Kelly Ch. 3

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Big Tits

They gathered around the dinner table for Thanksgiving dinner with Dan’s parents, Kelly with Dan, Shannon with Sandy. Shannon had stuck a vibrator in Sandy’s vagina and had the remote control in her pocket, activating it at times awkward for Sandy. Sandy squirmed from its presence even when it was still.

The food was good and they ate well, all except Sandy. She struggled to conceal what was happening between her legs. Finally after many near misses Shannon gave her a long hard buzz and she came there at dinner. Her panties were soaked. She could smell herself. She had to get out of there. She excused herself and hurried to her room with a peculiar bow-legged walk as Shannon turned it on full. The others exchanged puzzled looks.

As soon as the door was closed she lowered her panties and pulled the damned thing out of her dripping cunt. Shannon found her on the bathroom floor weeping. She was genuinely contrite. She comforted her and promised to be nicer to her in the future. Sandy allowed herself to be comforted, knowing relief might be at hand the next night.

Sandy was meeting some old friends that Friday and Shannon was supposed to go with her, but she backed out at the last minute. Sandy went alone and Shannon headed for Kelly’s.

Sandy had lied to her brother. She had told him that Kelly wouldn’t allow her to do much. If he watched those tapes he would discover that there wasn’t much that Kelly hadn’t done.

With the treatment she had been getting lately from Shannon, Sandy had come to regret some of the things she’d done to Kelly. Now that little bitch, Shannon, had made her give Kelly to Dan. With a cock to service Kelly was probably lost to her. Kelly knew how to manipulate men and Dan was young and inexperienced. Shannon and Dan liked each other and if those two got together and Kelly became available, Sandy would be ready. She doubted it would work that way though; Shannon had always been exclusively gay and seemed to be turning into a full-blown dyke. Sandy would wait and see.

Kelly was worried about her session with Shannon. She found Shannon attractive but her experiences with women escort bahçelievler had all been bad. She was grateful for Shannon’s part in getting Sandy off her back. She wondered how the slender little brunette was able to dominate the macho Sandy. That worried Kelly.

The big night had arrived. Since Kelly didn’t want him there Dan had decided to go out with some buddies. He would be completely unavailable to her if anything went wrong. She wondered if she had made a mistake.

Kelly answered the door wearing shorts and one of Dan’s shirts. Shannon was wearing a sweat suit and carrying a gym bag.

“Hi Shannon. What have you got there?”

“Just some toys, sugar.”

She set the bag down, pulled her close and unbuttoned her shirt. Kelly started to sweat. She examined Kelly’s breasts.

“Nice, shaped just right.”

She bent down and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Kelly involuntarily flinched pulling the nipple back out with a little pop.

“Easy girl, I’ve seen the tapes and you’re not all that innocent.”

She removed Kelly’s shirt and placed a hand on her back. She ran her hand down Kelly’s spine and pushed her fingers under her shorts and panties. Her hand rubbed the bare flesh. Her finger probed between Kelly’s ass cheeks. Kelly shifted nervously.

“I know. I know. Your asshole’s sensitive. Don’t worry. I don’t care for the messy stinky things. A finger stuck in now and then, but that’s all. Well let’s see it anyway.”

She pulled the rest of Kelly’s clothes down to her knees.

“Okay, you take em the rest of the way.”

Kelly bent over and removed them. When she atarted to straighten back up, Shannon placed a hand on her head and stopped her.

“Stay…..good girl.”

Kelly, thoroughly cowed, stayed bent over nude, panties and shorts in her hand. Shannon gloated over her new conquest.

“Stay that way. Hand me those panties.”

Kelly handed them up to Shannon. Shannon sniffed them.

“Um, nice, a hint of pleasures to come.”

She reached under and grasped a tit, squeezed and yanked downward. Kelly squealed. escort balgat She took both tits and mock-milked her. She ordered Kelly to moo. It wasn’t loud or deep enough and she had to repeat it several times before Shannon was satisfied. She smacked Kelly’s ass.

“Good girl. Now stay bent over and move over to the sofa. I want to see the whole package.”

She sat with Kelly bent over before her.

“Spread those cheeks.”

Kelly reached back and spread her ass wide. She was both aroused and humiliated.

“Good, this is very nice equipment. Look at that cute little asshole, all puckered up.”

She touched it. Kelly closed her eyes.

“Part your legs a little more, dear. That’s good. What a nice gash you have, Red.”

She ran her fingers over Kelly’s vulva.

“And here’s the little man in his boat, standing up proudly.”

She played with Kelly’s clitoris. Kelly could feel her juices flowing.

“Check your oil, Miss?”

She inserted a finger, then two.

“Must be a leak. It’s running out.”

She kissed a cheek.

“God, you smell good! How’s that feel, Red?”

Kelly said nothing.

“I asked you how that felt, slut.”

“It feels good, Shannon.”

“Just call me ma’am.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Who’s your master, slut?”

“You are, ma’am.”

She wiggled her fingers then spread them, spreading Kelly’s opening. She withdrew them and patted Kelly’s ass.

“Get me a beer, red.”

“I don’t have any beer, ma’am.”

“Bummer. Some red wine? Goes with red meat.”

She laughed at her own joke. Kelly got the wine.

“Thank you dear. Get my bag for me, will you?”

Kelly got the bag.

“Sit on my lap and spread those sexy legs. Put your arm around my neck so I can get at those titties.”

She pulled put a vibrator.

“Do you know what this is, Red?”

“Yes, a vibrator.”

“It’s a pussy tickler, for your pretty little cunny. Kiss it. it’s clean.”

Kelly kissed it.

“Turn it on. Now put it in your mouth. Now rub it on your titties. Good. Now back in your escort batıkent mouth. Get it good and wet, so it won’t hurt cunny.”

Kelly did as told. Shannon placed the humming vibrator against Kelly’s slit. She spread the labia and applied it to Kelly’s clitoris. Kelly could feel a climax coming.

“Lean back a little, sweetie.”

Kelly leaned back and Shannon put it against her vaginal opening. She slowly inserted it.

“Feel good, sweetie?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Real good, sugar?”

“Really good, ma’am.”

Shannon chuckled and watched Kelly’s face as the orgasm hit her.

“Thank me, Red.”

“Oh, thank you. Thank you, ma’am.”

Shannon thought, I’ve got to have this snatch on a regular basis. I’ll suck Dan’s dick, ream out his asshole, if that’s what it takes.

They moved to the bedroom. Shannon stripped. She climbed between Kelly’s legs and lapped up the juices from her cunt. Kelly came again.

She lay with Kelly in her arms and played with a tit.

“My turn, Red. I douched to make it nice for you.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You don’t want to, do you?”

“No, ma’am.”

“It’s no worse than suckin a dick.”

“No, ma’am.”

“Well I hope you get to like it. I’ve done enough to please you.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Kelly did it and liked it. Shannon was the most attractive woman she had ever been with. Her pussy was clean and sweet. She worked hard at it, trying her best to please her new lover. She was rewarded by a flow of juices as Shannon came. She basked in Shannon’s praise although she felt like a dog being praised for performing a trick.

They did many things that night. Shannon put a leash and collar on Kelly and made her crawl around the apartment. She made Kelly climb up on the kitchen counter, where Dan had bathed her, squat over the sink, and pee. She used a strap-on dildo on Kelly. She made Kelly dance for her. They sucked each others tits and cunts. They both came several times. Kelly even enjoyed a spanking Shannon gave her.

I guess I’m just a natural submissive, Kelly thought, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman.

They parted in the morning, both sated.

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