Magical Music Man Ch. 02

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The morning comes quickly. Ellie wakes up alone in her bed. The sun is just rising, peaking over the roof of the high rise building behind her own.

There is a serious ache in her abdomen, unlike anything she can remember. She thinks to herself about her periodical time frame. It was just a week ago. Not cramps. Odd. Ravenously horny? How is that possible?

Ellie’s head is banging also. She is recalling the previous evenings events. Oh yeah, Mic but, we only had a few drinks, nothing else happened… Did it?

Ellie slides out of bed, stumbles into the bathroom, slipping her t-shirt over her head and turns on the shower.

The steaming hot water rains down over her as her hands roam over her naked flesh. As her finger tips graze over her nipples. They spring to life. Perky and pink. She pulls on them and her mind begins to wander to the mysterious music man.

Ellie feels the pulsating between her thighs. She runs her hands down her tummy and touches the hot spot between her legs. She is wet. It isn’t the shower either.

She is picturing Mic staring at her. His eyes boring into her as she pleasures herself. What is it about this guy? Her fingers slippery with her cum, stroking her clit over and over. “Oh Mic”, she exclaims as she almost achieves an orgasm. Pushing herself, screaming out loud. She ends in frustration.

She shampoos and conditions her hair. Then begins soaping down. Her sudsy hands wandering over herself and then rinses off.

Stepping out of the shower as she takes the towel to dry off, she wraps it tightly around herself, all that is in her mind is Mic! “What the Fuck!?” she says out loud, with only herself to hear.

She turns on the early morning news and selects an outfit. A shorter than usual black knit skirt, a semi revealing blouse(dependent on how far up she buttons) and a pair of black heels.

Choosing her under garments her mind wanders off once again. “I wonder what color Mic would choose for me? Now, this is beginning to become ridiculous!”, she catches herself talking out loud to herself once again.

She dresses and applies a brown eye liner and a bit of mascara. Fortunately for her a bit of catwalk hair product is all that is necessary and she is heading for the door.

She snatches up her Louis V. bag. Ensuring her cell is handy, locking the door behind her.

Coffee is mandatory this morning. Making her way to the nearest Starbucks. She smiles at the barista from whom she orders her caramel machiato.

Taking it into her hands, trying to have the first scorching sip, her phone rings. Not recognizing the incoming number, she considers letting it go to voice mail but, picks up at the last moment.

Saying, “Hi, this is Ellie.”

The responding voice stops her mid stride.

“Hi Ellie.” Hs deep voice has her heart fluttering, “How did you sleep?”

“Honestly, I feel like I never went to bed and if I didn’t know better I’d swear I was hung over!” She didn’t know why she was telling him at all.

His laughter on the other end, has her giggling as well.

“I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same way” He states matter of factly and then continues with, “Ellie, I wouldn’t normally be calling you so quickly but, I have an extra orchestra section ticket to wicked for this “weekend”.”

Ellie suddenly finds herself flooding her panties as she gasps audibly.

He continues, pleased with himself. “Would you like to join me?”

Finding her voice, she struggles to say “Yes.”.

“May I call you tonight?” Mic asks.

Hoping to not sound overly anxious she only çankaya escort says “Yes.”

The day passes by with out incident. Although Ellie was incredibly busy, Mic invaded her thoughts sporadically throughout the day. Looking forward to talking to him again, was putting it mildly.

After arriving back home, she kicks off her shoes and pours herself a glass of Cabernet. Then set to making a quick dinner of pasta and broccoli-rabe with sliced hot Italian sausage.

Ellie polished off her meal without any trouble. The guys in her office are usually impressed with her voracious appetite.

Pouring another glass of wine, she settles herself onto the soft brown leather chaise lounge. Propping herself up on a few pillows she picks up her book from the end table.

Her current read is The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. It is a serious commitment as it is almost 700 pages. She turns to the pages with the red satin ribbon between them. Her cell ring tone begins – alerting her to Depeche Mode’s “corrupt”.

Quickly picking up her cell, this time she recognizes the number. She finds herself catching her breath as she answers “Hello.”. She feels herself smiling. A kind of a revelation in itself.

“Hello Ellie, I think you know it me, Mic. Is now a good time to discuss your plans for this “weekend”?”

She has a sudden intake of breath and giggles a little as she feels herself becoming moist at his hello.

“Yes Mic, this is the perfect time.” She responds breathlessly.

“Ellie, do you trust me?” He asks.

“Yes, I do. Although, I’m not sure why?” her voice trails off.

“That’s good Ellie” he says softly, making her focus more deeply on his words.

“Lay back and relax for me Ellie. Do you Remember your comfort color of pale green?” Mic draws her in.

“I am laying down.”, her voice sounds far away.

“Are you comfortable now Ellie?” He guides her back to his hypnotic place.

“Yes”. Her reply is not much more than a whisper.

“Ellie, what are you wearing?” He inquires.

“A black mini skirt and a floral blouse.” She informs him.

Mic’s lascivious voice continues, “What else are you wearing?”

“A red silk thong and a matching red demi bra.” She confides in him. Feeling as though she should blush but doesn’t.

“mmmmnm.” He can’t help but moan as he pictures her in just the underwear. “Baby, will you unbutton your blouse for me?”

“Mmmm, yes.” And she begins to undo the first of the six buttons.

“Your hands are my hands Ellie. With each button, you are becoming more aroused. Do you feel me taking your shirt from you? Exposing your beautiful breasts to me?”

“mmmm hmmm.” she responds through closed lips.

“Your cleavage is so beautiful. Your breasts plump and ripe over the top of the low cut bra.” He says, soft and full of intention. “Feel my hands on your skin as I lean you forward to take off your top now.”

His voice is venereal, “I am leaning in to kiss you. My hot breath by your lips. Kiss me baby girl. Feel the desire in my kiss.”

“ohhhhhhh”, Ellie moans louder as she feels the heat of his lips on her own.

“I am unclasping your bra, and sliding the straps down your shoulders. You are putty in my hands baby girl.” Mic concentrating on clearly stating each syllable, caught in his own desires.

“Yes Sir” She manages, through her breathlessness.

Mic carries on, “Mmmm,your tits are so Fucking beautiful Ellie. I want you to feel me sucking them. Taking the nipple in between my lips”

“oh, oh” she is moaning.

“Firmly escort çankaya taking them in my hands. Pressing them together. Licking first the left then the right nipple.”

“Mmmm, yes sir” Her moaning is turning him on but, he has to remain focused in order to achieve his goal.

Mic hears her sexual tension rising. “Biting down onto it…. And sucking and licking it.”

“Oh, yes!” She exclaims.

He is enjoying this beautiful girl, “Feel my hands travel down your belly. Soft and gentle. My hot finger tips stopping at the waist band of your skirt.”

“Feel my hands Ellie…. Slowly, softly making their way to your thighs. Your legs are so firm and strong. I want to feel them wrapped around my neck.”

“Feel my hands caressing them. Stroking down to your calves. Tickling behind your knees with just my finger tips”

Ellie laughs as she feels the tickling. Instinctively lifting her knees in the air. Her feet firmly on the sofa. Pressing her thighs together, feeling the need growing in her pussy. Her clit is pulsing and there is an aching in her being. Growling, quietly, her animal instincts taking over.

Mic continues his verbal onslaught, “My fingers are sliding underneath the hem of your skirt.”

“I feel your heat. It is radiating from deep inside you. A glowing hot white light emanating from the your core of your being.”

“You will achieve a personal nirvana as I guide you over the thresholds of your boundaries.”

“Ellie, feel my hands pushing up your skirt, Tucking a finger just under the edge of your thong. Running it up and down your groin. Caressing your inner thigh with the back of my hand.”

“Mmmmm, yes.” Her moaning is persistent now. Her need growing.

“I am spreading your knees, you do so willingly. Oh Ellie, I can smell your scent. Oh, sweet and musky, I need to taste you. Do you want me to taste you there Ellie?”

“Uhhh, please” urgency in her bated breath.

Mic is having trouble restraining himself, “Leaning my face down to your pussy. Inhaling deeply, breathing you in. The cool air flowing over your mound as I draw you in. Your scent in palpable. I can’t wait to taste you.”

“My lips kissing your Venus mound. Through your thong, I can feel your dampness. Raise your hips to me Ellie.”

Ellie does as requested, feeling his hot breath against her.

“Placing a finger on either side of your thong, I slowly slide it down your thighs. Then down your calves, lifting one foot at a time, I remove it from you.”

“I slip a finger into your slit. Mmmmm, you are so wet for me Ellie. Do you like being wet, just for me?” He encourages her.

“Mmmmm, I am wet, just for you.” She tells him between breaths.

“Ellie, I am placing a hand on either thigh. My face so close to your pussy. I stretch out my tongue. I touch your taint and travel upwards through your slit.”

“ohhhhh!” She just about screams at these words. She has never wanted anyone so badly.

“Do you wish me to stop?” He asks.

“No, please. Please don’t stop.” Is her breathless answer.

Mic has her just where he wants her. “Good baby girl because I am licking you, lapping up your juices that are puddling between your labia. You are so sweet and juicy.”

“Only for you.” she says.

His voice is quivering with lust, “Your clit is swollen with desire. My tongue circles your lips without touching it directly.”

“Sucking all of you into my mouth, I am teasing your clit with my tongue. Licking above the hood. Over the top of your clit and upwards.”

“Oh, çankaya escort bayan yes Gooo…..” Her voice trails off as she moans loudly.

“Do you need me to bring you to climax Ellie?” Asking with full knowledge what the answer will be. The certain smirk of accomplishment waiting to present itself.

“Oh. Yes.” She is stuggling to form the words.

“Ellie tell me what you want.”

She responds with panting breaths between the words “I, want to, cum for you. I want you, to hear me, cum.”

“Will you cum only for me Ellie?” He asks her.

“I will….. I cum only ….for you ” her breathing is tested as she tries to speak.

“Will you scream my name as you cum only for me Ellie?”

“Yes, Mic.”

“Yes Mic, what Ellie? You need to tell me what you want.” He baits her.

“I need you, to make me cum with your mouth, please, Mic.” Each word is a struggle as she is so desperate to climax.

“Alright Ellie, because this is what you want, I will lick you until you cum but, you will not cum, do you understand? not until I tell you you may.”

“Yes Mic.”

His breathing becoming as labored as hers, “I am licking you over and over again. Long flat licks. Circling your clit and up and down though your slit. Mmmm, you taste so good Ellie.”

“You are getting closer I feel how much you want me. The tip of my tongue makes soft kitten licks to your clit.”

“oh, oh, oh, Uhhhhhh” She is moaning wildly now.

“I bring two fingers to your entrance. Poised at the ready. Are you ready Miss Ellie? Say “yes Sir” if you are ready.”

“Yes sir.” Ellie says, growling the words at him desperately yearning for release.

Mic knows that she is a second away from climax. “My lips never stop ravishing your pussy. Your cum is dripping down your crack. Your hips are raised off the sofa and you grind yourself onto my mouth.”

“oh…… G. O. D .” She moans.

“You may Climax “now”.

Ellie screams out loudly, “OH, Mic.”

Mic is relentless, “I push my fingers deep inside your soaking wet pussy. Drawing my fingers in and out rapidly. My tongue still on your clit. All your senses and emotions belong to me as I claim what is mine”

Ellie is yelling out uncontrolled. Beyond herself, beyond anything she has ever known.

“Again Ellie. push your body, only for me Ellie. Only for me.”

“Oh sir, Mic, AAAAAAhhhhh.” She screams as her body is rocked with the strongest climax she has ever known. Yet he doesn’t stop.

“I’m rubbing your G-spot Ellie, one more time Ellie, just for me.”

He is growling now, moaning heatedly into her ear as he spurts his load, into his own hand for now.

“Oh Mic, Oh, My , G…..” She can’t finish the sentence. She cums in a final, world consuming climax. Spraying cum all over the leather.

“Mmmm. Ellie you are so beautiful. So perfect. And you cum, only for me.”

He says this for himself really. His voice rough with climax. After allowing them both to catch their breath, he says, “I’m going to say green light, after counting back from 10. You will awaken feeling comfortable and truly satisfied for the first time ever.”

“Ellie, this is the very first “weekend” (she moans) we have shared. 10.” his voice soft and reassuring.

“Do you want to spend another “weekend” (she moans again) with me soon?”

“Yes Sir” she says her legs still shaking from the experience.

“That’s what I like to hear baby girl. 9,…8…..,7.”

“When I arrive at 1 and say green light, you will be touching yourself. Stroking your clit and pussy. Your fingers soaked in your juices. You won’t be embarrassed that we are on the phone. 6……,5……..,4…. It will feel like an ordinary thing to do when we are talking . If you understand, say “Yes Mic.” ”

“Yes Mic” She answers.

He is pleased with their encounter.”3…..,2….,1 green light.”

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