It Was All a Dream

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As my eyes opened, my heart was beating so fast, my body remained warm with passion and desire. Within seconds the pain of realizing it was only a dream sunk through my chest. It was so real. I thought you were really there…standing next to me in the dark; the full moon peeking through the blinds… touching your face…your white stained shirt unbuttoned, loosely tucked in your tight faded jeans. I slowly rose to my knees on the edge of the bed and finished unbuttoning your shirt gently kissing your neck and chest between each button… then kissing your lips from time to time teasingly slipping my tongue in your mouth making you want more…I could taste the sweat on your neck and my thighs began to tremble, I was so wet with desire and wanted badly to hurry but, I took my time to make it last. The heat overwhelmed my body; my nipples were very hard and sensitive. I took a scarf by the bed and tied it over your eyes so you couldn’t see where I would kiss you next… I slipped your shirt off street blowjobs porno your strong dark shoulders leaving it around your wrist behind your back so you could not free your hands.

I gently kissed and bit your chest resting my hands on your hips and slowly slipping my fingers inside your jeans…making my way over to unbutton the fly on your jeans…I unzipped them and pulled them down just a little kissing your stomach making you beg me to move down but I continued to move slowly. I was wearing a very loose shirt with my thong panties on… I pulled my shirt off and moved to your neck to kiss you so that my hard nipples would brush against your chest and make you want to touch them….you freed your hands and threw your shirt to the floor..

You placed your fingers on my breast while you kissed me with your tongue deep inside my mouth…. I sucked on your tongue as I pulled your jeans down further… then worked my way back down pulling student sex parties porno your boxers off too…. you were so hard, you fell out quickly and my lips surrounded the head of your cock and I began licking softly, then gently sucking and biting slowly working it completely in my mouth reaching underneath feeling you and squeezing you while I sucked.

You became so weak you had to sit on the bed. I began to spread your thighs farther apart as my lips completely consumed your cock. Then I licked you all over and sucked on your balls gently one by one bringing myself back to your delicious cock….You wanted to explode in my mouth but I stopped and pushed you back on the bed removing my thong panties… I then straddled you. I was dripping wet. I slid down on you; you were deep inside me; your fingers reached for my hard nipples. You began twisting my nipples, and then quickly pulled my shoulders towards you so you could suck on them for submissive cuckolds porno awhile.

I was not expecting the pain of your fingers reaching behind my ass, pulling me closer so you could ride me deeper. I loved the pain, it made my body tremble. I wanted to feel your cock in my ass and as if you read my mind, you pulled me off of you and pushed me on the bed. I knew at that point what you wanted to do to me. You told me to turn over and move to the end of the bed. You felt my wet pussy, moistening your fingers with it one by one, and then moving to my ass to finger me and get me ready for your cock. You grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to the end of the bed. Then you slowly worked the head in. My thighs began to tremble again as you worked your way further inside me. You rubbed my clit, slipping your fingers inside my pussy and I couldn’t hold back, I had to come with you inside me. I screamed in pain and felt like I was going to pass out, you finally worked your way completely inside and then began to push harder and harder..…it didn’t take long; you exploded inside me as I went crazy. We both collapsed on the bed and fell asleep with our bodies entwined, your skin touching mine. To awake from such a dream proved to be disheartening..I found myself longing to sleep again and find you in my dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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