied, “You can ask me anything you want my love.”

He continued, “When I was married, my wife and I found it to be very stimulating in our relationship if others joined us. That being said, if you say no, I understand and would never bring the subject up again.”

I looked at him and replied, “Rick, you and your wife were swingers?”

He replied, “No, we weren’t swingers per se. But we did invite others to join us once and awhile, men and women.”

I was flabbergasted and stayed silent for a moment, then I said, “Honey, I don’t know if I could do that. Would you be terribly disappointed if I said no?”

Rick said, “Of course not. It was just a question that I wanted to raise to see if you would be interested. I love you no matter what.”

We then kissed, snuggled and fell asleep naked in each other’s arms.

During the night, I awoke and my mind couldn’t get his question out of my head. Was I being a prude? Did he need me to be with others? Would it jeopardize our marriage? Would I like it? I thought about it for the rest of the night until the sun came up.

In the morning, we had breakfast and I said, “Rick, I thought about what you asked me all night and if it means that much to you, I will give it a try. But, if I don’t like it, that’s it, over… understand?”

He looked at me and said, “That’s all I could ask of you.”

I replied, “Can we at least wait awhile after our honeymoon?”

We both laughed, hugged and kissed.

The wedding went off without a hitch and we enjoyed our honeymoon with new found friends.

A month or so later, we bought a house and settled into married life. I went back to work a new woman. Rick spent his time doing remodeling in the house and started a consulting business from the house. Everything was going great.

A year after we were married, one night in bed, Rick said, “Do you remember what we talked about before we were married?

I told him I did escort keçiören and he asked if I wanted to give it a try. I asked him what did he have in mind?

He said, “I’ll leave that up to you. You never told me if you were interested in women but I am ok either way. It’s up to you.”

I replied, “I never felt an urge to be with a woman and I know that I like cock, especially yours. So, if I had a choice, I would like to try you and another man first. But remember, if I don’t like it, no more…understand?”

He told me he did and would see what he could do.

A couple of weeks went by and he never mentioned anything so I thought the idea passed.

Our anniversary was coming up and on the day, he brought me flowers, cards, balloons and a special outfit to wear for a night out. He told me he made reservations at a fancy restaurant for dinner and dancing.

I showered and when I went to get dressed, there was a beautiful red dress on the bed for me to wear. There was even a red satin thong for me to wear.

I put on the thong and then the dress which required no bra and showed plenty of tit. The dress came well above my knees, something I don’t usually wear but I liked how it looked on me.

When Rick saw me, he smiled and said I looked exquisite.

We finally headed out to the restaurant. When we arrived, we were taken to a table in the corner for privacy, something I arranged beforehand.

The waiter, a tall, good looking chap, around, maybe in his mid to late 30’s, 5’10”, around 190, blue eyes, blonde hair and looked physically fit. He introduced himself as David and told us he would be our waiter for the evening.

Over the course of almost two hours, we ate and drank and enjoyed ourselves. At some point, a three piece band started playing music and Rick and I danced often.

By this time, David told us that his shift was over and he was leaving. I looked at Rick and then said, “David, you have been an excellent waiter. Would your boss allow you to have a drink with us now that you are off?”

He went and checked with his boss and came back with a big smile and told us that his boss told him he could.

He joined us at our table and we shared some wine. When the music started up again, He asked me to dance and Rick told me to go ahead.

The music was soft and slow and when he pulled me closer to him, I could feel the hardness of his cock pressing against me. He looked down at me and said, “You are a beautiful woman. I would love to make love to you. Your husband is a lucky man.” I just looked up at him and smiled.

Over the next hour, I danced with both men but when I danced with David, I pressed my body closer to him so I could feel his hard cock. My body tingled and my nipples hardened and David noticed.

When it was time to leave, I whispered to Rick, “You want to invite him over for a nightcap?”

Rick nodded a yes and said, “Hey David, would you like to come over and join us for a nightcap?”

David smiled and replied, “Only if I could dance with your wife some more.”

Rick yelled out, “OK.”

We left as David followed us home.

Wine started flowing almost immediately and I put on some soft music. David wasted no time in dancing with me. All I could feel was his huge cock against me and I knew Rick could see it.

Then Rick said, “You two look great together. But you guys don’t look comfy. Marge, why don’t you go put something else on so you could be more comfy? And David, unbutton your shirt and take your shoes off.”

I went inside and changed into my long sleep shirt that came down just above my knees. I still had on the thong and no bra.

David gave out a whistle when he saw me, as did my husband.

David pulled me to him and we danced slowly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rick watching us. My left hand slowly moved down David’s right side and my hand found his hardness. I looked at Rick who just smiled.

As we danced, I started grinding my pussy against his hard cock. Then, he kissed me. Our tongues met and his hands were all over me and I didn’t object or move away.

Rick yelled out, “Marge, make David more comfortable.” I looked at him and whispered to David, “David, my husband wants you and him to fuck me together. Were you serious when you said you wanted to make love to me? If you were, show me.”

In a second, David grabbed my shirt and ripped it off of me, exposing my tits and thong. Then he ripped off my thong and whispered to me, “That answer your question?”

Rick got up and the three of us went into the bedroom. Rick wasted no time in getting naked and when David removed his clothes, his huge cock stood straight out and his balls were very large.

We all got on the bed with me in the middle. In seconds, I had four hands all over me. Feeling my tits and ass. One mouth was sucking one nipple while the other one was sucking the other nipple. I was in heaven.

David mounted me first as Rick kept kissing me. In a second, David’s cock was deep inside me. I could feel my husband’s hands touching my cunt as David fucked me and I could tell he had his hand on David’s cock as it slid in and out of me.

Rick started telling David to cum in me. In no time at all, David unloaded a huge amount of cum into my cunt. As soon as he pulled out, Rick slipped his cock in me and shot his load in me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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